Surgery 1/15/16 Currently 32a/b Looking to Be 32d - I Am 36, 5'4", 135 Pds (Athletic Build) 2 Kids - Atlanta, GA

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First off let me say thank you for this website...

First off let me say thank you for this website and to all the beautiful breasted ladies that shares their stories - it has helped me sooooo much! I wasn't going to do a profile with pics but after looking through the forums of before and after pics and reading other ladies stories I changed my mind. I really dont want to post before pics but I am only because it may help someone else. Okay with that being said, here is my story....

A little info on me....My name is Mischelle and I am 35 yrs old and I am from Atlanta, Ga. I am 5"4, 135 pounds (athletic build - i look like i weigh alot less - noone ever believes me when i tell them what i weigh...... - ummm hello? why would i say i weigh more than i do???- very few women would do that lol!!) Anyway i have two boys - a 19 yr old and a 7 yr old. I am done having children. I have chosen dr. abboushi at Pancea Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Ga for several reasons. I have always wanted to do this since my teenage years. I have always hated my real breasts and have always been very shy/self conscientous or whatever you wanna call it - i am sure you ladies know what i mean. I hate wearing bathing suits and undressing in front of anyone - even my boyfriend of 22 years. I have talked about doing it over the years and have scheduled consultations, gotten dvds from one office but I never followed though with it because I have always been a hard worker and just felt that I never had the time (well I had time but didn't want to use it for that and the job That i had I couldn't be off very long at a time and another thing I just felt selfish for the time and money i would have spent - almost like i was taking away from my family) My boyfriend has never wanted me to do it he says he likes mine the way they are and he has made other remarks that I wont post here lol! Well I have been out of work for six months (i chose to leave so no health issues or lay offs/firings) I am currently seeking employment but have no actual committments so I started thinking this is probably the only time in my life that I will have ever have free reign like this and not be tied down with a job and i can basically do what i want right now. I have care credit to finance the surgery with plenty of credit to do the procedure soooo I made my mind up that i was gonna do it!!

I called Pancea Plastic Surgery to set up the consult - they were able to get me in in a couple days. I went for my consult on Dec 23, 2015 As I said I chose Dr. Abboushi (i was 99% sure i was gonna use him because my cousin used him after breast cancer and she is still undergoing treatments and she just raved about him- she said he was the greatest thing ever) As soon as I met him and the other staff I felt very welcomed immediately and knew this would be he place I would schedule my surgery with. I normally have white coat syndrome and get extremely nervous at any dr or dentist lol - its pretty ridiculous!! I even break out in hives so for me to actually be comfortable and hive-free at a drs office is huge - this has happened very, very few times. But I felt at ease immediately even when he was measuring me and poking and pinching my breasts lol. So I finished up my discussion with him about what i was hoping to achieve. I then met with the patient coordinator to try on sizers. She was very helpful and told me she was similar stats as me and told me what she went with and where she ended up once they dropped and settled in. We decided that Between 400 & 450 ccs looked good on me annd should put me where i want to be. I then went in and spoke with the payment dept. i told them that i already have care credit and she said that was great. i had some trouble in the beginning but we ended up getting it all squared away. The lady that helped me went above and beyond. She asked me if i wanted to schedule and I told her that I would go home and think about dates, etc. and I would call her back.
I called her back that afternoon and was very confident that I was ready to do this - I gave her my payment info over the phone because they would be off the next two days for Christmas. She said ahe would call me the following week with a date for aurgery - i told her i could do any day or any time that i was just ready to do it - i had my mind made up.
I hadnt heard from the surgery coordinator by Tuesday afternoon so I called the office and she had left for the day so i left a message. she called me the next day to let me know that she hadnt forgotten about me but that she was trying to get me in to have the surgery the first week of January but the hospital just couldnt accomodate it. She told me the first day they have available is Friday January 15, 2016 so I told her I would take it!! I wont know what time I have to be there until sometime Thirsday. I am hoping for the earliest as possible so I can get it over with and not have to go all day with no food or drink.... As of now I am scheduled for 400cc Allegran silicone implants. I have read alot about ladies thinking they didnt go big enough and that you lose 50 cc during surgery? I have read that several places. I am going to try to go to the dr office and talk to the dr about the last minute questions because i want to make sure I make the right choices!!
With that being said, I have three more sleeps and I will have my dream boobs. The anxiety has set in - I have not been able to sleep the last two nights hardly at all!! I am gonna see if the dr will give me a valium for the day of the surgery because i will probably be sick from worrying! I am silly i know but i cant help it - you would never know on the outside that i was even nervous other than the hives on my nexk but on tbe i side i am freaking out! I went to have my wisdom teeth out almost 8 years ago and I had myself so freaked iut that my bloodpressure was through the roof - they almost didn't do the procedure because it was so high - i had to convince them that it was high from my nerves. The two things that terrify me are being put to sleep and them putting the tube kn my throat and then i am scared once i wake up that i will be in excrutiating pain or be aick from the anesthesia. i am sure veryone has similar fears and i am not the only one but man my heart and mind are both racing 100 mph as i type this....
Wish me luck ladies!!!

