32 Years Old (5'8", 150lbs), 2 Kids, 350cc MemoryShape Overs - Atlanta, GA

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Hello, I have been on this site reading everyone's...

I have been on this site reading everyone's reviews for the past month now and i can't tell you how helpful it has been! I decided I would start one of my own reviews. I'm 32 years old and have 2 kids. I really didn't ever think my boobs were so important to me (always a full B/small C) until after kids.

Here are my stats: I'm 5'8", 147-150lbs. I've never had much cleavage or upper pole fullness but after I had my 2nd child my boobs really look pathetic. They have been bothering me so much that I am now spending almost 10K to get a breast augmentation and I'm so excited!!!

I've gone on 4 consults.
Consult 1 - Doctor recommended Sub-Glandular Placement. 385cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Implants
Consult 2 - Doctor recommended Under the Muscle Placement. Between 375-400 Smooth Round High Profile Implants.
Consult 3 - Doctor recommended Under the Muscle Placement. Between 380cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Implants
Consult 4 - Doctor recommended Sub-Glandular Placement. 350cc Mentor Memory Shape Implants.

My main concern was that putting 2 big implants behind my nipples will just make me look like I now have 2 BIG saggy boobs instead of just 2 medium sagging boobs. Only 1 doctor (Consult 4) addressed that concern right away! She also happened to be the surgeon that was recommended to me by a nurse friend of mine who works for a doctor that strictly does breast reconstruction. I completely trust her opinion on who a good breast surgeon is! Her before/after pics are also my favorite. I have my Pre-Op Appointment tomorrow morning and surgery scheduled for August 14th. I'm more excited than nervous about the surgery. However, I know it is going to be a tough 2 weeks of not being able to pick up my children (3 and 1). I'll have help from my mom who is going to come in for 2-3 days and my husband is going to stay in town the first week to help me as well. I work from home and our kids are in school so at least I can work from my bed. :)

Pre-Op Completed! 350 or 375 MemoryShape (teardrop) Overs!

Pre-op is done! Got all my meds and instructions. Now I just need to enjoy the next week at the beach with my family lifting my kids and spoiling them before I abandon them while I recover :).

We are going with either 350 or 375 overs. Posted a pic with the 350 sizer in.

More before pics

Some more before pics. Surgery in 6 days!!!! Can't wait to see my results.

Surgery day

Going through all the emotions I've read from everyone. Excitement, nervous, anxious, worried, excited again.

Others than the mood swings and my killer caffeine headache I'm doing great.

Can't wait for 1:30pm to get here!!!

I got my boobies back!!

Out of surgery and home. Not feeling too bad yet. Assuming that will come tonight.

Right is more swollen than the left.

She went with 350cc over the muscle.

Will post more pics after my shower tomorrow.


Oops. Cropped all weird on phone.

Day 1 Post Surgery

I woke up last night about every 4 hours...right in time for my medicine. This morning I was a little more sore than yesterday and I'm sure it will get worse as the day goes on but the pain is tolerable...only around a 3. The biggest issue for me is that my throat and mouth is so dry it is hard to take the pills and to eat anything that isn't soft and mushy. I'm hoping that goes away soon.

The doctor did give me a patch to keep behind my ear for a couple of days to help with nausea as well as some medicine for nausea. I haven't had to take the medicine but once when I got home from surgery yesterday.

I ended up with the Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants. Tall Height, Moderate Pluse Profile in 350cc and subglandular placement.

Because I went over the muscle I don't think I am in as much pain or as swollen as those who go under.

I'm extremely happy with the size and how smoothly everything went yesterday.

Here is my post op medicine I'm taking:
Quercetin - Homeopathic Anti Swelling meds (1 pill 3 times daily)
Bromelain - Homeopathic Tissue Repair (1 pill 3 times daily)
Arnica Montana - Homeopathic for muscle pain and brusing (3 pills dissolved under the tongue, 3 times a day)
Antibiotic - twice a day for 7 days
Tylenol with Codine - every 4-6 hours (hoping this is my last day on these, if I'm feeling the same tomorrow then I am going to switch to Tylenol and see how that goes.

