First pic ladies!!Bbl & T/T So Ready for my J-curves! - Atlanta!!!

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Hello ladies, so I finally worked up the courage...

Hello ladies, so I finally worked up the courage to post some pics. I wanted to wait until I lost another 15lbs. Looking how great all you ladies look in your b4 and after pics kinda gave me an idea of of how much I should weigh before the SX for the results I want. I'm 5"5 and wt. 185 haven't done my measurement yet since I'm in the process of working out & dieting.

This whole ordeal has been very stressful for me, I wanted a procedure like this for years!!!! I'm so elated that I can finally get the curves I've always prayed for. I'm so happy I stumbled upon the Real Self Site, I truly believe in my heart that it is not a coincidence, I was meant to find it!

Thanks to all the ladies who share and are still sharing their experiences, it has settled my nerves a bit. I was soooo confused who to choose from Dr.Jimerson, Dr.Cortes, or Dr. Mendieta. I decided on Dr.J because of all the reviews, and I happen to love the results I've seen so far on this Site.

My story: I'm a Mother of Two, as u can see Fromm pics I am in desperate need of a T/T and Bbl. I don't really have much support Fromm family & friends. It seems as if when I was contemplating doing this SX I had a few friends support. Now they see I actually have the funds and I am going to do it, totally different attitude. I heard so many comments from I'm crazy, it's dangerous, to why are people so vain??? Wtf, paying for this, I work damn hard for it and I really don't need anybody approval. It still pisses me off about the lack of support, as a matter fact it's hurtful. I'm going to do it anyway. I wish people were more supportive of me. Anyway I'm scheduled for July 16, 2013, and I can't wait. So many emotions going through my head right now.

Please excuse the typos auto check on my phone.

Please excuse the typos auto check on my phone.

I am still stuck between Dr. Cortes and Dr. J. I...

I am still stuck between Dr. Cortes and Dr. J. I watched Dr. Cortes perform the whole procedure on YouTube, ugghhh, I was squeamish the whole time, talk about aggressive. The fact that he shows you exactly how he does his work, more than answered a ton of my questions. Anybody interested in watching, Check out this video on YouTube
He has quite a few on there just search up his name. He's located in Texas, another reason why I'm considering Dr.J, is ATL is much closer to me.
But Cortes, seems just as talented, his result seem great! the fact that u stay overnight in the hospital & he lipos any area u want almost has me sold. All in included in the price of $9,500. That also includes insurance. I hate, I can't find anyone on R/S that had a BBL procedure with him. he gives you hips also for that price, although i'm not to sure I need them. The difference with Dr.J is that he has a lot of reviews on here. thanks to you ladies! so I get to see more of what his work looks like. I will make up my mind by Tuesday.

So ladies, I made my choice. I decided on Dr. J...

So ladies, I made my choice. I decided on Dr. J
He has the most reviews on this site which ultimately helped me make my decision. I do believe he will do me Justice. I also believe Dr. Cortes would have done a wonderful job as well but flying to Texas, would end up being more costly for me. Maybe if he had more reviews I would've opted for him because he has no lipo limit.(for those who are interested in excessive lipo, maybe something to consider)
I have a phone consult with Dr.J tomorrow mornig at 9:30. ( so ladies if u need an expedited date pay cash, and opt to go on the fast track list. Details are on his Web site) Working on loosing only 15lbs & toning up b4 my surgery so I can have the better results. I have 3 1/2 months to go!
Thanks Newbody, Bubblegums28 and Mogirl for answering my questions and giving me positive energy, lord knows I really appreciate everybody's kind words & position energy!

I will keep u ladies updated with my weight loss result. I will post new pics when I shed some pounds.

So I had my phone consult with Dr.J, today. I'm ...

So I had my phone consult with Dr.J, today. I'm pleased to say he answered my questions and I do feel more secure with my procedures, Bbl, T/T and fat graphing to the hips. Dr J assured me for the results I want I needed to do hips as well. I will be having my SX in July, 2013!!!! Can't wait;)

Hello ladies, So I spoke to Aziza today, i'm...

