Mommy Makeover-BL, BA, TT with Muscle Repair - Duluth, GA

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I want to write about this experience from the...

I want to write about this experience from the research phase to the final results so that I can remember my thoughts and feelings and to help anyone who is going to embark on this journey. A little background: My husband and I tried for several years to conceive and in 2012 decided to try IVF. We had amazing doctors and were lucky enough to conceive twins on our first try!! Our babies were born in Oct via C-section. I gained 54 lbs during my pregnancy and weighed 188 lbs the day my water broke. I'm 5'4" and 90% of the weight was in my belly. As you can imagine, my stomach stretched like crazy!! I lost 40 lbs the week after I delivered (imagine my shock when I stepped on the scale!) which left me with even more saggy skin. I was a 34B before the pregnancy and didn't go up in size AT ALL--not even after my milk came in. I breast feed for 4 months before my milk supply dwindled and ended up with less than an A cup; a very droopy A cup with very large areolas. I've lost all of the pregnancy weight and another 10 lbs so now it's time to get my body back....and then some :). I've had one consultation so far (which I will write about as an update) and am in the process of scheduling 4 more. I will update after each of those as well. My goal is to have this done by the end of the year. I'm glad I found this site...I've already gotten so many answers through reviews and directly from some of you ladies, thank you! I will definitely pay it forward and answer any questions I can. I will post before pics once I decide on a PS and have a surgery date booked :)!

Consultation Questions

First off, I verify ABPS certification independently of what is stated on the doctor's website ( Also check out state certifications ( in Georgia, each state is different). Ask to look at a gazillion pictures of the procedures you're interested in, performed in the same manner as suggested by your PS (same incisions, etc). They have way more than what's online.

Here are some questions I've come up with. Others might arise as I have more consultations; I will add to the list if that's the case:
*do you work with specific anesthesiologists
-are they board certified
*how many of these procedures do you perform per year
-revision/complication rate for these procedures
-most common revision/complication you see in your practice
*what is my financial responsibility if a revision is necessary
-what do you consider a necessary revision
*do you perform entire surgery yourself-from first incision to last stitch (some docs have assistants finish closing or stitching--NO THANK YOU!)
*how accessible are you after surgery
-if a complication or question arises do I speak to you or your nurse
*if you perform surgery at multiple locations, are facility fees different for each (could save some $$)
*if you have your own surgical facility what is the rate of complications due to infections
-what is the rate of hospital admission after surgery
*do you close with sutures or staples (or both) and why
*are compression garments provided
*mini or full
-benefits/short comings of either
-recovery times
*will vaginal area look different after
-pubic hair line raised by how much if at all
-if there is a change, do patients comment about sex being affected
*will you keep my belly button or make a new one
*do you use drains or drain less procedure and why
*how long does surgery take
*which implants do you recommend and why
*do you use different sizers during surgery to get best fit
-do you sit your patients up during surgery to check for symmetry, cleavage, pocket placement, etc
*do you require a mammogram before surgery
-do you recommend them after specifically because of implants
*is there an implant warranty, what does it cover and for how long
-how often to replace implants and why
*what is your favorite incision and why
*what technique do you use to make sure areola are symmetrical, proportionate and even
*which lift technique will give me the longest and best results possible and why
*do you ever need to place drains for a BA or BL and why
*how long does surgery take

Consult with Dr. Rudderman (Alpharetta)

My consultation with Dr. R was great. Everyone at the office is really nice and answered all of my crazy questions. Jessie (his nurse) made me feel comfortable and took time explaining things after the doc left (I came up with questions that I didn't think about till he left). She took before pics and some medical history. They didn't have me try on different implants which I was looking forward to but it wasn't a big deal. I'm sure that if I booked, this would be done at a pre-op appointment. After seeing the doc and nurse I spent some time with the coordinator looking at pics and going over estimates. I don't really want to give specifics on money because I have more consults scheduled and I don't want to influence another practice (who knows if they even look on here but just in case...paranoid I know, lol!).
Dr. R was with me for almost an hour explaining the procedures, scars, recovery, etc. He took measurements and had me do slow crunches while he felt my stomach for muscle separation. I have slight separation from top to bottom. He recommended to do a full TT and breast lift together and the BA 6 to 8 weeks later. The little bit of breast tissue I have is concentrated at the base of my breast behind the areola (similar to tubular breasts) and he wants to redistribute it during the lift, let that heal and then do the BA. He also said I don't have enough excess skin to have a low incision for the TT without a vertical one to close my old belly button...that's what I get for not giving into all my pregnancy cravings!! These are "complications" that totally threw me off. I wasn't expecting more than one scar on my stomach let alone TWO surgeries!! He also requires an overnight stay at the hospital for all TT's. I actually felt better about this because I would have constant access to nurses in case anything happens.
Dr. R was highly recommended to me by several OR nurses (I work at Northside) for his conservative and natural approach. He was very thorough with his explanations and I never felt like he was trying to get more money out of me or anything like that. He really seemed to have my best interest in mind. He said he could do it all together but because of my skin laxity I may need another lift in the near future. My breasts were never really perky even before the pregnancy and he's afraid the weight of the implants would cause premature drooping if the BL and BA are done together.
Needless to say I left the consult kind of bummed out. I have consultations with 4 other docs in the next few weeks and I'm going to go to each with an open mind to see if they come to the same conclusion. It's hard because Dr. R seems very trust worthy so if another doc tells me it can be done all at once with out any issues, I don't know that I'd be comfortable with that. We also need to shop around b/c although I'm not going to someone just based on the lowest price, I do have a certain budget at this point in time. If it turns out that doing this right will require a higher price tag, then I'd rather wait to save up some more money. Even though this is something that I have my heart set on and my husband is on board with, I am still a mom first and I don't want to go into a significant amount of debt to fix something cosmetic. It's hard to be mom!! The guilt that comes along with doing things for yourself is crazy--and not something people tell you about.

feeling blah...

After HOURS of research last night, I decided to schedule a phone consult with Dr. DeLuca. I feel so blah right now...can't believe I might need to go out of state to get this done! We had a hard time getting pregnant, hard time with the delivery, hard time with breastfeeding and now maybe a hard time with the MM. I'm ready for something to just be "straight forward" for once! I sent Dr. D some pics so we'll see what he thinks about my BA/BL. Who knows, maybe he'll tell me they aren't tuberous and that a standard lift/aug can be performed. If not, I definitely want to go with a PS with a significant amount of tuberous breast reconstruction experience and it seems like Dr. D is the one. So far I'm very impressed with the fact that he himself has been answering my emails. Based on other reviews I am confident that after care will be great even from out of state but it still makes me nervous. What if there's a complication once I get back? Plus the added cost of travel and hotel stays. So much to consider....oh well!
I am going to start a separate review for the different consults so that this one will be just my thoughts. Hope everyone's doing well :)

another out of state consult...

