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For the past several years I have attempted to...

For the past several years I have attempted to hold down a full time corporate job, run my own business, household and take care of my mom who has recently passed away from Alzheimer's. It is now time to do something for myself. I have a loving husband who is extremely supportive of everything I do, thus making this much easier. I am having a lower facelift with neck firming, lower bleph, and fat transfer. My youngest daughter is getting married in August and I would love to look fabulous for her wedding ????

Surgery Date

Surgery date has been moved up to
June 1st. I go in tomorrow for my pre-op, just thinking OMG am I really doing this?

7 days out

Cut and color getting ready for the big day ;-)

One day post op

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker was kind and gentle, for what I remember I talked through most of my procedure. The first night I was extremely uncomfortable, today is a bit better, altomorrow I get to shower Hallelujah. Right now I feel like a pumpking head

Day 3

I told my husband that I would keep this picture as blackmail lol. My skinn feels supper tight can I use my regular moisturizer and how long does this horrible bruising and sweeling last?

Day 4

I still look like something out of fight club :-) I am posting these on a daily basis so if you are planning on having the procedure done you will have a different perspective than those ladies that have been lucky enough to go out on day 4 sipping on cosmopolitans In a hat and a scarf lol

Patience is not my strength ;-(

Day 5 out for breakfast

Obviously I don't care what people think lol

Slow but steady

It has not been a week yet, but there is a tremendous change. Final results will be amazing!!!

I know it has not been a week but I am over it!

First of all Dr. Whitaker is amazing my scaring is minimal. The rest is me being ready to get back to normal. The bruising and sweeling is getting old and I am still unable to smile "I miss that the most"

10 days out

First of all thank you everyone for the outpouring of support. A lot of you have been asking for an update, first let me warn you I am a terrible selfie picture taking person. Bruising still relatively prevalent however scaring is non existent. My bandage under my chin finally fell out on its own as Dr. Whitaker requested and I can't even see an incision. For the individual who made am coment about my tattoos being ugly "good for you for exercising your freedom of speech" That is what makes this country great!

Still bruised!

Sometimes you have to rock the pink lipstick and eyeliner to match the bruising ;-)

Two weeks later

Hi ladies I am still bruised but each day is better just wanted to post some pictures, you can see the change in my jaw and specially my neck!

Day 22

I thought I would check in! Swelling is going down nicely and bruising is almost gone! You can still see it where my sunglasses end. Took a quick trip to the beach but I made sure to protect my face.


Just wanted to do some before and after, remember I am not good at this just silly. You can still see bruising and skin discoloration. Red lipstick, eyeliner and mascara only.

Who needs makeup

Who needs make up anymore, just let snapchat put it on for you! Bruising almost all gone :-)

A month and 6 days

It seems like it was forever ago, there is still sweeling, bruising and loss of sensation but I can't express how satisfied I am with my results!

A week short of two months

I have a migraine today so if my eyes look a little weird that is why

Absolutely no makeup

Ok guys just wanted to put this out there as a progress update! This is today with absolutely NO makeup whatsoever :-)

Tattoo update!

Oh the money I now save on makeup!

Love that the only thing I wear these days is mascara and a little lipstick
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