Finally Getting a Breast Reduction! Virginia Beach, VA

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Hi all! I'm 19, 5'3 and 125lbs and I've been...

Hi all! I'm 19, 5'3 and 125lbs and I've been trying to get this reduction for a while now with horrible neck, shoulder, and back pain and almost constant migraines and headaches. I finally got my parents to agree with me and set up some consultations around mid-July. Luckily the surgeon I liked most's office told me they could expedite my insurance claim (since i couldn't afford it without them) because going back to college on August 17th put us at a bit of a time crunch. I had notes from 2 different doctors and my medical history for migraines and medicines I've tried sent over with my surgeons notes. Only 2 weeks later and I was approved! I couldn't believe all this time stressing and worrying about being approved and it finally happened. I cried reading the letter I was so happy! And they told me the surgery could be set up for the 4th, this Monday! unfortunately it's going to be at 2pm so I have to hold out on eating all day but it's a great trade!

I finally am getting rid of these 32G's for some nice B's or C's! Well hopefully that's the size range I'm looking for lol It's all going so fast now which is amazing. I mean I only got the blood work for the surgery yesterday! I'm so nervous I probably won't be able to sleep until it's over! Wish me luck!

PS. I'll probably post before and afters after it's done :P

One day until surgery!

my surgery is tomorrow and i am beyond excited! this is all happening so face I feel like I'm going to wake up any minute and this will have all been a dream. I've prepared a little bag with water, crackers, a blanket, a pillow, and a plastic bag (in case nausea gets the better of me) for the ride home and I have everything i need ( i hope) set up at home! i am so ready for this! what I'm not so ready for is not eating all day tomorrow. my surgery's at 2pm and they said I couldn't eat after midnight tonight... anyway, I decided to post some before pictures tonight! wish me luck tomorrow!

Surgery today at 2!

I woke up at 4am out of pure excitement, just making the wait longer but I've been walking, done yoga, and anything else I could think of to distract myself all day. I haven't eaten since midnight last night and I'm starving but it'll be worth it soon! Only a few more hours to go! I hoe I have everything I'm gonna need for the next few days but my mom is looking after me so she should be able to get it if i don't have it.

I've been reading reviews on here like crazy, figuring out all I need and what to wear and bring and I feel pretty good. My PS is gonna give me a support bra for post-op so that's one less thing to worry about. I'm just so excited! I can't believe it's really gonna happen!

and It's over!

All the nurse and doctors were amazing and so nice! The reassured and I could not have felt more comfortable! They did have a little trouble putting my IV in but it was all settled out! They removed 286g from the right side and 308 from the left ( which I asked for a b cup so lets see where it ends up).

The surgery went surprising well! I felt barely any pain when I woke up but I was seriously the most nauseous. Also I couldn't stop crying for like 30 minutes after I woke up, I wasn't in pain or sad ( i was so happy) i don't know what went one there..anti-nausea meds and I feel wonderful now! 3 doses of anti-nausea and some graham crackers and I'm not set to just chill in my bed for the rest of the night! However, not looking forward to sleeping on my pack.

I cannot wait until tomorrow when I can get these tubes out, they're sooo annoying! and I'll get to seen what my boobs look like tomorrow and of course get my new surgical bra to wear! Of course it's with a bunch of stitches and tape but I'm still so excited! More pictures when I'm feel a little better!

another appt today!

yesterday the surgery went great! I pretty much passed out after eating a few graham crackers and taking my meds but that helped me feel a little better. Sleeping on my back was definitely weird but i was so tired it almost didn't even bother me.

My PS and all the nurses went on and on about how well the surgery went and how good i look! It was very reassuring! But anyway. I'm getting the tubes out today and having my wounds redressed (plus getting a surgical bra instead of an ace bandage like now)! I'm really excited so get to see my boobs a little!

ace bandages and tubes *sigh* lol

just a little picture update! more to come after this bandage comes off!

tubes are out!