So I found Dr. Revis from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on a different forum and sent him my pics a couple of days ago. I'm waiting for a response to see if my breasts are tuberous and a general idea of costs. If we end up moving to FL, I would be about 4 hrs away from Dr. Revis and that makes me a bit more comfortable that having to fly to get this done. We'll see what happens...
On a happy note, I got my confirmation today for my next consult with Dr. Song from Prima this week. Can't wait :)

Consult with Dr. Song (Prima Center)

So I was going to post consult reviews separately but the site considers them duplicates or something but no big deal.
Anyway....I had my consult with Dr. Song today and it was AMAZING!! I feel so much better than after my first consult. They took pics with the Vectra machine and that was kind of cool but in my case I need a lift and I have tuberous breasts (very mild confirmed by Dr. S today) so the after pic was a little distorted. He added a bikini to the pics and they looked good. I forgot to get them on my way out cause I was so excited about the consult. The center is very open and welcoming, clean and spacious. Dr. S's nurse was great--very nice and knowledgeable.
I liked that Dr. S had me change back into my clothes BEFORE going through the Q&A phase. At Dr. Rudderman's consult we stayed in the same consult room the whole time and I was given tons of great info but I was in a gown on the exam table and didn't write anything down. Dr. S and I were sat at a desk in front of the computer and he would pull example pics as I asked questions to show me the results I could expect--they don't have any pics online but tons in the office. He confirmed that he would have to score my breast muscle to release it and allow the implant to settle in the right spot. I don't need to have my creases lowered (yay) and he's pretty sure he can get my areolas to a small enough size so that when the implant stretches my skin they will look proportionate. On the bad side, he agrees with Dr. R that to get to the size I want (375-425cc or a nice D/DD), we would need to do 2 surgeries. I just don't have enough tissue to start with and he won't risk messing up the lift by adding an implant that is too big for my body to handle. So he suggested a more moderate size C and he will order implants from 325-375 and assured me he will use the biggest of those possible. He's leaning towards 325, thinks I might fit a 350 and highly doubts 375 will work but he'll have them on hand just in case. It bums me out but I want nice full perky breasts--NOT just bigger versions of the floppy things I have now. Dr. S thinks that if I have the lift with a smaller implant, my skin and muscle will relax enough to accommodate a bigger one later on. As for the TT, he said it'd be very straight forward b/c I'm already in good shape and at my goal weight. He will do some lipo of the flanks but he won't need to be aggressive with it. Heads up--if you live more than an hour away (it took me 1hr and 20mins without traffic) he prefferes that you stay close by for the first night. I have the option to stay at the hospital ($1500 deposit, if it's more you get billed for the difference and I don't think it'd be less) or at a local hotel. On the way there I was actually looking around at different hotels in the area b/c I don't think I'd want to be in the car that long post-op. Plus you have your first appt the next day so that would be almost 3 hrs of driving for me.
Overall I'm VERY happy with today's consult. I almost jumped the gun and put down my deposit but thought it'd be better to talk with hubby first ;)!! He knows I do a TON of research especially when it comes to doctors so he's comfortable with whatever decision I make. He does want me to go to at least one more consult to get a third opinion on the breasts (since the tuberous issue is new to us) and we both want the sale of our condo to be finalized before committing to a date. We close next week so I will go ahead and book the surgery and if I feel differently after another consult, then I'll cancel. They refund 100% of your deposit if you cancel more than 14 days in advance. Dr. S has an opening Aug 28th so that may very well be my surgery date, AHHHH!!!!

Yesterday's high came and went, BUT.....

I was SUPER excited after meeting with Dr. Song yesterday and I was ready to book. But after getting home and having time to really think things through, I just don't feel like he can give me the results I want. I kept thinking about the Vectra images of my "new" breasts and while they are more perky and full than what I have now, they still aren't anywhere as big as I'd like and I would still have this HUGE gap b/t them. The nurses there said that the images are quite accurate and so did Dr. Song.
So I emailed Dr. Revis (yet again!) and told him everything. What each PS had said, that I didn't just want him (Revis) to tell me what I wanted to hear, that I wanted to go a certain size but didn't want my boobs sagging in 2, 3, 7 years and that I wanted them closer together. He understood my concerns and hesitation after hearing the same thing from two highly qualified PS's BUT stated that he is an expert in tuberous cases. And an expert in XL implants. I don't want to go XL but the point is that if the weight of a 800+cc implant doesn't cause sagging in his patients, then my little ol' 350-425cc won't either. He assured me that he would get them close(r) together than they are now and provided before and after pics of a patient with a similar gap and tuberous breasts. With all that said, I'm leaning towards going to the best and just getting this done right the FIRST time instead of ending up at his practice for a revision later on. It is a little more money than Prima and that's not including the travel expenses. With the TT I'd have to stay in Ft. Lauderdale for about a week so I'm looking at houses or extended stay hotels to rent. Going out of town for plastic surgery sounds/looks crazy as I'm typing it, but I've been unhappy with my breasts since they "developed" and I'd rather spend the extra money and effort to know that I did EVERYTHING possible to get the result I want!
Like I said before, hubby and I might be moving to FL towards the end of the year. I would still be about a 4 hr drive from Dr. R but that's better than having to fly. Holy crap I'm sooooo confused!!!!

I forgot....

I forgot to mention that communication with Dr. Revis has been amazing and I'm not even a patient yet! He answers my emails the next day if not within a few hours. My crazy vent email I sent last night around 9:30pm and he answered around 10 the same night!!! I'd already gone to bed, lol! So if you're in Florida and are looking for even a straight forward breast surgery, at least look at his website. The pics are beautiful, his reviews are A+++ and he seems to really enjoy his job and to care about his patients/potential patients. And no, I don't think he's doing that to get me in the door and then he'll turn his back on me once the money's in the bank either!


Well we found out yesterday that we are definitely moving to FL by the end of Sept! So much to do between now and then that I'm thinking the best thing is to postpone my surgery. I've emailed Dr. Song some pics of the BA results I'm expecting and am waiting to hear back if it is something he feels comfortable he can accomplish. If he honestly does think it can be done with my tubbie boobies, then I will have the surgery here at the end of Aug. If not (and I trust him to be honest) then research, research, research again and it'll be done by the beginning of next year!! I still plan to have my phone consult with Dr. DeLuca but I'll cancel my other consults out of respect for the docs. AHHHH so much to do, so little time :)! Can't wait for the sunshine!

Second thoughts...again

So hubby was off for 5 days this past week which NEVER happens! We had such a good time just hanging out and going to the pool with the nuggets. After much talking, we decided to schedule a second consult with Dr. Song so that hubby can meet him and we can both look at more before and after pics. Even though I really like Dr. Revis's before and after breast pics, I don't care too much for his TT results. I had my phone consult with Dr. DeLuca last night and he would do my breast aug exactly like Dr. Song described! That put my mind at easy b/c Dr. DeLuca has vast experience with tuberous breasts and he gave me the same possible outcome as Dr. Song. I think that I will probably go back in after a few years to increase size, but for now I feel much more comfortable with Dr. Song doing all of my procedures than anyone else. Dr. DeLuca even mentioned that Atlanta is well known for great breast augs which made me feel like there is no point in adding the extra cost of travel for my particular case. I have a tentative surgery date of Sept 4th!!!! We will make the final decision this Friday and hopefully I will be going to FL with a hot new body :)!


