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My date is set and I'm all paid up. Feeling...

My date is set and I'm all paid up. Feeling excited and scared. Hoping I made the right decision with my PS. He's nice and knowledgeable with great bed side manner. I did a lot of research so much so that I almost scared myself out of having the surgery. LOL. I had about 6 consultations and I narrowed it down to 2 PS before going deciding to go with Dr. Struck. Part of the reason, why I chose Dr. Struck is because of his availability in performing my surgery this month. I was ready. I knew what I wanted, seen enough Surgeons and but really I just wanted it done. I originally planned on having my surgery later in the fall, then I moved it to August, but I finally decided on this month because all I kept thinking about were my boobs and my TT. In order to stop, I figured I needed to get it over with so that I could go on with my life. LOL! Another reason, I went with Dr. Struck was bc his price was reasonable and I could afford to get it done now verses waiting a few more months.

A little about me...I have three kids, 10 year old twins and a 1.5 year old. The twins left my stomach looking and a prune and I have never been able to show my stomach since having them. My last one refused to stop breastfeeding until I forced her to stop at 13 months. So you see why I have no boobs. I am 5'4" about 118lbs. I am a 32 sometimes 34 A. Pre-kids, I was a full B sometimes C. I'm hoping to be a full C. I'm thinking of 400cc-425cc. The dr. thinks I can go 450cc. I'm not sure. I just don't want to be huge!

Getting anxious for my surgery date. Can't wait to see the results.

Hi RS ladies, just posting some more pictures of my pre-op self. I re-read my last post and I was rambling, sorry:-/ I hate hate my muffin top. I can't wait to be able to wear dresses. I hardly wear dresses now because I have no boobs. I am alway wearing pants or jeans so that my belly fat could be hidden. I'm really really nervous about the scar, and breast size. I only showed my doctor a picture of what I wanted. I didn't really get to try on sizers because he said that wasn't really accurate. He did say it all depends on my body and what could actually fit inside my breast pocket. I want to be a full C cup, no too big and not too small but I feel that statement is so ambiguous. I hope they turn out nice. I have yet to tell my mom or my husband's mom (she lives with us) about my surgery. I just feel they won't understand. I've hitter it in the past and they have both been so against it. My husband was against the BA at first and still is to some extent but has been coming around. The ladies here have been awesome. I really feel like I'm not alone in this, especially the moms who have had twins. The stomach is never really the same.

Getting anxious and scared

Today I had second thoughts for a moment about this whole ordeal. My aunt called and asked if I was absolutely sure I wanted to do both procedures as she had heard it is quite dangerous. Freaked the heck out of me. I remained calm though and told her I'm in good hands. I just didn't want her to feel that I was nervous too and to worry more. I also made a call to the doctors office for some consoling. LOL. They say they get this all the time. I keep thinking what if I'm not happy after the surgery...what if my scar is too high or crocked and my boobs are uneven or too big or too small. I'm even dreaming these things now. Just excited and scared:-/

Surgery is tomorrow:-/

HI RS ladies, I don't know why, I have mixed emotions today. I feel like I should just be happy with what God gave me. I'm wondering what if I'm not happy after the surgery. What if I'd prefer my current body. I'm dreading day 2 and 3, as I've heard they are the worst. I've been in a stoic mood all day. I hope all goes well and I've made the right decision.

I made it:-)

Hi ladies, I had surgery early this morning. Arrived at the surgery center at 6:30AM, prepped and was knocked out by 7:30AM. Things moved rather quickly. Surgery lasted about 3-3.5hrs, which was great because I didn't want to be under for too long. Hubby went to work and picked me up during lunch. Boy, getting out of the car and going up stairs to our bedroom was a challenge. I was in pain and so scared of pulling a stitch! Going to the bathroom is also quite an event. All in all, I have pains hear and there from the TT stitches. My chest surprisingly doesn't hurt as bad. Just tons of pressure. I think stopping your milk after you're done breastfeeding hurts so much more. I have to see my doctor tomorrow so I will update then. Thanks again ladies for your words of encouragement:-)

Post-op day 1

Went to the doctor today to see and he opened up my bandages. All looked good. I have a little bit of a vertical scar from being stretched so low. Dr. Struck did a great job from what I can see. The pain is less today but I had quite a bit of nasea today. I slept a lot. Here are some pics I snapped.

