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Finally I've got a date for my surgery and now...

Finally I've got a date for my surgery and now it's the hard time of getting my medical tests in line. I am really excited to have finally trusted Dr Lyras to get the anchor incision scars as minimal as possible so hopefully it will be worth it. No implants at this stage but apparently some fat will be grafted to fill up the top cleavage. The only thing I haven't come to terms with is staying away from the gym for at least six weeks!!! I'm gonna lose all my gains and that's just not good!

Four weeks to go

So here I am super excited to have this surgery and wondering why didn't I go ahead with it sooner. Regardless the outcome, I've been so conscious about my breasts that it constantly put me down. I've visited many surgeons over the past 20 years but somehow always backed down. Now, I've got all of my appointments planned and I'm starting tomorrow with the cardio exam followed by mammo and x-ray on breasts next week. Blood works will be done in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I will be ready on time.

Two weeks to go: date transferred

Two weeks to go as my surgery has been rescheduled to take place two days earlier. This week I'm sorting out the rest of the exams and blood works and depending on the outcome, I'm good to go. I can't wait but at the same time I dread staying away from the gym for 6 weeks. I think my boobs will be very small since I am not getting implants at this stage. They are quite small as they are. Maybe I will next year. Let's first see how this one goes. I'm quite anxious about the final result.

Change of heart regarding doctor

I'm having second thoughts about my choice of surgeon as I am only having contact with his assistant and there is a three-way lack of communication. Went to see another surgeon yesterday who basically threw out of the window the fat graft breast lift technique saying that i'm not an appropriate candidate for it. He suggests going for an ordinary breast lift with implants under the muscle. At this stage I am confused. I will be seeing another surgeon on Monday and hopefully I will make my decision then. Fingers crossed..

Going with Dr. Gabriel for lift with implants

After visiting Dr. Gabriel and seeing his work, I decided to go with him and I'm supposed to have my surgery the day after tomorrow. I'm so busy at work that I don't even have a chance to realise that I'm so freaking excited!!! I am worried about the full anesthisia but that's about all. Absolutely can't wait!!!

39-years Old, Mommy of Twins, Wanted This All my Life

Had my breast lift with implants earlier today with Dr. Gabriel. His
suggestion was to go for ergonomix round Motiva and I chose 300 cc as I
don't want them big. They've always been saggy and causing me such
distress and I'm just so pleased I finally went ahead and did it!
Frankly, I think I didn't even care about the final outcome as long as I
had them lifted. I'm doing this for me and I want to eliminate this
source of constant insecurity. I'm not in pain and my light meds keep
the lid on it. I did feel extremely sleepy and I only managed to open my
eyes 3 hours after the surgery. Had antibiotics and painkillers
administrated to me and my sister who was constantly by my side drove me
to her house. I slept until 9 pm and came home to my lively kids. Happy
and excited like a kid on Christmas! ????

First day post op

Didn't sleep the whole night as my little boy got ill and in the morning went back to the hospital to have the bandages removed. While I don't feel much pain, I think I'm a bit disappointed in the results because it seems my areolas are too low and I don't see them coming up. U raised my concerns with the doctor but he said there was nothing to worry about. I'm not sure the lift has been successful as I didn't get the anchor lift but only a vertical one and I might end up with big droopy boobs.

One day post op

Areolas appear too low

Literally in tears

I'm so disappointed. I woke up in terms and I can't stop crying. Having my mom here doesn't help because she doesn't understand my frustration with my appearance and thinks I'm too vain. At this point it looks like the lift completely failed and I just got an increase. But all I wanted was a lift. I'm already thinking about correcting them and chances are that vertical lift was not the appropriate procedure for me. I should have had the anchor lift.

More relaxed

Had a quick glance through Q&A and it appears that it is common for nipples to point downwards while the breasts haven't dropped. Anyway, I'm going to calm down and just be happy with my decision and my choice of surgeon. His work so far has been amazing and I just don't want to believe I will be one of his failures. So I'm giving myself a month and then I will see.

5 days post op

Doing really great and feeling fully mobile. My breasts feel fine, the scars are thin and tidy, but my only concern is that my nipples are too low. On Thursday I am going to have my sutures removed and I will discuss this issue with my surgeon. In any case, I am still pleased with the change and with how painless this whole thing has been. The only issue so far is that my kids are both sick at home with me so I've been busy and not chilling at all. But I'm so enjoying spending time with them that I don't mind at all. I hope they are ready to go to school though tomorrow. ????????????