BOOKED!!! Ahhhhh I'm officially booked for Sept 5th with Dr. Song! He was the second PS I consulted with and I loved him right away. Yesterday hubby came with me for a second consult to meet the doc and try on sizers. Dr. Song is ordering 325-375 cc HP smooth round silicone for my surgery. He will be scoring my muscle to release the lower pole and close my gap a bit. I'm going to ask at pre-op if he will also order 400's just in case ;)

List of supplies

here's what I think I'll need so far; please let me know if I'm missing anything or don't really need something on the list....
frozen peas
milk of magnesia
arnica and bromelain
vit c/zinc or airborne
zip-up/button-up shirts or dresses to lounge around in at home
spanx type CG (PS recommended I wear this under the CG they will give me to help with swelling)
tape or safety pins or something to hold drains up during showers and such....what worked for you??

TMI but already prepping for med induced constipation....

Being regular for me is going every other day or a couple of times a week. I workout, drink TONS of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Constipation has always been an issue for me and I drink Metamucil regularly. Needless to say, post-op tummy issues are pretty much destined for me lol. After my C-section I didn't go for almost a week and that was NOT fun!! So this time I'm going to be pro-active :). I'm making sure I don't miss any doses of Metamucil and I'm going to take MOM starting the day before surgery to make sure it's in my system. Might buy prune juice just in case ;) Be prepared ladies!!!


THREE WEEKS from today and I still have sooooo much to do! Hubby has a weird work schedule and sometimes he's off for 3-4 days straight after working for 10+ days. You would think we'd get a ton of stuff done but we want to relax, take the babies to the pool/park and just enjoy our time together. I love that but I always feel so far behind when he goes back to work. Four loads of laundry today and cooking meals for the babies for this week will take up my whole day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and he's not off till next Sat so I've got to get my butt in gear this week !

Yesterday was a busy day!!

I met my bestie at her dress fitting at 10 am. We had a light brunch after that and then I went to get my supplements for surgery. Started taking the arnica and bromalein yesterday; can't believe how close it's getting. After the stop at Vitamin Shoppe (haha that rhymes) I had my sugaring appointment--holy crap that hurt!! I am NEVER shaving again!!!! Hadn't been wax in over a year and it was literally like the first time again. But like always the results are well worth it! Going back for a touch up next Sat then as soon as Dr. Song approves I'll make the next appointment! Not letting more than 3 wks go by between sessions for a while! Once surgery is paid off I'll use Care Credit again to get laser and just be done with it. I want a Brazilian and underarms and maybe the legs if it's not too pricey to add.

After my hoo ha recovered I went to Publix to get some cookies for the shower and then to the restaurant. B had fun, the food and service was great. One of the girls had saline implants and wished me good luck on the surgery and was telling me how much I'd love them :)

So left home around 9 got back after 5---felt like I was back at work lol! Anyway that's another wedding thing marked off the list . Now I'm gonna focus on the surgery for a bit then time to plan the bachelorette party then Cancun time!! Can't wait!

AHHHH less than 2 wks now !!!!!!

Pre-Op tomorrow!!!

I can't believe time is flying so fast! Pre-op is at 1:30 and I'll be trying on sizers again just to make sure we get the size/projection down pat. I'm leaning towards 375 or 400cc HP. I really liked the look of 350 last time which makes me think I'll do 375 to compensate for going under the muscle. But then I always hear you should go the next size up regardless to help with boobie greed so that's where the 400's come in. OMG really don't know. I was on the fence about HP b/c of my gap but after looking at tons of pics I really like HP better---not looking for kissing cleavage either; just happy as long as I get some cleavage in a good bra.

Let's see what else...I've been taking Arnica and Bromalein since Sat. And now I'm taking vit C and zinc since the babies are sick and I want to ward off any colds pre surgery. The Arnica is 4 times a day so once I'm on pain pills I'll have to write everything down lol!

Yesterday we found out that hubby isn't being transferred to FL any time soon . It will be easier for surgery and flying to Cancun from here since we already had tickets, but I was really looking forward to moving back to FL and not to mention that my parents are relocating and it's gonna be tough to be without them. I love how they are with the babies and I grew up without having my grandparents close by and I really missed them all the time!! Hubby is still in for a transfer but we just have to wait until a spot opens up...who knows when. So next up on the list is looking for a house here and being settled in it by the first week of Oct. Sooooo much going on but for the next 10 days I will focus only on the surgery. Almost there !!!


Woo Hoo!!!! Just got back from pre-op and running was a loooooong day but I'm super excited!
I met Jenika, another one of the OR nurses and she was great! We went through all my medical history and all the horrible things that could happen. She took my vitals and a little blood to check my hemaglobin levels. After that was the fun part--sizers!!! I took an underwire, lace bra my mom had (no shape, molding or padding) and it gave me the right support this time so the implants weren't down to my belly button lol. I wear a 34B the lace bra was a 34C and it barely held the 400cc implants; not going to read too much into that but man I hope it's an indication of the results ;).
Dr. Song came in and agreed that the 375 and 400's looked very proportionate. He's still going to decide on the final size during surgery b/c he wants to preserve the lift as much as possible. He also asked me if a bigger implant was more/less important than ideally small areolas. I obviously want the best of both worlds but would rather have the bigger implant...I told him I want 70% of the decision to be based on the size of the implant vs the areaolas being exactly like I want them. He's pretty sure I'll need the small vertical incision to close my old belly button but that doesn't bother me...I'd rather have a really low horizontal incision. He measured me one more time and told me no blood thinning meds from now until surgery (Advil, aspirin, Motrin, etc).
Jenika gave me my pre-op packet including the prescriptions (Percocet, Valium, Keflex, Phenergan) and then it was time to pay up with Wanda...not my favorite part but Wanda is a sweatheart!! We paid half on our personal cc to earn points and will pay that off right away. The other half is through Care Credit. My PS offers the 12 month interest free plan but we plan on paying off early b/c there's no penalty for that.
I think that's it...I'm going to book the hotel sometime this week and Saturday my mom is watching the babies most of the day so I can get the rest of my supplies. Oh I forgot Jenika gave me some soap they want me to use the night before and the morning of surgery and after that I can use my own--so that's one thing off the list :). Hubby is off on Labor day so we might have the grandparents babysit so we can have a date night since he works the night before surgery.
90% excited 10% nervous but 150% ready for a flat tummy and round perky boobs :)!!!!!

some pre pics


I can't believe that a week from this very moment I should be close to getting out of surgery! There is so much going through my head. I need to cook a ton of food for the nuggets this week so that hubby and grandparents don't have to worry about it. I also want enough food ready so that once I'm back to full-time mom I don't have to cook for a couple of weeks.

