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I spent hours and days looking at photos of...

I spent hours and days looking at photos of breasts and reading about it before the surgery day. I think no matter what photo you show to your doctor, your result will not be the same like anybody's else. I guess, different doctor's teckniques, different breast shapes, I do not know. What I know is that you have to listen to the doctor you trust. The first few days were very difficult for me but I had no pain in less than a week. I waited for 10 years to do it, I was very scared of being put to sleep and having something done that might have complications. I finally decided to do it and now I wish I had done it sooner. I feel more confident now and can't wait to wear my bathing suits with no padding as well as backless tops and dresses. I wish I new no more than I know now because the more you know the more you worry.

more pics

old me


4 m. post-op




my feelings now

4 months post-op and I am wondering if my left breast will go down and change shape. My doctor said it will, I am not sure. I am crazy though to be thinking about these things while I am under chemo therapy. I think they look very round like balls in the pics but my husband says they look much better in reality. Do you think they look smaller now after the swelling has gone down? I can't complain, I am happy that I was given the chance to fight this disease, other people do not even get this. Chemo is very rough, I am sick for a week, after the week I feel very good. I have shaved my head and I am ok with that now. Chemo treatment will be over early September, seems too long. I do not know why people on this site tell me that I have strength and courageous. I do not think I am, but when something like that happens you have no other choice but undergo treatment and hope for the best. There are times that I feel very down and other times I feel good.

not happy

I am not happy with my breasts now because they are far apart from each other and my natural breasts were not like that. When my arms are to the sides like when I hang somebody to take a picture, they look like round balls and too far from each other. I will post a picture to see what I am talking about. Anyone knows why is that? Should I have gone bigger or got a moderate profile that has a wider base?
My chemo tretments are going ok, I feel much better now with the change of medication

I feel so good, even though still in chemo treatment

I just want to let everyone know how good I feel, well at least most of the time, even though I am still in treatment. I still have one to go and I'm done with chemo. I gained a little weight and I feel so good. Even when I put on 3-4 pounds it shows on me.
I am back from vacation and to me regular routine. I started latin dancing twice a week and I am a little busy with my vacation rental place I have in Athens. As I said before, the only problem now is that I am not really happy with my breasts and I do not know what to do. Sometimes, I feel like I am pushing my luck. I mean, I should be grateful that I got to keep my breast and now I do not like it. I am so scared to have another surgery, I do not even know if my surgeon would agree on that. I am posting some pictures.

I am back. 1 and 1/2 years after surgery

I would like to say that I am doing very well with the cancer so far. No signs of it.
My left breast is still the same shape only much softer because I have been doing physical therapy and they massaged it. Massage helps a lot. I had lumps on the outer side ever since the surgery that hurt when I was touching that side. Now, they are gone. Therapy helps a lot after operation and my therapist said that everybody should do it after surgery because all the front part of the body and more gets tight and pulls. He does miracles this guy, he treats TV people, athletes, dancers in the dancing with the stars show etc. I am posting new photos.

back after a year and a half

I want to correct my review and say that I have recently discovered that they are under the muscle on both ends and not overs as I thought he had told me prior to the surgery. Doctors have a problem with communication, plus they forget what they have said to each patient.
Posting more pictures of today, my left is still the same and it will stay the same. Told me he will fix it in 2 years. Other than that I have no problems, feel natural, cannot even tell they are not mine. I really cannot understand how a lot of women say they feel them big, bother them, cannot sleep etc.
Anyone else with big gap in between them with my stats, 5.3", 110 p. peripheral measurement of under breasts is 29,5". I would appreciate your input.
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