10 days post op

On the 9th day I went for my post op appointment and while my PS is pleased with the scars and the way they're healing, he did comment that the left nipple is too low. He removed all bandages so now I'm free, no tapes, no nothing. The breasts haven't dropped yet and to facilitate the process, he made me wear an elastic band. The moment I put the band, I felt uncomfortable. I wore it for about three hours but then contacted him because I worried about excessive pressure on the incisions and subsequent scarring and he agreed to have it removed. I like my breasts but they are over the muscle and from what I read they don't drop enough to rotate the nipple. I might have to correct it surgically which I don't mind because so far the whole process has been a brisk. I still can't believe how easy it's been and what took me ages to do it...

Two weeks post op

Healing great but the right nipple is giving me some shooting pains randomly throughout the day. It reminds me the first days of breastfeeding, very raw and tender. Hypersensitivity is definitely an issue for the past couple of days. The left nipple is still low but now I am not too worried for now because I might have to do a nipple lift. They have dropped significantly and the fact is they are still so much better than they used to be and the scarring is minimal too so overall I am pleased with my choice of surgeon.

Waiting until Monday

At this point I am pretty sure I am not gonna make it to my surgeon's wall of fame. Judging by the rest of the reviews I have one of the worst outcomes, where the post-op result looks like pre-op. Although I am telling myself to be patient I see that they are hanging low and I don't expect the nipples to rotate anymore. I should mention that my only problem is my nipples pointing downwards. Other than that the shape is beautiful and the scarring is minimal and I haven't felt pain so to speak. But... I wanted a lift. I grew so tired over the years to have droopy breasts that I would rather have the surgeon err on the high side than on the low side. I seriously don't understand how could this happen. His portfolio is absolutely amazing with starting breasts much much worse than mine. I am so depressed that I don't even want to go back to work on Monday. I am most definitely going to need a revision and I don't have any psychological resources and for that matter financial neither to keep pursuing it. I thought it would make me happy but instead I am in tears all the time. I threw my diet out of the window and I'm just eating crap non-stop. I'm so depressed, I should have known I will be that one case that is exception yo his rile of success. This is just the story of my life. Everything crumbles when it's my turn. I posted in Ask a Doctor but I didn't get a single response. I'm so disappointed...

Hit the gym at last

Managed to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with my life. Practically, even if I need a revision it can't be done now so there is no point crying over something you can't change. Instead I hit the gym and had a solid cardio sesh, did leg extensions and abductors. Totally cheered me up so now I'm not freaking out anymore. Gosh, gym is such a miraculous antidepressant! I love it! I should have started a week ago...

Back to work

Back to work this week, nobody noticed any changes because my size is very neat and not different to the one before. Healing well but the scars are becoming angrier. Should get the silicone sheets today when I have my post op appointment (rescheduled from Monday). Hit the gym yesterday for leg day and started blasting too. All in all, I am relaxed with my new breasts and much less frustrated. They have oretty much dropped already. Given the awful shape pre-op, they are turning out OK. Will update later on with doctor's feedback.


Does anyone know when you're clear to start running? Talking about 10k+.

21 post op

Went for my 3 weeks appointments today and was very happy to see that this guy is really great. Obviously I said that I would like my nipples a tad higher but overall I am very pleased with my size, shape and the healing. He said that I'll need another 3 months before they settle but then it's just a simple in-office nipple revision with no downtime. So I should be fine by the summertime. I was extremely relieved and frankly I believe I have been too conscious about the whole post op thing whereas I should have just relaxed and enjoyed my new boobs, given the fact that they are still worlds apart from my initial boobs. It might be that I have a serious case of comparison shopping on this site and getting greedy about all the sizes and shapes. The fact is that I was after a natural look and that's why I chose the teardrop, I didn't want an increase in size and that's what I got and I have had a painless recovery with no issues at all. I have all that I ever wanted but because my nipple was not high enough I got worried and sad. If there needs to be a slight calibration in three months to get the look I want so be it. I can be patient. I am glad I chose this guy as surgeon and I trust him very much actually. To the point where I am looking critically styself to see what else needs fixing!! Lol! No, not really, but you get the drift! Anyway, in a week's time I can start running again and I can start lifting too, but I decided to be cautious and just give lifting another two weeks from now. Silicone tapes starting from today so all is well and everyone's happy. Cheers!