I've been feeling a little dizzy lately and I think it's b/c I'm not eating much due to stress. I tend to not eat instead of over eat when I'm stressed or feel crazy busy and have tons to do. I'm going to make a true effort to really eat enough healthy foods this week to prep my body for the surgery. Tomorrow my mom is going to watch the babies for a while so I can get some more shopping done. Going to get some more tops, pillows, and other things I haven't marked off my list. Meeting my bestie for lunch and then we probably won't see each other till PO. Yet another reminder that the surgery is around the corner b/c we usually see each other about once a week.

I'm really nervous about the whole thing. Well maybe more so about the breast part. Dr. Song's after pics for TT's are beyond amazing. His breast pics are too but with having to score the muscle and possibly lower one of my creases I'm just nervous that the vision I have in my head won't come to life....or at least for a while. I completely trust that Dr. Song will do everything he can to get me to our goal though.

Ugh I'm also worried about how close surgery is to the Cancun trip! It's setting in now that I might not look all that great in a bathing suit due to frankenboob AND the added swelling from the TT. I ordered my MOH dress yesterday and had to go up 3 sizes to fit the possible bust measurement!! So that's an added cost in alterations b/c I fit a size 2 dress perfectly and would have only needed it hemmed but had to order an 8 so now the waist will have to be taken in as well. Oh well---all for the bigger boobies!!

Other than that I'll just be cleaning, cooking, prepping and obsessing this week....soooo close!!

Surgery shopping done....finally :)!

Just got back and I feel I have everything I need to be comfortable after surgery. I was going to get a wedge or reading pillow but decided against that b/c I'd never use it again. So I went to JCP and got their really great "classic" pillows for $4.99 each!! Crazy Labor Day sales going on right now. I got three of those and a neck/travel pillow. I went to Marshall's and TJ Maxx to look for button down pj's and a hoodie but didn't see anything I really liked. I also get really hot after surgery, not sure why, so I might just sleep in pants and the surgical bra. I did get this really cute maxi dress that was on clearance and it's a little big in the chest area but I should fill it out soon ;). I had lunch with my friend and we talked about surgery and wedding stuff--it was nice to see her.

After that is was time for the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. I LOVE saving money but Wal-Mart on a holiday weekend=no fun!! I had my list ready and just stuck to that and got out in under an hour--which was looooong enough with all those people there lol! I got milk of magnesia, gauze, tape, alcohol swabs, neosporin, q-tips, dry shampoo, face wipes, and "personal" wipes. Pretty much just stuck to what Dr. Song and his nurse advised. Oh and cold/hot packs. They are reusable and the Equate ones are waaayyy cheaper than the others. $2.49 each instead of $6+ each. I got 2 but I think I'll get 2 more this week so I can always have them ready or in case I want to use one as a heating pad for my back.

Other than that I just need to get my prescriptions filled and pack the overnight bag. I booked the hotel yesterday...Hampton Inn which was cheaper through their website than looking on PriceLine, Booking, etc. I was going to get a mani/pedi today but Dr. Song doesn't want polish on my nails so that'll have to wait till after surgery. Oh funny story, I asked Jenika when I could get my belly button re-pierced and she said Dr. Song would let me know and he actually does them in the office if you want!! How crazy is that?? A PS that does piercings??? I love it :)! I asked her if he would do a tattoo as well and she laughed.

So I'm all set ladies. Got plenty of veggies and meats for the babies. I'm going to cook my butt of this week, mostly to stay busy and not have too much time to think about surgery. Thanks so much for all your encouragement and kind words. You guys have been a great support even though we've never met. There's just something about being able to talk to people who are going through similar situations.

THIS WEEK...really??? It can't be!!

this is what's been going through my head since yesterday. I can NOT believe this is happening this week! I have a countdown on my phone, a countdown on the forums I'm on, a countdown on the fridge and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm having surgery THIS FRIDAY!

Cooked some chicken and sweet potatoes in the slow cooker yesterday. Some laundry today, more cooking tomorrow--trying to stay busy b/c I keep getting more anxious! I had a dream the night before last that I came out of surgery looking like Dolly Parton!!! That is not the look I'm going for and in my dream I told Dr. Song that he ruined my body; it felt so real. Then this past week I've felt like my boobs have gotten bigger. I'm not pregnant or about to start my period but that is what I can compare it to...that fuller, heavy feeling you get in early pregnancy or right before you start. It's like my boobs are giving it one last shot so I don't replace them lol! I know it's in my head--crazy how your mind deals with things huh?

Hubby had some car trouble this morning and b/c of his work schedule we won't get the car out til Thursday. Makes me nervous b/c I still feel like there are last minute things I need and without a car they will be completely last minute! Other than that I've been drinking tons of water and eating better. Still taking Bromelain and Arnica but I stopped the vit C and zinc. I think the zinc was making me dizzy/nauseous b/c I felt 100% better after stopping it and the other three didn't do anything to me. Good thing I dodge the nugget cold bullet though--that never happens so I'm keeping the vit C and zinc on hand.

That's about it for now. Pretty sure I'll update everyday this week b/c I want to remember how I was feeling during each step of the way....I really wish I would have done this during the IVF treatments and pregnancy. After wards you remember the general way you were feeling but the details get fuzzy. Less than THREE DAYS!!!!!!

Pics ready for surgery

Just got a response from Jenika that Dr. Song will have the pics he showed me up during surgery as reference :)! I'd asked her how he remembers what each patient's goals are and told her I'd feel more comfortable if the pics were available for him. Oh and they are ordering Botox for me since it comes with the Natrelle implants. Not sure if I'll use it yet but I'll talk to him about it during my PO. The offer doesn't expire so I can take my time to think about it. Holy crap the day after TOMORROW I'll be in surgery at this very minute...hopefully almost done :)!!!

crazy day today

Today has been craziness. It is almost 11 pm and I am just now getting to sit down and gather my thoughts. Got up at 6:30 this morning so I could get some last minute shopping before the babies woke up. Hubby's car was in the shop since Tues so I had no way to get out of the house this week but it worked out OK b/c I got cooking and cleaning done. Hubby and I had breakfast, got the nuggets up and ready and drove him to the shop. Had to pick up my wedding rings (loose diamond) and then drop the babies off with my friend. Had my sugaring appointment which went 300 times better than the first one and then back to my friend's for lunch and playdate/wedding/surgery talk.

We got home around 3 and the babies took a "nap" while I cooked the last round of food and did the last load of laundry. By then it was time for dinner and after my parents got home they went to pick up my prescriptions. I just finished packing my overnight bag, putting fresh sheets on the bed and prepping my outfit for tomorrow. It'll be nice to not wear my thick heavy bra. I'm wearing a button down loose shirt and comfy leggings. Oh I showered with the soap they gave me and it smells like a hospital but isn't as drying as I thought it'd be.

Hubby worked all day today and is still there. Kinda sucks b/c I thought we'd be able to spend the night before the surgery together but he'll be here all week with me so that's nice :).

T O M O R R O W!!!!

