October 22nd Officially HasanDolly!

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Not happy with the shape and size of my hips and...

Not happy with the shape and size of my hips and butt, I will be sure to keep you all updated on my road to a happier me! I dont have any kids and no matter how hard I workout I can not lose this gut. I hope Dr. Larsen can give me exactly what I'm looking for I've been looking in to this for years now and I have finally decided to act on it not to mention I was approved for financing for my surgery. Excited can't wait BUNZZZZ_COMIN_SOON


Just a nics shape ROUND ONE (ROUND) is all I'm asking for...


Just me playing around with photoshop, I would love for my butt to look like this!!!!

So I have to change my surgery date to July 7th.

No to happy with the fact I'll have to change my surgery date :-( I wanted to be healed for some part of the summer bummer!!! I've been on here like clock work I've been looking more into the healing part of the surgery some people really make you not want it. They say don't do it, not worth it, but now they are walking around perfectly healed and loving there new bodies so why u such depressing words, it's a big surgery its going to hurt.

Vitural Consultation

Ok so I have a virtual consultation with Dr. Lasern this coming Wednesday May 20th. Has anyone did a virtual consultation and were/wasn't happy with the outcome do u think it will truly matter if the Dr. Is not hands on at that 1st evaluation. I honestly dont want to drive 6 hours from New Orleans for a one r less hour appointment.

Everything is July 7th.

Anytime my bf ask me "something or say oh u look cute in that. Bae that looks good" all I say is it will look better after July 7th. He didn't want me to get this surgery but its about me being happy and comfortable in the clothes I put on... He said is been raining a lot I said thats because July 7th. is coming and it wants to be all rained out so I can put on cute clothes lol. I have to say this will make me soooo happy. I'm a bit nervous I'm not a lil women but I'm not really fat. I'm afraid I won't have enough fat to get the fullness I want I'm 5'7 185/90 damn nar solid as a rock don't get me wrong I have fat I'm just really solid.

Dr. Appt. today

My ob/gyn doesn't need to know about me having this surgery does he?

Consultation in the a.m

I'm really nervous about doin my consultation via the web but I'll just send him the pictures I've done on myself.... That way he can see exactly what I want. Paying portion of deposit tomorrow and next week I'll be able to lock in my July 7th. Date then... Then I'll know its real. Lol who am I kidding it felt real ones I was approved for the financing I knew I waz gonna get this finally done yassssssss!!!!

Ok Consultation check

Had a virtual consultation with Dr. Lasern I lost my paper with all my questions O_o and had to try to remember everything I wrote down ugh (>_

A lil about meeee

Okay so I'm 5'7 heaviest was 210 lost that just over a year ago I'm now 175-180 up and down trying to say out of the 2's. The friends and family I've told that I want this all say no u don't need it I don't need to be unhappy with the fact when I step out my house I will choose to cover my butt up rather than show off something that looks like it doesn't even belong on my body my legs are to big to have a butt this flat. I'm a lot of confusions with a dress on I look hourglass lol but turn me sideways and I'm pancake patty ass!!! I knew I really wanted this when it became depressing for me just not wanting to go place I've seen someone say something about it b4 it was hurtful I didn't say anything to any of my friends about it but I did see a girl N the club talking about my butt.... but its all good God didn't bless me with it but he created a way with man so I can have it soooooo thats the plan!!!!

My ugly Truth

5'7 187 32 no kids & no butt but I sure as hell got a gut lol I have to laugh sometimes to not cry!! Happier Days coming soon! Been searching for simular body types to see there results!!!