Hello ladies,
So I spoke to Aziza today, i'm scheduled for July 30th. Not the July 16. I'm hoping I can be bumped up a little earlier.
I'm very excited and I know the time is going to fly by. I am still trying to loose some weight and toning, I'm Working out, not trying to loose touch cause I want a nice, juicy, fat upside down heart bootay!!! I want heads to turn and jaws to drop when this fat ass is out and about. I come from a family with nice heart shape bootays. I always heard growing, u a pretty girl, only if u had some butt. When Dr. J finish with me I wanna be like Baaammm Bitches!!! Cute in the face, Tiny in the waist, thick in the hips & ASS, ASS, ASS and mo ASS!!!!!lol I really want a lot of peojection. I'm not into shelves but I'm not a skinny girls, so I need projection! And lots of it.

Happy to hear my Bbl Sistah's are doing well after...

Happy to hear my Bbl Sistah's are doing well after surgery and are happy with their results, we had a scare with one of our Bbl Sistah's and I'm happy to know she is home from the hospital and doing well. My prayers go out to her and her sister Goodz718, also my payers are with our future Bbl Sistah's and anyone going for any PS, this here process can be really overwhelming for most of us. My day is approaching, I have three more months to go. I'm sooooo anxiously awaiting for my turn. I ask for my RS Sistah's to please keep me in their prayers as well, I still have some obstacles I need to work out b4 my SX date, please pray I get it together. The good new is my mom had decided to accompany me on my journey( so grateful for that) I do hope she don't nag the hell out of me tho, my sister already put a bug in her ear about all the pain I'm going to be in b/c i'm doing a bbl & TT. She new about the Tt, not Bbl which I believe made my mom decide to come with me. Her plan was to fly down to ATL a week after I had Sx, stay with me for a week and we come home back to N.Y. together. So really she is more concerned now than anything else. Happy to have her support not her worries. Anyway glad she knows cause she would have gotten a hell of a surprise when she saw my new Phat Bootay! Lmao. I could see her face now & her comment would be ( Gurl, what the hell did u do to yourself???) so I gave her Dr. J web site & told her to look at the b4 and after photos of the women who did Bbl's & Tt together. I think she is more relieved but Of course still worried for her baby(grown ass women might I add). I was to the point where I was doing this with or without anyone support. So might as well join me;)
I know Dr.J is going to work his magic on me, and I will be extremely happy. I have Faith in him with help & guidance from The Lord, The Lord is whom I have the up most Faith in!!!! Be blessed ladies.

Hello Dolls, I have been very busy still...

Hello Dolls, I have been very busy still researching for my planned procedures. My date is slowly approaching. I have been reading where some women are unhappy with there results for whatever reason, I must admit it's really hard to see anybody but so many women disappointed with their results (especially after spending all this money), regardless of who your PS is. It does have me very concerned. I know everyone won't be satisfied. They key is to have realistic results and express your concerns with your surgeon, be very thorough on exactly what YOU WANT, your vision, no one else's! I explained to my PS exactly what I wanted (1100-1200cc's in each cheek), I have seen quite enough before and after pic of ladies my size and smaller get really nice size A$$, some ladies prefer a smaller A$$, while some of us prefer a Bigger A$$, I'm one who prefer a big round Projectile A$$, for my size thighs & my overall Body structure I WaNt a big ol Bootay;). Most of the post op pics I love, the ladies have at least 1000cc's injected into each cheek. Dr.J explained to me that you can't be sure of what amount cc's you are getting until he is actually in there. I am definitely worried about volume loss as I'm sure all of us are. I figure with this amount of Cc's if I loose some volume I still will have a nice size A$$. Dr.J said to me "don't worry I'll hook you up" We will see how it goes.