My feelings today, this week really, have been all over the place. I'm not as excited today as I thought I'd be the DAY BEFORE my surgery. I think "booby blues" or really mommy blues have kicked in already. I'm really sad that I won't get to pick up and comfort my babies whenever they (or I) want or need it. It's almost like they knew something was going on b/c they were both extra cuddly today. Since hubby works a lot of late shifts, I tend to put them to bed most nights by myself. We have this ritual where I yell their names and they go running and I chase them around the room till I catch them and scoop them up and they giggle like crazy. I won't be doing that for a while and I'm scared they'll forget or not be into it once I can again.

I keep thinking that I should have waited until they were bigger and could understand that mom can't pick them up...and not think that mom doesn't want to pick them up instead. I keep thinking that I'm being so selfish and that I'm supposed to be their mom and THEY should come first. I keep thinking that I'm setting a bad example for my daughter--for her to think that she isn't absolutely beautiful just the way she is would break my heart. And for my son--to think that a beautiful woman is supposed to look a certain way.

All of these thoughts are going through my head along with the normal "holy crap, I hate anesthesia" and stuff. So needless to say I haven't slept very well lately. But tomorrow is 40 mins away and 24 hrs from now I will be on the other side, God willing. And as I keep saying to others, each day will be better and easier than the last. I hope my daughter knows one day that she is absolutely beautiful just the way she is. And if there is something she would like to change, then mama will be here to support her and cheer her on. And I hope that my son knows that a woman's beauty stems from her confidence. And that he grows up to be as supportive and loving a husband as his dad is.

In the end I am still excited. I just can't believe it's really happening.....

surgery done:)!!

Hi ladies.....I'm on the other side now!!!! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I really wanted to update on Friday and let you know I was OK but I could barely keep my eyes open for more than 15 mins at a time. If I type something funny it's because I"m still under some anesthesia effects on top of the percocet and valium.

So lets see. Friday I got up at 5 am and we left by 6. And of course there was already traffic!!!! An accident right by the house on the only road that leads to the highway. This put us was behind and so we caught traffic on 75 and then 285 as well! I was 15 mins late and I absolutely HATE being late to anything. The nurses and docs were all understanding. I had Dr. Frazier as my anesthesiologist....he was great!! Put in my IV himself and everything. I work with doctors day in and day out and I can not remember the last time a doc put in his own IV. His niece Kaitlin is studying medicine and he asked if she could come in to observe. I agreed as long as she watched and HE administered lol!! After the IV Dr. Song came in to mark me all up and have some last discussions of size and incisions and stuff. I told Dr. Song that I gave him full discretion on size...I wanted to make sure that I had beautiful breasts while naked and didn't care so much anymore about how big they look in clothes. He seemed relieved by that and had a big smile on his face. I also told him about this website and how much everyone loves him on here. He was really flattered.

Once the marking was done I said bye to hubby and then they walked me to the OR. Dr. Frazier gave me some medicine in the IV and the last thing I remember is saying "I don't feel anyth....." then I was waking up!! Jennifer the PO nurse was wonderful. The first thing I asked her was how big Dr. Song went...350cc. I was hoping for 375 or 400 but honestly I didn't even have a hint of disappointment because I knew he did what he though was best. Surgery took 1.5 hrs longer than expected b/c I did have severe herniation in my areola....Dr. Song couldn't tell this by looking at me and was surprised when he opened me up. He said he wanted to give me perfect results so he took his time. But my areola are waaayyy smaller and not at all puffy anymore. Oh and he didn't have to do the vertical incision from the areola to the crease :)!!!! so I just have an insicion around the areola and along the crease....soooo happy about that. I have to wear thick maxi pads on the sides of my bra to push the girls in and the band along the top to push them down...the band is no fun! I take it off to sleep but try to wear it most of the time I'm awake.

Now the TT----maybe it's just me but HOLY MOTHER OF HECK that hurt waaaayyy more than the c-section!!! I mean WAAAYYY more!!! I don't know if it's b/c after the c-section I was focusing on babies and didn't really notice the pain but damn the TT is no fun at all. The day of surgery I almost though about checking into the hospital. So if you have the money or option, stay at the hospital the first night. Actually if you can, do the breast separately from the TT. Because you can use your abs to not use your arms and vice-versa. But when they are both done together, what do you do??? I didn't have enough skin to cover the old belly button so I do have a small vertical incision but I'm OK with that. Dr. Song also did lipo so I'm very tender/sore along the sides too.

My appetite is finally coming back today. Over all I feel much better right now. Not sure if I'm over the hump just yet but definitely getting there. Either way Dr. Song is the most amazing, caring, thoughtful doctor I've ever encountered. He said he is extremely pleased with my breast results and that he knows I will love them once all the swelling goes down. He took pics during surgery but I forgot to ask him for them. I'll do so at PO next week so I can show you guys.

That's it for now. Ask me questions and I will try to answer as best I can. If I think of anything else I will keep updating. I'll post pics sometime later today or tomorrow. Thanks again for thinking of me ladies!! Good luck to whoever is next :)!

sunday 9/8

Hi about 5 hrs ago I decided this whole thing was NOT worth it!!! I couldn't believe I'd done this to my self over some saggy boobs and wrinkled stomach skin. I felt so foolish for putting my self through this. And worst of all it wasn't b/c of the TT or the boobs....its was b/c my back was KILLING me!!!! I've been walking hunched over (doc's orders) and sleeping mostly up right and this caused me to have crazy back muscle spams!!! Dr. Song doesn't want any undue stress on my incision b/c he got my tummy so tight (thank you :)) but that meant my lower back was giving out! I called him and he said I could start taking 3-4 advil and sleeping straight on my back as long as my legs and feet were properly elevated to prevent pulling on the incision. Kinda like sitting in a chair but with your back on the bed. WOW what a difference!! I just got up to walk around, having some tea and taking medicine so I thought I'd update you guys!
My boobs look pretty great so far. They are VERY wide apart but are already softer and squishier than I though they'd be. Not sure what I've already told you (meds, lol) but I have to wear thick maxi pads on the sides of the bra to push them in and the dreaded band across the top to push them down. The band really sucks. You can't tell how much it hurts until you take it off though and then it's like a relief! I'm in a 36 bra and they gave me a 34 b/c he wants something that will give me the most support from the sides. I'm gonna look for bras with side cutlets instead of push up cutlets as well. He did lower one of my creases but didn't want to over disect the pockets to get the gap to lessen. These babies are wide and I can't imagine how much side boob I'd have with mod+....glad we went with HP. Happy with the size so far. I know they're swollen but I have way more than a handful right now...can't wait for D&F!!
VERY bloated right now and still no poop. Haven't really eaten anything since the day before surgery though so maybe as I start to eat things will move along. I've taken 2 doses of MoM and still nothing. Oh and it took forever and a year to pee the first time!!! I felt like I'd just had the babies and really wanted to go but couldn't. It's getting better now but still comes in little squirts instead of a normal stream (TMI??)
I know sometimes it can't be avoided but if at all possible DO NOT plan your surgery if you know you'll have your period!!!! I couldn't imaging dealing with that right now!!
Probably left some stuff out but I'll get to it eventually. I will most definitely post pics tomorrow (really later today) I have a pre pic while at the doc, and then a post pic from Saturday's quick check up. Should've taken pics of the marking but didn't. Also will try to get the pics Dr. Song took during surgery for you.
Alright gonna go walk around some more than back to bed :)

