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I'm 40, I have given birth to 5 kids, I've had...

I'm 40, I have given birth to 5 kids, I've had large breast since forever, In high school I was 120lbs with D's... I'm only 5ft 4inches. I'm over weight now, like 165, I hate the scale. It does not matter though I have lost weight (recently) and my breast size doesn't budge :(
I'm about a 36 FF or EE, just to darn big and heavy! So I decided I wanted a lift, during my annual pap I mention to my gynecologist that I hate my boobs and want a lift, she casually and flippantly states " Their pretty big, have you considered a reduction?" Ding, ding, ding, ding ,ding! It's like a light came on and here I am, scheduled for 8/22/13 I'm very excited and scared and all that stuff all at once. My insurance is going to cover a portion ( Not Enough!) but every bit counts, my husband is NOT excited about this at all, but he's paying for and is supporting my needs completely. So I NEED the BR but he's throwing in the TT!!!! He's a keeper right?! I'm choosing to space them by a few weeks, it's what my Dr. prefers and the only way my husband agrees to my doing it. I shall choose to not battle! I'm grateful for this website and will post pictures soon.

Pictures before

Here are a few photos to get an idea of what I look like.


Hope all the pictures upload this time.

Pictures again...

Here goes

OMG! 20 Days! (or so)

Hi Realfriends!
Just a quick update, Went out with hubby and there was a lot of picture opps, wow what a wall of huge saggy tits! I'm sooo glad I won't have to try so hard to hide them so much anymore, soon, oh so soon. Sigh will post a picture of "Wall of Boob" , Please ladies what do I truly need ro shop for? I want everything now, I hate last minute stress! Thank you all!

Boob, Boobs, Boobs!

All I see is boobs, ugh, shaking my head, I'm glad y'all understand, I'm sure others when they see this picture see something else. I mean even when I look at the whole unedited picture it's just tits, I'm so over them!

So Focused On BR, I Forgot Lipo!

Seriously gals, Iv'e been so obsessed with getting my reduction that I kinda forgot about the lipo I will be getting on my upper abs, flanks and I think bra/back fat. So now I'm worried about having some tight garment on top of everything else:( I only see seen a few reviews where ladies did both at the same time, if you know of a review I could read please pass along the info. Thank you all in advance. I'm still excited though :) Very actually, Happy Healing!

Pre - Op Tomorrow

Yup, it's here! I can't wait, my appt. is late morning so I have time to take any suggestions about questions I should ask, I have a few written down but would love the inside knowledge of the gals who have gone before me, ( and those who haven't gone yet but are pretty smart) , Thank you ladies will post pictures soon!

Pre-Op Today

Well the pre-op went great, I get it now, I'm emotionally spent. It's nothing the staff said they were wonderful, patient, kind, answered every question. The hospital staff where I got the labs drawn, very professional. So why am I so upset, just feel like crying. I'm happy about this, I want this,and need this Oh well, just being a girl I guess. One thing I'm extra excited about, I don't have to go home with drains! Best news right ?! I'm so grateful for this site, just knowing you all understand, s safe place to vent, thanks girls :) I'm adding more pictures, I can't wait to post after pictures wearing these same items! Blessings ladies!

More Before Pictures

Mini Surgery Center

I thought I would share a little OCD with my gals who are control freaks. So I bought this plastic organizer, it's for all things related to surgery, one drawer for meds, one for gauze and tape, things like that. I figured having every thing in one place helps me, and those taking care of me ;) It also has wheels so easy to move!

I'm On The Other Side! !!!!

Wow, I just can't believe it, I'm on the other side. Everything went smoothly, the last thing I remember was getting on to the operating table, and the next thing was waking up, groggy as heck to my husband messing on his IPad! I took that as a good sign. I was in a pretty good amount of pain but once medicated I was okay. I haven't been 100% pain fre yet, but tolerable. It's a strange pain, very sore with upper chest tenderness. I was done about 5:30 in the evening, so by 4am I just wanted sleep, they drugged me good and I slept like a baby.
So going pee was no easy business, I couldn't really tell my bladder was full, it's more like I just knew I had to go, then I had to push hard to get it out, very od was expecting that. I also opted to do the " swimsuit side sweep" I have this girdle on and since I had the I.V. and can't use my arms well it was the best way to pee.
So PS came this morning and removed the drains, changed my dressings, he said using maxi pads as dressings is good because they don't leak through, funny huh. He said I can shower already! Just be gentle with the girls. I have sensation in both nipples already, yay! I really wanted to be a D , don't know if that's what they will end up, he took 709 grams from the right side (1.54 lbs) and 808 grams from the left side (1.70 lbs), but have already talked to myself about this, I can always wear a paddded bra if and when I need it, then to try hiding them!
I want to thank all you sweet gals for your prayers, and all the advice, I felt so prepared.

