Post Op BBL 06/23/2016

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I've researched bbl for 10 years. I've had 2...

I've researched bbl for 10 years. I've had 2 lipo's because the cost of what I wanted was over $20k at the time. Now I'm looking for the body that I need to build my confidence and not cry when I look in the mirror. I live in stl but the drs here won't give me that HUGE butt!! I set an appt with Dr J March 2013 for Sept 2014. I've been waiting but I think I need to explore other options. At this time I'm reading reviews and viewing photos. I might set an appt for the drs here and ask if they can put 1200 cc to each cheek or more.

Sent my pics

I emailed my before and wish pics to Dr Cortez but gave not heard back. I guess I'll send them again. Also emailed Dr Lund in St Louis for a consultation. Staying home would be less cost effective but there is only 1 review for him and her butt is NOT big enough. I can't rely on it because I don't know what she asked for. Still looking.

Wish pics

Sorry if these pics are of you and you don't want them shared but you have awesome butts and curves.

Excited and sad

I received a call from Dr Cortes's office yesterday. They informed me I have to loose 20 lbs before they will do my surgery. She was very nice and said she would check my progress in a few weeks. She also said Cortes will not do a TT and bbl in the same procedure. I would have to do the bbl first and TT 6 months later. I received an email from Dr Lundes in St Louis and he said the same thing. I refuse to have two surgeries but if they both say the same thing it may be safer. I'll get the bbl over the TT

New wish pic

Cortes or Jimmerson

I'm so torn between the two. Cortes needs me to lose 20lbs and will not do the TT and BBL together but he is very attentive to his patients and doesn't take your money and forget about you. Not to mention the over night hospital stay. But Dr J will do everything that I'm asking for but no additional attention. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm going to do the webinar with Dr J tomorrow to see if I can get a date before September.

Webinar with Dr Jimmerson complete

Finished the Webinar and have a we consultation date for Sept 14th. I know I want a June 2015 date so hopefully I can save the $500 to schedule my appointment. I'm going to start looking for a 2nd job to pay for this. I'm super excited.

I can't find what I am looking for

Even though I am planning for June 2015 sx with Dr Jimmerson I am trying to get all my ducks in a row. I'm going alone because I have no one to go with me. I'm finding it very difficult to search for a care giver or nurse to help me for the first few days. Please help.

Ready for my phone consultation

I spent several days last week trying to send the "PERFECT" before pictures. I received a call from Dr J's office asking for new front and back pictures. They need more lighting. So I sent pictures with more lighting but then it wasn't enough. I talked to 3 different people though my many calls to the office. There was something else wrong with the photos each time. After positioning a lamp under my body so there would be no shadows the photos were approved. Then I was told I needed another front photo. Ugh, why didn't they tell me that the first 12 times I called them. I received a call on Friday saying the photos were approved. My phone consultation is tomorrow (Monday). I can't wait.

Medical loans

Ladies be careful when applying for a loan for this. I applied for the first loan (app fee $9.95) and received an email stating I am conditionally approved. I called the office back and they said I would be approved for $7995. OK that's a start right? NO. I asked for the conditions of the loan. The bank gets $1500 and Dr. J would get $6495. The interest rate is 23%. The monthly payments would be $250 for 4 years. I'm sure they didn't run a credit check. Don't let them trick you because you really really want the BBL. You should not have to pay the bank money out of your loan and pay interest on the money that you gave the bank already.

Finally had my consultation

I really want Dr J and something is telling me to be patient. With that being said the next available appointment is Dec 16, 2016. Yes 2 1/2 years.. SMH

Scheduled my date

It was hard to get someone on the phone but after playing phone tag I finally put my deposit and my date is June 23, 2016. I know its sooo far away but I'm comfortable with my choice. I'll try to pay cash to get on the fast track list. Wish me luck. Maybe I should play the lottery.

what type of butt do i want?

As I read reviews and pictures. I wonder if some results are not what ppl want because they don't know what to ask for. You think you want a heart shape butt when you really want a bubble butt and your wish pic is of someone 6 inches taller and 50 lbs lighter. I'm taking the time to research the terminology for what I want and wish pics from ppl my same body type or close enough.

Can't find a good wish pic

I don't know if I've been on this site for too long or if there are no new updates. I feel like I've read every review and so far no luck on 2014 reviews. I do read reviews all day at work and all night until my eyes burn. So far the best is lovingmesomeme. I feel like that's my long lost sister. Oh well I still have over 1 1/2 until my surgery with Dr J. I kind of hate the wait but I have so much to get together that I don't mind. Plus as I stated before once been wanting this for 10 years so what's 1 more. Goodnight divas.

