35 Year Old, Wanted Rhinoplasty for the Last 2 Years. Atlanta, GA

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Was motivated to get it done. I was on the fence...

Was motivated to get it done. I was on the fence because I wasn't for sure if I'd find the right person, didn't want anyone to mess my face up. I also didn't want to go thru the whole healing process. I was a nervous wreck, my blood pressure was so high?

The doctor was very knowledgeable about African American rhinoplasty that's what made me go with him versus some of the other doctors. Dr Jones was really nice and answered all my 50,000 questions and I know I was irritating afterwards but oh well I paid for it. The price was a bit high but you know they say you get what you pay for. I'm just so ready for the healing process to be over with.

Before and after photos

I have been going thru it. I've been an emotional wreck. This isn't an easy thing to go thru. I'm ready for the 6 month mark, praying and hoping for great results.. my nose soften up it's a stiff mess right now and I can't wait til my 6 month mark which will be in March!

3 month post Rhinoplasty

I'm still. It to the point of liking my nose yet. I know it's gonna get better but getting used to this whole process is not in my vocabulary. Oh well!!!

Before and 3 months after

I'm really starting to miss my old nose. I'm hating this bridge on my after photo, I know it's still what's considered early but the bridge look like it's pushing to the left. I miss the natural look between my eyes.
Oh well I'm stuck I'll just have to wait and gain some patience and see what the full outcome will be.

Going on four months

I'm starting to regret this because I'm going on 4 months and my nose is still so swollen it's irritating to me and I'm hating where my bridge starts. Ughhh, praying for better days

7 months post Rhino

I'm starting to get use to my new look but my nose is still hard in the middle. I guess it'll be like that since I have rib grafting in there.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I got my consult a year ago and finally decided to do it a year later to date (what a coincidence, not on purpose) it just took me that long to make a decision because I was scared. I still am very scared about the final results!!! It's only been 2 weeks post op, but I feel ugly right now since the tip of my nose is super swollen but it was WAY WORSE at first so I'm happy that a lot of that swelling went away. My tip look like bozo the clown!

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