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This Is a review on the 2nd of two surgeries I've...

This Is a review on the 2nd of two surgeries I've scheduled. This is for implants and making my thighs match the rest of me. I will have saline implants under muscle, transaxillary incision. 36B to be full 36D with natural look. I am getting water lipo of inner & outer thigh and knees to balance look

My wish photos

So, I wanted to post some wish photos to get some feedback on if you all think that my wish photos look natural and that based on my current size and shape. Two are saline one is silicone. I will be getting saline, under muscle, through armpit. I am looking forward to your feedback. I have had a tendency for cysts in my left breast that they have had under observation for two or three years now. I thought about doing the fat transfer but the PS office recommended against it as it could cause more issues. If anyone else has had this and got implants, I would be grateful to hear about your experience. This is the thing that has me most nervous about my transition.

my consult its in two days

currently the plan is no lift, what is your opinion?

Second consultation to confirm my choices

And I am going with 550cc - smooth -HP - natrelle - saline, as long as my doctor agrees that my body can handle the extra 50cc bump.

My doctor specialty is under the muscle applied through the armpit and should leave a pretty small scar. I learned that in the 7 years she has been practicing she has not had a single patient with a deflation, so I am excited for this change in my life and no longer having to wear these padded push up bras or worry about my swimwear. I think the size is right. I've been wearing padded bras for 3 or 4 years now so I don't think that it will be that noticeable but wanted to make sure that I went big enough to balance out my shape since I've always been so bottom heavy.

I have very sensitive skin and a history with a 9 month issue with a belly button ring that didn't go well, so I am hopeful that these will work out for me and that my body doesn't reject them. I want to be able to fully embrace my curves like my hubby does; he loves my body, but we know that we are doing this for us, right gals?

Collage of "trial sizes"

I've put together the attached collage of current and trial sizes. They had already ordered the 500s and just ordered 550s so they will have both in the OR and will determine final size there. I understand that they can go up to 590 ccs on the 550s but I am not sure how overfilling changes the look, or if it does at all. Anyone have experience with this?

I can't believe the day is finally here...

I have all my medicine, just picked up my 4 bags of frozen peas, new trameel cream tube, arnica 30X, and all my medication in a little tote that can go with me where ever I decide to go. I have my couch set up with pillows on the chase lounge portion and will be set up my wedge pillow system on my bed before leaving for the surgery center.

I think I am ready!

I think I am really ready now

I have my wedge pillows wrapped in plastic and have lined the bed and pillows with several towels for lipo fluid leaking. I only leaked for a day and and a half with the first surgery. I also have the same set up on the couch in the living room. I've included a picture of my tote with meds and essentials which will go back and forth between these two stations. It feels so strange to not put on deodorant.

A huge shout out to all of you women out here on real self, both past and present who are supportive, nurturing and willing to tell their stories. I am not sure i would've been able to go through with this otherwise.

And, lastly, big smooches and love to my hubby for his loving support and all the help he will be providing over the next two weeks.

Post Op day 1

Hello ladies! I made it through surgery well with no vomiting or upset stomach. I had water jet liposuction of my outer and inner thighs and knees as well as a breast augmentation.

Type: Saline
Method: Transaxillary (through armpit)
Size: 550cc, 68HP, 13.3 centimeters wide, and 5.8 centimeters deep.
Right breast: 530
Left breast: 590

I have big boobies! They look like they are sitting in the right plaice already but I’m not sure since the doctor has them all taped up. I have tape, a soft front opening bra, and a strap across the top to hold the sisters down. I hope they take the tape off at my first post op I had no idea that my left breast was so much smaller, but it does explain my difficulty finding a bra that fits well.

Somehow I am up 13 pounds on the scale. I think it is do to all the fluid they pumped into me when doing the water jet liposuction on my legs. My legs look way different. It is nice to see some instant results. They are very swollen but I can see the shape.

I am taking 2 vicodin every 6 hours, a muscle relaxer 3 times a day, and antibiotics twice a day. I still feel pain but it does make me sleep. I’ve been getting a sharp pain that come and goes under my left breast at the crease; just soreness in my right breast and of course soreness and pain in my armpits.