It actually hurt pretty bad, but I'm glad its over! those things were annoying! I also finally got my surgical bra, which feels soo much better than those ace bandages! Plus they cleared me to take a shower which is amazing and pretty surprising for me. Now it's just time to rest and relax; I'm exhausted!

I'll keep y'all posted and post pictures later!

feeling so good!

1 day post op and I was allowed to shower! I actually ended up bleeding in 2 places today and had to change the gauze but it's all stopped by now. I think the shower helped that some. I went shopping with my mom to and got some shorts and a sweatshirt (none of which I tried on but still liked all the same. I also went for a short walk with her and although I feel soo tired right now, I feel really good! Since I'm not feeling pretty much any pain and I don't like the way the pain meds make me feel, I'm going to cut my next couple pills in half and then switch to motrin or something like that.

Currently icing my chest right now with some frozen peas and drinking a lot of water. They look so small which I am so thankful for! Dr. Jacobs definitely listened to me when I told him I'd rather be on the small side than the bigger. I am just so happy with them!

i'm so bloated.. ugh

My stomach just feels so bloated but that's probably because I ate a lot when i hadn't eat most the day before. I also ended up waking up with blood everywhere. I think I ended up on my side sometime during the night and it put too much pressure on the hole where my drain came out. I don't have anyone taking care of me either so i had to change my bed sheets by myself which actually really took it out of me. I also had to wash my surgical bra because it ended up soaked in blood. A little vinegar and baking soda and the stains came right out; now I'm just waiting for it to dry!

I not feeling hardly any pain so that's a huge plus! The most pain I felt during this process was when I first woke up but it wasn't so bad even then. My boobs look so nice and I'm just so happy!

PS- thank you all for all the support and kind words!

itchiness won't leave!

I've been so itchy all day! I've s also been bleeding from were my tubes are so I'm worried if I even itch them a little it'll make them worse. I'm gonna try a shower to see if it helps!

They're still numb so no pain and I took myself off the vicodin so I should be ok to drive anytime now (at least when I can handle the seatbelt across my chest). I'm too excited about all the improvement I've made in these short couple days!

woke up so sore

My neck and back were so sore this morning! I just cannot find a comfortable way to sleep on my back.. I also woke up to a pretty nasty bruise but no more bleeding from where my tubes were so I was pretty happy about that. I used some gauze there today just to be safe :)Nothing really hurts still so I went off the vicodin and I'm taking motrin.

can't wait to wear real bras! It's going to be so exciting to buy actual cute ones! I probably won't be able to until I go back to college, but still I'm so exciting! I can't move all my stuff in though so I'll have to ask a bunch of my friends to do it for me! It should be an exhausting day even without moving all my stuff.

I hope everything is going well with y'all, I'll keep on posting~

a little tiny victory update!

Some background about me is I'm a pretty heavy weightlifter. I probably don't look it, but I can lift some weight. And well I just tried to flex my chest (one side, then the other) and my boob moves with that flexed muscle! I can move my boobies individually with my chest muscle! lol I just wanted to tell someone that :D

my bruise is getting worst??

Ok so I know I'm only a few days post op but the bruise that showed up this morning is worrying me! It's gotten worse as the day has gone on and I'm just worried it's more than bruise (like blood pooling or something). I mean I know it's normal to get bruises but I just feel it's weird to get it 3 days post op and only on one side (the other side has no bruising at all) and it's really dark purple. I have another appt on Tuesday, but have any of you had something like this? Was it just a normal bruise or should I be worried?

just adding some more pics ft my surgical bra

not the comfiest bra, I was a stretchy one lol

updated post op picture

it's only been 4 days but I've been walking lots, driving, and showering everyday. I know I should be still sitting around most of the day but I just hate sitting still. Last night I found the perfect way to lay where I'm kind of halfway on my back halfway on my side, and I slept so good last night! It's amazing how a great nights sleep can make you feel after a few bad ones.

weird feeling??

i'm having this weird feeling in my left breast like it's vibrating? it just feels like it is but maybe my nerves are just repairing themselves??


