5'9" 116lbs Natrelle SRX 400cc post breastfeeding makeover

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I met with two other surgeons before finally...

I met with two other surgeons before finally meeting "the one"! I was sold on another but she moved before I got around to scheduling.

I have 2 children and breastfed each so dealing with a huge volume loss. I've known I wanted to have this done since I went from a full B (pre kids) to a DD (while pregnant/nursing), to a small deflated A cup! I want to regain the shape I used to have...then some :)

Im 5'9" 116lbs with a chest measurement of 12. I was leaning toward 350cc but after my consult was told that 400 is a better number based on my height. I definitely don't want to get caught up on the numbers and plan to leave it to the professionals! I met the doctor last week and loved everything about her/the staff/the office so scheduled for the 31st of this month!!

Scheduled for pre-op!

The office called yesterday so now I'm scheduled for my appointment to finalize the size implants I want and my pre and post op appointments are set!

She said that next Monday (a week and 2 days) before the procedure is the final chance to order the implants! I'm freaking out now! Everything is so final...

I am really unsure on the size I need to get to be the size I want. I'll post my wish boobs now ;)

Before Photos

Here are my before photos!

Vector Imaging Comparison

The nurse accidentally did the wrong brand and HP va UHP but close enough..

I wanted my husband to be able to see the possible outcome since he didn't get to come to the preop appointment.

Dr. Celestin said this doesn't show the"drop" that I'll have from gravity but is a good size indication otherwise.

Surgery Day!

I typed out my day of update but I blame the pain killers because right when I said I should copy it...I hit delete.

I'll retype tomorrow. For now I've added photos. Surgery was around 11am on the 31st. Discomfort is getting better but was horrid initially.

Forgot photos

Sore and slow Moving (post op day 1)

Yesterday was good initially. I slept in the sitting room in my bedroom the night of surgery. This way my husband could hear me and I could sit up while sleeping.

I woke up feeling good but tired. Most of the night, I'd sleep an hour or thirty minutes at a time.

A friend stayed the night to help my husband with the kids and she did the cooking and cleaning which was awesome. She also opened all the bottles and kept me company during the day.

Since I felt good I didn't stay on top of meds and ended up regretting it by early afternoon. I was very tight and very very sore. I also was trying to help with cooking and dishes too much when I felt good. Take it easy!

They already feel a tiny bit less hard than the first day. I got UHP so they look a bit silly but seem very even I think and like the end result will be good.

I'm hoping they aren't too big!

3 days post op

I think I'm over the hump ladies! I have bouts of soreness or stomach upset when I take a medication on an empty stomach but overall I'm really good!

My bra digs into my collarbone and the strap is so tight! So that's annoying...

I'm still sleeping in the recliner which is causing soreness in my back and neck but my actual boobs feel fine.

I'm mostly eager for the dropping! They are more squishy already and definitely less tight. I can breathe normally and have almost full range of motion wth my arms.

I only feel bad when I haven't taken made for about 8-9 hours or when I'm doing too much with our small kids...

5 days post op (photos)

I just took a muscle relaxer after not having anything since yesterday because I accidentally ran boob first into a door frame! It's also really tricky showering and washing my hair/getting shampoo and conditioner out! I was really sore after all of that and driving the kids someplace so needed a bit of help.

Otherwise, I've been really good. No incision pain, very minimal bruising near the right incision, and some bloating/swelling.

I've included a photo to show the dropping that's already happening!

Back to work for me!

I'm posting this after midnight but it's really for my 6th post op day.

I worked today and just needed one ibuprofen then a muscle relaxer when I got home. I did need to call the PS to ask a few questions about the rib pain I am having as well as the tingling sensation I get randomly.

Does anyone really need to stretch or crack their backs? I'm afraid I'll displace something or rip incisions but I really need to stretch!

I haven't slept in like a week because I'm stuck in the recliner. Laying flat feels like there is too much weight on my chest but my PS said I can sleep flat or even on my side. I really wish I could because I'm exhausted...

The boobs are settling more which is great but I still worry so should have gotten 350cc not 400cc. They feel a bit huge to me. I'm crossing my fingers still...

Photos from day 7

Everyday is seeming to get better! Took the kiddos for a long walk yesterday and even took my post op bra off for a bit and used my "Boobie butter". I wasn't horribly troubled by the size for once :)

Fell down the stairs

I'm so sore! I had my hands full going down the stairs so fell through one of the metal baby gates down the stairs.

A glass shattered and sliced me up pretty badly, one arm is swollen and difficult to move, my left pec muscle and back are so tight :(

I'd been doing amazing at 12 days post op but this has set me back...not sure if I should call my PS or not. My muscle on the one side is just really sore. Incision is fine and no swelling or bruising.

4 weeks post-op

Hi beauties!

I'm 4 weeks out today! Seriously, how is that possible?

I added a photo to show the progress so far and I'm happy to report the 400 cc UHP while still larger st this point than I wanted is starting to look better and better. I do see that once they D&F they may match my lower half quite well.

Thoughts at this juncture: this was worth the money spent then some! I have more confidence, I feel sexier, I feel happier (because nursing for so long left me very down about the condition of my breasts), and my sex life is refreshed (my hubby didn't even really want me to have this surgery and constantly warned me to not expect a huge response from him...LIES)!

Those initial awful days are a distant memory. My recovery wasn't horrible anyway but I really think even if it was that I'd only vaguely remember.

Concerns: My left breast which is the side I hurt when I fell down the stairs seems swollen and very high still. It's not tight though so I'm worried I messed something up...

The skin glue came off this week ; so I finally can see the incisions! My last concern is that these closed nicely and how the scar will look. There is a raised sore line on one side - (eeek, that's sore).

Goodness, this was going to be quick! ;)

Boobie update

The girls are doing well! I'm a 28F or 32DDD if I'm shopping at VS they are bigger than I would like but squishy and can be played up or down...

I'm very happy!
Dr. Celestin

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