:-( Not to Happy

Ok so I had my consultation, sent him pictures of me and the look I'm going for... Gets an email saying he wouldn't want to put to much fatt it will die I'm not a little woman I don't want to change Doctors but.... I know I need 900cc to 1000cc of fatt to see a difference my thights are massive lol also said I don't have enough fatt in my abs to get that much fatt but I was told upper and lower abs flanks/love handles lower back. From what I can pinch it feels like enough fatt but he hasn't seen me n person so I guess idk video adds 10 pounds right lol in that case I should big enough for that amout of fatt. Just email about inner thighs for more fatt... he does add in the hips for bbl I just don't want my but to be a lil different I want to appreciate it and all the pain im gonna go through for it I just want it to be worth it!!! N not like oh I could've just did squats for a few months str8 hence no change for me at all I did the squats already...... and as u can see still no butt.

Hasan or Fisher???

So I've have changed my mind, and I'm just gonna pay cash and definitely get the body I want I'll use the financing for something else later if need be I've always wanted my nose a bit narrowed anywho thats another realself lol. So Hasan or Fisher I liked Hasan work 1st. But then I was gonna go with Fisher before I knew they didn't take the financing I was approved for but it was on the list. Now I Hasan And Fisher butt searching to see results of those who maybe my size.... my current measurements 36-30-45 187lbs. 5'7

Girls r mean lol its all good doe!

Has anyone ever seen someone saying something about ur shape and what did u do?? I had it happen to me again today forgot my shirt to tie around me to cover up Miss Patty (my azz) in tights. I'm not even sure if u had work done sweetheart but it damn sure look like it.... kinkles!! She looked worked out from under boobs to butt but legs and arms and back hella big I really hope she hasn't had work done if so it pretty messed up n u were n the same boat as me at one point. I've been hitting the gym still to workout my upper back and arms I want a sexy upper and lower back, I simply focused on my arms that looked better than her and my legs, grown ass woman making fun of someone she doesn't even know rude and childish!! Tisss tisss tisss

Dr. Leonard Tachmes, MD/PA

Ok so everything has changed. I'm gonna go with Dr. Tachmes I'm gonna ask can he give me back dimples lol, but I am getting tight gap lol upper and lower abs flanks, outer thights, I may not do outer thights, I was thinking maybe arms instead. I am going to pay my deposit tomorrow. I am not sure what day I want to schedule but I want to have this done before my birthday In September!! Deposit isn't fully refundable $ 300 if I cancel my overall surgery with them. Posted a few of his pictures I like his work, I've seen him make hips out of nothing and I think I'm giving him a good base so hopefully he can do me something AWESOME!!!!!

Wow Really

So I think the consultant over talked herself now she's trying to take back, she tell me the doctor say I may not be a good candidate and may not like my results so he may not be a good doctor for me, I think thats because she told me I could get lipo anywhere any amount to get the results I want for 5700.00 now I think her foot has been put N her mouth. What do you any suggestions??? I was just about to send her my deposit info if u read my last up date I said paid and hes my doctor. Im not sure what to do now.


Ok so I think the consultant has put her foot in her mouth, she told me I could get my upper and lower abs flanks inner and outer thights or fatt from wherever else I needed to achieve the results I wanted. Now shes saying I may not like my results, she has me wondering is she trying to take it back because she promised me an amout and the Doctor didnt approve that amount. I sent them these pictures and she said your a great candidate for the Brazilian butt lift now im not.... any suggestions has anyone ever have a doctor tell them they can't do it or do u think its cause she promised so much and shes trying to take it back now?

1st I'm a great candidate

Now I'm not I honestly dont know how to feel about this.

Dr. Hasan Doll to be

I'm about to start paying $500.00 per week to start this ball rolling I'm tired of the run around with finance companies and the Dr. on there list are not that good so I really am just gonna have to save for this, but I guess thats the price of beauty lol $4,000.00 for me if I can give him 5 a week I'll be paid off n 8 weeks is my aim. Gonna get coin$ from bf too hehehe! After is all paid I'll set a date. Joining my Vanity sister!!!!


To all my beautiful ladies if your lookin to enhance you beauty weather it be ur body or ur face take the time to just save the money n get it done the right way in the end you will end up paying for it with coins or ur life im sorry I want a nice butt but not that bad where I would let someone put something in me that I nor they have no idea what it will do. This is very sad to know she did it to enhance herself in she ended up hurting herself.

