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I have had a crazy year and I have always wanted...

I have had a crazy year and I have always wanted to slim my waist and enhance my hips and bottom. I made my decision in October had my cosultation. Dr Jimmerson is so nice and immediately mapped out a plan and said I already know what you want. I had not said anything but I knew after my long research I was in good hands. They were advised that I was a diabetic no conversation was done further o. This. I paid in full in September and was so excited I was scheduled for December 15th. Yesterday. There was a setback.

The communication is getting better

I never received my call back so I sent a message to Dr Jimmerson on social media. He responded within an hour. I hated to do it but i needed him to know a fully paid customer was not getting follow up. I must admit the office got on it immediately and started back with that proffessional service I had recieved from day one. I am greatful. it is nervousing enough to have surgery let alone dealing with service issues. As a business owner we do not always know what goes on. I felt compelled to let him know if i could and he handled it. So i will followup after my next a1c and prayerfully we are ready I have definitely changed everything and I am losing weight probably too much but my a1c should reflect a change definitely. I am excited to share my journey because no one my age is sharing this procedure. I post my photo because i am not embarassed. i am beautiful and i have some things that i want to make more to my liking so I am very excited. All of my friends are waiting on my result because they too have had interest in many things so I am the trailblazer of sorts on my journey. Until after xmas folks.

My surgury is scheduled for January 14th So excited.

Well I did get my A1c down, so I got an opening Thank God it was only god I was scheduled for March 21st. I must say Once I expressed my concern it has been much better on the communication. I have finally gotten hear I have 1 issue that is not discussed a whole bunch here but I have been working on that. My CBC on White cells was 15.67 on December 30th. This means that there is infection somewhere, I Knew I had a tooth ache so I was pretty clear it was here. My primary said that I needed to visit the dentist so I wanted to exhaust all measures. I went to the OBGYN and the dentist. Everything cleared with OBGYN and dentist said I have periodontal issues and clearly an infection festering so he gave me an antibiotic. At the time I thought I have time to work on this then I get a call that there is a date of January 14 if I want it. I jump up on it I just need to retake my CBC. I had only been on antibiotics 4 days but I go test and it is now 13.99. My doctor says you are doing good its going down finish pills and we will take another next week. My newrves were a wreck but I took it yesterday and I know its better because I can feel the difference so I will get the results today. Praying I am below 11 which is the normal. For some reason I feel calm about it. 1 thing I can say is you have to have very close to perfect health for that anesthesiologist to touch you at Dr. Curves. It has made me go from a diabetic with on High Blood pressure medicine and insulin, go to dam near perfect numbers and know ready for my surgery. I am not much of a poster but as I get to the day of surgery I will post before and after and share my experience with all of you guys. I lived on this site for months and I know how important it is to know what to expect. Stay tuned tomorrow.

Had to change antibiotic

My number was 12.2 need it 11 so surgery postponed blah my primary changed amoxicillin to Bactrin if white cell count off go to anything outside of amoxicillin. Took new test today after 5 days of new meds I should be ok prayerfully. Then I can get back on schedule

My CBC went down ready for surgury

I had to get the dental work done so it went normal scheduled March 14 now hoping to get in earlier. We will see it's been a long Journey

6 months later paid surgury and finally all vitals right guess what

My date is 12 days past my last clearance got to do all test over and get a new clearance for my date of March lol. It never ends I tell you. I will do it all next week to ensure no issues. I'm about the size of a stick now with all the dieting to get my a1c normal. Pray for me I'm over it but still can't wait

date March 15th

My labs finally came back good. I'm too excited finally it took months. I ended up having dental work root canal and root scaling done because it was causing white cell elevation. After resisting the expense of it I finally ended up doing it. I will post some before pics soon as my pre-op is Monday.

Prop is Monday

I'm very excited trying to wind things down I will post before after I leave pro op as well as wish pics i'm kind of leaving it to the Doc based on my possibilities. I have lost so much weight so I will see what's possible. I'm ready for the transformation.

Preop today

My pre-op today was great. They go over medications take some vitals and it was a 4:00 appt I went back about 4:40. I had to rush to pharmacy since my surgery is at 11:00 you have to be there an hour ahead. I did not see the Dr today so I will be there early tomorrow. The young lady was extremely nice do it was a good meeting after all. When you're in pre-op you see the people who have had work done. I only saw older patience no fresh surgeries. What I can say is I was very impressed with the package and care Dr. J has put into his presentation. They have insurance for you if you have to go into hospital within the first week. He has a year long follow up plan. I had some of my dates given to me. They have a great plan so the money you spend is well worth it. There was a young lady in the lobby who was very pleased with her bbl but wanted some touch ups on lipo. That was accommodated. I am very impressed with the service when you finally get down to your day. I pray tomorrow is the same. I was given 7 rx. I think my pay with Humana was only $29. The pharmacist said they never had it that low. I said that was god working already. It's after 12 and I can't eat anything. I must take a pill when I wake up very minimal water to swallow. I am excited and nervous at the same time. It's been such a long journey until it's only become real to me today. I will load my pics in once I settle. My before and after. Good night dolls until later.

Today is Surgery day

I am up preparing for surgery I am excited and nervous wanted to post some pre-op photos and prep photos before. This site was very instrumental for info. I feel obligated to pay it forward. I have never been a person that had body image issues. Im pretty confident. As a almost 47 yr old this decision was one that was made out of a desire. As yiou take your journey prayerfully you will make it knowing that you are perfect in your own way.say a prayer for me I hope to post soon.

