6 months postop FTT, MR, and lipo to flanks....and belly button revision on 3/4/2014

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I am a 35 year old mother of 3, ages 7, 5, and 2. ...

I am a 35 year old mother of 3, ages 7, 5, and 2. After my first baby I was left with sagging skin, my muscles seemed intact and I looked pretty good in clothes but I wasn't able to wear a bikini with all that skin. Second baby took a toll on my muscles and a little more skin was sagging. I was able to workout and make my stomach not look SO bad but it still poked out and had the skin. The third baby gave me a 4 inch separation of my muscles and people won't stop asking me if I'm "expecting" Its very frustrating with the rest of your body looking fit but still have that preggo looking belly. I've been dreaming of wearing that bikini again for 7 years now and now it looks like that dream will become a reality in December! I've already had my consultation with Dr. Parker in Athens, GA. He is really wonderful and caring and all but one of his staff members had a tummy tuck with him (the one that didn't have it, doesn't have kids yet) I've got my down payment in and now is just the waiting game. I'm trying to lose 10 more pounds before then to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but it is such a battle! I'm 5'7 and my weight is around 147 now. I would love to have my breasts redone too but its just not in the budget. I got my implants in 2002 before kids and have breastfed all three children so they've taken a beating. lol. Looking forward to researching and looking through all the posts.

How do I make time go faster?!

Lol. I think I've viewed every YouTube video and every review on here. I guess I can focus on what to have ready for the surgery. Comfy clothes, bandages, scar creams, pillows. Etc. etc. I've added pics but may end up taking them down

Perfect people annoy me...

I just Looooove how people that bounce back after kids tell me that my stomach will go back to normal if I work hard enough. Makes me feel so bad and that I'm giving up pretty much and having a tummy tuck to get rid of it. I don't know what to do to make them understand. I knew growing up that there was a pretty good chance of my stomach being messed up because my mothers looks the exact same way, and you know...genetics!!! I have always been into fitness and making my body look muscular. My stomach just doesn't fit me anymore and there is too much damage! I feel lucky to have a family and husband who loves me as I am now. I can't wait for this self confidence boost after my surgery!


I have a mole JUST to the left of my belly button and a little above. Do you think that will be removed? I'm really hoping it is. I think if it isn't, it will be in a very uncomfortable place along my jeans line. You can see it slightly in the picture. It's not flat so its a little annoying. I'm also wondering if it will get all of my stretch marks. I barely have any above my belly button, just a tiny bit above...


Now I'm starting to dream of my surgery. Last night I had a dream that I had already had the tummy tuck and it looked great when I looked down but then I saw that he left me with two belly buttons!! Then I turned to the side and saw that I still looked severely pregnant. If its this bad now with the dreams, I can't even imagine when it gets closer! lol. Also wondering if I have a hernia? How can you tell?

Need to lose weight!

I'm trying to lose those last 10 pounds and they just won't budge! Next week I plan to start running and I think that will help to get it off. I just want as much fat off of me as possible before this surgery. Wish I could make the time go by faster!!

4 months

Just checking in! Coming up on the 4 month mark!


So 41 days until my surgery and only 24 days until my pre-op! I have so many questions! Since my doc needs to see me 24-48 hours after surgery I think I will be spending the first night in a hotel. It's too far of a drive home for me especially after such a big surgery. I keep worrying about scat placement even though my doc has said he tries to keep it in he panty line. I need to stress the importance of this. Although I would be super happy with a flat stomach with just the muscle repair, I would also love to be able to wear a bikini again and not worry if my shirt rises up that you will see a big Frankenstein scar. Have I mentioned how hard it is to lose weight around thanksgiving time? I'm eating good right now but thanksgiving week might be a little harder for me. I need to keep in mind that my surgery results will be better if I lose 10 lbs. don't know if I mentioned before that I'm 5'7 and about 148 lbs. the weight that I gain always goes to my stomach and just recently started going to my butt. (Yay!). Big butts are in right?