Mon 9/8

WOW if you check my title I so thought yesterday was sunday 9/8 lol!! Those pain meds are no joke! so far I've taken only Advil today. About to take my first shower--yay!! Then probably a percocet and valium and a loooong nap. Trying to limit the percocet and valium to once a day and right before bed. Other than that nothing much to report. Woke up feeling much much better today. Had toast and coffee for breakfast. Going to take some more MoM after my nap to see if I can get things moving. Not uncomfortable yet but like I said it's probably b/c I haven't eaten much. The bloating is already going down since I started walking more.
My back is back to almost normal which makes a HUGE difference on my mood as well. PO in 2 days and can't wait to really see the girls and tummy. Dr. Song will be changing out the steri strips then I think and *hopefully* the drain comes out. I'll try to remember to take pics so I can start updating a visual for you (and me lol).
Hope everyone's doing OK....whether you're pre, post or almost to surgery....good luck :)!!

Weds 9/10 PO #1

I'm definitely over the hump now. Just got back from my first official PO and doc says everything is looking great. I can't get over how good my boobs look. Tummy is still very swollen. Doc says the swelling will start going down from my breast to my belly button then I'll have the dreaded pooch again for up to several months! But he assures me after that it'll be flat as a board. The incisions all look good and I have 80% sensation throughout my areaolas and in both my nipples. I only have one drain and it is just annoying more than anything. Doc says he wants it to collect under 30cc/day and then take it out.....most likely at PO#2 next week. Not in much pain at all. My left boob hurts underneath...that is the one he did the most work on and lowered the crease. It is also the one that is bruised. Righty is a little higher as well.
TT is not painful at all anymore...only when coughing/laughing. The worst part of everything is not being comfortable when sleeping. I miss cuddling with hubby and picking up my kids. I miss being able to move around in bed without a gazillion pillows keeping me on my back. Just uncomfortable to sit/stand/walk/lay for an extended period of time. But not at the surgery sites---at my upper and lower back!!!
I stopped taking Percocet/Valium around the clock on Sat and only take one of each at bedtime now. Today is the last day of antibiotics....slowly getting rid of pills!! Tonight I will try to get by with just Advil though b/c I can tell my body is used to the Percocet/Valium dosage now and I am not going to increase it. Doc says that's fine but to keep the Valium and take it as needed b/c he doesn't want my chest muscles to spasm and possibly disrupt the pocket. The drain doesn't hurt at all unless I accidentally tug on it too much--just a pain in the a**. Like a fly at a picnic lol!
My boobs are sore b/c I have to wear maxi pads on the outside to push them in and the band across the top to push them down. I take it all off a couple of times a day and that's a nice relief!! Doc wants me in more supportive bras now so hubby and I are going shopping tonight once the nuggets are in bed. I'm wearing a genie type one now and it gives me waaayyy more support than the surgical one. Doc still wants me to find ones that have front zip/closures b/c I shouldn't lift my arms above shoulder level for 2 more weeks. I do have full range of arm motion though.
Slightly more activity is approved now as I can tolerate it. Didn't ask about sex b/c I'm not quite ready yet...afraid I'd get too excited and carried away. I'll ask about that at next PO though ;)
No even sure how this post is flowing b/c my mind is all over the place trying to catch up on 2 days worth of info. Let's see... I can't eat as much as before. Kinda like when you're in the last trimester of pregnancy and you're hungry but only a small amount of food will fit at a time. Eating several small meals a day. Which is nice so I don't gain weight will not being able to work out. Haven't weighed myself yet but I'll do that before my next update just to see how much water weight/swelling I'm holding. Clothes fit the same though. I have a ton of pics I need to upload to my computer and edit out the bits and pieces. I might actually take clothed pics for here b/c this is a very public forum....we'll see. Speaking of pics, saw the ones taken at surgery and my boobs are gonna look even more FANTASTIC once all the swelling is done. Also, doc took two 15cmx15cm slabs of skin off my tummy!!! Holy crap definitely needed the TT lol!!
Stopped taking MoM yesterday and started back on just Metamucil today...will report on that as well in case you guys need/want to know lol! That's all for now other than I LOVE DR SONG!!!!!!!!!!! He took my boobs from sad, droopy, triangle shaped, areola filled nothings to beautiful, round, proportionate, perky works of art. Tube boobs no more!!!!
Good luck to svejuca....her surgery was today and I'm sure she's doing great :)!

such looooong posts!!

Hey ladies I know my posts are super long and that's mainly b/c I'm keeping this as a diary for myself. It can definitely be a pain in the tuckus to read through a ton of info. Please, please feel free to just private message me with any specific questions you have. I might not get to all the comments either, FYI. OK just wanted to get that out there in case anyone would rather go that route :)

Sat 9/13

Yesterday was one week PO...woo hoo!! I feel a hundred times better than I did a week ago. Last night was the first night in several that I needed my muscle relaxer. I honestly think it's b/c hubby and I had sex the last couple of nights and I probably got a little more excited than I should have. I couldn't help it though...after years and years of feeling insecure if he tried to play with my boobs it just felt so awesome to actually have something there!!! It's amazing to feel like a woman...I could have cried lol!!

Still have my drain PO visit is Thursday so hopefully no more drain after that. My stomach swelling is moving down just as PS stated it would. The lower pooch really bothers me though b/c that's what I wanted to get rid of. I know in time it'll be flat but I'm impatient! the rest of my stomach looks really good....flat, no wrinkled skin and no stretch marks !

My boobs look awesome even at this stage. Righty is still higher than lefty but also rounder and more natural looking if that makes sense. They definitely look like sisters, not cousins which I was worried about b/c PS had to do a lot more work on the left. I started with a true 4 finger gap...I could literally place my hand flat across my chest and not touch either breast. The day of surgery I had a 3.5 finger gap and today it is less than 2 fingers; I'm in awe at the skill of Dr. Song!!
My left incision is REALLY sore most of the day. Especially since I'm wearing the strap and using pads on the sides of my bra to get the implants to settle in the pocket correctly. Can't wait to get rid of one or both of those "positioning devices" as I call them.

Other than that still get really tired at the littlest thing....showering, feeding the kids, catching up on forums . Ready for my energy level to come back. I think it's from not sleeping too well either....hard to get into a comfortable position and I'm tossing and turning most of the night.

