Ready to Have my Tummy Tucked :-) I'm Still Looking for a Great Surgeon. Atlanta, GA

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Hi, I'm new to Real Self :-) I live in the Atlanta...

Hi, I'm new to Real Self :-) I live in the Atlanta Area. I am 32, married with four kids and I am sooo ready to have a FLAT stomach. Honestly I don't remember ever having a flat stomach...I always had what they call "baby fat". After giving birth to my third child my doctor advised me that my abdominal muscles were separated. I end up having another child and it only got worse. I always been around 145 after college and 160 was my highest weight after my last baby (he's one). I was very interested in having my tummy tuck done last year around November. I even went to two with Dr. Hedden in Alabama and one with Dr. Boutte in Lilburn. Dr. Hedden is located in Birmingham Alabama, and he performed lipo and a breast implants on a friend of mine. He was really nice, the wait time was long, but the price was awesome. I went to Dr. Boutte, she was nice, however I just didn't feel totally comfortable. So I was up in the air. In the meantime, my primary care physician did an EKG on me and advised I might have an enlarged heart and scheduled me to see a Cardiologist. I went to see the cardiologist in December 2013 and did a stress test and a echocardiogram, who advised me I was low risk and okay to have surgery without any complications. I know this is a Loooonnnnggg story but afterwards I kind of got scared about the whole being put to sleep during surgery and decided I would try to exercise. Needless to say...That didn't work...I lost 20 now I am 140..however I still have a stomach. It really took the cake when my Co-worker asked me when I am due :-( I was so embarrassed. So I asked my Gyn can I pull my muscles back together...she simply said "A tummy tuck". So here I's been a long time coming but I am soooo ready. I can't wait to be able to walk in the store and pick out an outfit and now worry about it how it's going to fit or if my stomach is going to show. Also I can't wait to wear a Bikini...I have Never wore a bikini before...only wishful thinking. So I am planning on having my surgery either the end of August or around the 1st week in September. I've been on real self lately (I love it) looking at different doctors. I found Dr. Lisa DiFrancesco and I've seen a couple pic's of her work. I scheduled an appointment for Tuesday to have a consult with her. I also seen another doctor in Columbus...Dr. Thomas Cochran..he had really good reviews. There is also another doctor in his practice Dr. Pagadala..who has good reviews also. So now I am stuck I don't know who to have a consultation with...or I wonder if it is possible for me have a consultation with them both. I plan on going down to Columbus on Tuesday morning for a consult. Has any ladies had surgery performed by any of these doctors..or can anyone provide me some recommendations. I just want to find a great doctor who can produce some great results for a great price...I'm looking to have a tummy tuck done, lipo of the flanks and I'm really considering a breast lift. I'm Super Excited but I am still nervous at the same time.

My Before Pictures

Just wanted to post some before pictures :-)

Found a New Doctor via Real Self

I also found a new doctor in the area.. Dr. Song..I called for a consult today..however the earliest consultation is in September...I really wanted to plan my surgery by then :-( The good thing is he is highly it may be worth the wait...I'll see...I go to two consults tomorrow. Dr. Thomas Coochran in Columbus and Dr. Lisa DiFrancesco.

Consult Today

I went on consult today with Dr. Hedden in Alabama. This was my second consult with him, my 1st was last year. I really like The PS. I'm not going to lie...I do feel this PS consultation was a little rush, although I do know he knew this was my second consult. But the nurse was really nice...she took time and answered all of my questions..which I really appreciated. It really put my mind at ease about the surgery process..,also his cash price is really good!! So I'm really feeling good about this PS..,the only bad part would be the drive to Alabama..but we can do it...we would spend the night in Alabama. We'll I have two more consults tomorrow...I'll post an update tomorrow. :-)

20 More Days & The Countdown Begins!!

So I guess I need to start a list of everything I'm going to need. I have my Pre Op scheduled for Monday. They're doing it over the phone since I'm three hours away. I'm going to my doctor to get my blood work done. I'm going to be busy working up to the day before surgery. Any suggestions on Much Needed items. I'm going to start a list and look thru different reviews. :-)

Tomorrow is Surgery DaY!! :-)

I must admit I'm really excited and looking forward to the outcome. I was a little nervous at first but I'm feeling a lot better. Thank You to all the ladies for the advice and encouraging words. I've prayed about it and I know I'm going to be Good!! I've even prepared myself mentally for the pain. The nurse called me today and said the arrival time for tomorrow is 1 pm...So we're going to leave in the morning around 7 am and head to Alabama. Ladies pray for me Please!! I'll keep everyone updated with the progress. :-)

It's The Day!!

