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Currently scheduled to have surgery b with dr j...

Currently scheduled to have surgery b with dr j but he charge 18000 any one know anyone cheaper with the same results.... I really want this surgery but don't want to pay 20000 if I don't have too.. I know dr j has great results. .. Any additional insite would help. . Let me know if u have had any other quotes


Im now looking into vanity cosmetic n miami.. quoted me 3800 for bbl.. More nfo to come

dr slama

Has anyone has work dun thru him?

Torn between cortes and salama

Both results are great. I just wanna know the pricing on cortes before I make my decision

dr corted Houston

Now im learning toward dr cortes. . U can watch the surgeries on u tube and his prices are 9500... it was between him and salama.. jimersion is just way too expensive for me. . I ain't got 18000 that's allot. . Also salama is only able to take out 2 liters of fat bc of florida law.. so I found alot of people have to go bk. I live out of town so that is not an option for me

dr cortes

Dr cortes has u put down a 500 deposit. Then u have to pay 30% of 6500 to him n 30 days.. currently scheduling for February. . Imma go thru him.. even tho dr jimmerson has my 500 non refundable deposit.. im still saving money

dr cortes

I jus submitted my photos to get a correct quote for me. Waiting on a reply.. what a journey

3 months pre surgery


500 deposit surgery 02 14 with cotes 9503 total

watch surgerys on you tube

ive been watching the surgeries o. Utube. And it has really eased my mind. .. im with Dr cortes...

Almost time

My surgery is 3 18 with dr cortes.. I am very excited and anticipating the new me.. I'll update and let u kno as I begin my journey to texas... wish me luck.. pics coming soon

almost! !* 38 days until surgery

This is unreal frfr.. I have waited over a year for this.. I am sooo excited for the new me... I've had insecuries and trust issues bc of my body and kids that I've had.. n honestly I been praying on it and really all signs point to yes. I hate my taxes are gone but the outcome is sooo worth it.. I'll keep u updated as my day get closer

countdown is on 33 days!!!!!

I am nervous and so excited. .. I can't believe it's really going to happen. ..

wish photos

Only 29 days left

I'm sooo excited. . Imma post b4 pictures for u all tonight

Current pics less than 1 month pre op

Me after gaining. 10 pounds per dr cortes

dr cortes work


Does anyone kno any hotels for dr cortes? ? They did say it has to b n Conroe for them to come visit right now I'm looking at Hampton in and suites for 110 a night.. I do what to b comfy but if anyone has suggestions let me kno.
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