I love the frozen peas!

I forgot to mention lipo

I get to go home and take a lower half shower and am giddy with anticipation. they were able to take 1600ccs from my legs! after showing, I will post pics. I had them ready but noticed my CG is pretty bloody.

Pics of before and after BA

I haven't taken my bra and strap off yest but hopefully these pics show the new me. It is so clear when you look at this set of pics how much bigger my right breast was. They are now perfectly even. When does the pain go away under the breast at the crease? Also how long until I can bend over. Oh, the pain wheni forget that important point.

Pics before and after thigh lipo

I think I see a vast difference in my size, do you? I'm Still very swollen and have swollen ankles as well; that's a first for me. It's a good thing my boobies are so big so that I can't really see them LOL. 1600 cc removed, inner thigh, outer thigh, and knees. No more leaking, yay!

New boobies

So, I've read that many have numbnesscin their breasts after getting a BA, but I have feeling in both breasts and no loss of sensation in my nipples. I don't know if it is because she went in through the armpit or not. I am itching, could I be healing already?

Ice, ice baby

I love frozen peas! Who knew,

Post op day three - thigh measurements

Today seemed worse than day two with a lot more swelling and pain. My thighs just feel sore but manageable, most of my pain is in my breasts, so I am glad I am seeing the doc to discuss.

I'm not allowed to shower and get my breast incisions wet before I see my PS tomorrow, so my hubby had me sit on the bench in the shower while he washed and conditioned my hair. He wrapped a towel around me tucked under my arms. It worked like a champ, however after I broke out in a cold, clammy sweat and got very nauseated. I laid down for a 1/2 hour, took a nausea pill and had some jello. I got back into y CG an hour later.

Even though I am swollen, I took measurements of my thigh and they both were a little over 24 inches. I am thrilled since pre op my thighs measured 27 1/2!

Another first today, I had (several) BMs, hurray. Last sx it wasn't until 5 days PO.

I started taking arnica and will start my vitamin regiment tomorrow.

I only took 1 pain pill every 6 hours today and for the last one this evening I went 8 hour between. I an going to try to start weening me off those meds.

Post op day 4

The PS is pleased with my progress and said I'm a poster child. My breasts are still swollen but are already dropped in place. I only have to wear the binder two more days. I have all my tape off and can now shower to ger all my Air inside after breast aug off. In the meantime, here are som comparison pics Pre op to post op.

Has anyone with BA experienced radiating pain at upper chest to clavicle and uo the throat to the jaw?

I've searched this site and haven't found anyone with this problem. My PS hasn't had this issue with a patient before so she wants me to call or text tomorrow to see where I am with this pain. I have upped my does of pain pills from 1 to 2 and got a refill today for the pain pills and more muscle relaxers. While it hasn't gone way it is at least tolerable. I hope all will. Be well at the end of this week.

Here are my clean pics after the shower. What a relief!.

Incision picture

The incision looks pretty good.

Doctor has given me the go ahead to remove my strap

So off it went! I think that my breasts have settled in pretty well. My right breast is riding a bit high and tight but hopefully it will drop a little more and soften with time. I slept most of the day away but that is okay with me since I've been having that pain in my shoulder to jaw area. I am hoping with the removal of the strap and adding taking some laxatives I will be in better shape in the next two days (fingers crossed). My bust currently measures at 41", yay! that helps to balance out these 43" hips. I am still really swollen in the legs and need to get out and do some walking. I will attempt to do that this evening.

I've been taking my vitamin regimen for the past two days which includes bromalian, trameel pills, tumeric, vitamin c, vitamin d, and zinc as well as arnica pellets. I've also been putting trameel cream on my bruises. I thought I would have a lot of bruises on the outer thigh but there are barely any there as most are around my knee and mid inner thigh. I also have bruising at the incision point around the armpit and under my breasts where the crease has been expanded. I had a really tight crease so it is causing a burning sensation there.

I hope all of you ladies are healing well! Best wishes.