I meant tingling not vibrating lol

i can fit into a size small bra!

I can fit into a size small bra for the first time I can remember! I bought some to wear later on and while I'm washing my surgical one. It's so great to be able to buy $9 bras too :P

update with comparison bikini pictures

I hate sleeping on my back and I have no air conditioning so it's double uncomfortable! I'm just gonna have to bear it for now though (at least until I go back to college in a week! where there's air conditioning!). I'm stopping taking any pain meds today because even with getting some feeling back it still doesn't hurt very much. I had some bleeding come from the underboob incision which made me kind of worried I split it so I checked and the incision looks fine. However, i found that the tape they used ripped my skin and thats what was bleeding so that's kind of annoying, but I'm glad it wasn't something worse.

I tried on an old bikini that belongs to my sister today because I was so bored, and I was so happy that I could fit into it! My sister's always been much smaller than me, especially on the chest, but I can now comfortable fit into one of her bikinis! That just made my whole day! I look so much better proportioned now!

Well I've got my follow-up on Tuesday, then they're going to try to fit me in another time before the 17th because that's when I'll leaving to drive 8 hours away at college. Then I'll have to drive back up home a month later for another follow-up. It shouldn't be to bad though; I love driving. I just hope nothing goes wrong with my incisions and such while I'm away.

i'm that person that updates everyday lol

What can I say, I'm so bored! My surgery was one week today and I have my next post-op appt tomorrow (where I think he's gonna change my tape so I finally get to see what's under it!). My bruise is finally starting to fade so I'm not as worried about it anymore. I'm in some more pain today but I'm sticking to not taking anymore pain meds. I did peak under parts of the tape that are already coming off, and all the incisions under those are already healed so I hope that's the case with the rest of the incisions.

I can't wait until I can workout! I can finally fit into sports bras and Dr said I would be able to run after 3 weeks, but I'm much of a runner. I know it'll take much longer for me to be able to lift; I just hope it's not too long.

second postop appt today

So I went to my appt today and everything went really well! he said I was healing nicely now I just have to wait for the tape to fall off lol I have another appt that I'll have to drive back from college for on Sept 17. He also said I cold wear other supportive bras instead of just wearing my surgical bra everyday! I'm barely feeling any pain (only really feel pain when I the car goes over bumps and makes turns) and I'm still on no pain meds so yay!

Everything looks good and I'm all happy with the results! However, as swelling is going down my left side looks a lot bigger than the right and after I tried on a bra I realized it looks like a size bigger :/ I'm pretty sure my right breast is gonna end up a C while my left breast is probably gonna end up a D which I really didn't want to end up but it's a whole lot better than a G lol

healing nicely!

my bruise is looking good and from the incisions I can see everything is healing nicely! I'm getting little pangs of pain ever so often on my right side (especially on my nipple which is the weirdest feeling). I do however have super dry skin in between my breasts which is very uncomfortable, and no matter how much lotion I use it won't go away. ugh.

since I'm in the clear to wear other bras (not just my surgical ones) I'm gonna take advantage of the 2 bras I bought earlier and maybe get some more! Shopping for smaller bras it soo exciting lol


adding another before pic just to show how big and weird my boobs were on my body~ not the right boobs for someone who's 19 and never had kids lol

feeling good!

I'm leaving for college on Sunday and I'm all packed! I also bought a couple new bras plus the new ones also double as bandeau so they're great! It's so weird to even be able to wear a bandeau without it falling down lol My bad bruise I had is nearly gone so that's good too. I'm feeling some pain because feeling is coming back but it's manageable. There's 2 places under the tape where my incisions feel very hard and stick out. I'm not supposed to pull off the tape though so I guess I'll have to wait to see what's up. It doesn't hurt anymore than any other places and it's not bleeding so I don't think it's bad but it's just weird. I woke up on my stomach yesterday which hurt a lot but it slowly got better throughout the morning; I slept on my back all night last night so I think that helped me too. :)

