21 Years Old, Finally Deciding to Do BBL - Atlanta, GA

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Ive been on this site for 2 years now and im still...

ive been on this site for 2 years now and im still stuck on which dr to choose for the BBL procedure. I have reasearched A LOT. I love the work of both Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Fisher. They give the results I am looking for. My main concern in my stomach. I am more concerned with the stomach lipo than having a HUGE butt. I want to be SNATCHED. Jimersons price are WAY more than fisher but when it comes to something as huge as my body money is not a concern. Im stuck you guys :( Jimerson quote is 12,000 and Fisher is 5,500. Money is really not the concern but 12,000 is well above the AVERAGE BBL procedure cost of $6,500. My mom suggests not to do the bbl since I am still so young and my body will change with pregnancy but I am set on having it done. I have tried everything to get rid of my belly fat and am wanting lipo done! I want to be able to not feel insecure anymore and want to wear anything with confidence! I am 5 4' about 145 pounds. any suggestions?

HELP DOLLS, Mcdoo or Ortega?!

you guys im very stuck. Has anyone heard about Mcadoo from vanity? I tried with fisher but nothing is available the time I need. Im stuck between McAdoo and Ortega. Ortega is more known and has been in practice longer. But vanity is telling me McAdoo is great. I REALLY wanted fisher but I have to wait MONTHS which is not possible for me with school and work... mcadoo is apperently known to do bigger patients but I am 5 4' and 140 pounds....HELP DOLLS!!!!!! any advice will help
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