Ankle and Neck Tattoo Removal -Atlanta, GA

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So I have a few tattoos.. I would like to get them...

So I have a few tattoos.. I would like to get them all off but becuase it is so costly I decided to remove the ones I dislike most... that would be stars on my neck I got about 5 years ago and a toast on my ankle I got about 9 months ago.. (don't ask). I have had the toast lasered once already but this will be the first time for the stars (dec 6 ) .. I hope my pics can help anyone and I would appreciate and feedback or encouragement.. this process really stinks :'( say no to tattoos!

neck treatment

Neck post laser 4 days after laser... can't see results quite yet it is still scabbed. The laser hurt very bad on neck so she Injected each star with a little lidocane :)

1 week 1 day

So here's the neck one week one day later... I'm seeing good fading already! Im very excited about that... The toast is still scabbed over and not looking so good. I'm taking dailt multi vitamins and fish oil to help the healing. :)

2 weeks

Good fading in stars so far :).. the red in the toats is hypopigmented. I believe the skin will re pigment however I am prone to this happening.. ill post a pic when it doesnt look so gross but in the meantime here's the stars :)

3 weeks or so

A lot of the red in the toast has faded but not much of the blue. Also noticing some discoloration, hoping that will go away as it continues to fade... if anyone has any advice about this or thinks there is a better laser than the medlight for this please let me know..

toast before any treatment for comparison

stars tx 2! looking promising

I got the stars lasered again and so far it is looking good!! She turned up the laser and I think it has made a difference already. It is still scabbed over but I'm so excited I wanted to post a pic anyways! :)... I'm waiting to get the toast lasered again (soo $$$). I'm considering trying the pico laser which many of you have reccomended. By that way thank you for all of your reccomendations and encouragements I really appreciate each one and take your advice! Due to being so busy with school makes it hard to respond. Well anyways I will post another pic when the stars are fully healed :)

tx 2 3 weeks later ^_^

So not as much fading as I would have hoped for but here it is!! I think im going to wait a couple months before getting another treatment to maximize fading


Heres some more pics for you guys.. im studying for exams so this provides a good distraction! Ha.. I am very happy with the results so far. The toast last treatment was in january and now all the hypopigmentation is gone so its looking a bit better. Its still noticeable though. I have a banquet to go to next week. Guess ill be wearing stockings! Im sure you all relate to the hassle of hiding your tattoos. My neck one is light enough now that im confident wearing my hair up. :) well anyways back to studying... hope the pics help

oh yeah (small rant)

Oh yea.. Ive read some stuff that white ink and light pinks cant be lasered.. well those are the colors that have responded the best for me!!! They do hypo pigment but give it a couple months and 50% of the ink is gone! Also one time I got a "double treatment " where basically they go over it once wait 20 mins and do it again.. that is a complete waste of money do not do that!!!! Seriously I think it made it darker (look at toast tx 1) ..your body absorbes ink in the healing process. That takes time!!! Time is the key so doing treatments back to back is completely illogical and a waste of money. I think its a scam.... Okay that is all :)

mr toast.. advice?

Well here is is.. how many more treatments would yall think it will take to fade him enough to where hes blended together and not noticable? Hes on my lower ankle. I understand complete removal is difficult so im just hoping for extreme fading/blurring. Any advice would be great!!

stars update

Well here it is :) hope the pics help anyone!

hey everyone

Lost count of txs... ive pretty much come to the conclusion that 100% removal is impossible but I am willing to take an extremely light tattoo over an extremely dark noticeable tattoo any day..


Stars have turned out awesome :) very happy here. Lost count of txs but ive used medlight, versapulse, picosure, and revlite... I think its smart to try as many lasers as possible :)

looks like crap

I have 2 more sessions prepaid. After that im getting whatever is left excised. Overall I think the laser has done all it can do and im starting to notice darkening where the white was... it looks like a glorified bruise. Its really hard to get the pic to look like it does in real like but I think I got ot pretty close. Encouragement?? :(

stars results much better than toast

Done for a while.

I have decided to wait maybe 1+yr until my next treatment. I started treatment in May 2013 and fit about 15 laser sessions into 2 years. The tattoo is not completely gone, but is light enough to cover with make up so I am happy enough with it. I notice I have some skin darkening from the laser, and hope that a year wait will give it time to improve. Overall ,this process has been so mentally exhausting and such a financial burden. I am happy to have peace enough to give it a rest for a while :)

Finally happy with results!!

My last treatment on my neck tattoo was in 2014 and my last treatment on my ankle tattoo was July 2015. My neck tattoo is COMPLETELY gone and over the past year my ankle has faded to a point that I am very happy with :). No one notices or even asks about my tattoos anymore. I am so happy that I did laser tattoo removal, even though it was expensive and took about 3 years. I am very happy with the results!

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