Mommy Makeover Monday July 2nd! - Athens, GA ***NEW PICS ADDED!!!***

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So, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. I have...

So, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. I have 4 year old twins and a 16 month old all delivered by c-section. All 3 are girls!! I have my hands full. I am 32 (will be 33 in August) and have been thinking about this for a long time. I went back initially in March for my first consultation and scheduled in April. I have been thinking about it non stop ever since. I wanted to do it sooner, but it just didn't make sense to do it at any other time but now because of child care. WIth it being the summer, all 3 of my girls are with a private baby sitter vs. during the school year, they are in 2 different locations have to be dropped off and picked up at different times and different locations. I also have my parents about 5 miles away from us. I am planning to stay with them the first few nights. I figured it would be easier for me to go somewhere else than for all 3 of my kids to go somewhere else. My husband can focus on taking care of the girls in the evening and my parents can help me with whatever I might need. I really can't believe that this is actually about to happen to me!! I have been a stalker on this forum for a while now and have been saying that I was going to post, but never have. I am so impressed by everyones stories and before and after photos. I can only hope and pray that I have results that are as good as everyone elses!!! I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo of the posterior flanks and a breast lift with implants. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!! I am going to post a few pictures that I took with my phone of my nasty stomach. Not great quality, but you will get the general idea. Anyone who sees me doesn't understand why I want this done. They don't actually see what's underneath your clothes though!! I got my before pictures done 2 weeks ago and they will e-mail me those so I will have more to post later.

I am 6 days PO and loving my new body!!! I...

I am 6 days PO and loving my new body!!! I honestly can't believe it is me! I have been off my pain meds since Friday and my drains have completely stopped draining so I am hoping to get them out tomorrow. I went for my first PO appointment Thursday and they were amazed at how well I was doing. They said that a lot of women have to have their husbands bring them in in a wheelchair and that lots of ladies are out of it during the appointments because they are still taking so much pain medicine. I know everyone is different and I am just happy that the surgery didn't affect me that way. The main source of pain I am having right now is from the staples that are keeping my drains in. They are burning and pulling and about to drive me crazy!! Other than that I feel great....but I go to stand up and start walking and I remember that I had surgery Monday. I may feel great, but I am far from standing up straight or walking without being bent over. I wish I could help my husband more. It's hard to just sit there when there are things that I know need to be done. I hate it, but it is only temporary and so worth it. I will be back on feet again before I know it.

Well, here are a few pics of me. Like I said, I truly can't believe it is me. My surgeon is an artist and an expert as far as I am concerned!!!
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