1st Post -Op Picture

Say hello to my new twins!

To Grease Or Not To Grease?

Okay so when I left the hospital I was so relieved that my post op instructions were so simple. Maybe to simple, I've been cleared to shower, and was told to just keep the incisions dry and change the dressing daily. Well I don't want to be a bad patient but I'm of the mind of putting on a little antibacterial ointment, especially the areas that seem a little open. What should I do ladies, I want the best outcome possible. Right now the incisions feel tight, almost like there is pressure on them. I also have had that "let down" sensation like one gets when breast feeding, and whoever said that they kinda feel like having implants hit the nail on the head! So glad to been expecting most of this, beforehand because of all of awesome sharing you gals have done.

I want to love my new boobs...

I really want to be in love with my boobs, I'm kinda not :(
I don't hate them, it's just so dramatic. I think their to small , I know most BR gals like smaller but I really stressed I wanted at least a D when all was done, I think their gonna be C's, and they are boxes, flat boxes, like all the volume is on the sides, weird, I guess I'm just venting, it's early trying to stay positive, but had to release the negative , and at least here it's a safe place to do so. Jeez can't tell the hubby that all that money he just spent was so I can be sad, will make him sad! Hey my back doesn't hurt!

5 Days

I'm posting pictures today because I hope to prepare someone else in the future of what to expect, as you can see, I'm a bruiser, so it may be helpful too to those who bruise easily. Picture diaries others have posted has helped me greatly, seeing how the body changes even day to day is amazing. I'm not a fan of the look of the breast at this stage at all, posting these is as uncomfortable as posting those first braless pictures.

1 Week Today,1st Post Op

Okay ladies thanks for hanging in there with me, it was a roller coaster ride of pain, drugs, and semi-irational emotions! I like the boobs! I really do, it's the healing that's the hardest. I had my first post op, and I LOVE my PS, I knew he was great. Hehas assured me that I will have my D size cup when this all done, he explained why he did and was able to take all those grams and achieve my desired results. I'm actually happy ;D , I just need to baby my new girls, Iasked a qquestion and a PS responded, and he said something important that resonated with me, he said it's easy to make nice scars bad, but hard to make bad scars good. Made perfect sense, a light went on, I'm embracing the process. Someone else wise here said we are in reality trading one set of imperfect boobs for another, I love my imperfect self!

Issues With Incisions

So I have been watching these incisions, the L t-zone has had a spot from day one. ( why you should have a picture diary) that spot has "spread" changed and looks bad.I have feeling, at it so not super worried. My vertical incisions have a little going on too. I did start Arnica orally about 4 days ago it's helped reduce swelling (Which stresses incisions) I've been using arnica gel on the boobs, where there is no open skin, soothes minor pain/ache nicely and that part of breasts look good. I'm posting pictures that show the progression of this spot, also a couple of me in a t-shirt, fav thing to wear! You can see the pads underneath, lol, I had a scarf while out to hide them. So I see my PS tomorrow, it's 2 wk check up time! Let's see what they say. Healthy Healing girls!
BTW, I value any input from y'all who have had this issue, thx.

T-Shirt Picture

Here's a couple of pictures of the new girls in clothes.
Side Note: If you have never had surgery before, I suggest you look up odd side affects, not to scare you but to prepare you in case you get one, you won't freak out, ie, perm/color hair before surgery, never shortly after. Hair can be dryer after, I broke out, but I suspect it's lack of great skin care, or antibiotics, also if you're prone to yeast infection after/during antibiotic use, get a script before surgery, fill it! Thx gals

Damn it

Stupid t shirt pictures won't load!

Healing Is Frustrating

It's all coming along I guess, I have those spots that are healing slowly. I hope the pictures will load this time. I'm doing good, some days my breast just hurt, like tight, achey, tender, raw feeling like I wore a sand paper shirt, other than that, just peachy.

3 Wks!

I got my stitches out, just little "knots" that were holding me all together, whew! I'm soooo glad I didn't come apart, right there on the table! I'm feeling better every day, I can do more each day. I still can't hold my toddlers :( My sweet mom had to finally get back to her real life so I'm on my own, sigh, I will embrace a dirty house and food from a box!

Remember This Bra?

