28 Years Old, 4 Kids, 5'2 112 Pounds - Atherton, CA

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Hello ladies. I've bee on this site for a couple...

Hello ladies. I've bee on this site for a couple of weeks now reading about you're experiences ...I've been thinking about getting breast augmentation for the longest time, but I never really acted on it until my sister in law told me about Dr.Struck I went to see him and he made me feel very comfortable but I wanted to see other options so I went to see 2 other Drs. And I decided to go with Dr Struck.... I am so nervous I can't believe I'm really doing this. Have my surgery scheduled on May 28 for breast augmentation and tummy tuck and a little Lipo on my flanks.....my bra size not even an (A) cup so sad???? but I'm going for a full C. So excited !!!

17 days to go!!!

Hello. Happy Mother's Day. a little update I have my pre-op May 15.... I feel that all I think about is about my new boobies and, tummy tuck am I the only one that feels this way.

I need to buy supplies HELP what do I need

12 days to go!

Hello RS ladies. Went to my Pre op yesterday. Decides to go with 375cc which is going to bring me to a full C hopefully. I am so nervous anxious and so excited at the same time :). I went to buy some supplies yesterday but couldn't find sports bras that open from the front.... does anyone know where I can find them?

2 more days

I'm a just full of nerves and excitement at the same time.... I'm so scared something bad could happen to me I think about my kids.... I don't know what to do to calm myself down. Wish me luck!

So dizzy and tired

Hi RS girls had surgery today everything went good ended up getting 375cc apparently 400 were to big for me lol. I'm feeling very light headed still. Got there 11:30 for my IV in and at 12:30 was taken to the surgery room mask with oxygen put to sleep when I woke up I was so confused lol I'm on a little bit of pain but doing good. I'll keep you guys updated I'll take pictures tomorrow.

Post op day 2

Hi RS ladies. Still In pain and light headed. Vomit 2 times this morning not a nice feeling. Got to shower that's a plus. Can't write that much don't feel good here are some pics.

3 days post op

Feeling much better only took my pain medicine in the morning. Thanks RS ladies for your support and sharing your stories it has helped me a lot.

Post op day 4

Post op day 6

Hi ladies. Its been 6 days since I got my TT and BA. I feel much better I was able to do some chores around the house. I'm only taking my pain medication at night time. I have an appt on Thursday and hopefully they take this drain out, I have to say DR. Struck did an amazing job. I've had no major swelling . I still haven't seen my incision it has the tape on and I really don't want to mess with it. I just want to say that I'm so grateful for my family, my mom has been helping me with my 18 month daughter, my sisters have been taking care of me and my husband helping out with the kids I'm blessed. :) happy healing for everyone and good luck to you ladies that have upcoming surgeries.

Drains out yayyyy!

Wow I feel so much better with out that drain it was driving me crazy. So I'm on day 8-9 today lol. And I'm feeling about 80% better. I was out most of the day and I did noticed that I got super tired. I guess I need to take it a little bit slower. Just waiting for these boobs to go down and fluff up, getting my sutures removed next week. I was able to see my scar today not the nicest thing but hoping it fades and gets better with time. :)

12/13 day post op

Hi RS ladies. I'm now 12 days post up. Getting better. Get pain here and there on my boobs and my belly button but other than that doing pretty well. Getting very inpatient with the recovery I hate that I can't sleep on my side..I hate that I have to wear this binder and I hate that I can't wear a regular bra. Sorry for whining. Happy healing everyone :)

Day 18

Hi. Nothing new. I feel much better. My breast feel a little softer, still sleeping on my back. feel that I'm gaining weight I really want to start doing some cardio or something. But dr said to start slow just walks :( happy healing everyone and good luck to the ladies with upcoming surgeries.

3 weeks tomorrow

Hi RS ladies tomorrow I'm officially 3 weeks post op. I'm so happy I got this surgery done I remember being so scared and nervous . The first 3 days were the worst but it gets better after a week I was able to drive and take care of my 22 month daughter thank god I did this before school was off bc it would of been hard to have all 4 kids, my mom took my youngest daughter for a week to help me out she's the best, my younger sister came every morning to help me out, cause my husband had to work (to pay for this surgery lol) . Let me tell you my husband wasn't ok with me getting this surgery done but he was still there for me and I love him for that. Still have along way to recover completely. Well at 3 weeks my breast have been really itchy all around don't know if that's normal. I can see my scar is healing. Can't wait to go shopping for new bras but I know I have to wait.

