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Hello All! I'm scheduled to get a mini tummy tuck...

Hello All!
I'm scheduled to get a mini tummy tuck with Lipo on 1/4/16. I'm 5ft and I weigh 180 pounds. My PS said I have visceral fat so I want to eat right and workout in until the date of surgery and lose 30 pounds (1-2 pounds a week). If I lose over 25 pounds should I have another consultation before my surgery?

My consultation

Dr.Okoro is amazing. The staff is warm and supportive. I had my consult on the 20th and I was actually 193 pounds. I'm already down to 186. This workout and eating healthy is not a game! I want great results so I also have to do my part. Pics to come soon!

Weight loss going well!!

I'm down to 183! 10 pounds down from my consult weight and I still have months to go. How did I do it? Eating very clean and doing moderate workout. My motivation is being as healthy as I can be when I have my surgery.

As promised my start pictures...

These are my pictures from 8/20/16 at 193 pounds

What do I need?

Ok RS, I'm totally obsessed with my surgery. Can't go a day without thinking about it and it's 4 months away! Geesh! I've got it bad. :-) Can anyone give suggestions of little things I can start to get to prepare? I know it's 4 months away...I just want to start preparing for the fun of it.

More weight loss!

Im down to 180! Its not a game. Everytime i think about what I'm going to eat i think first about the money Im paying to fix Everytime i didn't think about it! I have my eye on the prize!7

We all have a story!

...Mine is my husband passed away 10 years ago while I was pregnant..After my sweetie was born I gained weight due to several factors. Over the years I've not had much time to really focus on eating healthy and working out. I remarried two years ago and now have two more beautiful daughters! My hubby is amazing and suppotive. I've now been able to focus on health of the entire family! I've lost some weight and I'd like to get my waistline back from my c-section 10 years ago! I can't wait!!!

3 More Months until I deliver this baby!!!!

It's the joke I've been telling my family and friends about my tummy tuck! LOL!!! I've been 7 months pregnant for 10 years now! It's about time. Still so very excited to have my Body by Okoro!!! I'm obsessed with this site! I'm going to go for another consult to see if I can get my back done at the same time as my Tummy a Tuck and just a little fat transfer to my hips to fill in the curve. I'd still like to know if there is anything I can start getting as far as supplies. Please help!

3rd Consultation Scheduled for the end of October! Hope!

I've lost weight and now going for a 3rd and final consult at the end of the month. I'm trying to get Lipo to my back added to the procedure. I really want to get as much done as I can as I will not be able to be off work again like this until the next year. The rest of my vacation time for 2016 will be spent with the family. I really hope it can be done,but I trust my PS and if he says no...That's what it is!

I've gained weight since this picture

I've probably gained 20 pounds since this picture plus I had on 3 spanx!! The struggle is real

Medical Leave or Vacation Time from work???

I planned on taking a two week vacation from work but I mentioned to my manager I was having a procedure done and she said I have to take medical leave! If I take medical leave it will be without pay as short tem dis. won't cover elective surgery. Shouldn't I be able to do whatever I want on my vacation time??

He Said Yes!!!

I lost weight so I could ask the Dr. if I could have my back added to the procedure. He said I can do it! Im so excited....and once again the staff was amazing!

Dr. Okoro is the best

I had my 3rd consultation today..He took his time answering all of my questions as if it was my first. He welcomed the questions and said its great for patients to ask questions! Jenn was there again today and I love her! I feel as if Im in the best hands possible!!

64 days to go!!!

Am I excited? Yes! It's just so unbelievable! Hubby is helping me get prepared. He is so supportive.

Two Months Pre op pictures

Wanted to start posting some before pictures.

48 days and counting!!!

The date is getting real now!! I'm getting nervous. My surgery is 9 hours. I'm also excited...so very excited!! I'm getting mentally and physically ready. I'm eating clean and doing cardio 30 minutes a day. I'm trying to help the Dr. by removing some of the fat before surgery lol. I got your back Dr. Okoro. :-) I'm going to start getting things to prep after my pre op on Dec.9th. I will keep you guys posted.

I need your support RS Family

I haven't been lucky enough to have many supporters thus far. Though I greatly appreciate those who have. I'm really in a time of need. Please RS...to me this is the count down...I need you.

I want hips!

Ok. Right now I'm scheduled fot TT,Lipo of full abs,waist and back....but I don't want to be square!!! I want some hips. It doesn't have to be video vixen hips just feminine curves. I wonder if I can add this to the surgery??