I had all these quality bras that were way to small, a lot of times I used them under a sports bra to work out, but that's it, could NEVER wear otherwise. So one such bra was my Bali 38 DD, Well it's to big! It seemed so small before I really thought I would be able to wear after. Not happening! I'm D cup, I'm slightly mystified. So I went and bought all new bras! Yay! PS said I can wear any type of bra, including under wire as long as it's not bothering my scars, which are still healing, not as nicely as I had hoped, but it's okay, just so slow.
Small Victories: I was soooo pleasantly surprised to see my WHOLE lap while sitting! Everyone who sees me thinks I lost weight and comments that I look great :) I love that. It's funny how men make so much more eye contact. I love t-shirts, so happy I look good in them, better than before!

WK 4 Today!!!

I have to say I thought my incisions would look so much better by now, they look worse. I'm sad. I'm still pretty easily tired too. I started massaging the breast and it's helping to soften them. The odd thing is when they start to move they feel like spots of jello in the area of movement! It waa the weirdest feeling, I liked the boobs stiff all Barbie style. I'm getting used to having them move, they are still tender and I need some Aleeve once in a while after a tough day, and mild swelling too. I don't know what to think about the incisions, they seem worse, doing to much now that I don't have help? I'm posting pictures, I think I'm starting to get a reaction to ointment, if you look closely you can see a mild rash at the incision line under left breast with large wound..... Boobs are a little red took these shots right after massage. Does anyone else still hold their boobs to shake things, like ketchup? I'm still glad I did this, it's so much better than what I had! I can't wait to be a 100% I miss really playing with my toddlers! I guess I miss hugging the hubby close too, happy, healthy healing ladies!

6 Wks

So I'm still busy healing, the wounds are slowly closing. I believe that these openings are also causing the breast swelling I have every day. I can't find a comfortable bra :( I love soft light support sports bras at night, I even like more supportive sports bras if I'm home, but the perfect bra for out and about still alludes me. I'm sure it's because of the open areas, especially the one at the bottom. So everything else is going well, I'm doing more each day and I'm a little less tired. (Thank God) I love the new girls, I really do, sooooo much better than I had before! I would do this again complications and all. I can't wait to see my final result!

Front view 6 Wks

When I updated my review I forgot to update the boobs from the front,They are coming along slowly. I do love them so much more than those ol' sag bags I had! I'm getting excited as I see they are close to healing and getting to wear bras and clothes I like. I really just want to enjoy the new girls! I feel bad for my hubby, he can't enjoy them either! Soon ladies, soon!

7 Wks Today

Well ladies, healing is coming along. I'm doing a little more every day, today I carried my hefty 3 yr old, it was still kinda uncomfortable because the boobs just stay tender, but we both enjoyed it! Hugging again is nice too. No major news, but one wk did make a difference in my wounds, will post pictures of how it's healing.

pictures that didn't load

Hope all the pictures load this time, it really shows the difference, I'm quite hopeful about the progress! :~?

pictures wound healing

Having a hard time loading all the pictures!

2 Closed, One To Go!!!!

I can't believe what I saw today! I'm so excited that the wounds are truly almost healed! I just had to share!


Jeez, what's up with uploading pictures!




DAMN Uploads!


Double Jeez!!!!

8 Wks Today

The body is truly amazing. This road has been such a challenge, and I would gladly do it again. I'm finally getting to the truly healed stage, I can't jog yet but I'm on the road! I bought night gowns with pre-made breast pockets, you know the kind, well I haven't worn one in 20 years! That is until the other night, I LOVED it! I could not get over the fact that my boobs don't sag 12 inches past the horizontal lines of the gown, it was an awesome feeling!

8Wks Continued

Well since I can only post 3 pictures (from phone anyhow) at a time, hence the double post today. I'm sorry for all the shine in the pictures I took these right after massage with oil. I'm excited to be at this stage in healing, there is a lot I still can't do but I'm closer every day!

11 Wks, and it's month 11

I feel just about 100% again, yay! I absolutely love my new breast, they were worth every penny, every pain pill, every tear, and every scar! My only regret; why didn't I do this ten years ago? ! The numberone tthing in getting surgery of any kind is trust your surgeon, it really makes a difference, especially if there is a complication. Love yourselves ladies, do this surgery for you, don't worry about anyone else, I feel great about this decision, I had niegh sayers, and they can go suck a popcicle!

