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I had Coolsculpting done to my belly (ABS area) 2...

I had Coolsculpting done to my belly (ABS area) 2 days ago. I am a mid sized male, weight 174 lbs, work out 3 times weekly or more, but was unable to get rid of that belly fat thanks to family genetics. I've had liposuction to my neck, but just wasnt ready to do it to the ol belly. I scheduled an appt with the doctor and went the next day.

I arrived to the facility and they interviewed me, asked me what I wanted fixed and fit me with a handpiece. The PA suggested a smaller one but I wanted the BIG one (more bang for the buck) and it was settled.

He applied the gel barrier to my abdomen, was pretty cold. Then he hooked the handpiece up to my belly, and MAN did that suck up all that fat. He was surprised to see how much of the area it actually sucked up in there. Then after 5 minutes my belly became extremely COLD, then it started to burn. I think with very extreme cases of temperature your body is not able to distinguish heat from cold, but I was very uncomfotable. Then after 15 minutes everything went numb and I was fine.

An hour later the nurse came in and unhooked the machine and it looked like this big piece of lard under my skin where my belly fat was. Pretty cool, huh? she then massaged it all flat and I left the facility. I know its only been a few days, but I do think my belly is already shrinking, if that is possible?

Im just a tad bit sore on the belly, not having sharp shooting pains or cramps like I read about on here. Its kinda like a numb feeling. I will keep everyone posted on the progress! :))

I'm now 6 days out from abdominal. Coolsculpting. ...

I'm now 6 days out from abdominal. Coolsculpting. I can tell a slight difference in a decrease in belly fat. But now that the numbness is resolving it's becoming just a TAD bit sore!!! Still it is bearable but hope it doesn't get much worse when all of the numbness resolves. Will keep u updated.

ABOUT 8 day post procedure now.... still some...

ABOUT 8 day post procedure now.... still some numbness to the abdomen, but this is resolving. yesterday I had some intermittent hot poker- bee sting type twinges in the gut but wasnt anything that needed pain medication, was just a little alarming. Im still able to do ab-work and situps with my workouts without difficulty. I really do feel like im getting a good result, but that wont be really evident for another few months. ugh.

I am now 8 days post procedure of abdominal...

I am now 8 days post procedure of abdominal coolsculpting of the abdominal area using the large handpiece. I keep reading about how there is NO recovery period for patients after coolsculpting, but this has been anything BUT painless. I had neck and chin liposuction with localized injections and infiltration of lidocaine and saline with traditional liposuction. NO pain, but Im still having these hot poker-bee sting like pains intermittently over the abdomen and flanks. I am relived to see this is harmless and will resolve in another week or so. I am still able to work just fine and carry on with activities but wouldve liked to have known that the post procedure pain was a possibility.

Updating on status of abdominal coolsculpting.....

updating on status of abdominal coolsculpting...
no more pain at all still, thank god! still have a little numbness around the navel area, but no biggie. I am actually starting to see a reduction in my belly :) i am doing a little more cardio and cutting back on bread as well, will update in a month or so with pics.

I have had 2 coolsculpting treatments thus far,...

I have had 2 coolsculpting treatments thus far, and am somewhat pleased with the results.... but i have already spent 200 dollars!!! for 100 more i coulda had liposuction of my ab, flanks, and lower back, which i am scheduling next week..... zeltiq is a fine option if u want mediocre results, but i shoulda gotten LIPO and saved 2000!!!
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The faciliy was clean, everyone was professional, and I waited like 10 minutes to get back to the treatment room.

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