Thighs Micro-lipo with Fat Transfer to Breasts

A little background: I am a healthy 39 year old...

A little background:
I am a healthy 39 year old mother of 2: one biological and one adoptive kiddos. Perhaps because I am approaching 40 and because my special needs adoptive kid is finally settling down and doing much better (down to only 1 tantrum a day and a rare phone call from school to pick her up early), I've decided to start paying attention to myself. Is this a "mother" thing to feel guilty and justify to self and others that it's OK to treat yourself? I certainly do have mixed feelings for what I am about to do. My kids' educational camps and programs cost that much for just 1 summer but when it comes to myself - not so generous...Sorry, I digressed.
I've always had a small waist and thick thighs. Thighs is where I'd lose weight last. I never liked myself in shorts unless they were Bermuda coming down all the way to my knees. I always looked best in fitted shirts and A-line skirts that accentuate my curvy waist and cover my big thunder thighs. I really never thought I'd go the surgery route though. When I heard of coolsculpting, I researched and researched, and finally did it: twice on the inner thighs and once on the outer thighs. I really wanted it to work. I got better results on my outer thighs (you can read my other review), but my inner thighs developed unevenness and irregularities. And were STILL chunky. I've also done 8 sessions with a laser that promised to smooth out my thighs with ultrasound heat and suction. No luck there either. All this effort and money spent and Zero results.
Finally I am going the micro-lipo route to thin out my thighs. This is my last attempt. I sure hope it will work because it's the most expensive method. I have learned from the sales rep, however, that liposuction has come a long way in techniques and recovery time in the recent years. I wouldn't have to be under general anesthesia, puncture holes will be very small and heal fast and the overall recovery and results will be quicker than the old-school lipo. That perked my interest.
The other area of concern are my boobs. I am size B cup and the size isn't a problem. I just don't like the way they look after pregnancy and nursing. They are kind of droopier and deflated. I felt like I needed to do something about it but wasn't excited about implants. Then I read that you could do a fat transfer to breasts. Now, that, I thought, might be just what I need to fill them back up to pre-pregnancy condition. It also seems a more natural and durable way to go.
Originally when I got a quote and talked to a consultant, I requested a micro-lipo on my inner thighs. She said that there will not be enough fat from my inner thighs to do a fat transfer to breasts. I was a little disappointed. I read in their brochure that they do fat transfer to various body parts, including hands to make them look plump and youthful. Mine don't look bad at all, but I have veins showing and they are thinner and bonier than my sister's whose hands look plump and child-like. I figured if they have to suck fat out of me, they might as well do something good with it. People pay good money for fillers in the hands and fillers don't last nearly as long as your own tissue. I also wanted to make sure as I age my hands don't start looking older than my face for which I take really good care of.
The office required that I paid half of the procedure cost just to schedule a pre-op consultation with the doctor.
9/16/16 Pre-op consultation with nurse and doctor:
Today I had my consultation with the doctor. I was a little annoyed that even though I got to the office 10 minutes as they advised me before the appointment to do the paperwork, I didn't get invited to see the nurse until 15 minutes after my appointment started. They did explain they were down a person. I had to text my husband to pick up the kids from school because of the office delay. I was pleased with the nurse though. She seemed bright and knowledgeable. I liked the doctor even better. When she looked at my hands she said they didn't need any fat transfer and were fine as they were. She also said she used to work as a hands specialist and knows of good reasons against any fillers or fat transfers due to hands structure and possible complications. While a tad disappointed, I appreciated her honest advise against an unnecessary and costly procedure. Then we talked about my thighs and she noticed some fat pockets and irregularities that she felt optimistic she could correct. She suggested I'd add another area and have her do front part of the thighs to "deflate" them some more in addition to the inner knee to mid-thigh area. I told her that the sales rep didn't think there'll be enough fat from my thighs to re-fill my boobs. She disagreed, which made me happy. She said if I want a natural look, fat transfer is a better way to go than implants. She did warn me not to expect a big difference in size, which I am fine with. She went over my medical history and gave me additional information how to prepare for the procedure. I got several prescriptions and tons of pre-op and post op consents to sign. The consultation made me feel good about my choices and even excited.
I got a little annoyed when I stepped back out to the reception area when I found out that I had to pay the remaining balance before leaving the office. They sure what their money. I am sure this is their policy but I expected to pay the balance when they schedule my actual surgery. The person scheduling surgeries wasn't even available, yet they still wanted my money. I told them that I was hoping to open a new 0% for first 15 months intro interest credit card to finance this deal, but I didn't know how my discussion with the doctor would go and if we'd end up adding or removing certain services which would affect final cost of the procedure. In this case I've ended up adding services and giving them extra business. It's only reasonable that they'd be flexible with me, especially given the fact that the surgery couldn't even be scheduled yet. Finally after a couple of back and forths we settled on me paying an additional partial deposit and waiting to pay the rest when I get my new credit card. As soon as I got home I did an online application for the desired credit card. It should be coming in the mail in a week or so. Phew! The surgery didn't happen yet and I feel like I've been through a lot physically and emotionally.
I will post before and after pictures along my journey. Wish me luck!
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