Mid 20s 1 child Married in need of an extreme makeover! Atlanta Mommy Makeover - Marietta, GA

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I'm all in on the tummy tuck no doubt about that,...

I'm all in on the tummy tuck no doubt about that, my butt is pretty big already but i'd like it rounder and i'd like a little more hips. Im also looking at getting a breast lift at the same time. Is fat grafting and Brazilian Butt Lift the same? I'm not looking to get my butt and hips that huge just rounder, i'd like to take care of it all at one time.

Mid 20's 1 Kid Blessed

New Boobs and Tummy blessed with a good man who supports me and my little one can't wait until my appointment with Dr. Okoro just did my labs today gave them my deposit $3100 Pre Op appointment on the 11th of march and it will be paid in full! So excited to be here on realself my consultation was on the 9th and it was free!

Lab's are good less than a month to go!

Just got the good news that my labs are good to go so excited about my pre op appointment on the 11th.. Feels like it's taking forever. I love Dr. Okoro's office, 5 free sessions of smoothing massages and numbing medication included. I'll keep you posted!!

It's almost time I need garments!

March 24th is almost here Pre op is on the 11th i may just ask my doctor what other clothing i need but since Im getting a breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck at the same time i'd like an answer from someone who's been through the surgery already, what do you think would be better for healing?

Post Op Went Awesome

Finally met the famous Dr. Okoro today he was super nice hubby paid the remainder of my balance $12,960 i definitely love this place! They prescribed me blood thinner injections scar cream and healing tabs i don't take the first injection until the day of the procedure im so excited! my surgery is less than 2 weeks away can't wait to post pix for my realself family

i ment pre op not post op!!

Sorry im just so excited!!

5 more days and no more piercings

had to take out my piercings after my pre op appointment belly and nipples, now I've gotta get them done again after I'm healed! Hubby took off a few more days to help with the baby ! Can't wait to post more pix!

Dr. Stanley Okoro!! Any Koko Dolls??

I'm looking for my Koko Dolls that went through lipo tummy tuck and breast lift by Dr. Stanley Okoro please have pix of your procedure my surgery is coming up and I'd like to see some more of his results!!

new breast new stomach bigger butt! koko doll

I can't sleep im up looking through pix of perky breast and flat stomachs i can't wait until i get this work done. Praying to Jehovah that its a success! Dr. Okoro is shaping my butt too! I love this doctor and his staff! Glad i found him in Atlanta i get to go home the same day if i want!!

cheaper isn't always better!!

Tomorrow I will be a brand new mommy I'm praying Jehovah let this be a successful surgery! New breast new tummy new me!! I'm having stage 2 six weeks after this procedure for a butt shaping since I've already got enough fat down there!! I told my hubby if I'm going to do this I need to do it right I don't care about the cost!! God is sooooooooo good!!

Everything I need!

Got everything I need for my makeover tomorrow!! Jehovah be with me!! I'm buying an extra compression garmet at the office!! So excited!

And it's done!

Swollen painful but it's a new me!!

more post op

Im out of these bandages very happy with my results

3 weeks post op

Still swollen still healing loving my results.. look natural no bandages no drainage

still swollen still healing 3 1/2 weeks post

Still swollen still healing loving my results

4 weeks post op

I've lost sooooooooo much weight loving my waist and breast I have to wear these itchy garments for 6 months but it's worth it!! I'm not gonna say I'm starving myself but I'm not looking to gain that weight back! It's extremely hard to change my eating habits especially when I'm use to eating a lot!

stage 2 garment

I love my doctor had a visit today everything is going well they gave me the stage 2 garment im still VERY SWOLLEN hoping it goes down my breast and stomach muscles are still in pain I'm tired of it I have to wear this 24/7 but no more medications so im happy about that
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