5 Weeks Po Tummy Tuck, Umbilical Hernia Repair - Atlanta, GA

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My purpose for having the procedure was medically...

My purpose for having the procedure was medically necessarily. I am 32 yrs old, and I was born with an outtie, or belly button hernia. I never thought much of it, but when I got pregnant with twins twice my stomach stretched all the way out of proportion. I had a vertical c section both times. My stomach went flat after exercise, but in the belly button area, there was excessive skin. I have always had a small frame, but over the years that skin began to completly cover my belly button. After a while I begin to develop a hideous infection around my navel, that became raw and drained pus. It was very painful, and the hernia caused me digestive problems. After a year of being scared to see a doctor because I thought I had cancer, I finnally make an appointment. As soon as he looked at my belly he immediately told me that I had to have the skin removed and I had to have the hernia repaired as soon as possible. He gave me a referral to see a plastic surgeon. So I found a great surgeon and scheduled a consult. When I meet with the surgeon he examine me, and suggested a full tt with mucscle repair for the hernia. I was surprised because I never considered fixing my belly. If I can could be get rid of the dreadful pain and fix my belly that would be such a blessing!! I had the procedure and even though my recovery was rough, it was very much worth it. The recovery was much better knowing that I was healing. Today im 5 weeks po, and feeling a lot better.

Dec 18, 2012 pre op appointment My pre op...

Dec 18, 2012 pre op appointment
My pre op appointment went pretty smooth, once we finnally arrived. I had my locations mixed up, and transportation took me to the wrong location. I had to wait 3 hours to be picked up to go to the right location, very nerve wrecking! When I arrived the suregeon went over things that I should and shouldnt do. He gave me the location and time, which was the next morning! I had a phone interview with the hospital about my medical history. I got my first op appointment, I didnt have many questions, just ready to get rid of the pain.

Dec 18, 2012 After my pre op, its crunch time I...

Dec 18, 2012
After my pre op, its crunch time I found out on monday dec 17, that my surgery is tomorrow.
So I had to grab some things at the grocery store, and a nice pair of pajamas to wear to the hospital. I was a bit stressed because time was flying by like crazy so I got a really bad headache. By the time I got home I was suposed to eat because I didnt get a chance to but I wasnt hungry any more so I just had a half a smoothie and went to bed. I couldnt eat after midnight so I guess you can say I fasted without trying.

Dec 19, 2012 surgery day So the moment of truth,...

Dec 19, 2012 surgery day
So the moment of truth, im a lil nervous and excited at the same time oh and anxious. I woke up at 3:30 am and I got dressed, I took a shower no lotion, no perfume, no jewelry, no food, no drink. Now im ready to go. I arrive at the hospital early at 5:00 am, my surgery starts at 8:00, yea l no didnt want to be late. At 7:00 they took me back to put in a Iv, take blood, and take my blood pressure. Soon afer that I got a shot in my belly which was blood thinner. Next my doc came in and did markings and I talked with the anesthesiologist. The nurse came in and gave me some antibiotic and something that relaxed me, and all my fears went away. I was wheeled to the surgery room, strapped down, and the put a machine on my legs that massaged them. She put a face mask on me and I was out instantly.

Wen I woke up, I was taken to recovery , my fiance...

Wen I woke up, I was taken to recovery , my fiance was already there. I dont remember much of what happened that day except using the bathroom a whole lot. Oh and talking to my doc about the blood that was pouring out of my left drain hole, that really terrified me. He told me it was okay as long as it wasnt collecting under my skin, and reminded me to start my percecet and mucsle relaxer soon, as the numbing meds he used would wear off shortly.

My first day after surgery was pretty rough, I...

My first day after surgery was pretty rough, I slept on the couch, with a billion pillows, I woke up every 2 hours. And my throat was really irritated.from the anesthesia tube so a little blood phlem came up wen I coughed. Wen I woke up I felt like a freight train hit me, but wen I took my drugs I felt muuuuucchh better lol! I only had soup and drink because it felt very weird wen food went down but I increased my food intake every day. WORD OF ADVISE GET SOME COUGH DROPS, your throat will love you for it. Over the weeks I developed a cough from hell, couldnt have survived without hauls.
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