Different pics

Also I took some better pics mad erased the old. I actually look worse in person. Lots of wrinkly skin

Weight loss

Or lack thereof..... I have been working my butt off, eating right and exercising and I have not dropped a single pound. I know it's best to be within 10-15 lbs and I'm within 10 but it would be nice to be lower to get the best results possible. Very frustrating!

The countdown is on!!

Can't believe it's under a month now!
Thanksgiving this next week will make it go by even faster since we will be so busy. Still haven't lost any weight but I have lost inches so at least that's something. I would like to take some measurements before surgery. At least stomach measurements!


At least I'm sick now instead of surgery day! This cough has got to go! I don't want to be coughing after this surgery, so I hear.


Had my pre-op today! It was so exciting and made everything so much more real. I signed all the paperwork, went through drain care. I'll have my drains for a horrifying two weeks!!! And I can't shower until they are out! I'm going to have to get creative with sponge bathing. Ewww. We took some before pictures and discussed how low the incision will be ( I'll bring some swimsuit bottoms with me). Also got my prescriptions! All 5 of them! I'm not even nervous, just ready to get this show on the road!

Getting it together

I've picked up prescriptions, gotten bandages, and paper tape and bactine(doctor recommended for cleaning incision) Christmas presents are wrapped, house is decorated, freezer is packed with food. The only thing I haven't succeeded in is losing any weight. My doctor says I don't need to but I still would have liked to be closer to my ideal weight. This week should fly by since there is so much going on this weekend! Anyways, nothing much to update on, I just wish my day was here already!


I never get this sick! I think I have the stomach flu. Hoping I can get better for surgery next week!!! I have so much to do but all I can do is lay here.

Feeling better

I am lots better today, I guess it was a 24 hour bug. How do I get rid of a cough quickly???


Ok so I am getting extremely nervous about the surgery, the pain, and most of all I'm so scared I'll be nauseous and throwing up when I wake up.

Out of surgery!

He drew incision really low from what I could tell. Why oh why does the top of my butt hurt so bad? Lipo? I'll update with pics when I can!

Few pics

Here are a few pics in my binder

First day

I have some time to tell you about surgery day! Ok. I arrived at 730 and they had me get dressed up in surgical underwear and a gown. Then Dr Parker came in and drew on me and answered any questions I had. While he was drawing I told him I want the incision as low as possible and he drew it lower! And also I asked him about removing my mole and he marked that to take it out so I was happy about that too. Then the anesthesiologist came in I met him and expressed concerns about waking up nauseous as I have before under anesthesia. He told me he wouldn't let that happen and after he said that, gave me a "cocktail" and walked me back to the operating room. I got on the bed and after that I was out! I guess the surgery only took about 1 1/2-2 hours because if woke up around 11am and had been sleeping awhile. I was trying to cough and that was really uncomfortable. I got dressed shortly after and got wheeled out to the car! Friday I will go back for my post-op and get to see it for the first time. I am so excited! I tried to unzip a little to peek but I couldn't see anything.

Sneak peek

I unzipped to adjust the binder and snapped some pics.


Oops forgot to attach pics

Day 2 post op

We'll I'm up early since there is nothing for me to do but sleep. Today is my post op appointment where they will change my dressings and I get to see what it looks like! Coughing is a pain in the butt but I am getting through it. Hope I don't damage anything. The pillow against your stomach does nothing so I try and use pressure from my hands. I feel like my CG is too tight? Maybe it's because I'm starting to swell. I can't believe this is my body now! I am so happy just from seeing how flat it is. Anyways, I'll be back to let you know how the appointment went and hopefully more pics!



I admit that when I read others swelling stories, I can barely tell they are swollen. We'll....now I know what they are talking about, my waist is gone and I look like a rectangle


Yesterday I feel like I hit a point where I felt a lot more normal. I was getting up faster, walking more, felt more comfortable...etc. I am just so swollen that I feel fat again. My drains are putting out quite a bit of fluid and I have some painful lumps on my back! What is that about?

