34 A/B, 33 Y/o, No Kids, 5'8", 135 Lbs.

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So I am writing this at 4:30am. I woke up from a...

So I am writing this at 4:30am. I woke up from a weird dream, and now I am back on here reading reviews. I've been wanting to write my own, but putting it off (so why not now). I am 33 years old with no kids. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. Right now I am a 34 small B in my L breast, and an A in my R breast. I have always known I was going to get a BA since I was a young teenager (15 or so). I was so excited when my breasts began to change and grow. I impatiently waited for them to "get bigger" once their growth started, but it never happened. Once I got into high school I stopped telling myself they'd still might grow more. My younger and older sister, and my mother have a DDD, DD, full C sizes respectively. Though I seemed to miss the handing down of breast tissue I was definitely blessed with a nice butt, thankfully! I've always thought of getting an augmentation since I was younger and throughout my later years, but I would always talk myself out of it, or scare myself out of it. This year I just decided to do a some research and make an appointment for a consultation just to see what might happen. I am a very health conscious individual, so I struggle with idea of unnecessarily submitting my body to surgery and the drugs, as well as having potentially hazardous materials inside me. I've thought about pros and cons, and why, and why not. All in all, I want to feel comfortable in my skin. I wear an ultra padded push-up bra with thick cutlets just to achieve a look I feel comfortable about when I dress. I'm tired of it. Yes I go out braless sometimes, and I'm fine. I'm not concerned with others seeing how small my breasts are - I know they're small, but I constantly wish and want, and fantasize about how they'd look if they we not uneven and larger. I want a full C. I want to look natural and proportionate. I was so hesitant about the size. I was sized during my 1st consultation, my second visit, and during my pre-op with the surgeon. Finally decided that my implant would be a 400cc, silicone, high profile. Of course the doctor mentioned that there will be 3 or 4 other sizes (ranging 350cc - 425cc) in the operating room just in case. I have been so nervous. I get bouts of excitement and butterflies, and then I also get bouts of anxiety and bad thoughts. My pre-op appointment was fairly long only because I had so many concerns, and worries. I spoke with the nurse and the surgeon. I showed them pictures of breast augmentations that showcased what I hoped for and also of what I did not want. My three MAJOR concerns were anesthesia, safety of the implant, and looking natural. My breasts are dense, and very prone to cysts. I have had 2 previous lump removals, and recently (this morning) had a very large cyst aspirated - 9cc of fluid. So of course, my very first concern and question for the doctor was my safety, and whether it was alright for me to get a BA. I've had many breast ultra sounds, seen many different doctors - FNP's, breast surgeons, gynecologists, general practitioners, and integrative medicine M.D.s , and all assured me a BA would be fine with the type of breasts and breast issues that I have. Sorry if this review seems random and lengthy. I want to make sure I speak about what I have had to address for this procedure. These reviews and the videos that I watch on youtube REALLY help me out, and I hope that my review can help out one person at least. I'll post pictures of my pre-op breasts soon. I think I'm getting tired now, so yea. I'll post again soon! Thank you for reading this, and may your surgery go well with a speedy recovery <3 .

2 Days pre-op

Super excited and nervous about the surgery! I went out this weekend and bought all my pre-op stuff: - ice packs - dial soap - prescription meds (Percocet, Keflex, and zofran) - some fresh fruit and veggies (washed, pre-cut, and baggied) - other "easy to eat" foods - stool softener - memory foam neck pillow I also did all my wash washed my bedding, washing my doggie tomorrow. I set everything up so it is within my reach when I'm in my bed, on the couch. or in the kitchen. I will have someone helping the day of surgery as well as the entire following day (very thankful for that). I also posted my pre-op boobies. The L is a small size B and the R is a size A. Again my stats are 34A/B, 5'8", 135lbs, 33y/o, no kids.

Another pic

Just wanted to post a pic of the final size I am hoping for. In this pic I have on my super padded push-up with my thick cutlet inserts. I'm hoping my final size can be somewhere close to this.