Hoping I have everything that I I leaving anything out?

I have picked up my prescriptions, went grocery shopping for soup, pudding, jello, Sprite, etc. I also got some stool softeners and baby wipes. I already have ice packs, bendy straws, Tylenol and Advil. I have ordered a zip up jacket, a front zip sports bra. If my zip up jacket doesn't come I will have to go buy one tomorrow because my surgery is Friday. Tomorrow I will set up my crash site on the couch with lots of pillows and blankets. I will put a table very close with my meds, some crackers, and a drink.
Am I missing anything?? Thoughts?

on the other side and boy am I suprised!

hi all! i am happy to report that everything went great at the hospital. the staff treated me wonderfully! my pain is minimal so if this is as bad as it gets i will be very thankful! i cant wait to see them! my dr went with 415 cc silicone high profile implants.

1 day post op.

I still haven't peeked at my new boobs but I am dying too! I will post pics no later than Monday - I actually get to shower after three days ugghhh! My post op appt is Tuesday so hopefully I will be cleared to wear a more comfortable sports bra.
I have been okay for the most part - I can get things on my own and get on and off the couch without help, I have had some pain but it is tolerable but I have been taking my pain pills on time and also taking Advil. I have felt a tad nauseas a couple times but it has passed. I have tried to eat light since I have been home because I do not want to puke. I am pretty sure that would be painful. I have been snacking on Crackers, pudding, chicken and rice soup, and goldfish crackers. I am really hungry though.
The only thing I have noticed since surgery is that I can taste that gas they give you in the OR. I was really surprised at myself at the hospital. I stayed calm the whole time, even when they wheeled me to the e.r. When I woke up in recovery I felt completely normal - I was expecting to feel weird from the Anesthesia, but I felt normal. I had some pain (it feels like a burning sensation or like a bee stinging me right where my cuts are. they gave me two shots for pain in recovery before I was taken to see my family. once I was placed in that room I was given a Coke, graham crackers, and a pain pill. Since I have been home I have drank a ton of Gatorade to rehydrate and have eaten lightly since I have felt nauseous a couple times. I have been taking my pain pills every four hours and will continue to do so at least thru tomorrow and maybe Sunday. It just depends on how bad the burning and stinging is. Oh one more thing. My chest hasn't felt too heavy like I have seen some people say but it is very tight. I poked one boob earlier and boy was it tender and tight. I won't be doing that again lol.

post op days 4 & 5 - bra suggestions anyone?

I have been really tired the last two days. The tightness across my chest
feels as though my boobs will pop if i move the wrong way lol. All in all this has been a great experience. I only had one very strange side effect from either the anasthesia or the nausea patch that goes behind the ear. i lost my near sight - i could see far off but could not see close up. i couldnt read texts, books, or anything. it was scary but is better now.
I had my post op appt yesterday and everything looks good. i am bruised pretty badly on my right side and the dr says it could take a couple
weeks to go away. he told me to get a different bra because the surgical bra was digging into me bad and he said it can actually deform the implant. i went to walmart and got a hanes sports bra that hooks in back like a regular bra but i dont think it is supporting me enough. i feel alot of pulling especially when standing up. if anyone has any suggestions please share :). i am gonna share some post op pics today - these are the first pics i have taken since surgery. i am very happy with the results and believe once they drop and fluff that i will be very happy with the results :)

sloshing sounds? nipple sensitivity?

I forgot to add earlier that i have been hearing sloshing sounds since i had surgery. I am sure this is normal. Has anyone else noticed this? It sounds so weird lol!!
Also I read before surgery that one of the side effects is loss of feeling in your nipples that may or may not come back. i must say that mine never lost feeling and have been hypersensitive since surgery. I am very happy with this :)

bloating and constipation is no joke!

this bloating and constipation is no joke! uggghhh i have been taking stool softeners and nothing is helping. i have stopped taking pain pills two days ago so hopefully things will return to normal.

1 week post op / massages anyone?

i had by ba one week ago today. The pain has gotten alot better although for me it never got really bad. I over did it yesterday so I was pretty sore last night but once i went to sleep and woke up i feel ok.
i put on one of my fiances wife beaters and my boobs look very nice! i am very happy with the results. i go tuesday for another post op appt and i will start massaging. i am nervous about this because they still feel pretty tight.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Everyone at Pancea Plastic surgery has been really great to me. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. As soon as I met Dr. Abboushi and Mollie I knew I wanted this to be the place that I booked my surgery. I had my breast aug surgery yesterday 1/15/16 and everything has been ok so far. I would recommend this office to anyone looking to have any type of plastic surgery.

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