Happy Tummy Tuck is Complete!!! Dr. Cochran is Amazing!!

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Hello, Im new to realself and have been...

Hello, Im new to realself and have been researching on tummy tucks for the past month. I'm 24 yrs old and have one child who was 10lbs at birth (c-section of course). I have that "pouch" that I just cant get rid of. I changed diets and added exercise in to my routine but I have extra skin that I cant get rid of. Im ready to get my sexy back!! Im searching for a good surgeon in the GA to perform a tummy tuck. I would like a Dr. that performs a drainless TT. please feel free to leave any suggestions or tips on this process that would be helpful in choosing a surgeon. let me know if any residencies are a good idea!

Drainless TT research and concerns

Everyday Im spending hours surfing the web trying to find info on drainless tt and PS who perform them in the Atlanta area. I prefer drainless because who has time to be empty drains while in pain?lol.(ughh so extra) I found plenty PS in Dallas TX who do them, also patients with reviews. But Do I really want to travel to get my surgery done?? No.I think it would be better to find a PS in my area who I feel comfortable with and save the traveling money for a new wardrobe. So far I found two PS in my area who do drainless but I cant find many reviews on their work,(plus there a little pricey). I watched TT journeys on youtube of people filming the day they got there drains taken out BIG MISTAKE (ouch!!) There were mixed reactions, some good and some not so good. I enjoy watching and reading journeys of others, always keeping in mind that everyone's results are different. If it comes down to nothing, I may have to suck it up and just commit to getting drains bc I'd rather have the work done correctly than have regrets about it and waste hard earned money$$. Ive made a couple inquiries on consultations to get a better idea of what kind procedures would work best for me! I'm hoping to get this done before my birthday in February!!

First Consultation Tomorrow!!

So tommorrow I have my first consultation appointment and Im sooo excited.Im taking my first step in the process of getting my body back!! Ive wrote down a million and one questions to ask Dr. DiFrancesco. I cant wait to get my quote!Im hoping its nomore than 6k. Im also still searching for a Dr for my 2nd consultation. I really love Dr Cochrans work in Columbus Ga, which is four hours away for me..Really not trying to travel after surgery though. Im thinking between Dr.Nakano or Dr.Crispin. I want a PS who knows how to cater to Tummy tucks. Plastic surgery is like art, they need to have an eye for sculpturing the body and also keeping it neat at the same time!! Well I will keep yall updated on my consultation tommorrow, Ive also added a pic of me right before I had my son.Yea i thought i could eat what i wanted while pregnant and bounce right back..umm yea right..Im PAYING for it now literally..lol

First Consultation Completed..I need options to choose from!!

My first consultation was okay!!nice,clean facility..the office wasn't packed and the wait times were minimal..I was bit nervous at first. I came with my list of questions..I felt like I was giving her an interview..lol..I was thinking she would give an overview and basically answer the general questions for an introduction..I think I was expecting more from the consultation..We took a few pictures..The staff was nice and welcoming..Her price wasn't too bad for the surgery but because she uses the hospital (which is great) the fees were a little more than what I was expecting..ill still keep her in consideration while making other appointments so I can have some options!!My quote for surgery is good for 6 months..My advice to anybody booking their first consultation is, go in with an open mind by observing and not being too judgmental by having certain expectations to how you think the consultation should go!! Especially if its FREE..Don't be afraid to ask ALL of your questions!!

Columbus here I come!!

Its official!! I've booked my surgery date with Dr Cochran in Columbus Ga for December 15 2014. Merry Christmas to me!! I had my consultation with him on Nov 3. It took me an hour and a half driving from Atlanta. The moment he walked in the door and greeted me I instantly felt comfortable. This was my 3rd consultation and he was the first to make my experience custom. He explained everything thoroughly and also showed me where he would make incisions and others areas that he could improve to guarantee best results. The office staff were nice and made me feel comfortable. Ive already received my pre op package including all info, pain meds, and directions before surgery.Yesterday I went to Walmart and gathered MOST my supplies. Ive also purchased my Wedge pillow bed from bed bath and beyond. I heard it works great after surgery!!


Most of my fat is carried right in the center of my abdomen.My plan after recovery is too keep everyone updated each day and describe in detail how I'm feeling and whats going on!! I've appreciated other tummy tuck reviews who update and answer questions.. Its been really helpful. As I count down my days for surgery I must say I'm getting a little nervous. Pre-op list is checked off besides the CBC test and prescriptions. I plan to do that after Thanksgiving!!Have a Happy Holiday!!

Pre Op (14 DAYS TO GO!!!)

Today I had my pre op with Nurse Donna!She made me feel at ease. She answered some last minute questions thoroughly and also gave advice for aftercare!!The count down begins!!

2 More Days til I'm on the FLATSIDE!!

I'm starting to get those weird dreams about surgery!!lmaoo.. I'm definitely a nervous wreck right now. I have everything in place, just trying to mentally prepare myself for recovery.I cant believe this is about to happen! I started my research on tummy tucks in January of this year and now here we are December making things happen!! I do plan to keep updates as much as I can after surgery. Praying for a safe and smooth recovery!!

Flatside Babyy!