Did it!! (Day of Surgery)

This morning was my surgery! All went well. Thank to those of you wished me luck and positive energy. Got there at 8:45a, they prepped me (took my bp, weight, urine sample, signed some papers). Dressed in compression socks, smaller sock to keep my feet warm, a gown, and a hair net. My anesthetist greeted me, and explained everything. He placed the I.V in my arm. My surgeon came in, and marked my chest. We went over sizing again and where the incisions would be made. After that, my anesthetist came back in, and he gave me something through the I.V. that calmed and eased me. He then walked me over to the O.R. and I was helped to onto the table. He asked me what ethnicity I was, and I told him, and next thing I know they were waking me up. Upon waking there was no pain at all. I fell back asleep. and was woken a little later. The nurse sat me up and allowed me to wake up a little more. She gave me water. Half way home the pain meds they injected into my breast area wore off, and I could feel everything. I was at a pain level of 8 out of 10 when I arrived home. I made a mistake of not taking my nausea pill before my pain killer, and I got super nauseas. It didn't help, so 45 min later I took a send pain pill and napped for a while. I tried eating soup and fruit - bad idea, I have vomited twice (which had me in tears) today (all my food). So I have just been eating saltines and drinking water. Keeping up with my nausea and pain pills every 6 hours. Also taking my antibiotic. Right now my pain level is about a 3 out of 10. My is super tight and uncomfortable. Have been taking deep breaths every hour or so as directed by my surgeon. My first post-op with my surgeon is this Friday. I have to keep my dressings on until then, so no new pics of the girls yet. I ended up getting 385cc HP silicone. I have attached a pic of my dressings.

Post - op Day1

So today is my first day post - op. I had my BA yesterday morning. It took about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes. I am feeling better today overall. Yesterday was pretty rough, not going to lie. I posted about how yesterday went in my previous post. I set an alarm for 2:30a and 6:00a for my nausea and pain pills, as well as my antibiotic. I slept fairly well. Getting bloated from the pain meds. My pain today has been between a 3 - 5 out of 10, which is way better than yesterday. I really, really, want this dressing off already. I know it needs stay on, so I haven't touched it, but it is so tight and uncomfortable. I'm have my first post-op appointment with my surgeon tomorrow at 2:00p, so I will be happy to get this dressing off for a bit. My chest is still tight and there's pressure. Most of my pain is in the center of my chest, sides of my ribs, my armpits, and my upper back. A small section of the area below my right breast (kind of my abdominal area) is a little numb. I have been drinking a lot of water, getting up to pee, walking around now and then. I have only had to take 1pain pill every 4-6 hours today, as opposed to yesterday's 2 pain pills every time. No nausea today, so very thankful for that! No vomiting. I tried posting a pic yesterday, but nothing posted. Same today, I don't why. I don't know if it is because I am on my surface tablet and not a desktop, but I'll keep trying.

Pic finally


So sorry I have not been updating regularly. The healing process directly following my surgery has been emotionally trying for me. Today is my 7th day post-op! I have my second post-op check up today at 1p. I will be doing a separate update for how things go at my check up later today! I believe my last update was for my 1st day post-op. My 2nd day post-op was also my first post-op check with ,y doctor. That went well. He took my dressings off and let me know that he was very happy with my results, said everything was looking great. Said I could shower, and that I still needed to take things slow. He asked me if I had any questions for him (and I did). So we sat a while a discussed my questions. Days 3 - 6 Was not sleeping well at all. Woke up about every two hours due to back pain (which has been worse than my BA pain, except the first couple days). Day 1 and 2 the center of my chest was very painful, the following day it was more in my armpits, then pain moved to the sides of my breasts. Started to test my range of motion in my arms a little during these days. My R-side is still a little painful in my "pectoralis major muscle" region and my L-side is a little painful along the side of my breast. I have a mild sore feeling in both sides along the side of my rib cage which is my "serratus anterior muscle." I still have numbness directly under both of my nipples and on a small part of my abdomen on my R-side (which I will ask the doctor about today). My nipples are fine, no hypersensitivity so far. My skin is really tight in the center of my chest. My L- breast a little more swollen than my R breast. Sorry I'm just trying to list what I have noticed. Oh, still hurts when I sneeze. This weather is messing with my allergies. I have been taking things easy even though I'm feeling fine. My doctor recommended to just go slow, plus I figure, "Hello I just had surgery, I want to give my body whatever it needs to heal, especially rest." It's been really hard being so inactive (because I am very active), but it's only for a little. Plus I owe it to my body. If people knew how awesome there body's and it systems are they would treat them like royalty. Be thankful :) . I think that's it. If you have any questions for me, please leave a comment or send me a message. Today is my 7th day post - op and also my second post - op check. I'll update you all later today on how things went and what my doctor says. Here are some pic of my progress through my first week. I'll add the ones that I take today on my post-op visit update. Happy healing ladies!! <3

Post - op appointment 2

Today was my second post - op appointment! All is well and everything is healing fine. Had the material and water-proof tape covering my scars removed (now its just steri-tape). The nurse gave me two different surgical bras, and she also taught me how to begin massaging. I have to massage my scars and my implants 5 - 6 times a day for about a minute. Still have to wear the compression band (boo). My next post - op appointment is in three weeks, on July 12th. She said she does not recommend side-sleeping yet. I'm not too comfortable sleeping on my side yet anyhow, so that's fine. She said light stretching of my arms is good, but I still can't lift or push. I attached some pics that I took today.

