Confusing!! A Teeth Need 2 Bonding? (MFL/DFL)? - Atlanta, GA

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I had braces earlier. My orthodontist left some...

I had braces earlier. My orthodontist left some gaps on purpose with my 2 front teeth because they are small. As my tooth shape very pointy, even they are straight and there are no gaps between teeth right now, it still looks like a lot of gaps near tooth tips for the upper front 7 teeth.

I went to a cosmetic dentist and got a treatment plan, which showed me bonding on those 7 teeth, which I was expecting. But each tooth was counted twice as DFL and MFL. I was expecting cost like $300-$400 * 7 initially. Now each tooth are counted twice, that's like 14 teeth. And it's more than $5000. It's way too much for bonding.

Is this the way bonding charges? Every time I call a dental office, they always tell me that $300 - $400 per tooth, but they have never said per tooth, as per surface, and each tooth has 2 surfaces. Can any dentist please help clarify this? Thank you.
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