6,5 weeks post op

It's been a while since I posted an update as I am mostly following other girls' reviews and learning so much stuff I should have learnt prior to surgery. First of all, I have seen some excellent results and I can honestly say that this site is such a treasure! I cannot believe it took me years to make up my mind given that my boobs were absolutely awful. I haven't even seen boobs that bad to start with. In all fairness of course, they weren't this disgusting all these years but still quite terrible. I have made a decision to just fix everything that bothers me and not wait. So my next project is "war on cellulite". I will elaborate later and just get back to my recovery review. There hasn't been pain or infection or anything to bother me. I'm fully back to weightlifting and all my sports activities. I started wearing silicone tape on my vertical scar but honestly I can't see I need to wear silicone tape around my areolas as my scars have blended in quite well. I am still not as satisfied as I would like to be with the left areola positioning and hopefully, I will be able to have it placed higher. Frankly, I would like them placed up my throat if possible! :-). They just can't be high enough for me! So it's still a waiting game as I have to wait another two months before my PS agrees to start the discussion about revising. I've been researching online but it appears areola revision is not a common thing post mastopexy so I don't know what to expect and if it can be successful or I will have to re-do the implants too. I like the shape, the feeling is amazing, I can't tell they're fake at all! They have completely dropped and fluffed way more than I expected for only 300cc and I might even be a D- as 38C is smallish. If only the areolas were a bit higher I would be on cloud 9! I'm still pleased but I could have been even more pleased! Lol. Let me know what you think, guys. If you have an experience with areola revision, please share. Don't mind the piercing, please, it's very old and I only put it again in an attempt to contract the nipple to help it rotate.

Going for revision

So I went for my 4- month follow up appointment and both, my PS and I agreed that I will need a revision since the lift part of the surgery did not work. The revision will have to be done thoroughly, around both nipples and vertically as well because apparently there was too much skin left which effectively allowed the breasts to move downwards. Of course I was very disappointed because I will have to pay again, undergo anesthesia again, scar treatments, etc and plus it interferes heavily with my current fitness goals and overall, I just can't deal with it at the moment but what choice do I have? At this stage I might as well do it. I am really worried it's not going to work the second time either and I will end up with scarry tissue all around my still droopy breasts. I am going in this coming Wednesday so if anyone has any advice or has experienced it I will be happy to hear all about it. I guess I will be back on this site more and keep you posted. I will be posting in the Ask a Surgeon section later on. Happy healing, everyone.

Nipple revision scheduled for Tuesday

It's been over five months since I got my lift and I never thought I would feel my breasts so natural and so mine. Even considering the fact that I am going in for a nipple revision on Tuesday, I am still happy I went ahead with it. Now I am not so sure I am doing the right thing with the revision but I decided to give it a go without actually any real hopes for correction. It's just something I am going to do to cross it off my list and make sure I am not tormented by the "what-ifs" if I don't do it now. The nipples need to be corrected, that's for sure, but I am not obsessed about them or smth. Just being rational. I am worried though i'll lose sensitivity or shape or scarring or even don't wake up from the surgery. Thoughts like that cross my mind and I become worried but I am so busy at work and life that I don't find time to dwell into negativity so I just carry on as usual. I'll post once i'm done just to complete the entries in this journal and in case someone needs advice in the future on the same topic. Other than that, I am only upset i'll stay stay from the gym and of course about the extra money I have to spend. Oh well. Let's hope it goes well and the rest will sort itself out. All the best to everyone. Happy healing!