Pay cash for this

I know a lot of ladies on here pay cash but I honestly didnt plan on that but I refuse to just let someone do work on me just cause I'm not paying for it up front on top of not seeing the results I would prefer but now that I think about It im kinda glad because now I wouldn't owe the finance company and my surgery will be paid for, I can save that for something else. I've sent the 200 today I do 100 tomorrow and 200 Friday. Then 500 next friday then date booking will be official. Wish me luck with getting these coins I can't believe I'm actually gonna just pay cash for it maybe I should put it on my car lol nah if I get this sx I'm sure the tips will be a hellva lot better. I've been looking in to flights and hotels I see that if I go through my bank rewards I can get 2 round trips tickets and 8 days for 1200.00 600./700 each depending on what hotel not bad to me at all not to mention a 4 star hotel. Gonna get the bf to cover most of that hehe. But yesss ladies I'm send coins.

I want my big booty big booty big booty ( baby back baby back baby back ribs) lol

I've got my info.

I gained weight ugh!

So I went to the doctor, I'm 199lbs they didn't say I needed to lose any weight, but I was supposed to be toning my arms. After this coming Friday and I have a date I'll hit the gym a bit harder I tend to work harder when I have a deadline.

Patty PanKake

Fitted clothes make it nonexistent!



Delilah Love her Music! Just makes me Smile!

Watch "Delilah - Shades of Grey [Official Video]" on YouTube
Delilah - Shades of Grey [Official Video]: http://youtu.be/WeOQD9_EMcQ

Retyping Deposit Paid Yeaaaaa!!!lol

Ok so I've paid my deposit to Vanity, probably talk to Lia on Monday to set up a date. I added inner thigh and chin lipo for $ 500.00 after my lil cute old Navy shorts kept riding up my inner thighs Ewwww hated to have to keep pulling them down. Almost a full dody transformation. I'll gym it out on my arms, my inner thighs fat is really the most fat on my legs they big but really tone on the outter thigh. I think a lil thigh gap is super sexxy.

Oh Girl U dont need that

I'm so tired of the u dont need thats this is my body in if I'm not happy about something I'm gonna fix it. I wish I wouldn't have told anyone... just lie n say oh ive been hittin the gym hard n squatting eveyday all day thats it :-)

Just a few wish Pics

That Triangle is pretty dope!!

Don't judge me lol

But I think after I get my surgery I'm gonna go be a............ Exotic Dancer!!! As crazy as it sounds I've always wanted to dance I have a pole n my 2nd bedroom lol for entertaining the bf lol but 4real I think I want to dance.... just a thought doe I didn't have the ball to do it all this time so this may still just be talk even after the surgery lol but thinkin!! :-D any dancers???

I'm confused now

I think I may change Dr. I've spoken with my sister N she keeps telling I shouldn't pay for this out of pocket I should use my financing, I have a already nice body so it shouldn't be hard for a doctor to just put a lil ass back there, I was still looking at Timothy Alexander I haven't seen many reviews but this girl I did see have ass for days... I'm just lost now I have PTO for Sept1-11 but no Doctor now wtf! Bummer!!!! Hotel, flights, rental car all booked n paid n no doctor lol who does this???? Smdh

Dr Timothy Alexander???


I think I'm gonna go to Dr. Alexander

Ok so I've been going back n forward about this n this is a complicated situation. I don't know what my ass is literally gonna do! Things I've bought in hopes to help with the healing process

more stuff

For after and Vitamins for b4 during and after

Took some pictures today I'm gonna really decided on Monday

If i dont I'll have to cancel everything i have booked in everything is booked n waiting on September 1st I think I'm just gonna go to Alexander I know I will have an issue getting my money back from Vanity but I expect that thats y i didnt psy them everything just to hold amount. I'll use the same undies after surgery to see the difference. Took a pic in these a few months back didn't gain r lose look like to me more Demples however!

