27yrs Old, 1 Kid, 5' 3"- 105lbs- Breast Augmentation Needed - Atherton, CA

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Dr. Struck was recommended to me by a friend, who...

Dr. Struck was recommended to me by a friend, who also had a BA. I loved how hers looked and decided to schedule a consultation with his office. Trish was very helpful over the phone and scheduled me in as soon as possible. When I arrived, Karen was at the front desk and very sweet and welcoming. Dr. Struck was very attentive and answered all of my questions and reassured all of my concerns. I scheduled my BA for this coming Thursday and I am so nervous, but extremely excited! I am a 13 bwd and currently a deflated 32A. (I breastfed my son for over 2 yrs.) My ideal look is for a Full C. I brought along some wish photos and showed them to Dr. Struck. He recommended that I go with 450cc- 475cc due to my width and to achieve the look in my wish photo. He said that since I breastfed, I had enough extra skin and tissue to fill in nicely. I have no hips and a very small butt, so I told him I did not want to look top heavy or loppy. He reassured me that I wouldn't and that I will look great. I will post an update post op.

27yrs Old, 1 Kid, 5' 3"- 105lbs- Breast Augmentation

Dr. Struck has been amazing throughout this entire process! I had my BA done on Thursday Jan. 21st, and Trish, his office assistant, was able to schedule me for an early early morning appt. so it worked out with my schedule. I got nervous when I was sitting in the OR prep, and Dr. Struck had came in and spoke to me and reassured me everything was going to go great. Chi, the OR nurse, and Dr. Chang, my anesthesiologist, were so sweet! Dr. Struck even texted me the same night to make sure I was recovering ok. I did get the normal bruising on my sides from the surgery. Dr. Struck gave me 450cc on my left breast and 475cc on my right breast. I went with the axillary incision and got the HP Silicone Gel. I felt pretty nauseous after the surgery and it was hard for me to find my appetite, so at my appt. the next day after surgery, Karen, at the office, gave me a shot to help with the nausea and it worked immediately! Everyone on Dr. Struck's team has been incredibly helpful and so reassuring. I've already recommended him to a few of my fellow Mommy friends.

11 days post op

Today is my 11th day post op. I am back to work in the office today. I went in for my check in with Dr. Struck on Saturday (9 days post op), and he said I was healing great and instructed me to start massaging and being more active. He also gave me the OK to start wearing any bra. I was so excited I went straight to VS. I informed the VS rep that I had a BA, and luckily for me she was familiar with the process. She measured me at 32D, but said that when I do completely drop and fluff, I'll fit a 32DD. I've started stretching my arms out more, and above my head so that I can heal faster in my incision site. The only thing I am not excited about is sleeping, since I am still in my first few weeks pre op, I am back-sleeping. I will usually wake up with the worst 'morning boob' pain, so I'm anxiously awaiting the next following weeks where that will no longer happen.

12 days post op

12 days post op.
Still sore but each day becomes more bearable than the last.

20 days post op

I feel like my breathing have already began descending down. I'm loving my new boobs and my incision sites are healing well.

UPDATE *6 months pics*

I'm currently at 7 months PO and my breasts are dropping into place, nicely. They're finally bouncing a little more, and are starting to get softer, although they're still firm, especially when I lay down. It is still uncomfortable for me to sleep on my stomach, or even lay on my stomach for a long period of time (like when I go in for a massage). After laying on my stomach for about an hour, getting up is pretty painful, and feels like a punch in the chest. I've also noticed that my left side is still larger than my right side. (It was larger to begin with even before my surgery. I was hoping surgery would even them out).

7 months PO

My left breast is still slightly larger than the right breast. I originally received 450cc on the left and 475cc on the right to even them out, but no such luck. My left breast is slightly higher than the right, and more sensitive than the right. A month or so ago, my breasts started to get bouncier... but they're still not at the 'squishy' or soft feel, that I'd hoped for. I'm hoping with time this changes. It's still hard for me to lay on my stomach, and if I do so too long, I have a horrible pain in both breasts.
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