Almost at 4 week mark

Hi. So I got to see dr struck today. He took a couple of stitches out. He told me I was ready to work out which means I'm healing pretty good. I'm so glad I choose him as my dr he did an amazing job. I'll let you guys know how it goes with the work out lol. I'll post some pictures later.

Pic update

More pics

Almost at 5 weeks

Hello ladies. I went shopping today tried some bras on I bought 4 today nothing expensive went to target so I guess I'm a 32C will go to victoria secret in a week or so to get measured... I'm feeling very normal already no pain only thing is the scar doesn't fade fast enough. I guess I have no time to feel sick or have pain have 4 kids to deal with I love them. I started jogging last week felt good, wearing the faja on some days started mederma cream on my scar. Hope everyone is doing well. Here are some pics

6 week update

Hi. Got to see my ps today. Everything is going great don't have to wear the faja anymore (thank god).He told me I don't have to massage my breast anymore they are nice and soft. Tummy tuck I just have to wait for the scar to fade dr placed a silicone sheet on my TT scar and one in my bb. I do have a roll when I sit down and fat on my sides but I guess I can't be perfect so far I'm very happy with my results. I feel pretty normal. I exercise when I have time I know I have to do it more often but sometimes I don't have time. Hope everyone is doing good with their healing. :)

7 Weeks

Hello so I'm at my 7 weeks. I've been feeling very normal and happy with my results.
Tummy tuck: I still have the clear strip on my TT scar and belly button still applying mederma at night time. Scar looks a lot better. I started doing sit ups last week don't feel any pain yayyyy!

BA: My boobs feel very soft now don't have any pain. Applying mederma on the scar. Got measured at victoria secret I was measured at 32d. Got a new 2 piece bathing suit, I have to admit I'm a little shy to wear it in public last time I wore a 2 piece bikini was when I was 16 more than ten years ago I will have to get used to it.

Happy healing everyone :)


Hello! I'm at week 9... And it doesn't seem like my TT& bb scars are fading. Maybe is just me but I don't see much difference. I missed my Dr's appointment last week, with the kids out of school it gets hard to do anything lol. Not really much to update. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Week 11 update

Hi I'm at 11 weeks. Got to see Dr Struck today his the best ps. My scar is getting darker he said it was normal. He gave me a bleaching cream today to rub on my scar once a week see how that goes. His going to start laser treatment in 3 weeks to fade the scar as much as possible. My boobs are perfect. Hope everyone is doing good:)

More pics

Quick update

Hi..quick update I stopped using the bleaching cream because it was irritating my skin but have an appointment next week for laser treatment. I think my scar looks better. It's fading more on some spots. Hope everyone is doing good:).

4 months

Hi. It's been a while since I posted. Hope everyone is doing good. So I'm almost at 4 months post op. My scar is fading. I started using the bleaching cream again and it's helping. Dr said we are going to hold on the laser treatment cause the cream is working out. My breast feel very natural. :)

Almost at 5 months

Sometimes I forget I had surgery. Nothing much new wanted to post some pictures.

Hello almost at my 7 month

Hello, just wanted to do a quick update nothing has really changed my scar is fading very slow but I can see the difference. I'm feeling great happy I had this surgery done. Been going to my follow up appointments...my ps is the best one out there :)

10 months

Wow I can't believe it's been 10 months I had my mommy makeover. Nothing new has happened haven't been able to get rid of my love handles, I love bread lol. My weight it's the same. I can still see my scar but I don't really mind it I can cover it with my undies. Here are some pictures.

11 months

Hello, I'm 6 days away from 11 months. I went for a follow up 3 weeks ago, doctor said it looks like my scar will fade all the way I just need to be consistent with the bleach cream, need to apply every night and I'm very bad with that. Happy with Dr. Struck, My breast are not too big, which makes them look naturally mine.
Started shopping for the summer. Here are some pictures :)

15 months

Hello it's been 15 months since I had my mommy makeover. Everything is the same. The only thing that bothers me a little is my belly button scar other than that I'm happy with the results.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I had my first consultation with Dr.Struck. He was very nice and very professional .On my first visit I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect but Trish and Dr Struck made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Dr struck focused on me on what I wanted to get and I loved that from him. But of coarse I shopped around and saw other doctors before making my last decision. I called in for a second consultation with Dr. Struck and he took me in that same day answered all my question and my gut told me to have my surgery with him I felt the most comfortable with him and I set my date. The wait for my pre-op and post op appointments were 5 min at the most. He answered all my questions. So far I love my results but still have to wait for the final result . My final result: I'm almost at a year and I am so happy with my result still going to follow up appointments. Dr.Struck is the best ps out there.

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