BA Silicone Gel Moderate, 5'2 118lbs - Atherton, CA

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Getting my BA Surgery, chose Silicone Gel,...

Getting my BA Surgery, chose Silicone Gel, moderate, my breast diameter is 12.5. Im still debating if i should do 385cc or 415cc. Getting excited and nervous. Hopefully will look natural.

Any suggestions about the cc? I cant wait for my pre-op appt to finally discuss the cc size again. Any suggestions would be great :-)

Me vacationing in Miami with my pancakes ha ha...ready for my BA in August

My wish boobs

I think these aren't too big and the perfect size for a 5'2 118 lbs. Im looking at Natrelle's Silicone Gel at 385cc to 400cc but more in the middle if there is any. My breast width size is 12.5 Cm. Moderate to Moderate plus.

Here are my pancakes after 2 kids, ready for a major upgrade. Leaning towards 375cc

August 2, 2016 will be my pre-op before surgery scheduled on the 10th still deciding between two sizes??? Help please?

August 2, 2016 will be my pre-op before surgery scheduled on the 10th still deciding if I should go 385cc or 415cc which might be a bit too big for my 5'2 frame and 118lbs. Breast measured in cm was 12.5 w. Going with silicone gel natrelle moderate plus under the muscle. Any suggestions for size? I dont want to be un proportioned or too top heavy. Pancakes below after two kids. My wish boobs are as follows...

My full upper pancakes and lower body 5'2 frame debating on Natrelle Moderate Profile 385cc, 400cc, or 415cc.

BTW I was 115 lbs here now 118lbs as u can see pancakes. Debating on Natrelle Silicone Gel submuscular sizes... my breast width is 12.5 cm. Need to know what a safe natural size is ideal for me. Im thinking 375cc to 400cc, the biggest 415cc. Any suggestions would be great. Long overdue to be proportionally sized????

Post Op Appt July 29 2016

Im 5'2 and 118 lbs. Tomorrow is my post op appt. before surgery on August 4th. Can't wait to decide on sizes. I just want boobs not oversized boobs. Just wanna fill into a nice - no underwire bra or bathing suit without paddings anymore. Thought about this for a long time. Im thinking 375cc? to 400cc Natrelle Inspira silicone gel under the muscle - inframammary fold incision. Don't wanna look like a bimbo but just want to look into being proportionate with a side boob effect??? Not asking much ha!!! So excited but not too excited about the pain or the healing and dropping or massaging process.

Pre-Op Today 29 July 2016

Had my pre-op today. Told my doc what I wanted and it looks like it will be 365cc or 385cc. Ordered my prescription meds as well. Excited for my surgery day 4 August 2016.

Going with full profile natrelle inspira silicone gel under the muscle, inframammary fold (IMF). I am hoping for the best. ????

Bye bye pancakes BA tomorrow ouch! Hoping all goes well. I asked for Natrelle Inspira Silicone Gel 375cc to max 385cc

Scared, excited, nervous, and anxious. Pictures are my before BA photos. Got everything ready pain meds, antibiotics, etc. Surgery will be so early in the am. Hopeful that all will be ok. Took my first anti-bruising pill 15 minutes before bedtime no drinks -

Going with Natrelle Inspira Silicone gel between 375cc to 385cc max. Im tiny 5'2 so i just want to be proportionate and not too top heavy. Incisions will be inframmamary and under the muscle.

Not looking forward to the first week of pain and not moving around much.

Going into the world of boobies by tomorrow aye!!!!

BA Surgery done!!! 04 Aug 2016

BA surgery accomplished. My surgeon decided to go 385cc Natrelle Ispira High Profile, under the muscle inframmamry incision.

In at 6:30 am out by 7:30am. Bandaged to the max. The struggle is real. Ouch. Looking forward the the coming days of recovery ahead.

1-Day Post Op today 05 August 2016

Can't wait to see my girls.
Noted down more questions to ask my doc.

Here are a few 1-Day Post Op pictures to share. Still very swollen and some manageable pain. Bloated to the max.

04 August 2016 1-Day Post Op

Doc took off bandage and gave me my surgical bra to wear for about 2 weeks and gave me a go for shower but keeping the surgical tape to leave my inframmamary incisions covered. Was also told to start massaging left and right boobs. My left boob is so sore and tender and my right is just about mediocre level of pain and swelling. Doc will see me again this coming Saturday to remove stitches from suture.

Photos are from today very bloated.

August 9, 2016 5 Days Post Op

Today is the first morning I woke up feeling more like me. Boobs are still hard but the pain is not quite there? Thank you Lord!

Last night I took a muscle relaxant for the first time and slept really well. Made sure I asked my Doctor first before popping anything that may not be good for my recovery process.

My surgical bra is somewhat annoying me but will bear with it until I am given the go to use other sports bras.

Massaging the boobies when they feel tender helps as well.

I hope everyone is having a smooth recovery. Crossing my fingers that there will be no hick-ups.

Photos added are my new:
Natrelle Inspira Silicone Gels 385cc inframmamary incision, under the muscle.

NOTE: Every year I religiously do my physicals including my mammo and ultrasound that is why I chose a surgeon who's specialty is going under the muscle.

3 Weeks Post Op

3 Weeks post op. Seeing my Doc tomorrow. My left B looks a tiny bit bigger than the right B. Both B's are feeling softer to touch.

- My pains are probably the feeling of tightness which is I guess normal.

-Morning boobs, feeling like they are heavy and tight & tingling nerve sensations.

-When walking the from my parking garage to work about 20 minutes sometimes they get tight

-Feeling the muscle contracting or moving when I do certain movements

Overall Im happy that no one at work noticed I had a boob job.

Clothes feel like they fit better, threw out all my old bras, bought a ton of sports bras which i love wearing. No padding needed.

Also content with the work done. Mainly making sure I do massage my boobs.

Goodluck to all if us who are new to the world of boobilandia augmentation.

4 Weeks post op

Feeling much better boobs are getting softer to touch. And feeling a lot better in general. I still wake up with morning boobs (hard) but with massage 2-3 times a day it softens up. My scars are healing nicely (inframmamary) under the muscle.

Also on my left boobs I feel my muscle contracting with certain movements that I do which is all normal.

I am very pro-active and take care of myself and try really hard to do everything so as not to have any complications. Wishing all the best to all you out there.

Will post a 4-week post op pic shortly.

Also thinking about the ladies who are having challenges - hoping that at it will all be okay.

4 Weeks Post Op Silicone Gel 385cc under the muscle inframmamary fold. High Profile Natrelle By Allergan

Photos of my 4-week post op

4 Weeks Post Op Update Before & After Photos 385cc Silicone Gel Natrelle Implants under the muscle inframmamary incision

Just want to share before & after photos.

7 Weeks Post Op Update 385cc Under the Muscle Inframammary fold Silicone Gel (Gummy)

7 Weeks Post op - all is well except still feeling a little tiny tender on left boobies. Went to swim on the beach on a recent vacation. My bathing suit fit just perfect!

Getting used to my new boobs. Constantly massaging when I can. Still worried about getting capsular contracture.

Also still waking up with morning boobies.
My breast are softer although sometimes I feel it a bit harder then I massage them. I also make sure I put in some vitamin E on the incision site. Took some photos so I can compare my 4 week update to this 7 week post op update.

7 week post op comparison pic against 5 weeks post op

I think my boobs have dropped and fluffed ???
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