I arrived at the surgery center this am at 7 am surgery was scheduled at 7:30. I was a nervous wreck going in. I was first patient for the day so we got started right away. Dr Cochran came in and did his markings and the nurse gave me a Demerol shot in my hip. Next I was placed on the OR table and she began to place my IV in.. I was scared as hell because said she was putting the IV in my neck. I was thinking my hand, but she said the anesthesia would kick in faster.The nurses were on point, a quick poke and it was done. They very skilled. After that it was history!! I woke up on the flatside feeling great with one drain. The nurse helped me off the OR table and into a reclining chair, wasn't bad at all.I thought I would have trouble walking like I did with my c section. The pain is way better from what I expected.We drove 2 hrs back to Atlanta which was a smooth ride!The back max system is working wonderful. I would say its worth money if you don't have the room to buy a recliner.I'm so glad its over with! I did take a peep of tummy but the bandages are covering, so I will post a pic tomorrow when I shower!I'm staying on top of meds and recording drain output.Dr Cochran and his staff are great!

Day 1 Post OP

Today I'm moving around much better! The pain is very manageable. I haven't taken any pain meds today at all. I'm trying to avoid the constipation thing by just taking the meds when I absolutely need them. I got see my tummy for the first time today as I took my shower..wheww felt good but I was scared to get incisions wet at first lol.We changed the dressings today and added new gauze and pads on incision. So far I'm very pleased with Dr Cochran's work. I couldn't believe I was able to look down and see my goodies for the first time in 3yrs without holding my pouch .lol.This surgery compared to my c section is much more manageable to me. I am little swollen today but I have no bruising. I was able to take a pic after my shower, not the best angle but its was the best I could do. I will keep yall updated and good luck ladies who have surgery coming up!!!!

Day 1 Post Op Pics

Day 2 Post Op

Each day I'm thankful to be able to progress a little more and more!!I feel fine this morning. I can definitely feel the swelling on my sides and my lipo areas are a little tender to touch not bad though. The biggest issue is the back pain!!omg..feels like I'm hauling a ton of bricks on my back..I haven't taken any pain meds today and only took one yesterday!!I'm trying to eliminate the narcotics so I don't have to rely on them for pain.The biggest advice I can give right now that I think is important is to LISTEN to YOUR body. Everyone says to stay on top of your pain meds like clock work. I listen to my body, if I feel the pain is unbearable (which it has not been) then I'll take pain med.If not, I try do without them. You'll save yourself less pain from trying to squeeze a BM out with tight muscles from constipation. ( I learned that from my c section, the worst BM I ever had)lol. I'm really cautious about the foods I'm eating. I tried to stay on a liquid diet but that didn't last too long.Last night I craved shrimp tacos and since then Ive been having gas (not painful) but I may try a stool softener today just to avoid the whole constipation thing. Remember to stay positive!!And good luck to the ladies who have surgery coming up!!

Day 2 Post Op Pic

Dr Cochran know he did the damn thang!!I'm so pleased with the results!!compared to my wish pics,he DID That!!!

Day 3 Post Op

I'm actually surprised I'm able to document each day of my recovery!I'm hoping to encourage and give helpful advice to you ladies who are contemplating getting surgery just like others did for me.Realself really helped me out in my making decision to follow through with my surgery by seeing other women journeys and receiving advice.Today I'm able to get in and out of bed much better.I'm taking easy today. Yesterday, I went to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping for my son and think I over did it.My first Post op appt is on Monday.I may get my drain taken out if drainage is under 25 cc for 2 days.I'm still slouched over when I walk. I'm scared to stand straight, afraid of ripping something open.lol

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Day 4 Post Op

I finally had a BM last night..wheww. no constipation!this morning I woke up and had a little panic.My tummy felt a lil weird and I noticed my train tube was clear, barely any blood. i knew I wasn't done draining because i was definitely swollen more than usually.I called the nurse and she said my drain was clogged and gave me instructions on how to strip the tubes. That was a success, everything's back flowing!!The drains really aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Im getting around much better today. Im hoping to be standing straight by monday for my first post op visit!

Drain gotta go!

Today was good!I'm ready to get this damn drain out though!!Each day is getting better.I'm walking much faster now and not so hunched over!Swell hell seems to only come at night.It feels like my incision is going to bust wide open.

Day 5 Post Op: Swell Hell

Realself Sisters

Okayy! Let me first say I appreciate my real self sisters and there POSITIVE advice and encouragement, it really has helped on the way of my journey! Like Ive stated before I like to give back to my Realself sisters by documenting MY JOURNEY and MY OPINIONS of my tummy tuck surgery. I try and respond to every ones questions with truth and KIND words. The thing that erks me is when someone goes to far and acts as if they are MY PS and know everything, then have the NERVE for sarcasm or SHADE on someones opinion or comment.Lets not forget to have a level of respect for one another. If you don't have any nice to say truly don't waste your time to even comment on MY BLOG.I just thought I give a kind little reminder cause I don't want to have to go 0 to 100 real quick on someone trying throw shade.Any way Ladies Happy Sunday, Ill update tommorrow after PO visit.

Dr Cochran and his staff are great!! If your looking for a Dr to hold your hand and have story time with then, Dr Cochran may not be for you!l He answered all my questions and gets straight to the point!!His staff are very skilled. I love the way he preps for surgery with twilight sedation and Demerol. It really impacted my recovery.I would definitely recommend Dr Cochran to anyone looking to get a tummy tuck.From Atlanta to Columbus I must say its well worth the travel and experience!!

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