Free Bopoy Pillow

Nursingpillow.com enter code 49C74284E just pay shipping from 14.00 I think to 30.00 something depending on when U need it by I paid 16.99.

9 Days I'll be in Miami

So far I have:
2 garment
1 Ab board
1 lipo foam (lower back triangle)
1 1st Aid Kit
2 pair of compression socks
1 Diva cup
1 EZ-Pee
1 pack baby wipes
1 box of gauze
1 tube of neosporin
1 Cottonelle fresh care wipes (gonna have to be gentle but clean with that thang)
1 Pineapple Bromelain
1 Jergens skin firming
1 bottle of Alcohol
1 bottle of Peroxide
1 tube of Barmon (stretch marks)
2 Bars of Dial soap
1 Liquid Dial
1 bottle of Hibiclens
2 Arnica Montana
1 DulcoEase
5 maxi dresses
1 maxi skirt
3 loose sweat pants
5 pair of flip flops
6 camisole
2 pair of tights
12 chux pads
1 yoga mat
1 bath robe
1 Big personal towel
1 Ace bandage (? Just cause lol)
1 box of vinyl gloves
1 pack of Deep cleansing Exfoliating Gloves (pre surgery wash)

Still need
1 Boppy Pillow (on the way)

If there is anything that u ladies feel is a must have please let me know greatly appreciated :-)

Almost that time 9/1/2015 touching down in Miami!!!

I'm waiting on my results for my labs. Doctor said she should have them by Monday that's cutting it close considering I'm leaving Tuesday. I'll have to pay my portion of my balance on Tuesday as well so that will save me if my labs aren't good but they should be ok. Just snapping befores for afters now

Getting Nervous

Nof sure if my bf will be able to go with me, I've asked a close friend as a backup. This really has made me kinda mad u been knew this shit was been planed I been told him how long n when. Not sure now!!!! :-( about who's gonna help me!!

Horror story

So I made it to Miami September 1st I went to the doctor office September 2nd to find out that they no longer accept the financing that I have so after I'm sitting there looking like an asshole like why did I bring my ass to Miami Y didn't anyone get in touch with me when this change happened so she attempted to apply for the other finance company that I have to their doctor office which went through but I have to wait for the company's to become all the way together takes 3 weeks to maybe a month so i was out in miami for 10 days for nothing took off work for 10 days for nothing I'm deterred but I still wanted it still gonna get it I just hate set backs major setback for me. I have to reschedule everything I don't know when my new date is going to be but she did say that they'll cover my flight and hotel fees to come back out there but they're gonna have to cover rental car too I seen the receptionist bbl she looked good maybe that was the reason she forgot to tell me about the financing situation cause she was goin have here surgery that wed so I guess she wasn't worried about my Thursday surgery.

Back wit Vanity

Ok so I applied for another finance company off Vanities website and was approved I'm gonna start everything over may be going back with Dr. Hassan my original choice. Feeling very good about that!!!

Weight loss

Ok so Vanity told me I needed to lose 10lbs got a month to do it. They are really very slick over at vanity she had me lie to the finance company just so they could get there money now wow really what if I change my damn mind about everything they now have $4000.00 sneaky Vanity but I'm just gonna work on losing 10lbs I'm really scared that if I lose to much fatt he will not have any to put in my ass so I'm gonna work on my arms n legs like crazy n take a lot of gym pics for after so I can say whew lawd them squats sure worked after my surgery is done lol

