Brazilian With Fat Trans 1 Week Out: Too Soon To Tell

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Hi all, well here I lay on 3 pillows and a prop...

Hi all, well here I lay on 3 pillows and a prop up-type back rest, you know the kind made for reading in bed....the pain really felt like i worked out ALL OVER for the first time in my life...Sore, and you will get stiff laying here..That's it. Mmanagable with meds.

When I went in for my procedure, and was recapping what i wanted to my ps when he came to mark me, I told him i wanted a very slim waist, high definition all around, and to PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF THESE THIGHS!!! Well it was at that time he told me he could only do 200cc's to which I echoed 200???!! With my frame theres's no way that would even be noticable. I am a size 12, getting slimmer, and I am going for an exaggerated look didn't want conservative AT ALL!! But he told me he would only be able to put in but so much before it all comes back squirting out.

I woke up on my stomache, and there was pain, i was shaking, i think, and you should have seen the way they wheeled me out, even my ps followed us to my car!!! i was on the wheel chair facing backwards on my knees! Everyone got a good laugh off that. I went home awake, in and out, face down on my baby girl's lap.

The pain was tolerable. I had th percocet, but although i was round the clock, pushed doses back to 6 hours. now I still take it, but jut on the 12's and 6's. Im due now! lol.

As I look at myself, I look the same as when i put fanny girdles on, just more rounded....i wanted to able to rival anyone with a "Shelf"/"donk", whatever you want to call it.... Its cute, dont get me wrong, no muffin tops on my hips from my tummy tuck anymore, and it looks cute in a clingy maxie dress, not too sure on a thigh knee length dress. My ultimate goal was to wear daisy dukes IN PUBLIC for first time as an adult, and minis again. To also hear an occasional "DAMN" or "WOW" as I pass by. Hey, at my age I need that To just have something a butt enhancer garment cant give me...But here i am, still in garment, dressings have been removed, but i must wait and I am immensely swollen. I am a week out to the day and have not had my first bm, healthy gas, tho which was expected within the first 24-48 hrs when i was still on soup and toast. Boy do I have a ton of questions at my first preop friday.

I recommend:do your research- a second surgery is not always do able wear a maxi dress instead of sweats to your procedure have someone to open meds for you

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