Surgery day

My surgery day was actually pretty cool. I got there at 10. There was a delay because I went to the bathroom as soon as I got in. I had to wait on a sample. It was ok. My nurse renee was the best. Very patient and sweet I swear she had me at ease. I chose to allow them to snap chat the procedure because I know that a lot of folks helped me with the stories they shared. I own my decisions always have so my contribution to you all and future candidates was to share the real story. Dr J was awesome. He let me share my wish pics but he has an idea for everyone that comes in that's why he is the professional that he is. He is worth every penny you may be hesitant to spend. I remember the anesthesiologist saying I'm going to give you something to relax you. The next thing I remember was waking up lol. My BP was high I guess it was because I took no med that day so they asked if I had some I did. I wasn't shaking, wasn't nauseated nothing. My rude home was an hour I slept the whole way. My body was in a state of peace. I was fully prepared for my nausea none. My first day I ate was good. Day 2 the nurse at dr j also does lymphatic messages. She came bathed me said I wasn't draining a lot but I also did not have pockets either. She was shocked at how well my body was doing. I explained to her I was at my optimal health and took herbs everyday. Of course they don't recommend them but I think it is the reason for the healing process. My nerves came alive day 2 so the message was great. I have 2 dents on my bottom that she said will fill in they looked better after message. I swear I never rolled over. The good thing about the way they wrap you, you pretty much will stay on your stomach. Today is my 3rd day I was up moving around very bearable pain but I have had helpers around the clock. You will need it. I took garment off to message and you cannot get it back on alone. My experience so far has been great we will see how the 2 spots do. My nurse said if my draining continues to be slow the drains can come out early. My best investment so far has been my portable toilet it is the bomb.com I'm going to post pics seperate. I've posted 2 times when I add photos it deletes so I will put them on second post. Dr J Saud it will be up again tomorrow I guess on you tube. His style of work leaves you with minimal pain. I am awaiting a bowel movements I believe that when I eat more it will happen so I have increased my diet.


I wanted to share this site Keeps erasing my input but because I know it's important I won't give up until I get everything on here Dolls so bear with me. I did not have nausea. I have not taken 1 nausea pill. I do think you need adult depends. Also that portable toilet is a life saver will post more this weekend

4 days post op.

Today I feel very good had a massage and my drains were removed. It was a great day. The garment was causing a dent in my back. It was adjusted. Attaching some photos of today

My results on snachst today

If you followed Dr J my surgery was on Snapchat. Today was my post op its on today. You can see my results Dolls

Update post op

Sorry dolls I've been so busy enjoying my new body I haven't had a chance to post so it's going to be a large post but I'll get out as much as I can. First of all I would like to say the doctor is so important Dr Jimerson is pricey but he is well worth every dime my recovery has been amazing I literally was up and going within eight days I stopped taking pain meds on day 5 I know I did a lot of prep with my herbs but I was not expecting anything like I experience
I want to give some tips first of all I started taking laxatives probably a week before the surgery I had a movement on the second day I did take a Fleet enema on that second day as well I did not want to have some of the experiences the other dolls had with constipation that towel roll was amazing I felt like I was sitting on the toilet regular while holding the Walker I got from Goodwill for 6 bucks I started oiling my skin two weeks prior with shea butter and mineral oil why do I mention this I'm on day 21 and I haven't had any itching yet. I now use shea butter and Bio-Oil which has healed most of my scarring the foam pads I bought I cut long squares out and put it between the butt crack of my garment so I don't have any pain related to the Garment going in my butt
I bought 10 gallons of water and I made sure I drink a gallon a day before surgery not only did it help me with my hydration I know it help me with going to the bathroom.
My swelling has went down greatly but I still have a great result I am looking forward to the changes over the next couple of months my next adventure is going to find a bathing suit I'm excited

1 month out from Dr J

I am so sorry I have not posted but it's my birthday month I've been busy. I have went down tremendously. Still have some swelling. As I look at my journey I would not change a thing loosing 37 lbs before finishing with the grafting. It was a tremendous journey. I still don't itch. Because my skin is close to it's regular stage the Garment is irritating but must wear it I recently just started back on my herbs. Tumeric echinacea flaxseed cinnamon and multivitamins. They advised me that I will have swelling for about 6 months. My recovery has been unreal I had my one month follow-up last week there was a young lady in there 1 week out she was in so much pain she was drugged up so she has not had her water intake I promise you before surgery get 10 water gallons force yourself to drink that water before surgery you will be good and hydrated okay doll I will try and post as soon as possible I will have on my first bikini this week I cannot wait
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jimmerson was a professional and I had researched many Drs I chose him despite he is double cost of most physicians purely because of his background and his artistic talent.being a diabetic I did my homework. Well my a1c was higher than acceptable so on December 2nd at 8:00 pm I received a call from the nurse.she said the anathesiologist is concerned about a1c and they are discussing it in the am and will call me tomorrow. Well 2 days past and no call. I was patient figured they had to speak to my dr who knew my progress and said it was dam near miraculous and signed my release. Still no call until 3rd day. It was the patient care person. Very to the point almost impatient and rude. I was taken aback. You will not have surgery on the 8th. I corrected her you mean the 15th. She said a1c was too high and made some comments I did not appreciate or want to repeat. I asked her what was the goal since I had met all my challenges thus far. Her honest to god response was I don't know I'm not a nurse. I said a nurse was supposed to call me 3 days ago since I'm paid in full I expect to have a plan in place. She was very short and said she would have on to call.they did not so on the 8th lol I showed up to the office. After waiting I get a nurse to see me before her lunch break

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