Post-op day 2

Today was better. I stopped the hydrocodone. It was giving me headaches. I'm on Tylenol now. I have my appetite back. I want to eat everything. I know I shouldn't though. Just been on soup and some crackers. My gf came by and washed my hair. The doctor said I could shower but I don't have any supplies in case my bandages got wet. I toweled wash so am feeling much better now. My gf also bought me some papaya. She said it would help me go..I haven't gone since the day b4 surgery so that would be good. I'm still pretty scared to look at my stitches because I don't want to touch the tape. I guess I'll wait until Monday when I see the dr again. I do have a little bit of a vertical scar. Dr said I didn't have enough laxity so it's the hole from my old bb. I'm ok with it since I'd rather the scar than a high TT line. I think he made the right decision.

Pic update day 3 post op

TT scar revealed..

I kept my scar bandaged up since surgery because I was scared to mess with it. This morning I had the urge to check on it bc I didn't want it to pus or get infected. I thought it needed to breathe. Freaked me out when a part of my TT scar started bleeding. I put a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide to stop the bleeding and it did. I am swelling a bit by the incision and above my BB. I love that my scar is low. I do have a vertical scar from my old BB. It's a compromise I guess. Dr. Struck says it should flatten and blend in but if it doesn't he can flatten it in his office later on under local anesthesia. I'm not too concerned over it...right now anyway. I haven't opened up the bandage under my breast yet. Maybe tomorrow. One thing at a time. Here are some more pics I snapped this morning.

No more drains!

I came into the dr.'s office hutched over looking like the hutch-back of Notre Dame because I have been afraid to stand straight since I had my surgery. The patient coordinator Trish, looked at me and said "you can stand straight you know." Well, no I didn't! I just thought I would tear my stomach open of I did so soon. Funny thing is, I couldn't walk straight until she said so. As soon as she told me I could miraculously walk upright. LOL! I guess it was all in my head. I mean I still move at turtle speed but at least I'm not dying from back pain. I got to have my drain taken out this morning. It was quick and painless. So glad about that. I think Dr. Struck did a wonderful job. No complications thus far. My BB is still covered though. Dr. said I had a short BB and he wanted to keep a cotton ball there to make sure it keeps shape. My breast right breast has been hurting when I sleep. I think the muscle is really tense and sore there. The right breast seems a bit smaller. I did have assymmetry pre-op. I was told to do some massage exercises today and give it a few months ans see how it goes. Can't wait until they drop a a fluff. I ordered my Brazilian fajate today. I know it's going to be pretty hot to wear especially here now. Here are some updated pics.


Hunchback of Notre Dame.. Darn it. It stinks that you can't go back and edit your posting!!

Happy 4th of July! Pic update..

It's been a few days since my last post and nothing really new. I have a little numbness in my right breast. It's like a burning feeling on the lower corner when I lay on my back. It's super uncomfortable. I think it's because that is the breast with the larger implant and my tissues are stretching. I kind of wished he has put 425cc on both breast like I originally asked. The day of surgery he looked at the assymmetry and said he's going to consider 450cc and that it'll look better. I'm sure he knows what he's doing but man I hate the pain. I'm not taking any meds so maybe that's why too.

I opened up my belly button bandage and am ok with my it except my skin is folded or creased from the stitches and it looks like a long vertical scar. I read that it goes away with time but I'm not thrill about it right now. I see the dr. on Monday and will ask. I don't think it's permanent but it looks funny. Any how, everything else is good. I fit into a dress that I have been saving for a skinny day but never happened. I've had that dress for almost two years and have never been able to zip it up until tonight. So I'm thrilled about that. Here are some pics.