I cannot wait to go back to college! I'm having my bf and all my friends carry all my stuff for me so I'll just get to kick back and watch lol I feel bad though because I'm on the 3rd floor and I can't help them but oh well nothing I can do about it now. I'm having a new roommate that I don't know very well so it's probably gonna be a little weird explaining why I can help move furniture and why I have all these bandages over my chest but it'll workout. I have the same suitemates as last year so they'll be supportive and help me! I'm so excited to go back!

pain pain pain

Actually in a bit of pain tonight, I took a tylenol but it hasn't helped at all. I had a test for teaching certification earlier and I didn't hurt at all then but since I got home it's been nonstop shooting pains on the sides and near my nipples. I feel like it's my nerves repairing and feeling coming back it just feels pretty bad (maybe like a 7 on the scale, not too bad but bad enough). I hope it goes away before I go to sleep!

some of my tape finally fell off!

Tape from the sides of my boobs fell off. My incisions are closed, except at the little corners where the stitches were sticking out a bit. They're raises scars and really bright red right now, but I don't really care about scars, they'll get better in their own time :)

The pain from last night is gone this morning! I was able to get to sleep last at about midnight when the pain started getting better. I'm so glad it's gone! I realized this morning that the clasps closing my bra were coming undone and my surgical bra was loose (does this mean my swelling is going down???). Luckily there's another set of clasps so I could tighten it. I hope they're still swollen though because they're a little bigger than I was hoping for but it's only been 2 weeks so I hope that's the case!

finally back at college!

I got here about 4 days ago and it's been great. I love being back! My incisions are still healing a bit and i'm in a little pain but it's all been good. I talked to my friends about my boobs and they were really supportive and said they fit me much better now :) One of my friends wants to get hers reduced next summer and I'm helping her out with finding a surgeon and insurance stuff.

One bad thing though, I slept on my stomach accidentally (so hard not to my bed is sooo small lol) and one of the stitches poked through my skin under the incision. I cut the end that was sticking out and put a gauze and some neosporin on so it would heal, but it hurt so bad! I'm nowhere even close to my surgeon here though so I can't go in for him to take a look at it. I guess I'll just have to wait until I got in on the 18th for my next postop checkup and hope it heals before then.

All in all, I'm really happy with them! I love them so much and all my clothes fit so much better now!

progress pics!

ohh no

So my boob looked fine this morning everything going good but I just checked them when I got back to class and the left one is really red and hot and I had puss coming out of the incision around my nipple. I'm so worried, I'm no where near my surgeon or any good doctors and I'm afraid I have an infection! How do infections start that fast??? I don't think this is normal??? HELP??

pics of infected boob

Its definitely redder in person and the second pic is after i cleaned off most of the goo and puss. The incision looks so separated :/

these pills are making me exhausted..

The antibiotics plus having to wake up in the middle of the night and early morning to take them plus my huge work load for college makes a very exhausted me! I know I'm way more exhausted than I have been so I think it might be a side effect of the antibiotics. My boob looks about the same this morning; I cleaned it off and put some neosporin and a new gauze on it and I'm praying it feels better soon! I only have 2 classes today and end by 1pm so it shouldn't be so bad today. I'm just not gonna carry my books with me since they're very heavy and hope we don't need them. I have an excuse anyway! I hope everything is going well with y'all!


picture update! I did manage to get some butterfly strips and some more gauze so at least I have that going for me! I also bought some food so I won't have to go to the caf to eat lol I've cleaned it off twice today already, it gets a little gross after a few hours but I'm still in hopes that the antibiotics will help soon! The only effect I'm feeling from it is really bad drowsiness which is making me want to sleep all day! lol Feeling so tired definitely didn't help in class today but today was a light load kind of day and I didn't need my books (lucky since I didn't bring them soo heavy) now I'm all set to rest and nap the rest of the day away!

healing little by little

Where the infection is is slowly getting better each day! It still has some gross stuff coming out of it but it looks like it healing. The separation looks like it's on the road to closing too! Looks like a big deal is turning into nothing lol I've been taking the antibiotic every four hours (it sucks to wake up in the middle of the night for it blah) and I've been changing my dressing and putting on neosporin 2-3 times a day. I've literally been doing nothing but watching netflix all day and doing some homework so I think that's helping too. My right boob looks really well healed which I am so grateful for! I hope the left one catches up soon lol

doing better!