Items I've used and not used

Used/Not Used Items

Essentials....used everyday
pillows (ended up with 9 and I'm down to 4-5)
upright, hardback chair (so back support)
soft measuring tape (just because )
soft leggings, yoga pants
flowy button up shirts
fruit of the loom front closure bra
Neutrogena deep clean cleansing wipes (OMG these are awesome! used on face and "other areas" IYKWIM)
cottonelle cleansing wipes
dry shampoo
alcohol wipes
wife beaters (used under compression garment)

Nice to have, not necessary
arnica and bromelain....not sure if these are really working but worth a shot
foot stool for when sitting up in the upright back support chair
laptop pillow thing
new/old movies to fall asleep to
food tray/table if you want to eat on couch or in bed
hot/cold packs (used hot pack for back, haven't used cold pack but it's nice to have just in case)
neck pillow (used the first 3 days but not since)
if you have long or thick heavy hair it's nice to have one of those towel turban twisty things...they don't weigh as much as a soaking wet towel.

Don't buy/haven't used or needed
gauze, tape (provided by PS)
"special pillows" ie reading, wedge, etc

Stats so far...

under bust 30"
around bust 33"
waist 27"
weight 122 lbs

under bust 32"
around bust 37.5"
waist 29.5"
weight ??

under bust 29.5"
around bust 36"
waist 27"
weight 125 lbs

after pics so far

they look a lot smaller in pics; probably means they look smaller to others than to me. gives me a little bit of booby greed but not enough to wish they were bigger. I feel they fit my frame perfectly and I will be able to play them up or down nicely :)

don't like night time

So I drove for the first time today and it wasn't bad at all. Didn't feel worried about being able to turn the wheel or brake suddenly. Closing the car door once I was inside was a bit challenging.

As for the title....I almost hate when I get super tired and HAVE to go to bed. I can't stay in a comfortable position for very long. And my back starts hurting b/c I'm trying not to put pressure on the implants when I'm on my sides. UGH!!! I'm getting sleep in 3 hr increments and after about 7 hrs I just quit trying and get up. I'm tired and should be in bed now but I know it'll just mean tossing and turning in between crappy sleep :(

Also, I'm OVER the freaking compression garment, drain and stupid boob strap!!! PS said my drain will come out Thursday though--woo hoo!! I'm hoping that means I can start using a better CG too. I have a feeling the pads in the bra and boob band will be around for a while though. Oh well. Hubby says we have one shot at this so might as well make it count ;)
Happy healing ladies!!

TT pics so far....

Tight and swollen. The bruising is slowly going down. I sometimes feel a bulge moving from under my rib cage down to my belly button but it goes away. the tighter I can get the CG the better I feel. ready for the drain to come out and start using a faja!!!

PO #2 tomorrow....

WOO HOO!!!! my 2nd PO got moved up and I get my drain out....FINALLY!!!! It's been collecting a lot less in the past couple of days but it's sooooo annoying! I can't wait to get it out already. Ordered my faja three days ago and I would love if it got here tomorrow and i could also get rid of this darn CG! Way too big for me but I don't want to buy another one for just a few more days. The one I bought looks pretty good; reviews state comfy but effective and it is still a compression girdle not just shapewear....can't wait to get it in!

I have been really uncomfortable the last 2 days. My left breast and left side of my abdomen are very very sore. My drain was leaking at the incision site so I called and Alinka said it was absolutely normal. Ready to feel more like myself and I really really miss picking up the babies :(. Almost there hopefully!!

2 wks, 3 days PO

So much has happened since my last post. On Weds I got my drain out-yay-it felt really weird but not painful. Dr. Song talked me through the whole 30 seconds it took lol. Everything was great for a couple of days after too. I felt much better on the left side of my body and I was liberating to not worry about pulling on that drain anymore. And Dr. Song said I could pick up the babies as long as I was very careful and used my legs to bare the weight :)!!! It felt really good picking them up and giving them a big hug finally!
Sat I woke up and my stomach looked AMAZING!! completely flat and I can cover my incision in VS low rise cheeky underwear. My boobs felt softer too. Thank goodness I took pics (I'll upload later) though b/c not even 3 hrs later I took the gauze off to get in the shower and the middle of my TT incision looked bad. It was oozing and red and swollen. I'll upload pics of that too but it looks gross fyi. So I sent Dr. Song pics and he called me right away and asked if I could come in :(. Bummer! We got everyone to help out with the babies thank goodness and hubby rushed me over to the office. It was looking a bit better by the time we got there but Dr. Song took out the rest of the stitches off and said no CG over my incision area and back to lifting restrictions until my wk 3 PO this Thurs. No more picking up the babies again :(. So the past 3 days have freaking sucked! I'm basically back to day 1--not pain wise but dependency wise. Sat and Sun I was really upset and wishing I hadn't done the TT part. Since I can only wear the CG above my incision, all the swelling collects on the bottom and it looks like it did before surgery. My incision also started hurting b/c of the pressure from the swelling. I started just wearing the CG when walking and sitting up to feed the babies and stuff.
So today is Mon and I'm starting to feel better. Not as swollen today since I've been taking it easy. Stomach still looks like it did pre surgery but I KNOW it'll get better b/c I've seen what it can look like. Again sooooo glad I took those pics!
Oh on top of everything on Thurs we found out hubby got promoted :)!! He's being relocated to another part of GA and my parents are still moving to FL. Not happy about that part and I'm going to miss them like crazy! So we spent all of Friday driving around looking for a house or apt to rent and I think that might have had an impact on my TT incision. On the plus side we found an apt and are moving in the first week of Oct. But the stress and rushing around set me back a few days in the recovery period so take it easy the first few weeks!
Still tired and not sleeping very well at night. Lefty is looking better each day. Nice slope now and not as swollen--which also means no more full upper pole :(. Righty is still higher and tighter but getting softer daily. No real slope on the right, still a hump. It's funny when I wear a certain sports bra b/c you can see the difference in the cleavage on either side. Gonna ask about this on Thurs. I know it's normal to have them D&F at different times but I want to make sure righty isn't too far behind. Dr. Song said he'd probably start me on massage on Thurs. Can't wait for that b/c I'm ready for them to look and feel more natural.
Lastly they get smaller every day. Definitely waaayyy more and better than what I started with but still only looks a bit bigger than what I did with a padded bra. Everyone says how natural they look and how nicely they fit my body and it's true. But a part of me does wish they were a bit bigger. Dr. Song went as big as I could though and I'm glad for that. On the crappy side, my bridesmaid dress is TOO BIG even though I followed their guidelines to accommodate the new "assets". Really ticked me off b/c I could have probably gotten my normal size and only needed the hem altered. Now it's too close to the wedding and I have to bring the dress down THREE sizes. UGH!! So much all at once. Can't wait until we're moved in and the wedding is done and I'm more recovered.

Pics 2wks PO

C-section vs. TT....

