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I'm almost 40 and have been unhappy with my nose...

I'm almost 40 and have been unhappy with my nose since I was a teenager. I wear glasses so I can disguise the bump on my nose and I've been wanting to change it for a long time. I'm finally having an appointment with Dr Mehta in Atherton and I'm about to book surgery dates from Australia. Is this crazy??? I haven't even spoken to him yet but feel like he is the right fit after reading all his reviews and seeing his work. I will be at my inlaws from dec 20- jan22 with my in office appt dec28 and surgery either jan 12 or 14th. I feel like I'm rushing but also like I've waited so long. I'm more confident getting the surgery by a U.S. Doctor than here in Australia because I think they have performed more surgeries there and the reviews are better. Anyway that's my story so far hopefully it turns out with a happy ending. Anyone with any tips or who has seen Dr. Mehta feel free to message me.

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Taking more time

So I can no longer stay in the U.S. long enough to have surgery on this trip which I was devastated about initially but I've waited this long I can wait up to six months more. I am definitely getting it done in 2016 though!! I am looking at a return trip in May or August for surgery (have to work around university holidays). So I will still meet with Dr. Mehta in December and have a FaceTime consult with Dr. Grigoryants while I am there also. It will be more difficult logistically with Dr. G as my inlaws are in the Bay Area and I will need to look at hotels/flights to LA for Dr. G. Will see how I go after consults.

Met with surgeon. Let me know which nose!

Well I met with Dr.Mehta while I was in San Francisco and he was wonderful. I am completely happy with his previous work, his approach and his informed and friendly manner. I am very confident in his work and feel totally comfortable having him perform my surgery. I know I'm probably supposed to meet with more doctors and then compare but I don't think It's necessary as it just feels right. Dr. Mehta answered all my questions and explained the whole procedure then we took photos and did some morphing together to come to two final nose shapes that I will stew on and decide closer to surgery. Now I just have to fit it in between college schedule and save for the airfare. Luckily I have family nearby and will recover with them. Soooooo excited at the thought of a new nose I cannot believe I have waited so long now!!!
Dr. Mehta

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