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I went to Dr. Fellows at Athenix in Irvine, unsure...

I went to Dr. Fellows at Athenix in Irvine, unsure if they would consider me due to my weight. I was holding around 215 pounds for over six months, having come down for 295. Lipo was a two-fold answer for me. First I wanted to get as much done to help me qualify and get the best possible results from a planned breast reduction (I'm an H heading for something in the D range) and hopefully skin removal surgery to remove the roll of excess skin and fat I've had since my first pregnancy. I also just wanted to feel like myself again - when I was younger, I always had a defined waist and no matter how heavy I became, I had a pretty flat stomach area. I told Dr. Fellows I just wanted to look nice in clothes again and be able to wear jeans without the discomfort of the muffin top fat. I was clear with him that I didn't expect to look better naked, but wanted to look better in clothing and set myself up for great results in the future.
My results are so much better than I expected. He performed 360 degree lip around my torso, so many areas were included in the cost. Recovery was painful for weeks and very uncomfortable until about two weeks ago. I don't know if it was the extensive nature of the procedures, my age, or just being a wimp, but it hurt far longer than I expected. I was really glad I had two weeks before having to go back to work. I do think I healed better after returning, so perhaps the forced movement and preoccupation would have helped if I'd returned earlier.
My results are great. I'm currently under 200 pounds (I did go up for a while after surgery to around 227, but as the swelling went down, so did my weight. I have a waist again, with a nice swelling of hip for the hourglass I remember. I fit smoothly at the waist in jeans and I'm trimmer all the way around. I do see more stretch marks where the fat was removed and skin is sagging, but that was expected. I still have hard areas and discomfort in my back, but I sleep without the compression garment and without pain killers, so it's manageable. The Dr. did a wonderful job of making my body symmetrical and even improved my derriere through some liposculpture above the buttocks. He definitely works as an artist and he understood everything I told him about wanting to remain hourglass shaped and womanly. I'm not done healing, and I can't wait to see my final results. I'll get some photos when I go in for my next check up.
The cost I listed is approximate, I will have to look up the actual price and add it to the site. The procedure was around 10K with general anesthesia (the anesthesiologist was amazing - I was very scared of that part of the process but went under easily and came out easily. I spent another few hundred on blood tests and a health check with EKG required by Athenix. in addition I spent the night before and after surgery at the Doubletree, as well as the night before my one week check up. All of my checkups are included - one day, one week, one month, three months (coming up), six months, and one year. The compression garment was also included and it was invaluable for controlling pain and discomfort. I still wear it during the day mostly to support my flank area which is still very sensitive. I also paid a friend to take the day off work to take care of me the first couple of days. Other than that it was just water, Gatoraid2, Vitamin Water, and easy to prepare foods. I did have the benefit of spending the first week of recovery with friends so I didn't have to do much, just take my walks (really important to healing and pain control), and resting. Pictures will follow, but now that I feel that I can really see my results, I wanted to share how pleased I am with this decision. It was money well spent because I feel comfortable in my own skin. I no longer cringe about how heavy my belly area is, I don't even notice and I don't worry about how I look all the time. I am not perfect, but I'm comfortable and have better improvement than I thought I would get, so I highly recommend Dr. Fellows to anyone considering lipo.

4 Month Check In

The doctor is very pleased with my healing. I'm not likely to have any visible scars, although all I've done is use Peppermint Castile (sp?) liquid soap and followed up with sesame oil after every shower. I was advised to use a special lotion, but really the little scars of little importance to me, so I guess it's just lucky that they are going to disappear over time. I still have swelling in the flanks, especially the outer obliques, some in the back/low back area, and the abdomin. I still have some sensitive and possible swelling along my back where my bra strap sits. However, most tissue has softened up and much of the swelling is gone. I do swell unevenly sometimes, which is normal according to the doctor. I swell significantly in the flanks/hip area after working out, but it's worth it to get the exercise in. My skin is pulling in nicely in areas that often down, so the doctor is happy about that. My abdominal roll is what it is, it will have to be removed, but it's not a problem under clothing. My skirts are hanging on me now -- I'll have to alter them or go shopping. I'm holding at around 200 lbs. at this time, however the doctor said there may be a downward change when all the swelling is gone. I am 1/3 of the way through my healing process. I will say that I still have some sensitivity and discomfort, especially the day after working out, but it's an annoyance, not a problem, and it doesn't stop me from doing any desired activities. I am so happy that I did this. It has had a major effect on my self-confidence and my motivation to be healthier and keep my weight under control. I am not focused on weight loss at this time, I just want to maintain and continue increasing in my endurance and strength. I hope that I can stay with Dr. Fellows for my lift & tummy tuck/skin removal. I also hope to have my excess arm skin removed and my upper thighs reduced with possibly some skin removal. I don't have a time frame yet. Much depends on costs and how quickly I can pay off my accounts. It's a lot, but I'm now at about 100 pounds lost and I want to look and feel as good on the outside as I do on the inside.
Dr. David Fellows

Dr. Fellows was outstanding in all areas. His staff was wonderful and he surgery team were all very professional and supportive. He's a true artist.

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