Belly button

What do y'all think of my belly button? I'm not sure about it yet. I think it might get cute when it sinks in more. I'm just happy it doesn't look like a cat butthole anymore.


Does swelling get worse than this?

Feeling good

I'm doing better today. Took a sponge bath/shower. That was not fun but I do feel better. I'm still on pain meds but only half the dosage I've been taking. I'm excited to start working on my scar and making it look better. I'll be purchasing some biocorneum.

Day 6 post op

Had a scare this weekend.

I started having a lot of pain on my right side drain where it was attached and then the pain went around to my hip and even my back. It was hard to walk so I went in today and thank goodness he said it wasn't infected but just irritated. He took out both of my drains and I do feel better but I am still sore......one step back I guess. Hopefully my body can take care of the fluids its producing and hopefully I won't have any problems. I'll take another picture in the morning when I'm not as swollen. (hopefully!) Can anyone weigh in and tell me if they got more swollen when the drains came out?

Day 12 po


I look back before I had this done when I was looking at all your pictures of you saying you were swollen and thinking...damn, I can't even see it! But now I understand! These pictures were taken right after my shower and I already got tight and swollen! A little concerned about my left hip area. Is that swelling or a dog ear?? Oh! The infection I thought I had? Yup, I was right. I had an infection. Even after I had asked and he said no I went home to clean the drain hole and pus came oozing out and wouldn't stop. I was so scared because it had been painful all weekend! Well he called me in some antibiotics but it was too late for me to pick them up so luckily I found some old antibiotics from this last summer in the cabinet. I started taking them and last night I started to feel so much better.

Hey there!

Found some swimsuit bottoms that actually cover the scar and they don't look too ridiculous right? I mean I won't be wearing these exact same ones but a cuter color or patten in this style.


So even my formerly tight undershirts are now baggy!!! I am so happy! My waist before surgery was 35 inches. Last week it was 32, the other day it was 30 and now today it's 28 1/2!!!

3 weeks post op!

I had to cancel my appointment to re-check my "not infection" **roll eyes** It was a totally infected drain hole. It finally closed up 2 days ago and I'm finished with antibiotics...again. Anyways, I had to cancel because all of Atlanta was freaking out about a little cold weather. So school was cancelled and I wasn't about to bring my 3 kids to the doc's office. I am scheduled to come in Tuesday next week. I did call the nurse today and asked about my belly button, if it would sink in more and she said yes and I should massage it and stick my pinky in it...(ewww) to help it out. Also I asked the nurse if he does revisions because my sides are quite high and they even peek out of my jeans. And of course they come out of my bikini unless I wear some granny suit. I'm sure I can get the scare to fade eventually but hey, if I can get it lowered, I totally will! I thought the swelling was going away but then I woke up totally huge this morning. I took a pic for my 3 week post op pic but you can actually see the swell right about my incision. My scars are getting dark also. I guess that's just the aging process of scars right? They get worse and then better.


Grrr dumb phone

Just a little comparison from week to week so far



Close up!

Request for close up for prettyeyes. I have a tiny bit of stretch marks above my incision but they are getting lighter and lighter as I heal. Weird! I'm not complaining! Have a lot of swelling since it's the end of the day and a dent from my underwear showing in these pics

Pressed update before I was ready! Gah!

4 weeks post op!

ok so a real 4 week update....

I am obviously in the red/purple scar phase and it is driving me nuts. I've been using silicone strips and biocorneum purchased from Dr. Parker. I think it definetely sped up the healing process and that's why the scars are so dark right now. My belly button creeps me out a little. Wish it was the color of the rest of my skin, and I wish it would sink in already! At my office visit yesterday he told me to massage it with lotion and stick my finger in it. lol. I've been doing that, but I also don't want it to get bigger and it seems like the tissue inside is now even more swollen.....great.... Think I'll just leave it alone and just massage it. I've also started some light therapy tonight on my hip scars, its supposed to reduce redness and speed up healing so I am going to do that as much as possible. I am a student and have access to it, so I am taking advantage.

