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Hi all! I'm scheduled to have a breast...

Hi all! I'm scheduled to have a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty in one month! It's getting close, I'm excited. I'm 25, 112lbs, married, no kids. I've wanted a nose job since 5th grade--I'm just having them shave my bump off, and I can't wait. Over the past year, I've lost 35lbs and my boobs went with it! I'm currently not quite a full B cup, and I'm looking to be a mid-sized D. My surgeon said he will end up somewhere in the 425-525cc range. I completely trust him and told him that I want to be relatively big, but not TOO big. I'm nervous having two major surgeries done at the same time..anyone on here have experience doing a rhino&breast aug?

getting closer...

my surgery date is getting closer and closer..21 days! exactly three weeks! I'm getting a little more anxious because I know that this is a major surgery..but I'm confident I'm going to love my results. I figured I'd post a picture of my nose because I'm SO excited to get rid of the "italian bump" I have...I'm half Italian half Irish and the only way you'd know I'm Italian is that stupid bump! so ready to get rid of it! :)


so tomorrow is the day! I have to be there at 6:45am for my 7:30 surgery. i should be out by 10am and hopefully home by 11! I'm getting a little more nervous..just hoping I wake up from the anesthesia and also hoping I like my results. I just got my period an hour ago..SUPER lame, not something I wanted to deal with while going through my recovery! okay this is a short post because if I think about it too much, I get anxiety! I'll check in tomorrow post op! wish me luck!

surgery day!

so today was the day! I went to bed last night super nervous and very the extent that I wanted to take an anxiety medication. well I woke up this morning and I was excited! I was up at 5am to take my last shower for a few days and to do my hair (I have a pixie cut which is going to suck during the next few days! it gets messy and crazy super easily!). My husband and I arrived at the surgery center at 6:45am. A nurse took me back to the patient area and got me set up with all of my paperwork and a gown, and inserted my iv. My husband was allowed to come back to me after that to hang out and bring me my phone ;). At 7:30am, I was taken back to the operating room by another nurse. It was freeeeezing in there but they gave me a warmed blanket. I laid on the table and they put a blood pressure cuff on my calf (weird?!). The anesthesiologist told me he was giving me a "cocktail" and it felt slightly cold in my arm, then I was OUT (he had told me he'd ask me to think of my favorite vacation spot...I didn't get that far!). Next thing I knew, I was waking up to my husband talking to me. He told me that I'd been talking to the nurse...but I don't remember that. I do not remember almost anything from the surgery center post op. I do remember saying I was in a lot of pain. A 9 out 10. They gave me a pain killer in my iv (don't remember what it was). After awhile they took my iv out, asked me about my pain again. I said it was about a 7 or 8. They gave me one of my percocets. They also gave me some valium because the pressure in my chest was so bad. While walking to the car, I told them I was very nauseous so they brought me an anti-nausea medicine. The ride home was pretty rough (it's about 45min away)..every bump hurt and the turns were the worst. They gave me my warranty card for my surgeon went with 450cc, which is exactly what i wanted! Anyways, I got home and got settled in bed with my husband, and was pretty groggy, kept going in and out of sleep. I finally took a nap (probably only about an hour), and woke up feeling 10x better...or so I thought! I needed to get up and pee, so my husband helped was extremely painful! eeek. I figured out that as long as I'm sitting down in a "texting" position (arms tucked by my sides, I feel good. The minute I try to move, it's still pretty painful. The good news is that my nose doesn't hurt at all. It is swollen and starting to bruise, but doesn't bother me. It's bleeding a little bit out of my nostrils, and under my cast is super itchy, but it's easy as pie! :) I have my 1st post op tomorrow at 10am. I will update then! sorry this is so long and not the most positive review..just want to keep it real for you girls out there!

Day 2!

today was not much better than yesterday..still in a lot of pain, just from my breast aug though. last night's sleep wasn't terrible, I'm using a "bed rest pillow" which has been a life saver. it definitely helps with the back support! I had my post op appt today at 10am to get unwrapped..that went well because he didn't have to move the implants at all. I'm lucky because they're not riding high :) I'm getting my cast taken off my nose on Tuesday, which is exciting! My nose is bruising more and more as the days go on..which is okay, it's what I expected. I've been experiencing some nausea today, which sucks. Puked only once--I think it was from the diet crush (my favorite orange soda!). I think I tested my tummy just a little too soon. Still feeling okay while sitting down, not great moving/standing up. My husband has to work tomorrow so I have my friends coming to help me out. Still not feeling 100% confident being on my own. I'll post some pics and update soon!

getting better..

slowly but surely, the recovery process is getting better. still feeling a lot of pain in my breasts..mainly from the side (under my arm pits, over my rib cage)..I have bruises there. Sensation is slowly coming back in my nipples..which is pretty painful. it's a burning sensation. :( originally I was supposed to go back to work yesterday but my bosses gave me this week off as a birthday present, which I'm extremely grateful for! :) I got my cast off my nose yesterday. I get my stitches out of my nipples on Saturday. super excited. I love my nose--he did exactly what I wanted! my bump is gone, but my nose looks the same. I really didn't want to change my face so I'm beyond happy. it's still swollen, but my surgeon said that I'm seeing about 60% results. it'll take another 6mos for the swelling to completely go down and see my full results.

stitches out!

yesterday I went to see Dr Struck to get my stitches out, and I was scared it was going to hurt! (it didn't!) I got cleared to wear any bra I wanted (which I was stoked about, I got a few VS gift cards for my birthday in June). I'm experiencing almost no pain now--yesterday was my first full day with no pain killers (no advil either!). I have some bruises on the sides of my boobs (under my armpit, over my ribs) that are pretty painful but that's only if I rub my arm on them accidentally or when I'm turning the steering wheel while driving. I'm super happy with my results in both my boobs and nose. :) I couldn't ask for anything better. my incisions have a little bit to go still, they're tender but I'm putting neosporin on them. I'm still wearing my medical bra at night just to keep the girls in place :)

one month!

just wanted to update because I'm officially one month post op. I've been doing massages and I'm loving my results more and more every day. the swelling in my nose has gone down significantly and my new nose is everything I ever wanted. the incisions on my breasts still get irritated when they rub (I was cleared to work out at 3weeks post op but my incisions became swollen after attempting to work out so I haven't tried again). I feel like they're dropping and fluffing, slowly but surely :) right now I'm fitting into a 32dd at VS. but we'll see what my end result will be in the next few months! :) super happy with everything.

new pic :)

just wanted to post a new pic of the girls, 5weeks post op :)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I have found Dr. Struck to be amazing! he has given me everything I wanted. I went in to his office with an expectation for my breast aug based solely off pictures and a general size--and he gave me a range of ccs he'd be working in, and told me to trust him. his bedside manner is great, he's super confident and made my worries disappear. My nose job is the same review--super happy with my results! I just wanted my bump taken off and he didn't try to convince me to change anything else. I was recommended to Dr. Struck by my employer based off other breast augs that she knew of (and a general love for Dr. Struck!). I'm so happy that I trusted my boss's recommendations and went with Dr. Struck. Trish from his office (his patient coordinator) is just as awesome--answering every little (odd, annoying) question I called and asked. :) they are the best! SO pleased! :)

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