It is very different so kind of hard to compare. I would say that the first 2 days of the TT were much worse in pain level, lack of mobility, and overall exhaustion (even with twins lol). But after that initial craziness, the TT has been overall easier to recover from. After that I was sore but not in pain. I HAD to stop taking narcotics like a day and a half after the C-section b/c of my milk supply and was in PAIN. I chose to stop taking narcotics day 2 PO after the TT and have only needed them 1 or 2 nights since. I have about 90% feeling back in my stomach already. With the C-section there were still numb/painful parts right before my MM--almost 2 years later. Also no added pain from cramping like after delivery. The incision with the TT isn't as sensitive either....I can wear underwear that sits right on top of it with no problem...had to fold down my panties for a bit with the C-section.

The bad/weird/uncomfortable part of the TT is the tightness. I didn't have so much discomfort when walking or sleeping, etc with the C-section. It's a pain in the butt to have to haunch over to walk and to not be able to stand up straight yet. Still sleeping with pillows under my legs to prop them up so that I don't put too much pressure on the incision and I'm almost 3 wks PO. I stopped using so many pillows right around 1.5 wks PO after the C-section. Oh and the darn drain!!!! Biggest pain in the a** ever and I only had one lol!! No drains with C-sections. And the swelling sucks! I was SUPER swollen for a week after the C-section...all the way from my belly button to my toes. It was very uncomfortable but one day I woke up and it was all gone....for good! Was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. With the TT I'll be flat one minute and swollen the next, especially around the incision which is the worst part. My pre-surgery jeans/pants don't fit yet b/c of it. Still the same weight though, weird!! The swelling can last for up to a year per my PS. Not looking forward to that!

So there are similarities and differences. But overall I would say they're both not fun and I'd NEVER have an elective C-section. Yet here I am having an elective TT hahaha! Worth it??? YES!!!!--for both cause now I have healthy babies and a flat stomach (sometimes) ;)

3 wk PO

Woo hoo doing sooooo much better!! The "T" part of my stomach incision is still a little goopy after showers but healing well. Dr. Song said I can lift the babies-yay-and I can do upper/lower weights up to 20 lbs and cardio like the eliptical or stationary bike. AHHHHH back to working out!!! No INSANITY yet but that's OK. No running either which is no big deal b/c I hate running lol! I can't wait to work out again though. I've really missed the energy and focus it gives me.

Let's see what else....oh NO MORE stupid breast band!! Dr. Song said I don't *have* to wear the side pads but it's better if I do. They don't bother me so I'll keep wearing them. I'm allowed to wear my CG but I still don't feel like it gives enough compression along the incision so I'm putting the white one over it for extra support. gonna get rid of this swelling one way or another. I'm to start massaging twice a day, ten times each. Pushing the boobs together, then squeezing the implant up and then down. More up than down b/c he lowered my creases and wants that tissue to heal completely first. More aggressively on the R b/c it's higher and tighter than L. Squeezing the implant feels extremely weird. It's not painful just very, very weird. I felt a little faint today in the office when Dr. Song showed me how to do it. I think it's b/c there's this foreign thing under your skin and you can actually see it moving. Just weird lol! But I did the massage once I got home and felt fine. I'm sure I'll get more and more used to it.

Lastly Dr. Song did Botox on my forehead and a little around my eyes today!! Numbing cream first then little injections. Some parts weren't numb so it felt like a bee sting....not too bad. Should see the results around 3 days from now. He said I'll look in the mirror one morning and think "man I slept good last night!" lol. Which is what I want---nothing too crazy noticeable. I will say my head hurts but that could be from not sleeping well, being out most of the day, etc. Either way my forehead feels a little heavy. I'm excited to see the results. But it lasts 3 months and if I love it I'm sure I'll go back for more....that's how they get you hooked lol! Allergan, not Dr. Song. It's the company's special not the surgery center's.

I found a bridesmaid dress I love too! The one that came in was waaaay too big and b/c of the boobs made me look matronly. I know I'm the matron of honor but come on! So this one is strapless and fits better. Will still be altered but I just love it already. Going for first fitting on Sat so I'll post pics :)

cane sugar on incision.....

So my TT incision is healing pretty well now but still taking its time. Cancun is less than 3 wks away and Dr. Song says I can't get in the water until it's completely sealed. So I was talking to my mom and she said to put sugar cane on it....what?!?! Apparently one of my aunt's C-section incision opened up and the nurses packed it with gauze and it still wouldn't close. So my grandmother put some sugar cane on it and it closed up in three days!

I Googled this craziness and in fact it is true....sugar draws out moisture from the wound which kills the bacteria and allows the skin to heal!! This treatment has been used by Native Americans, African tribes, and South American people for centuries. I read a report that an African doctor started practicing in the UK and used sugar on bed sores and ulcers that weren't responding to treatment. The patients' skin started healing and the hospital granted him 25,000 pounds to use sugar as treatment and write up a report about it.

Soooo....I'm gonna start today and I'll report back to see if it works and how quickly :). I talked to Dr. Song about it and he said it wouldn't hurt anything and to let him know if it works so he can pass the info along to future patients if needed! Who's gonna give me 25,000 pounds ;)?


Just want to have a mini pity party. So non of my bathing suits fit and Cancun is 2 wks away. Ended up ordering a couple on line last night which will be here next Weds. 34C from VS per a bra that I had lying around. Also my TT incision isn't covered by the bottoms I got so that's a bummer. Won't be in a bikini until next summer.

I see so many girls wear the cutest tops a couple of weeks after their BA and I could pull them off right now too if it wasn't for the TT. Still wearing the bulky CG garment so I don't swell and my incision isn't all healed up yet so I'm in yoga pants all the time. I feel just as frumpy as before the surgery only now I have to deal with incisions and pain and massage, etc. Keep thinking I should have waited until after Cancun to do this. B's bachelorette party is this weekend and of course NOTHING to wear!! Not to mention that hubby is out of town on business until Thurs and both my parents work so I have to wait till he's back to try to find something that will look semi cute while still concealing the CG. Not brave enough to go out with the babies by myself yet.

I know in the end this will all be worth it but right now I'm just BLAH about the whole thing! OK pity party over, thanks for stopping by!!
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I can't say it enough but Dr. Song is the most caring, amazing, detail oriented person let alone doctor I've ever met. I am 2 days PO now but feel like I've know him for years. He gives his patients his cell phone number and actually answers it! No matter what time is is. I've called him twice since surgery and he is very patient and listens to my concerns. Always asks me how I'm doing. Most of my pain is coming from my back from being hunched over. Other than that my breasts and abdomen feel OK. He has a very gentle touch. Surgery took longer than expected b/c Dr. Song is a perfectionist and it shows. Although I'm swollen and no where near final results, my breasts look beautiful. After having a weird shape to them my whole life this means the world to me. Everyone at Prima is outstanding. Jenika, Alinka, Wanda, everyone is fantastic. They never hesitate to answer the gazillion questions I have and they never act rushed or bothered. Jennifer my PO nurse was so kind and Dr. Frazier the anesthesiologist was amazing (I'm pretty sure that's his name but he gave me some good drugs so I apologize if I got it wrong lol). I just can't way anything but good things about Dr. Song and his staff. I would do it again in a heartbeat and will ALWAYS recommend Dr. Song to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much Dr. Song. You and your team are family now :)!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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