5 weeks!

Really loving my results. There are some concerns that my belly biotin may not sink in though and also there is more skin on my left hip area and that causes a bit of an overhang. Also my right side, at the end of the scar there is a tiny point. Hoping it resolves itself.

4 week vs 5 week

I see more definition up on the upper abs and I also lost 1 1/2 more inches in the waist!

Why is this happening?

A couple days ago I started swelling again. Ughhhhh... Maybe since I am more active and lifting the baby more?

Belly button

Ok honestly....I am 99.9% positive that I will ask for a belly button revision. It looks like a vagina to me!! I've done everything he's said and even the stories I look up on here much doesn't change after like 4 weeks. When I hunch over I love the way it looks because it sinks in. But when in straight it is flush and really fleshy to me. In the last two weeks I've been doing the gauze in the bb and of course I do it right before I take pics and in the 4 and 5 weeks pics, it seriously looks like a vagina to me. :(

Belly button pics from today

the color?

Maybe its the color of the belly button also? Why is it so purple? Will it go back to normal? AHHHHH! I'm losing my mind!

6 weeks!

Like I had mentioned before, I have a little more swelling still.


update continued

Ok, so not much has changed. I don't really see any difference in the picture either just that I am tanner because I've been using self tanner to see if my belly button won't look as dark when my skin is darker. nope..... sigh....I can't wait to see Dr. Parker at 3 months to talk to him about it. I really need to get working out more. I still can't do sit ups....I feel like I might rip open!! I'll have to try a plank today and see how that feels. I need to look amazing this summer. lol

Thank you

Just want to thank everyone for their kind comments. It's nice to be able to "talk" about this with people who understand and get through this healing phase!

7 week update

Still swollen. Oh well I do think my bb is looking better

As requested

Sucking in

Hate my belly button

I hate it, I hate it. I'm embarrassed about it

Belly button obsessed

Ok so these are in order from left to right, top to bottom. 2,4,6,8 weeks. Is it looking better? Be honest. Would you see it and be like wth happened to her belly button? I have a chance to wear a bikini next weekend in Florida and not sure I should go tankini instead


9Weeks !!

I'm Tuesday to meet with dr Parker about my belly button and "thinning" it out. I told him it was too "meaty"

Revision coming up!

My belly button is getting fixed next Tuesday the 4th! I'm nervous a little! And my dog ear will be fixed too.

Reminder for myself not to be so picky and how much happier I am now

Before and after. 10 weeks


I have found many reviews on belly button revisions but I have not seen one person come back with pics to show the improvement on here! Hoping that means good news and they were happy and didn't bother coming back here. I imagine if they were still unhappy they would be back here to complain about it. I PROMISE to come back and date with pics. So I guess the procedure involves making a half moon incision on the top of my belly button. :( And then going I'm and thinning out the belly button tissues to allow it to sink in more. I like the bottom of my belly button where it sinks in, so hopefully he can get the top to match


I'm not going to lie. It was a really creepy feeling. I'm a little swollen but so much better already! Bummed about stitches though and starting over with part of the scar.

Swollen shut. Lol

Numbing mess wore off

I am in pain! Hurts to cough and sneeze again and the bruising has already begun. It's ok though. Very happy with the results already.


I have a lot of swelling around my belly button today. Hoping it doesn't last long. Back to wearing spanx again!

Belly button update

Just when it was lightening up, now it's dark again because they has to re cut the area. Oh well. It will get better. I plan to use the ipl light on it as much as possible. Also, stitches are out now!


Coming up on 4 months post op!

And don't forget bathing suit season! I've been eating right and working out a ton. Can't wait for summer!

6 months

Very bloated right now. Should have took a pic after my period!! Doing well otherwise and happier with my belly button revision. I wore a bikini and was wondering if everyone could tell I had surgery. I am paranoid but so happy. Best decision ever.
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