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Hi I am scheduled to have my nose done in about a...

Hi I am scheduled to have my nose done in about a month, I can't even begin to describe how nervous I am and have even been rethinking this decision. my family thinks I'm crazy for considering it in the first place but its something I've wanted ever since high school. My biggest fear is that my expectations might be too high and I won't be happy with the results but I'm paying all this money so expectations should be high right??

Preop pics

Preop pics

Ok so idk what happened to my preop pics but here are a few...I'm having surgery in exactly a week and am still soooo nervous.

Day after..

so far I'm feeling good..it looks worse than it is, I have just about everything on my face-cast, tape, drip pad..but I'm not having any pain and so glad I finally got this done! My WHOLE face is swollen even my lips but I know all that will eventually go down. I go back to the dr on Monday so hopefully he removes the cast then.

Day after pic

Cast off

Today I went to go get my cast taken off!! So far I'm very happy with my results, he said I still have a lot of swelling and alot of it will go down within the next couple of weeks. Right now my nose is taped til Thursday..so glad I got all that stuff taken off!!

Tape off!!

Today I got the tape taken off my nose..it's REALLY swollen. Everyone says it looks the same just the skin looks more smooth but I can tell a difference. I look so awkward right now, but it still looks better than my old nose did..I know it takes patience so I will be patiently waiting for the swelling to go down. The left side of my face is still more swollen than the right side so face looks kinda crooked.

Nostrils and side

So I dolled myself up alil lol I think I'll like the result once everything heals and swelling goes down :-)

Day 10

I'm amazed at how my nose is changing daily, I can already see a difference than how it looked yesterday. Swelling is down alittle but still a working progress, I'm so glad I found this site because I know I wouldn't of been prepared for this process had I not read about other peoples experience. It's getting better by the day.

Looking better

Swelling has gone down a lot in a week!! I'm loving my nose more and more by the day, and everyone says it looks just like my old nose but smaller, people who don't know about it haven't mentioned anything about me looking different which is good..its crazy how changing one little thing gave me so much more confidence in myself!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

So far the staff has been really nice and reassuring, I've heard only good things about Dr. Z so that helps ease my nerves.

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