Pre-op .vs. 1 week Photos

Here are a few before and after photos at 1 week!! My left breast is still more swollen than my right.

Today is 2 weeks post-op!!

Yay!! It's been 2 weeks since my B.A on June 14th. All seems to be well so far thank goodness <3 . I saw my surgeon on June 16th and on June 21st for post - op appointments. Everything checked out great during those two check ups. My next post - op appointment is July 12th. Since my last check up, I have been massaging my scars and my breasts every day. I was told to still wear my compression band and my surgical compression bra until my next post - op appointment, so I have been doing that as well. My left breast had dropped more than my right breast (you can see it in my photos). I am still a bit sore, but nothing worrisome. Still have some tightness, and my skin is beginning to peel just a little bit. I am still very numb directly under both of my nipples down to my incision sites. I absolutely despise wearing that compression band, but oh well, I still have to. I get shooting pains every now and then in both breasts. I am liking them more and more as the days go by. I am still not comfortable sleeping on my sides, but I am lying completely flat on my back now when I sleep. It is still a little uncomfortable to help myself up from lying flat in the morning, but nothing like before. They are still stiff, but they get softer day by day! I can't wait for them to "jiggle" haha. I think all of my swelling in my stomach and pelvic area is gone, so that's good! I still can't reach my arms up completely above my head yet, but I can wash my hair, dress myself, and all that. I just use a small stool for things that are super high up (and I'm 5'8.5", lol). So yea, all is well so far, and I am so thankful for it. I hope that you all are enjoying your new additions. Happy healing!! Oh, and I attached some photos that I took this morning in some new tops!

4 Weeks!! Update!

Hi hi!! So I missed my three week update on here, sorry about that. The only thing that has really changed from has been my nipple sensitivity. Both nipples have become a little hypersensitive. So yesterday, July 12th 2016, was my 4-week post - op appointment. I saw my surgeon. He absolutely loved them, and said my progress was great. He removed the steri-tape, and said that my scars looked great so far. He cleared me for work last week (at 3-weeks), now I am able to swim and go to the beach! He also said that I can work-out, sleep however I prefer, I don't have to wear my surgical bra or the compression band anymore (yay!!) I still have continue massaging both of my implants and my scars. He that I may wear n underwire bra if I wanted to. I have attached some pictures of me on a couple wireless, no padding bras that I bought from KHOLS. Also in a regular tank top :)) . My right breast is still being stubborn, and is running behind on dropping and fluffing like my left breast has >_< . I still get twinges of pain along the outside of both breast every now and then, but nothing concerning. I did find a lump in my right armpit. My surgeon checked it out yesterday, and told me he didn't think it was anything to be concerned about, but to keep an eye on it. For those of you who haven't read my first post, I am highly prone to cysts. I will still get an ultra sound on it, just to be certain :) . Other than that all has been well!! I just really want my right breast to drop and fluff already haha. Hope you're all having an awesome Summer! Happy healing <3 .


Here is a pic of my breasts without clothing.

Pictures - 2 months!!

Omg I haven't updated is a while. So I'll be adding pictures from 2 - 5 months!! I'll also be making a video, hopefully for my 6 month update ^_^ . I hope all you ladies are doing well in your journey! Happy healing <3 .

Pictures - 3 months!!

Happy healing ladies! <3

UGH I messed up the pictures and dates!!

Soooo (lol), the 2 month pictures are my 1 month pictures. The 3 month pictures (above) are my 2 month pictures. Okay so the post after this will be the real 3 month pictures haha. SORRY!! Ugh.

Pictures - 3 months!!


Pictures - 4 months!!


Pictures - 5 months!!

Hey ladies!! So A quick over view. My breasts are still numb right under both my nipples, my incision sites are sensitive when I wear certain things for too long. I really sleep on my stomach, but I was never really a stomach sleeper anyway ^_^. They're super soft!! Ummm, nothing else really comes to mind, but I'm hoping to make a video for my 6 month update where I'll address more issues. Thanks ladies, and happy healing!!
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