Still waiting

I'm getting tired of waiting. It's starting to make me depressed. Not to mention I'm gaining weight. ????

My dates getting closer

I've been waiting since Sept 2014 and now I'm almost 5 months away. I've purchased a few maxi dresses on sales, airline ticket and paid the deposit for Gold Platinum Care recovery house. I've gained 10 lbs since my phone consultation and have been working with a trainer. I dropped the 10 lbs so far but still need to loose 20 lbs. My iron is very low so I need to get that taken care of ASAP. I removed the TT from my procedure.

I have been trying to call the office and I had a lot of problems getting information. It finally worked when I left a voicemail for Randy. She called back within the hour and we discussed everything including you have to pay for your procedure 60 days prior instead of 30 days.

It's almost here

I was going to write a second review but I decided one with the entire journey start to finish is better.

With that being said, I am 31 days away. Tomorrow is my appt for the medical clearance. I am praying that my iron is on point.

Finally here

I landed in ATL this evening. I'm staying at Gold Platinum Recovery. My pre op appt is tomorrow morning. I'll update with details as I get them.

Post Op - Day 1

This is the end of the first day. The pain isn't bad I'm just a little sore and very swollen. I am bleeding a lot on my left side. I think the gauss moved. You should purchase lipofoam because the crease that the garment makes hurts. Also the female urinal. I read all the reviews about not packing too much and still have to much. After surgery you will not wear clothes unless going somewhere.

Sleep situation

Last night was uncomfortable. However today I found 2 positions that work. I go back and forth from the floor to the bed. Because of my prior back pains it is easier for me to leave my legs hanging off the bed. No pain really. My butt feels like two bricks and everything else feels like I worked out too hard

Post op 2-6

As most ppl say there have been a lot of ups and downs. This is a mental and physical recovery. So every other day my ass looks small the other days it looks good. The massages help so get them. I've been using Arnica Gel and haven't had any itching. Being swollen is very uncomfortable. I stopped taking the pain meds on day 4. They took my drains out on day 5. I'm almost ready for a shower and o can't wait. When you start feeling stronger take a laxative and stool softener so you can go to the bathroom. You will feel a lot better. I waited until Day 6 which was a mistake. I wish I would've taken it at day 3 or 4. Any questions just ask.

Understanding the struggle

I've read a lot of reviews where ppl mention the ups and downs....boy is it real. My butt was already small after the surgery but it's getting smaller. I'm not sitting on it either. I have seen this happen to others and after everything settles they look good so I'm praying that's the case. I'll post a new pic tomorrow

This is the week it's all bad

I hate this process. They say you have to wait 6 months but it's so hard when you look in the mirror and you feel like you wasted your money. My butt only looks good in spandex.

Side by side before and after

Love my results but going for round 2 asap

I know it doesn't look like much but I had no ass at all. You can only see it if I wear spandex that's why I want round 2. I forgot to post about my experience at Gold Platinum Recovery because I had to get my mind together but I will do that tomorrow.

Gold Platinum Recovery house

I know it's 3 months later but I realized I didn't review my recovery house. In the beginning I thought Gold Platinum was the best place for me to be especially for the price however my experience proved otherwise. Day 1 they were late 1 1/2 picking me up from the airport but there was a problem with another patient so I let it go. I was told they provide transportation, 24-7 nurse and cook. The nurse and the cook are the same person. She also washes the clothes and sheets. She was very nice and took care of me however I realized she is not actually a nurse. 24/7 was not true. I had to take my own meds overnight even the first night after surgery. As far as the house....the owner lives upstairs and the recovery house is actually in a finished basement with 3 bedrooms, bathroom, living area and an area with a mini fridge. Every night there was some type of bug in my room and it didn't smell very clean. The owner takes on too much with not enough help. For my pre op appt we left the house at 730am, picked up another patient, took her to her appt which took 2 hrs and made me late for my 1130 appt. we didn't get back to the recovery house until after 5 pm. During my stay I came on my cycle and although I packed pads and tampons I noticed I would run out and constantly asked to be taken to the store but was never taken. I was so desperate I would've walked but the house was a 10 minute drive from a major road. It was always we will go but we never did. I spent a lot of time alone unless I talked with someone else that was staying there. Being cooped up in the house all there is it TV right? Wrong. I would try to watch tv only to find out there are a certain amount of ppl that can watch at one time. Other ppl in the house would change the channel I was watching in the middle of my shows. So I actually had to end up watching what someone that lives in the house upstairs was watching. Overall if u stay here the price is good but take someone with u and make sure u have a rental car just in case or just enough money for Uber. I would've left sooner but I couldn't afford a hotel room but I did end up taking a Uber a day early and stayed in a hotel the last night because I was soooo over it. Send me a message if u have questions.
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