Hello Ladies

I have been very busy working, trying to get my Benjamin's up since I know I'll be out of work for a while after having a TT & Bbl at the same time. I figure about two months off work should be enough. My job will not pay me medical leave for cosmetic SX
(Hmmmm wish I knew a way around that) any suggestions ladies please inbox me. I'm very disappointed with my weight loss. I went down to 184lbs and was trying to loose about 15lbs more. Before my SX. My Dr. Suggested not to, but I feel I would have better results, I have seen some really sexy Divahs on here much smaller than me get wonderful results from Dr. J. So, I stepped on the scale and I gained 6lbs. I am now 190!!! WTH, I guess all the stress from working double shifts for over a month and eating after Seven has made me gain this weight, something got to give... so now I'm going on a really strict diet. If I loose even 10-15lbs b4 my SX I'll be happy wih that and hopefully Dr. J can lipo the hell out of my Stomach for my TT. He said that my stomach looks mostly like loose skin instead of fat that's probably why he suggested not to loose any more weight, I figure he wants to lipo enough fat cells from my belly, the problem is I want to loose some of my arms & thigh fat too but you never know where the fat is going to come off at. Oh the damn struggle! Any tips ladies on isolation weight loss, please help????

So my SX is in 71 days, wow the time is approaching really fast. The countdown officially begins. I have begun buying my supplies for my SX. I can't wait I am super excited. I pray Dr J. Works beautiful art with my body & shapes me into the best me he can possibly shape.

Weigh loss

So ladies, here is what I did to loose 30lbs in about 21/2 months. About 2 years ago. I posted this on one of our Bbl Sistah's blog, I thought I share it here as well,
my goal weight is about 160lbs. I'm going to be hitting the gym like a beast. Cutting out carbs, no sugar and drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I have done this in the past and lost 30lbs in about 2 1/2 months. Also I would eat protein in the morning, no carbs unless it was from fruit like melons or apples & two glasses of water, 3 hours later more protein and carbs only from green vegetables and two glasses of water, 2-3 hours later, ill eat more protein with a cooked veg or salad 2 glasses of water.2-3 hours later a snack, it would be a grapefruit with a hand full of mix nuts( no salt) or other some kind of fruit. and two glasses of water. Drink water all trough the day until you have at least ten 8oz cups of water a day. Nothing fried( i did a lot of chicken and fish hardly any red meat and multi vitamins) And I stopped eating after 7:00pm. Just a suggestion, this is what I did and I'm going to start this regimen again. Also I would squeeze fresh lemon in my water
(drink it with a straw cause the acid is bad for your teeth enamel)
Wish me luck Dolls.

Forty Four Days To Go!

I have Booked my Flight and Hotel, Yasss it's really going down y'all. I have been working really hard double shifts back to back, so I have not been able to work out at the gym like I planned. I have been successful with my dieting tho. I am down from 190 to 180. If I was working out I'm sure that number would be less. Any who 6 more weeks to go. 44days to be exact! While I am excited to finally be getting this procedure, I do feel amazingly calm these days. Lets see how I'm feeling once I touch down in ATL or after my pre-op. I've been told i'm a little dramatic. i don't think I'm dramatic maybe a lil emotional. I hope this calm feeling doesn't pass. To All my ladies who have had this procedure done, I welcome all advice any recommendations. I want to make sure I have absolutely everything I will need. To anyone who has Dealt with Dr. J & his staff. If you recommend anyone personally( massages, nurses) or anything I should do, ask or may need to prepare for this please inbox me. I have visited so many of you ladies blog, I feel like I have taken and learned so much from all of you
Bigbootytinywaist, mogirl, prettyphysigue, Chocolatedreams, LiveFreeForever, Bubblez, bubblegum28, my girl from Philly K, and so many more. Whether you Ladies have had your SX already or not. Thanks for the updates, pics, positive energy and well wishes, I greatly appreciate all of you ;*!

Colon cleanse & Detox I'm using from GNC.

