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I've been taking the steps needed to have my...

I've been taking the steps needed to have my breast reduction covered by insurance. I've gone to the chiropractor for several years, but started going more frequently in December of 2014. I saw my general practice doctor in January '15, and made monthly appointments with her, making sure to note the reason was back pain. She referred me to physical therapy. I had weekly p.t. Appointments for about 2-3 months. I was given a list of exercises to strengthen my back muscles to decrease back pain (this does not help any).
I started seeing my general practice doctor once again. By this time, I was approaching the 5 month point of my journey. I asked her to please schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. She recommended Dr. F. Victor Atalla in Bowling Green.
My consultation appt was June 2. Dr. Atalla took pictures from different angles, he took several measurements from different angles. One month later, the insurance company approved my procedure. My pre-op appointment is tomorrow 7/8/15, with surgery the following Tuesday 7/14.
After waiting over 6 months to get to this point, I am very nervous. I am nervous, but also excited at the same time. I am looking forward to wearing cute tops; to be able to find a bathing suit that fits and to feel comfortable being naked in front of my husband.
I'm not sure what to expect for the pre-op appointment tomorrow. I don't know how to prepare myself. I welcome any & all advice and good wishes from others that have gone before me.
I will write more tomorrow after my appt.
have a great night everyone.

Today's Pre-op Appointment

Went to The Medical Center for my pre-op. I had a panic attack just sitting in the waiting room to be called back. My previous surgeries have been for medical reasons (appendix & c-sections). I think my issue lies in the fact that this is, more or less, elective. A friend of mine told me that I need to change my thinking. The indents on my shoulders and the pain in my back is caused by the size of my breasts. They are not proportional to my body frame. I need to tell myself that it IS a necessity to have the reduction.

Questions & Advice

With 4 days until my B.R. Surgery, I want to be sure I am prepared for anything. I have books on my nightstand and have updated my Netflix list, for when I'm lying in bed. I have fiber gummies in case of constipation.
What else do I need to have on hand?
Surgical bra?
How do I know what to get?
I am reaching out to you ladies, advice is welcome right now.
Thank you.
Bowling Green Plastic Surgeon

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