Mini Tummy Tuck & Smart Lipo Stomach, Thighs & Back - Atherton, CA

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Getting nervous and excited. Procedure is...

Getting nervous and excited. Procedure is scheduled for Valentine's Day. I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions, guilt for spending money on something so selfish (I have 3 kids, mommy-mind mandates I put everyone before myself), I feel bad for being so shallow too, but I have worked out very, very hard and ate healthy for many years and after my 3rd pregnancy (& 3rd c-section) I just couldn't get to a place where I really felt comfortable in my own skin. So, Dr. Struck is going to fix that. lol

forgot to give my stats

I'm 5'4", 141 pounds.

mom tummy. ugh.

day after surgery & smartlipo

I really hope there's a lot of swelling & fluids still because there definitely room for improvement but I do like the overight progress :)

2 weeks post

Feeling great & finally waking up without feeling stiff/ sore. Still no change on my thighs, come on smartlipo results...

2 weeks

2 weeks pics

3 weeks

I forgot to update at 3 weeks. I loooooved switching out of the doctor assigned compression garment! Felt fine, bruises were almost gone by 3 weeks

4 weeks today!

Today, I am 4 post post op, all bruises are gone & almost all soreness. I went to a few concerts this week for my hubs bday & those morning-afters I was sore but mostly feeling great! While there is a noticable difference from the mini tuck, there is little difference in smart Lipo areas. No inches lost yet in waist, 0.5" in thigh (finally this week). Hoping thighs & waist will still tighten.

5 weeks post op

I feel like my scar should look better by now. What do you guys think, honestly? I am happy with my mini tt results but I feel like I waisted my money on the smartlipo. There is no change in my measurements in those areas.

6 weeks PO

6 weeks post op today. I injured myself 2 Wednesdays ago by hitting my workouts way too hard. It felt great while I was working out but shortly after a pain in my back just kept getting stronger & stronger until I could barely move. I finally started feeling better yesterday. I think I will just walk next week & ease back into it slower.

7 weeks PO

Feeling good, I FINALLY wake up with little back pain & the ability to stand straight a few days ago- due to my strained muscle, not the procedure. I'll post pics from my phone

7 wks PO

8 weeks post op!

Wow, its already been 8 weeks! Not much is changing on a weekly basis so I think now I'll update every 2-4 weeks. Back is not 100% so I haven't resumed lifting weights or HIIT training and its killing me! Not really but I do miss it & the endorphin rush so bad! Really, really hoping I can start again next week.

8 weeks progress pics

12 weeks post op

its been 12 weeks & I am super discouraged. I am very happy with my mini tummy tuck but I feel like smartlipo was a waste of money. A lot of money too :( there is absolutely no change iny measurements on my thighs nor upper abs. I went in and saw my PS yesterday & he is so nice, he said he could try again in Oct to get more from my upper abs but we didn't even talk about thighs, he was in a huge hurry. He'll probably try to touch those up at the same time but I just feel like if it didn't work the 1st time, why would it work the 2nd? Idk but it dank well better because I paid a lot of money & didn't even consider the possibility of smartlipo not working LOL. I'll post pics anyway but there's no change from my last pics. I wish I could lose more weight but I have worked out hard & eaten healthy for a long time & maintained my 140 for a year now so I don't know what else I could do to lose the last 10 :( sorry for the pity party

12 week pics

Dr. Struck

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