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good ; My boobs stay up when I remove my bra, I can go shamlessly braless, I wear certain clothes braless, my breast fit my body better, Hubby say they look better than before, My back / neck has diminished , they are still all me (hubby's imput), I can see my WHOLE lap while sitting, I'm stared at for my good looks, not my big ass tits, I can hug closer, they don't flop about at ..u-hum..inoppourtun times, seat belts like me now, my bounce is sexy,not sloppy, I can find my bra size on the rack not just the internet, swimsuit tops
don't fear me, wardrobe options are endless,, they stay up when braless, they don't get I the way while sleeping, shaving, making babies, or holding babies, I feel normal, instead of freakish, did I mention they stay up? That's all I can think of right now.
The Bad; They are a little numb, they don't quite work like they used to, touching them is still a little odd, not erotic yet, some day hopefully many years from now they may sag again. .
The Ugly; You have to have surgery, sometimes complications,, scars, possibly long term insensetivity...

The Scars

So here is a series of pictures showing the scars up close. They feel flat for the most part and don't really hurt unless something is pressing directly on the scar for an extended period of time. I have used Palmers scar oil, Bio oil, Vit E, and Shea butter (pure hard stuff) and I bought the silicon sheets but chickened out of using them for fear I would probably be allergic. I couldn't stand the smell of Palmers, so I stopped using it, I had an allergic reaction to the Vit E, So Bio oil and shea for me. I'm eventually going to have to find something to lighten the darkness of the scars or it literally will takes years to lighten on their own. I really don't care I see past the scars, and it seems hubby does too. I'm grateful for my boobs, I really am, I went on a website for women who have had breast reconstruction , mostly cancer patients, and ladies, I'm truly grateful for my imperfect boobs. I hope you all have a joyful Christmas and Healthy Healing!

I Love Having Options

Hi ladies, I wanted to share how I really love my options now. I love the comforts of a smaller bust, but like feeling like a vixen sometimes and having cleavage worth checking out! So I got a couple of push up bras , let's just say that the hubby stood up and took notice!!!

Don't Get Hung Up On Size!

Hi ladies! I hope everyone has been happy and healthy. I wanted to share that I'm still very happy with my decision to reduce my breast. They are still as imperfect as ever, and I love them.I'm grateful for them. If you are considering this surgery, there are things to consider before doing this, like scars, if you're pretty worried about scars, you are NOT ready, wait, or you will not be happy at all. Really consider all that can go wrong, and weigh that against what you have, and experiencing right now. Go into this knowing you will not have perfection, but can be perfectly happy with your new smaller breast! If you think more on the health benefits then the complete aesthetics of the transformation you may accept the new you a little easier. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have even nipples, or a nice shape,which leads me to pick your doctor with complete care! Look at tons if pictures of his work, have him explain how some patients came to their results, good and bad. Like someone who choose to for-go reccomended lipo in an area for whatever reason may not look as good in your eyes, so ask. I wanted to share with all my BR gals, don't get hung up on size. Once you have a realistic expectations of the size your doctor is able to get you down to, roll with it, don't risk losing a nipple or worse to be smaller, safety 1st. If you can, go back later and reduce more, their are some breast so large that one reduction is not enough. Take my reduction for example, my Dr. said he could get me down to a large C, and for me personally I was like NO way, for my body shape I thought a D or large D was okay, and he honored that request. I was willing to pay out of pocket for this size because insurance required a minimum removal to cover costs. It turned out he took more than the minimum and I still have the size I wanted. Now I've mentioned before one boob is way bigger, I have chosen not to fix it, I'm okay with it maybe because it's been bigger my whole life. So I have pictures of me in some bras that all pretty much fit, and the sizes vary greatly! It's nuts! So don't be afraid of buying a slightly bigger bra , don't fear the cup size or band size, buy what fits most comfortable. Like I'm basically a 36D-36DD, but I buy 38 often because of comfort, I also had a tummy tuck a few wks ago and you experience a lot of swelling, so the extra room on the band helps. I shopped for bras recently and will probably start buying more 36's You will notice my full coverage beige bra is a little big, I will be returning it for a 36 all the other bras are fine at this point. I bought bras to soon after my reduction 36D's and have given most of them away, it's best to wait till the breast are done settling and "fluffing" . So please ladies don't beat yourselves up over size and remember you have options bra brands and style are dramaticly different, seriously, my push up is a DDD! I swear I stuffed myself into that size before! Your mind will scream noooo, that's to big! But don't fret, roll with it, go for comfort. I hope you are all happy & healthy, especially mentally as you move forward in this life changing journey, whatever stage you are in. Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight when I removed my bra, not matter my new (smaller, healthier) size know I'm doing it with pride, shame has left the building, for good!