I guess I'll do it cause they say so

I'm really scared to start working out I will lose a shit load of fatt in when I get there oh u don't look that big same thing they said at the other place even called people n to guess my weight lol funny I'm not ashamed to say my weight cause I don't look like it when people try to guess it I be like nope higher nope higher nope higher lol. I promise yall I'm more solid. I'm gonna try to target my legs in arms only but I don't want little bitty legs and a big butt, but when I get in the gym I'm like a hamster is to a running wheel I will get on a treadmill in stay on it but I know that will make me lose fatt eveywhere granted I'm not getting my thighs lipoed lol yet may get it done back home and chin. I what rhinoplasty next year I don't like the bones that make my noes look wide had a lil accident when I was young don't get me wrong its no Owen Wilson nose lol but yeah just something else I wanted to work on. Back on track I'm nervous about the booty relationship jinx he's supportive but I hope that don't change I'm sure my tude with him will change we fuss some times they had faults but over all a good one still I may go in to remembering mode n feed him a lil of that medicine I was fed not a cheater thats a no no but I may just let a few text me lol I know I'm wrong but its been 2 years n I feel he's getting comfortable I need a ring sooner than later. So it's just he needs to understand yes you choose to be with me but hunniluv I choooose tobe with you but if he don't stick it out like I did when he was texting people lol then I guess hes not the one for me I gave you a 2nd chance let's see if you'll can do that 4 me. Is me and my new body worth it? (Vanity) It's obvious if I want a ring from this man I must want him but he looks comfortable where we at yes this will be considered as that confidence spike I'm not gonna do it off the top I'm give him a few months to see what will happen if he's gonna wife it if not I gotta go, already gave 2 years I'm not getting any younger and ya girl got a banging body lol ya want it R ya dont No longer given the milk with out takin the cow sorry! I don't be having time to chat wit other dude doe lol I tried it b4 and I just end up stop texting them never hooked up with anyone since him, but I think he messed around with his ex 2 month after we met but she doesn't live in New Orleans seen a few text from a random R 2, I'm so rambling now I asked him will he be able to handle other men a woman looking he says yes but seeing is believing so well see what happens all fair in love and war! Has anyone ever loss to much weight and couldn't get the results you wanted cause you didn't have enough fatt? I just know what size ass I need with these legs in I really need all the fatt I have for that matter. I don't want to lose weight but they say Hasan will not do it if ur bmi is over 30 in my mussels bound ass bmi is 31!!! Gotta lose 10 pounds of fat I wish I could get rid of some of this heavy ass mussel yall know how fluffy 10 pounds of fatt is thats a lot of fluff.

Counting again

Tick tock tick tock

2 weeks N counting!

I have 2 weeks to lose 7 more pounds my current measurements are
30 under boobs
41 around boob
my boobs r really 11 inches bigger than my waist
Bra size 34/36DDD ( • )( • )
30 waist
44 hips
5'7 197
I would love to be 34/36, 24, 46 can u image if my waist was 22 inches smaller than my butt, lord talk about soul snatching I don't think the bf is gonna be able to handle it lol. My bags have been packed since my last crazy situation in September. I've been showing my sister some b4 and afters she was like Owwwwwow I want that too so in the near future my sister will be getting a bbl too!!!!!! Yasssss. I'm so excited, I just want good results. My cousin wrks at a clinic I may go get my labs done b4 I go had these same test on August 25th. For the surgery I was supposed to have on September 3rd ugh I would be a month post-op right now. October 20 will be here sooner than later. #octoberbootybabies


Sooooooo I went got my boobs pierced last night no as bad as people make but then again I have 20 Tats in counting they r still fresh I know I cant change them anytime soon Margaret told me as long as its plastic but I know I cant put plastic one in now... has any sister had the bbl and left the piercing in?

Labs Again!!

Im gonna go get my labs done this Thursday, just to make sure thats one more thing that will be in my favor. I wasnt going to do it here at home again but I dont need anymore speed bumps in this road to a bigger booty me lol!!! Last post b4 I'm omw to MIA or rescheduling can't wait to tell yall my results!!

Landed in the MIA yeahhhhh!!!

I'll be on my way to Vanity tomorrow just to make sure everything is good for Thursday. My labs were good and got clearance from pcp so I'll be good to go!!!

Count down!!!


I guess it gets real from here

Lol got do the u know u at Vanity post!!

Im going In

Its that time Sisters!!!