PO day 8 I think

Well, I've spent the past 3 days laying around and on pain killers. Today I am trying to get by with the muscle relaxers and Tylenol for pain management. I'm up 5 lbs from. Pre surgery weight. I can't wait for this bloating to go down. Hopefully, getting off the pain pills will move that along. My left shoulder is still giving me pain and my right breast still burns at the crease but the pain is less often and therefore a little more barable.

Yesterday was one of my first days out of the house and I did a little shopping. I am right now a 36DD. It was so nice to try on a bra and have it fit both sides evenly. I picked up a few shirts but left the bra behind since most of you have expressed a lot of changes can happen between now and final size in 1 -2 months.

My legs are still really swollen from lipo so I'm having my dear hubby go grab my bigger clothes that were put away. Hopefully it will be only a week or two that I need them. I wear my CG religiously except when my hubby is washing it. I know that will take at least 3 months to really show progress.

My girls are sitting up high but not too high. They look pretty good. I've atteched some new photos.

Some firsts today

1. I got dressed today all by myself even in my CG
2. I drove today
3. I didn't take anything more than Tylenol today
4. I did some things around the house including laundry

A good day indeed.

What a beautiful song

When I am not feeling as connected as I like I look to this song to inspire me.
(Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah)

Happy healing ladies

Water jet lipo openings

These pictures are for those interested in seeing what the wounds from lipo look like when usung water assisted lipo and small candula.

I am starting to see a drop

My shoulder feels better most of the time and it looks like I am dropping some. I have some new pictures posted here that show front and side views. Will post more in a day or two.

My lipo work on my lower half and most of my bruising is gone but am still feeling tight and sore, but feel that I am a bit smaller. I am still using the 24/7 CG and am coming up on the end of the second week PO.

My scabs are beginning to fall off from lipo

About 1/2 my scabs have come off so I should soon be able to do some scar therapy. My incisions are looking good and will post them tomorrow. A dress that I loved but felt self conscious in without bra and other supports I can now wear with no bra needed.

My Special dress

Well ladies, I was mistaken about my bra size

I went shopping today and am ready to take these 36dd back and get 34G and/or 36DDD. It seems that in the morning before being out and sbout I'm a 34 then I swell. I went back to Soma, and the lovely lady helping me took one look at the 36DD i was wearing and said I needed to go down a band and up 2 sizes in the cup. They didn't have any 34Gs non-wired so she had me try on a 34DDD underwire and it felt so much better than the one i had on i took it. After being in it an hour, I had red marks on my boobs in all the right places telling me it is still too small. So, back they go. The rest of the day was spent walking malls, discount stores, and outlet malls in search of the elusive G. I stuck with 36DDD in the end and picked me up some that will get me to the one month mark when my dr. will clear me for underwire bras and I will have more options. I saw some gals on here doing a picture like this so I thought I would post it. I took it before swelling up today. What secret places are you well endowed ladies shopping?

I hope you all are healing well and in good spirits!

A new first today...

I purchased a compression garment over a year ago that was a medium. Well, needless to say I wasn't able to get it up past 2 inches above my knees. Well, this morning I dug it out of the back of the drawer it was relegated to for all these months and I was able to get into it with a little help from my hubby :). I was worried about not tugging on my TT scar, so we worked together to pull it up and away before settling it into place. I am thrilled! It is providing better compression than my fancy CG that was making me itchy. Here are some new pics with my new M CG. Wahoo!

Most of my lipo marks have lost their scabs and I've begun using my scar therapy on them. I will take pictures of them after a week of scar therapy.

Life happens....

Hi all you lovely ladies! I've been busy these past few weeks which means that things are getting back to normal.

I've been back for my three week PO appointment and all is well with the exception of a band of scar tissue at my incisions that limits my range of motion a bit and causes a pulling sensation around my elbow. The doctor had to apply pressure to the band and pull away using both hands -- I felt several pops and it is a better. I am to apply warm compresses on my armpits for several weeks which will hopefully take care of the rest of it. The left armpit band is barely noticeable. Other than that, things are going well. I only need to wear my CG for 12 hours a day (still sometimes it for 24 hours) and can jettison my CG after for weeks, but I plan to continue to use one for a while so I recently ordered a MariaE! CG and hope it comes in the mail next week. My skin still gets itchy in my current CG so I am hoping this new CG is better with my sensitive skin. We will see. I don't go back until the three month mark.