Revision complete

So yesterday I went ahead with the revision and I asked my PS to place them up my neck if possible. Lol. Anyway, not sure what happened there but I am in so much pain since coming out of the OR that I really didn't expect. It's probably all the nerves being re-cut in less than six months that are causing me so much pain. Anyway, the pain is manageable with mild painkillers and I am taking antibiotics too. I haven't seen the result yet but I don't expect anything dramatic in terms of uplift. I'm going to have my bandages changed tomorrow so I have to wait until then and I'm starting my scar management in a week's time. Can anyone tell me if it's OK or not to take collagen orally? I find controversial results online and not sure what to do. I'll post photos tomorrow. Going in for botox right now as I decided not to waste any more time on healing. One week should be enough so I better use it wisely. I ate tons of chocolate yesterday as a treat to myself so today i'm back on diet. Have a great day, everyone!!!
P.S. I was charged only for the OR costs which amounted to 372 euros for full anaesthisia. I will be on leave for the next ten days so here is my mini Easter holiday!!! :-)

Post-revision: day 3

So yesterday I had my bandages changed and had a quick peak and was surprised to find that a) they look much tighter and smaller b) they got the torpedo shape just like they had post-op before dropping and fluffing, c) nipples look much smaller and d) they do look higher even if only a little bit. But the pain is excruciating!!! I never thought there would be so much pain. I think I messed up because I agreed to have my breasts cut while I was on my period (sorry if too much info) and given that all the hormones touch nerves I think I really caused this stressful for my body situation. I'm still on painkillers whereas I expected to be at the gym by now. Now I have to wait until I'm the breasts drop and fluff again because right now I don't understand if the whole thing has been worth it. I wouldn't do it if I knew it would be so painful. Now that it's done let's hope it is a success because if it's not then i'm going to be more upset about enduring this mess of blood and hormones than anything else. My botox went great BTW, I only do touchups to get the natural look and my skin doctor is a true artist. P.S. let me know what you think of the results

7 days post revision

The pain has subsided, I stopped painkillers after day 3 and antibiotics after day 4. Feel good, but still not back to normal although I hit the treadmill for almost 1,5 hours on Friday (just walking) and did the same thing on Saturday (plus cycling). Can't wait to get back to my normal routine and just concentrate on scar management and leave this whole experience in the past. I spent so much energy on these breasts lifts that I feel I Have to chill out a bit. Of course, there was no other way, my natural breasts were in a horrendous state and sometimes when I forget how awful they looked, I check out my pictures and it all comes back. I wasn't very bothered at the time but I had to fix them. Now, I could have probably made a better choice when it comes to PS but his portfolio is great, it is me that I know of that didn't get a nice outcome. Doing the revision was non-optional because the first lift simply didn't lift. The l-shape scars were already a reality and if I could take time back I'd definitely go for the anchor lift as I had originally planned. That was my biggest mistake really. I should have gone with a PS who does these sorts of lifts. Anyway, now I am 7 days past the revised procedure and they look certainly higher but i'm not sure the shape is ideal. They look small and I regret not going bigger. I should have been advised that with my degree of ptosis going bigger would have been better as far as the outcome is concerned. I'm not sure this is the shape I had in mind either. I can carry on like that but frankly I decided to embrace the new breasts and just try to learn to love them. there is no point dwelling into how long the new scars are, or how high or low the new nipple position is or whether they are twins or cousins. I decided to let it all go and get on with my life. I just want to heal and leave it all behind. In any case, i'm still better off considering my starting point so if I also heal without any complications then i'm good. Here are some shots. Let me know what you think. I think they look better in the photos than in real life but anyway...

1 month post revision

Hi, everyone! I am updating this review as promised only because when I was searching for breast lift revision information there was practically none on this site so it might help other girls make a decision should they face one of such kind. On Thursday it was exactly 1 month post breast lift revision during which the nipple position on both breasts was corrected. Honestly, I am glad I went ahead and did it because the lift looks much better now and for me personally, it is satisfactory as I Am not searching for perfection. I have been recovering well despite being in huge pain compared to the original surgery 7 months ago and I am doing my scar management although not religiously. I leave the scars uncovered for 2-3 hours a day sometimes but overall I am using the silicone tape. My scars are not too bad but you can feel them upon touch. I don't mind if they're noticeable and I don't expect them to go away entirely but I do want them to be fully flat. I will keep doing the tape for the next two months and then maybe laser. Nothing else to add, I'm back at the gym, lifting weights from Thursday and I expect a slight drop as my specs jack up. Oh well, one can't have it all, I suppose. :-)) Happy healing, ladies!
Dr. Stratis Gabriel

So far himself, his PA and the hospital staff have been amazing and I am so grateful my sister found him!

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