On the flat & fatt side

Well ladies I made it through pain not that bad right now just more weak that hurt my tolerance for pain is pretty high dont get me wrong i have pain but its manageable, my stomach looks really good I'll take a pic after the draining stops alil bit more Hasan told me he get between 10/15 women per month from New Orleans alll the while I'm like damn her shape nice lol now i know she may have been snatched lol love it snatched everywhere #teamgetthembunzzz

Just a lil update pic 4 my sisters

Swollen & feeling Drained but I happy over all I know its gonna look nice!!! My bf is forcing me to eat Im so not hungry!

Thanks Sisters yall r the best

The support on here is unbelievable Thank u all. I'll try to do some measurements a lil later but here's a quick pic. To the vets how long b4 ur skin attaches back to ur body?

Ok so Sasha lol

Measurement 34,29,47. I would love for my waist to be 24 I know Sasha is gonna go down a bit just as long as she stay above 44inchs I doing everything in my power to not sit on her,



He delivered

& I didn't show a wish pic r anything

Few new pics of Sasha

Some B4 and afters and photo shop of what I wanted!! Ass still holding 47inc waist went up to 30 ugh I know its gonna go back down just documenting... Still happy!! Butt cheeks itch!

Seroma :'-(

So I think I've developed a seroma they're very painful they slowed me down with moving they keep causing stiffness seem like they came from out of no where. I'm about 8 days since my surgery I hate them very aggravating. Just got some info from another babydoll jane_hasandoll918 was very helpful I'm gonna go to a ps Monday and see what can be done.

Cellulitis not a Seroma

Well I went to the ER early this morning after being in pain all night, not finding a comfortable way to sleep as soon as the doctor looked at my tummy he said thats just normal swelling its not rolling but he did say it was lookin like my skin was about to become infected the area on the pic was also on my lower side where the lipo had to be very aggressive u can see little hole like thingys. I knew it was not just normal healing it was to painful for me to move at night n that cause a lot of the discomfort they prescribed me more stronger antibiotics and a stronger pain medicine, they gave me a percocet when I was n the room which made me vomit all afternoon, I was so mad about having to lay on my butt in the hospital bed but if left up treated cellulitis can be fatal. So I'd rather lose so of Sasha vs my life. But I'm doin ok now ladies takein the meds they gave me n feeling a lil better it doesn't hurt as much already.

Cant sleep so I'll update wit pics

Well ladies I've been just taking my meds going to my pcp next Tuesday only day she had available, not really to upset the antibiotics and pain meds from the hospital are helping. I think I was scratched by my garment little tiny fine scratches I could see them on my tummy but then I noticed those little dots 1 day post I was lookin more n to the cellulitis in it just dont seem like it to me that's why I'm still gonna follow up with my doc kinda feel like the hospital didn't want to deal with it but oh well the meds r help waist is back at 30 dispite the swelling it was 33 a few days ago in 29 right after surgery my butt is still 47inc I think I messed my right side up I've been kinda sleeping on it. Well just a few pic ladies. Guess I'll look at tv til I fall asleep nite nite lol its 4:28am. Oh I went back to wrk today n felt like a stuff sausage lol by the 4 hour mind u I'm a waitress but everyone else kept saying u look smaller r is that a bigger shirt lol I said bigger shirt my coworker who knew said oh yeah that thang is definitely bigger I felt so fattt n stuffed at wrk but when I went to the restroom everything was still the same size no bigger. I want great results but sister I'm sorry I can't keep this garment on I hate it yall I damn nar slept naked b4 this it just feels like to much on me I have pulled this thing off in the middle of the night at least 4 times. In lord the burning lava feeling what the hell omg that shit stops u n ur tracks, my back feels so tight like it will rip if I bend over lol no lol that shit hurt when I tried to pick up something low at wrk. I see some sisters says try fish oil I'll give it a try I was using vitamin E oil it wrk too but I'll try the fish oil it may wrk better ok nite nite girls. @Bee didn't want to text u this late hit u in the a.m. hun!!