38 Days....Counting Down...

Happy Thanksgiving RS family! Hope everyone is healing well and thankful for this site. Going to see if I get some supplies online for a deal tomorrow. :-)

Not looking for perfection

I've been thinking every day about my surgery...and I started to ask myself is this ok with God?? Am I doing this for the right reasons?? Is it in vain?? So I began to process it in my mind and I really just want to feel better about my self image. I'm not looking for perfection. I want to have more confidence...but will that impact my humble spirit? How do you feel about it RS Family?

Supplies!!! :-)

I got foam board and scar strips today!! More stuff on the way! So excited.

One Month Pre Op!!

As the procedure gets closer and closer I'm getting so nervous.

Pre Op appointment in 2 days

Ok..What happens at pre op other than completing payment?

Paid in full!!

Pre Op went very well. I was fitted for my first garment and we went over all of my questions. It looks like I will be doing the blood thinner injections after surgery as well. I've seen a couple of ladies mention that on RS. I'm his first patient of the new year and the only one that day. I'm excited about that. OMG!!! This is happening!!!!

It's getting unreal!

The date is getting closer and closer. I've ordered supplies and everything is set. After waiting so long it's kinda unbelievable that it's nearly here!! Won't he do it?? :-)

Counting Down!!

Only a couple of short weeks until The Day!!!!

Calm and Ready

As my date gets closer I'm very calm and ready. The excitement is there,but at this point I'm just ready. I'm getting my mind ready for the possible ups and downs during healing. My husband is aware these moods may come and he is prepared to be my rock. This may be TMI but my cycle came today early! So that's great because I thought I would be on my cycle the day of surgery. My prayers go out to all of you on your journey.

It's almost time!

It's down to the wire. I'm nervous,excited,scared,...I really just want to get through this part so I can be on the road to recovery.

Pray for me ladies!!

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow morning. I will update before pics marked up as soon as possible.

Headed to surgery!

This is really really happening!!!

Made it to the FLat Side!

Very drowsey..my procedure is on snapchat under georgiaplastic right now...pics to come....thank you sooo much for your support!

1 day post

Today has been a day. Im so tired and sore. I get up every two hours to walk around..Using the bathroom is like a full on workout with the garment. I will take pictures when i take the garment off..very sleepy..ttyl

Feeling Better!

Yesterday was mentally draining. Today I feel much better. Im able to use the bathroom, walk, and clean my drains on my own. I have little to no appetite but I've been drinking protien shakes to get some nutrients in. My PS advised I can shower so I may do that tonight.

Drain Drain go away...

I have my first post op visit tomorrow and hoping the drain comes out! Healing great so far. I would defiantly say the swelling is the worst part. Pain is manageable.

More Pics

These are late pictures from the procedure day.

Seroma and Swelling in right arm

Hello all, I went for my first week post op appointment and found out I have a seroma. No big deal. Jenn drained it and put a small drain in the sight. I'm more concerned about my right arm/ hand swelling. When mentioned it's never fully addressed. I'm personally very concerned as it is getting worse as the days go on. I emailed the office today. I will keep you posted.

Smooth Shape Massage!!! Ahhh

Today I had my first massage and it was awesome. I also got my drain out! Whoop whoop! I will be getting a massage once a week for the next four weeks for sure and if I need more I will definitely do it. Having the drains out makes a world of difference. Thanks MJ! You did an awesome job. One more person I'm a fan of at Georgia Plastic.

No Meds

I was able to go with no meds today. I'm feeling great and back to work tomorrow. I'm so ready to go back! I really see results and I'm still very swollen. It truly gets easier by the day. I will add pictures soon.

1 month post op soon

Hello ...I go to my one month post op on Feb3rd and I will post those pictures. I don't have any good mirrors to take pictures with at home. Maybe I was avoiding them and didn't realize it. I can't wait to show my results!

1 month post op pic

Hello all,
I'm back to my normal routine. No meds...and no complications. I'm still swelling but not as much. I can see a difference each day. Here is my 1 month post op pic!

New Measurement Update

Breast 41 Waist 34. Hips. 43. :-)


10 weeks out. Still swelling every now and then. Im down to 169 pounds!

try this pic again


3 Month Post Op

I'm getting there. Very happy so far.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Okoro gives you his honest opinion and realist expectations. He is very knowledgable and takes his time answering your questions. I've had two consultations and each time I was never rushed. I can't imagine anyone else doing my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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