On the way the Dr. Office...Surgery is scheduled at @10..I'm ready!! :-)

I Did It!!

I had my surgery earlier...everything went well. I'm in pain, but it's not unbearable...I've been taking my pain pill's every four hours...drinking a lot of fluids and trying to walk around quite a bit. Don't want no blood clots. I Also have on my compression socks. Thankful to have a lot of mom, sis, and hubby is here :-) Just checking in to let everyone know everything is Good... will update tomorrow...o yea I haven't seen my stomach yet...haven't took off the binder. My throat is sore a little but when I woke up I. The recovery room..I didn't realize I already had it :-)

The day after

Im feeling okay..just really are some pics that I took when the doctor took the binder off.. :-)

Today was great day!!

To be honest it didn't start off too good. I felt really bloated because I had not had a BM in five days :-( I refused to eat anything else. It's been four days after the surgery and I only took pain pills the first two days. I just did anticipate being so constipated. But I literally took three different laxatives..yes I was Desperate...I took magnesium citrate, Miralax and milk of mag...not yo mention I was taking stool softener was bad..but the good news was they all work...bad news was they worked all at once. But overall I felt 100% better. I thought my stomach was super swollen however once I used became really flat. I was in awe...I just kept looking in the mirror. Then I put my binder back feels really weird without it. There is one spot on my stomach which is completely numb..right under my belly button. The only pain I've had is my back...other than long as I don't laugh or cough I'm okay. Hopefully I can take some more pics to post tomorrow. Can't wait until the swelling goes away for good. I have a dr appt scheduled for Friday and he's going to be taking my drain out. Ttyl ladies...thanks for all the advice and all the words of encouragement means a lot!! ;-)

I took some pics today:-)

Today has been good. I actually woke up pretty flat. However I didn't sleep well last night, im starting to have a lot more back and incision pain. Its funny because I realized that I didn't take my Arnica tablets that may have something to do with it. The Arnica tablets are supposed to help with muscle soreness. I am taking Bromelian capsules....which is supposed to help with swelling. So overall I'm feeling great. Im still drinking my protein shakes and taking Vitamin C supplements and I think Im healing well. Happy Healing Ladies. .ttyl :-)

Progressing Great!! Swelling is a lot Better :-)

I'm excited to say..I'm feeling normal again. I'm still taking it easy as far as no lifting, bending or doing anything to strenuous. I'm feeling great no pain or soreness except when I sneeze :-( but I've actually found out how to stop a sneeze...(tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue) it really Other than that...everything is going good. Swelling has been under control...I switched over to a compression 2 garment I ordered from Amazon. I also ordered an abdominal board. I wore it inside of my garment and when I took it off my stomach is really flat. So I don't know if it's the constant wearing of the compression garment, the abdominal board or the Bromelain pills...or a combination of all three...But It's Working for the swelling :-) I also called today about getting the lymphatic drainage massages...I've been reading about it and it seems to help after a tummy tuck of lipo suction. Happy Healing to everyone taking this journey with me!!

Sooo I .....

So I tried on a Bikini Today!! # Best Money I ever spent!!! Lol...I love my stomach..and I'm ready for the Beach next year. All in all it was a good day.. I go back to work next I had an excuse to go buy new scrubs...I went down a shirt size. Today was the first day I got up to get the kids ready for hubby has ben doing it so far. But thank God for my support system because they have really been Awesome!!! My hubby, My mom and my sister even came down from school to stay a couple days after my surgery. Im really blessed to have some Great people on my corner..and I know I couldn't have did it without them. Well I have to do two kindergarten projects Happy Healing to Everyone!!!
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