Pic Dress up!


Going get drained today!!!

So it's a seroma like I figured, one ps tried to charge me 700 to drain me um no thinks I'll find one who takes this financing, damn sure don't have 700 to give away right now, so I'm goin to Dr. Khoobehi measurement 30 under boobs 33 waist swollen beyond all measures lord the stiffness is killing me, I've taken my garment in twice I feel I need to again, Vanitys garment is my run to garment my butt is still 47 holding it idk but I have been sitting but I use all sorts of pillows its a trip but I have sat down several times never on nothing hard. I hate my stomach but after it all said and done a tattoo will cover this madness!!!

Talk about big Seroma

10.3 60ml I cant believe he fill up 10 of those things 10 my side damn nar went to the mussel. But I now have a drain in for a week. Keep my girls posted!!! Feeling kinda weak right now doe!

After Seroma Drained

10.3 60ml pulled then 2 full 100ml then a 50ml now its just slow n a little but its still draining.

3 week update

3 weeks out

I took my drain out

Well my loves i wanna bring my ass to wrk with a drain in today mind u I'm a waitress lol that shit was funny i called myself wearing my waist trainer and undies to keep the tub n place because it didn't feel right n my go to vanity garment so b4 i walked out the door i said oh no this not gonna wrk so i put on my other garment cause i cut the butt part out and it was kinda lose around the tub area r so i thought another funny. Took my ass to wrk n lied all day to guest talking bout i pulled a mussel wrkinout lol went to the bathroom to see the tube pushed more in me n it was painful i went home early, bought a new fresh razor went home put on my gloves n cut the 2 side knots n it slipped right out it had a long glot of blood looked like string sry tmi but I think that I was damn nar done draining r that blood was blocking it but I kinda stopped on Thursday I got it put in Tuesday I kept track of the fluid I emptied it b4 i went to sleep Thursday night less than 25ml I wrked 6 hours still less than 25ml so I honestly wouldn't have been able to go to wrk tomorw r Monday so I really didn't think i needed it in til Tuesday I'm sorry im hard-headed but that drain had to go it had me n more pain cause i moved around with it so i think drains r best used that 1st week ehen u really dont have shit to do. So now I'm just gonna compress compress compress to mske sure i dont leave room for any fluid i have on my vanity garment and waist trainer. I have a gauze over where the tube was so if its gonna drain.... it can drain there. Still gonna go to the doc on Tuesday gonna call Monday n tell them I had to take it out. So I'll keep u loves posted.

Few lil kinks. I have a FUPA!!!

So I'm still early n the healing process, I just see something I want right but who knows what will happen over the next few months can't wait to see the changes.

Best buddie now (waist trainer)

My waist trainer lord i now feel weird with out it. I still go to the doc on Tuesday after I took my drain out Friday night. Anywho just some pics. Xoxo sistas


So Sasha has lost an inch but I'm gonna eat eat eat n still ur out my arms n legs still I went to the gym for the 1st time n a minute, they say most of the fatt u gain after looks for different to grow gonna see if this is tru, hopefully it dont go to my boobs. I think he could've rounded my hips a bit more, I still happy with my results.

More pics

Sry i hit submit n not upload pic

B4 N After

Old pic tried to do the same pose lol

B4 N After

2013/ Now

Just some more B4 N afters

My stomach is still healing from the cellulitis its more smooth n soft when I wear my garment I've put the garment back on skin was still feeling kinda lost with out it so I wear it to wrk I just dont always sleep in it I try I just cant that y my stomach still looks big my waist is still 28 my but is 46 I hope it dont get smaller than 44, but other than that im doin good still have a lot of stiffness in my back and sides. Xo ladies

Stomach update

My burn is almost gone now!!! Extra Happy!!

I was very realistic

Lol i guess i got what I thought I would get lol don't mind the up n down numbers between 28/29 with my waist I still have swelling in my back and stomach glad my butt number is not changing Sasha is still 46incs.

