39, Wanted This All my Adult Life - Greece

Finally I've got a date for my surgery and now...

Finally I've got a date for my surgery and now it's the hard time of getting my medical tests in line. I am really excited to have finally trusted Dr Lyras to get the anchor incision scars as minimal as possible so hopefully it will be worth it. No implants at this stage but apparently some fat will be grafted to fill up the top cleavage. The only thing I haven't come to terms with is staying away from the gym for at least six weeks!!! I'm gonna lose all my gains and that's just not good!

Four weeks to go

So here I am super excited to have this surgery and wondering why didn't I go ahead with it sooner. Regardless the outcome, I've been so conscious about my breasts that it constantly put me down. I've visited many surgeons over the past 20 years but somehow always backed down. Now, I've got all of my appointments planned and I'm starting tomorrow with the cardio exam followed by mammo and x-ray on breasts next week. Blood works will be done in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I will be ready on time.

Two weeks to go: date transferred

Two weeks to go as my surgery has been rescheduled to take place two days earlier. This week I'm sorting out the rest of the exams and blood works and depending on the outcome, I'm good to go. I can't wait but at the same time I dread staying away from the gym for 6 weeks. I think my boobs will be very small since I am not getting implants at this stage. They are quite small as they are. Maybe I will next year. Let's first see how this one goes. I'm quite anxious about the final result.

Change of heart regarding doctor

I'm having second thoughts about my choice of surgeon as I am only having contact with his assistant and there is a three-way lack of communication. Went to see another surgeon yesterday who basically threw out of the window the fat graft breast lift technique saying that i'm not an appropriate candidate for it. He suggests going for an ordinary breast lift with implants under the muscle. At this stage I am confused. I will be seeing another surgeon on Monday and hopefully I will make my decision then. Fingers crossed..

Going with Dr. Gabriel for lift with implants

After visiting Dr. Gabriel and seeing his work, I decided to go with him and I'm supposed to have my surgery the day after tomorrow. I'm so busy at work that I don't even have a chance to realise that I'm so freaking excited!!! I am worried about the full anesthisia but that's about all. Absolutely can't wait!!!
Dr Lyras

First impression was of a person you can trust but given that I only communicated with his assistants, I can't say much just yet. Update 1: disappointed because dealing with assistants for such a huge amount of money is not gonna cut it for me, especially when they change conditions that were agreed between the surgeon and myself. His inaccessibility is a real turn off and at this point I decided to re-examine my options. Update 2: didn't go with Lyras as I lost my confidence in his technique.

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