My doctor has cleared me to begin dieting and moderate exercise; which I started at 2 1/2 weeks (30 min @ elliptical, stretching and sit-ups). I've had years of issues with my ligaments and tendons stretching out and in the process have fought issues with bad sprains that would have everything in hold for months. I am hoping with the reduction of weight off my knees through lipo I may be able to strengthen my minor muscles around my knees and ankles so that I can stop getting these sprains.

Well, I hope you all are well or healing and, Sissy48, I really hope that your chiropractor has you feeling better. hugs!

Not sure why all the pics didn't upload, so trying again.

and again...

Shopping fun today

Okay, ladies! No more messing around. I went to Nordstrom for proper fitting and they had a plethora of bras in my size. I must have tried on 20 bras. I bought 3 in 32GG that fit fantastic; snug like they should in the band with no ride up, and another 4 in 34G, I think this is my final size, I don't feel this big, but I must be. Also, my legs are looking much smaller. I am down 3 inches at the widest part of my thigh. I'm feeling sleepy, so that's all for today. Happy healing, gals!

Two month pics

Hello lovely ladies! I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving. I wanted to post some new pictures comparing Pre op to two months post op.

I am now 4 months post op and have some concerns about bottoming out

I am posting pictures to get your opinions, but they are selfies so not very good quality. I will post better ones soon when I can get some help. This is my biggest concern and am seeing my surgeon Thursday this week. I hope all is well and that I am fretting over nothing. I've included progress for my armpit and TT scars. The right one had a big mondor cord and while it is resolved, you can see that that part of the scar is wider than the rest. I seem to be taking my own sweet time getting the scars to fade. Signed, nervous

Confirmed - bottomed out on both sides

In my appointment today my doctor has confirmed that I have bottomed out on both sides. They won't do revision surgery until I am 6 months out healing so I have an appointment scheduled for Early April to discuss my revision, options, cost, etc. I feel very proportionate but am wondering if this wouldn't have happened if I went with the lighter option of silicone implants. Have any of you any stories to share about you're revisions with similar size?

On an upbeat note, my pictures comparing my before thoughts to my after thighs were remarkably good. I can't wait to get pictures copies to share.

Updated my review to not sure

I love the results of my inner and outer thigh liposuction so that was definitely worth it. I also am happier with the results after treating my back of thighs with Veleshape. I wanted to fix my asymmetry and wanted no scars on my breasts. With a revision looming, I am nervous to go under the knife again. I love the size I picked but am now wondering if the added weight of the saline is partly what is causing the bottoming out. I think I have severe flex deformity. I've finally got up the nerve to post pictures. Any recommendations? Anyone else have combination of flex deformity and bottoming out and gone through revision surgery? I wanted to be back at work by now but am obsessing about my current state and new outcome. I see them in April to review method of repair. I am heartbroken.

Belated update

Hello all you wonderful ladies! After a quote of $9K for a revision, I've decided to have a wait and see attitude about when and where I get a revision. At that price, I could probably go elsewhere for the same amount. They recommended that I get alloderm (or similar material) to be sure not to bottom out again, wanted to reduce me by about 150-200ccs, switch me to silicone, and was looking at doing a aureola incision. Anyone that has read my posts knows that these are things that I didn't want, although a slight reduction would be okay. Since making this decision about 2 or 3 months ago, my breasts have since evened out and the animation is not as bad any more. Still there, but not as bad. The bottoming out is still there but not as bad since they are at least even. I will likely eventually fix this but for now I am actually feeling pretty good about them. It is partially because they stopped hurting for the most part. On occasion I still get some twinges here and their but it is almost always in the right breast as has been the case since the beginning. They are soft, pliable, move freely and feel pretty darned real. I hope you ladies are doing well and this message finds you happy, healthy and healed. What do you think of the revision cost?
Dr. Lisa Precht

All the staff at Athenix, especially Elle, my patient coordinator, are the best. They call for reminders, they call back right way and they made special effort to order two sizes when I wasn't sure on size. Dr. Precht took it from there to get my fill levels right and even me out. So far, I am thrilled with the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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