So I made an attempt

Went to Vlivenola try out! I didn't make the cut but I'm happy I went lol I'm really considering dancing 4 a bit I love my body, it took a lot of guts for me to go alone I asked this one chick hey where do we go it was N the ballroom at the Hyatt hotel lol i gets she felt a lil intimaded that trick said i dont know we dont know nothing I said well yall know what room that trick said ionno follow the yellow brick road the other chick said the ballrooms n to think I was following this rude trick on ig being as though strippers r known 4 jumping people when they roll together I just strongly said alright thank ya babe!!! In walked away had i had my bitches with me it may have been a fight just because someone asked u where to go. Later when I was n the room they walked in after me but bitch u dont know where to go I hate rude hoes. Later she thought the club owner was talkin to her he told her no sit back down not u. U know i laughed the hardest. To top it off her nor r crew were picked, being a bitch dont always get u the win!!!

2mo Post

Pic update well I still have swelling in stiffness in my back I've lost a few extra not much but I want to drop at least 15 more pounds wanna weight between 170-175.


Almost 3months

Just a lil update

I post more on my sx IG hasandolly2015

Almost April 22nd. 6mo post

Well I feel great I have a slight tingling sensation by my left hip area nothing to major feels how my but felt early stages almost half way point my measurements are 34 28 47 my button is back to 47 I haven't been eating right & not in the gym like I need to be keep saying I'm gonna go for my arms n legs but that lil fatt area above the VA Jay Jay is not cute it doesn't look like a fatt one to me I don't like it bf loves it boy down lol FUPA

Few more pics

Just some pics of Sasha!!

Official 6 months post

April 22 make 6 months post




Massive thighs can't seem to lose them!

Bootay by Hasan

34 26 47
Sasha is still hold good much much softer now!!

Year October 22nd

Year update! 34 27 48

Hasan is Awesome!

1 year post
Sometimes I get booty greed n want more then I feel like nahhhhh this is more than enough!!????????

Just a lil update Just passing through

Hey Dolls just passin through!

Miami Physician

Hasan is AWESOME (PERIOD) OK so I went from gonna go to ATL to MIA back to ATL back to MIA, my overall review of Vanity Dr. Hasan does damn good wrk they are a very busy clinic. I didn't meet Hasan until he walked in the day of my surgery and introduced himself he was very sweet to me we talked about the food he loves to eat when he comes to New Orleans it wasn't just a hi n I'm up on the table, he asked me questions. He almost turned me down because of my bmi it was 30.4 he told me for safety reasons he prefers bmi under 30 he said I was the last of the Mohegans n we laughed about it I was like thank u lord he said had I been from MIA he would've sent me home n said lose more weight he said he was not happy about the .4 but he didn't want to send me all the way back home because of a pound we took more pictures talkin n chatting the whole time not even about the look I wanted. Once he started drawing on me he said I'm gonna have to do 2 more areas to make this perfect lol n do u think I was gonna be like no doc dont do that he did 14 areas instead of 12 because of my hip area he said don't worry I'm going to do the bra line also but we counted 14 areas. Margaret was my original coordinator when I was 1st gonna go to Vanity n I'm glad I ened up back with her she replied to my email n the middle of the night I kept telling her sorry to bother you so later n she would always say ur not bothering me thats why I'm here. It never took her days to reply to my emails she would even call me about my medical clearance to make sure I had everything on my end taken care of. At one point I paid 300.00 to lock n a rate but I was all over the place with choosing a doctor Claudia said my refund would be processed n 30 days but then I changed my mind again n just let them apply it towards my surgery, she set me a form via email to process the refund but I changed my mind. I'm sorry some of you had bad experiences at Vanity but I just don't understand why why some people felt like it was just about the money even after my balance was paid she still emailed promptly. All I can say is he gave me some very good results in i didn't show him a wish pic nothing we was to busy talkin about other stuff I'm over all happy with my results so far I think Dr. Hasan is great!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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