32 Days b4 I become a Dr. Jcurves Doll!

Yesss Ladies, I'm 178lbs now! 3 more lbs to go b4 I really reach my weight loss goal, I really would like to go down to 170lbs but I'm scared I won't have enough fat for the colossal ass I want. Lol, ok maybe not colossal but I do want a big ol bootay. I was told originally I only need to be 15lbs over my goal weight, which is 150-155lbs. I Luv being a thick lady. Stay BLESSED ladies!

29 days y'all, I'm so Excited!!!

The time is quickly approaching, I can't believe only 29 days b4 my SX!!!! I still have this calming feeling, not sure why I'm not feeling scared, never had any SX before but I'm soooo ready to do this. I am a lil anxious tho, I just want to look and feel amazing after it's all said and done. I hope I'm fully prepared for what I'm about to experience. I'm taking my multi vitamins, vit C & iron as an aid to help with healing & incase of any blood loss during SX & working out 3-4 x a week to keep up my strength, I know my arms will be doing most of the work getting in & out of bed after my SX. Here is my list, it's simple not too much.

To my vets, If there is anything I may have forgotten or anything specific that helped you during your recovery, please feel free to let me know so I can add it to my list. Thanks!

Along with the obvious, such as toiletries & my 5 maxi dresses, 3 long skirts & tank tops. NO panties for me, my ass wont be able to fit them. Lol so i'll bring some elastic Boy shorts I brought from Jcpenny. I also will be bringing:
Anti bacterial soap & hibiclens
Arnica gel
Stool softners
Vit c & Iron
Vit E oil
Tylenol & Motrin
Peroxide & bandages
Neosporin & bacitracin
Sterile water to clean my wounds
Gauze and bandages
Protein powder & shaker cup
Shower curtain hooks for drains
Matress cover.
6" 26 x 26 foam for my bootay. I will cut the hole out for my Butt. I'll post pics of it when it comes. I ordered it from amazon.
Extra lipo foam for garment
iPad for my entertainment.

13 more DAYS!!!!!

Hey ladies, just checking in & I have 13 more Days before I have A$$ for Days!!! Yes LAWD my time is almost here. I'm also doing a TT so, I know I have to be mentally & physically prepared for the struggle my body is about to go through. I hope Dr. J, will give me a Tiny waistline. I'm still working out when I can, no more weight loss tho. I'll be in ATL on the 29th. My pre-op is 30th. I'll update after my pre-op Appt. Take care Dolls!

Almost my time...

Nerves is starting to kick in, 6 more days until I have my Jcurves!!!! A lot of thoughts running through my mind. I'm excited y'all! I'm praying for amazing results & a smooth recovery! I'm Just tying up some loose ends getting ready for my trip, ill be in ATL on Sunday. Still at this point I'm getting some negative attitudes from fam, but I won't let that ish get under my skin.

Pre-op tomorrow!!!!

So we had a safe flight! thank God! I'm here in the Hyatt hotel, its cool, clean, I got my family here supporting me, i'm very happy I cant wait to to meet the man tomorrow!

About to go in!'n

Ladies I'm about go in, will update soon!

I made it to the other side Dolls.

Thank God! I had my SX yesterday @ 7:30 am. I hope my bootay is big and round & my stomach is nice & flat! I Will update when I can.

Post op pic

Thanks for all the text a well wishes to me here on RS. I am four days post op & I'm in a loooootttt of pain at times and Very uncomfortable @ this point, I can't seem to find a position I'm sleeping in, I just want to let you ladies know I am doing well & taking my med around the clock. Here a pic so u ladies can see what I'm working, it was taken yesterday @ DR.J's office. I will give more details next update.


Excuse the typos, my narcotics are very strong. No garment pic, I had to cut that damn thing off of me, That garment was squeezing the life out of me. I know I need it so I will buy a new one tomorrow from lipo express.

I Choose Dr. Jimerson, because he is a board certified sergeon, based on his review and the photos from RS, researching and reaching out to his patients on RS. I feel he pays a great attention to detail when it comes to Bbl's. His work speaks volumes, he has the amazing ability to add the most amazing curves. Dr. Jcurves All the way!!!

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