Patiently waiting for scars to heal:-)

Nothing new to report. I got my stitches removed on Monday. Dr. said I was healing nicely. I also went back to work Monday. I still can't walk 100% upright yet. I feel that my stomach is so tight still and when I stand tall and straight I'm stretching my skin. I'm afraid my stomach will open up. I know, I being paranoid but better safe than sorry, I still get tired pretty easy and need to lay on my bed as soon as I get home. Anyway, here are some pics of my scars. In pretty pleases and can't really complain. I just hope my crease/fold from my vertical scar goes away.

3 weeks post surgery healing pics

Hi RS Ladies,

Since my last post I had some splitting stitches that caused an infection in my bb and on my incision line. The one on the incision was tiny, maybe 2 mm long. I think it was because I started massaging my scar. I went in to see Dr. Struck and he just pulled them out. He said to just come in when they poke or start become infected. It was weird to see him pulling stitches out if my incision sight. Luckily I'm still a little numb there so it didn't hurt. After he took the stitches out the infection subsided right away.

The doctor said I may not need scar therapy or the silicone sheets because my scars are healing pretty well. Some spots I don't even see a scar. I may need additional lipo on my hip as I've been swelling there. I still have a little vertical crease but it is getting better. I think it will resolve itself and not really worried. I love my tummy thus far. I fit into most of my size 2 dress now! Woohoo!!!

I've also been bra shopping and feel most comfortable wearing bralettes with no wires. I love dr. Struck. He's been awesome!

Mommy makeover Healing Update

Hi RS ladies, it's been a while since my last post. I had some splitting stitches that were causing me grief here and there and I was swelling a lot so I didn't feel like posting anything new. I also went on vacation so it's been quite a busy time for me. Today I actually had some time so I'm updating my healing process thus far.

I am a little concerned about my breast as I feel like each breast is taking on different shapes. I do have a think scar under the right breast whichever dr. says is pulling the breast. He told me to pinch the scar to break up the hard scar tissue that was formed. It has even working and I can feel it getting smaller. It has been about 2 weeks.

Other than that, my TT scar is healing nicely. I did get a few tiny infections from the stitches splitting at various spots on the TT, but overall I'm pretty happy with my TT. Oh, i do hope that my vertical scar will fade????. From the pictures it looks dark, like I have a butt in the front too. In person the scar is not that dark. I've started using scar treatment cream. My dr. didn't think I needed to do the silicone gel. Anyway, here are some pics of my progress:-)

Quick pic update!!!

Hi ladies,
It's been a little over two months since I had my mommy makeover. I think I'm healing pretty well. Swelling has gone down quite a bit. Almost gone. I still have some numbness in certain spots on my right breast. I hope it come back. I'm feeling like I want to go a little bigger. I don't know. The dr. said you won't be able to tell unless you go up 100cc. But I only want to go up to 475cc. I want that in each breast I don't want one smaller implant anymore. I don't feel that there was much if a difference to begin with. I have 425cc left and 450cc right currently. My belly button is starting to heal a bit better. I was having redness and irritation for a while. The TT scar itself is great. It's thin and healing quite well I think.

Pic update almost 3 months post-op

Nothing much to report. Breasts are still sore here and there. Scars are healing. Wish it would get lighter sooner but I really can't complain. I'm considering going a cup size larger but we will see. Right now my breast look prett natural. Without a bra you can't even tell I had them done at times. I was actually bigger when I was breast feeding. So here are my lasted pics.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Struck is very nice and personable from the first time I met him. I was very specific with what I wanted and although he's the expert, was willing to hear me all out before commenting or adding his suggestions. He is very knowledgeable and experienced at his craft. Before going to him I did watch a couple of his YouTube videos which put me a ease. I'm very excited to see his work.

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