I have the following just in case it's needed:
Muscle Relaxer - because I didn't go under the muscle I'm not needing this as of now
Anti-Nausea Medicine - I think the patch is getting me through mostly

The doctor didn't say anything about icing so I haven't done that at all. If tomorrow I'm still super sore and just moving to Tylenol then I may try icing.

I'm getting up and walking around the house every 2-3 hours (unless I'm sleeping). These pills knock me out.

I definitely feel this surgery is worth doing if you are on the fence! Not being able to pick up my 15 month old daughter when she comes running to me with her arms in the air is the hardest. But my husband and my mom are here to give them extra love and tlc while I'm recovering.

I will post some pictures after my shower this afternoon!

Day 1 Sneak Peek and SHOWER..ahhhh

Here are some pics from after my shower which felt amazing. I am doing pretty great overall...I really think since I did over the muscle that my recovery isn't quite as bad had it been under the muscle. I'm still tight and swollen but don't expect much change with that for a week or two.

I'm very happy with my results and very happy that my clothes will fit me again like they are supposed to!

Day 2 - feeling better and off pain meds

I still feel like it's the first night after having a child and your milk comes in. I will never forget that feeling and this is very similar. Lol. Almost feel engorged.

I am just taking my homeopathic meds and Tylenol now.

Here is a picture from day 2. Not too much change. One is settling faster than the other so they look a little lopsided. I will post more pics at 1 week!!! I think we will be able to see better progress after 1 week.

Day 3 - pain free but stiff neck

Day 3 is much better. Last night my neck was extremely stiff and killing me. I took a muscle relaxer for it and it seemed to help a little. Will take another one tonight. I think the stiffness is from sleeping on my back and using those muscles to compensate for my chest muscles.

Here are some additional pics. Again, hard to tell a difference but I figured I would document and look back and be glad for all the pics.

Collage pics

To better see progress. There is a little difference but not too much. :).

1 week tomorrow

I don't know why but this week is going by like molasses. It's like waiting on Christmas. Things are starting to change a little more! A v neck cotton t shirt picture below!

1 week photos

Pics from 1 week. Starting to get some feelings back and still not comfortable in any bras outside of my surgery bra but I'm feeling good about the results I am seeing this far!

Post Op Appointment

I had my post op appointment today. Everything seems to be fine. My left side definitely has sore spots and the nerves are much more tender than the right however, nothing stands out as being uncommon. Sooo...back to the waiting game and hopefully over the next couple of months these sore spots and nerves will settle down a bit. Next post op is in 4 weeks!

2 week photos

2 weeks!!! Wow. Things are definitely starting to feel softer and more like they are mine! I'm so happy I went through with this surgery. Nerves are still bothering me but I don't expect that to get better for another month or two. Here are my 2 week photos and collage pics.

3 week photos

Not much difference from week 2. Still tender from nerves and sore in certain spots. I have started lifting more and feel comfortable doing so. I am definitely bloated from no exercising! In hopes of helping this I have started a 30 day tea cleanse from Teami (recommended by Jenny Eden with Eden knows implants). Hoping it helps!!!

4 week photos

4 weeks. Can't believe it's been that long. Things really feel about the same as they did last week. I still feel better in a sports bra or compression bra instead of a bralette or non-underwire t-shirt bra.

I started using some scar cream which I love (scar salve from Jenny Edens recovery kit)!

I do love my natural results but I'm starting to feel as if they are too natural. I also may be interested in investigating a lift at some point!

Comparison Collage

Here are some before and after comparisons.

New bras!

I got 3 new bras:
Wacoal halo lace underwire bra - size 34D

Wacoal Embrace Lace Contour Bra - size 34D

Natori Feathers Contour bra - size 34DD (runs a cup size small), see picture

My favorite is the halo lace. Gives you a great natural appearance in a shirt and I love how soft and comfortable it is.
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