More Bra Drama

So ladies I did return the tan colored bra that was in the previous post because it was a little big in the cup and band. The blue bra in this post is the same style fullccoverage as the tan. The black lace is also from Lane Bryant, (balconette) Please notice how I'm spilling out of the purple and grey number, same size as lace one. What a difference right? I do prefer the 36 band, but I'm wearing a bra extender with some 36's just for comfort when I swell, or toward the end of the day, best little invention since the invention of the dang bra! I also put on a 38C today and the thing fit! Nicely too, I was just totally surprised! So again it's all about fit and comfort not really size. Happy ( hopefully not frustrating) bra shopping! I included a before picture to show how far I've come, and what a difference the reduction has given me, in more then one way.

Learn From My Mistake!

Okay ladies, I've had more bra drama. Okay so I was all,"Oh I love having options! " well I love puppy dogs and rainbow too! I was in a fools paradise. So remember I posted,"check me out in these all these different bras, they all basically fit" Well I lied, I THOUGHT they fit. I realised I was wearing my new bras like I had my old boobs. I didn't follow my own advice even! I wasn't truly fitting the new girls properly. I didn't follow my own advice in that I must have been afraid of a "big" number or size. My wake up call was removing a bra I loved and saw and felt terrible, the odd thing is I wore the damn thing like 5 times before I connected the dots! Bare with my lunacy ladies, I feel pretty dumb. So I went to Intimacy for a proper bra fitting. I'm a 34 F, wow right! Well wearing a bigger band allows you to wear a "smaller" bra cup, because the cup will naturally be a little roomier. The problem with that is the main support of a bra is in the band! Good lord knows how big my old boobs really were!!! So I see my boobs sitting where they are supposed to, and how much smaller they are and think, there's no way my boobs can be that big, (meaning that new cup size) and then I think, well they kinda aren't, they fit my body and I love them, and that's what matters. I want to take care of them and wearing a proper bra is a good part of it. Sizes be damned! So all that to be said don't worry about bra size, just bra fit.
I do know that when I gained wt after the br, I'm sure some went to my boobs, I even think at the time I hoped it. I thought them to small at first, So please learn from my mistake, give your body time, they will 'fluff" out and in about 12 wks you WILL know if they are too small, or to big. I would still wait the whole yr for any revision though. I know my body and I can't gain any more weight, or it will go to my boobs, when I lose, the boobs is the very last place to go :-(
LEARN FROM ME! Be blessed ladies, andhappy hhealing!

T-Shirt Pictures!

Here are some pictures of me in different bras, and no bra. I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures but I look pretty small busted in the proper fitting bra. I do in person for sure. I don't care for lace bras and such, I think they are pretty but impractical, bit I'm thinking out the box for once when it comes to the new me! The lace is bumpy under t shirts, so I wear a a tank for smoothing or a different bra. May your bra hunting be successful! (May the odds be in your favor!)

It's Been A Year !!!!!

Hi ladies, I can't believe it's been a year. My breast have not changed much since last update. They did shrink a tiny bit when I did hcg, that's probably because it targets stored fat. I had my first mammogram since the BR, and of course there was a finding! It's not all unusual to have calcification, fat necrosis or some other odd change, so don't freak out when you are required to go back for further testing. You bet there been some change in breast tissue after a BR! I now have pain in the scar tissue under left breast after the mammogram,all the squeezing I guess, my boobs feel way "softer" or less firm after mammo too. Kinda wish I had skipped this year.
I would do all again, complications and all! My BR has freed me in so many ways.I'm not bothered with the look of my scars, and they haven't faded much. I'm mad that one is sensitive now, mostly if touched or laying on it, otherwise I am fine. (Stupid mammo!) I also own like 15 swimsuits now hehehe! To all the ladies considering a BR, this is not a magic surgery, and requires your positive additive, and pick your surgeon VERY, VERY carefully, it makes a huge difference and have a truly realistic outcome in mind, if you have 50 year old Brest when you go in, you won't come out of surgery with 15 year old ones.... but close! Just kidding, Don't compare yourself constantly to others and don't be overly critical of every little thing, and you will embrace the new you sooner! Good luck and God bless every one of you in whatever stage in your journey you're at!
Stockbridge Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gross is fabulous doctor who happens to be very talented as well. He is extremely qualified and is a kind, warm person with whom it's easy to communicate your needs with out feeling embarrassed about your body or lack of knowledge. His staff is just as awesome!

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