Active FX (Moderate) with Microneedling Right Before Laser. Atlanta, GA

I gave it some time before I posted a review. The...

I gave it some time before I posted a review. The initial results were great, but I knew I was still swollen for the procedure and the wrinkles and fine lines looked more diminished because of it. The only improvement from all of this was that it even out my skin tone. Everything else looks the same

Very visible microneedling marks 15 days post laser resurfacing.

I have my post op visit tomorrow, but I wanted to post a before picture today since I plan to take post op pics tomorrow. I'm really not impressed by the results and feel like this procedure should not have cost as much as I paid. I keep hoping that my skin improves, but so far I haven't gotten the results i was told I would get. ****Before pictures posted this date****

Improved results over time, but still wasn't worth the cost.

So, I have posted a picture of my results after 3 weeks. I have to admit that the results are better than I had initially once the swelling went down. I hope that my skin continues to improve. The after photo was taken outside and in sunlight so, the results in the photo look better than in real life. I can see all the microneedling marks on my skin, which now look like little scars that are in places I did not have marks before. I was told that the microneedling just prior to the Active FX would allow the laser to get deeper in spots and create more of the effect for skin tightening and resurfacing that I was looking for. I was told that using this method would also save me roughly 800$ or more over the cost of a deeper laser..... Anyway, I still had a long 7-10 day healing process and would not have gone out in public. Around my eyes has stayed pink and more tender for the past 3 weeks.

I tried to research microneedling and laser as a procedure together, but I could not find any posts on RealSelf about it. I would like to hear from others who had this done and see what their results were. I will update again in a couple of weeks.
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