My infection looks like it has finally gone away and where the separation was is healing nicely :) My boobs are dropping and taking a more round shape now so they look like real boobs again lol I'll post some pictures later after classes.

They are bigger than I would like them to be however. I know they're still swollen and everything but I don't think they could be THAT swollen and change so much more than they are now. I tried on a 36B and although I know I'm a 32 I just wanted to see if it fit. It was too small, I was so sad. If I end up going down to size that fits in that bra I'll still be a 32D which I didn't want to be a D. But it's still much better than the G I was and my posture and back/neck/shoulder pain has gone away so I'm still gonna say it's worth it.

Update pictures!


I'm gonna try working out tomorrow. My surgeon said after 3 weeks I would be good to go running but that's not really my speed. I'm definitely not gonna do anything with my arms or upper body, just some light leg workouts (way less strenuous then running with boobs bouncing lol). It's really affecting me to not workout ugh

got a new compression bra!

This one's from walmart and it was only $8 yay! I had to get a size 36 because 32s and 34s were just way to small oh well at least it fits and was cheap! I also got some lotion to help with scars and help me massage the boobs. got no sleep last night and so tired but at least these are some good things that came of today!

open month post op!

this month went by so fast! I'm healing up good and I'm happy with my boobs! also went for m h first workout s
today since surgery day (strictly did legs lol) and it was great! took it easy but I missed working out so much I was just happy to get the chance!

bought some bras

bought one 34C bra and one 34D together for $8 dollars and a strapless dress for $5!

5 weeks post op

All my incisions are completely closed and I've started massaging them with lotion every night. I don't much care about the scars though so it doesn't really matter if they fade lol I do massage them to get rid of the hard areas though (got one hard spot that will not go away). School has been going good but it's soo busy! The 34D I bought makes me feel huge both in thought and in the mirror. It fits and I know I'm still swollen but it's just not a good feeling for me to have gone through this and still feel big. I'm sure that will change some once the swelling goes down and once I'm used to these new smaller boobs.

Anyway here's my progress through week 5! The place where the infection/separation was is completely closed but I have a lot of dry skin in that area. I have my third post op appt next Thursday (not looking forward to driving back home but its all good). I hope he'll give me a clean bill of health and say it's ok to workout my arms now (probably not but I can dream right). I've only been doing my legs and although they look great, my arms are losing so much strength lol hope all of you are doing well!

before and after six week comparison!

6 week follow up appt today

so I drove home from college (8 hours) for my appt today which literally only lasted at most 2 minutes. Very disappointing for coming such a long way for something only lasting that long. At least there was nothing wrong. Well they tested my breast tissue and I have fibrocystic disease which my mom had it so not a big surprise. He said I was a little young to have it though but it's not a big concern so that's all good! he said my breasts and scars look good and he told me to rub cocao butter on them and he also told me I could lift weights again! and that was the best thing i've heard all day lol but that's all that happened there! i have to drive back tomorrow because work on saturday though which i'm dreading lol hope all you ladies are doing well!

helping my posture

found a nice ace bandage trick to try and help my back and shoulders create a better posture since it's not painful anymore! my breasts are healing really well and actually feel like real boobs now lol the scars are starting to calm down too! all in all this was one of the best decisions of my life

a little over 2 months post!

done with pain done with numbness !

I haven't been sleeping in a bra and it feels so much better that way! I bought sone 34 cs and ds and cut the underwire out so they are great. I cant believe how small they look now and how great the feel and look in everything. i could nrver regret this!

just a scar and overall shape update

havent updated in forever!

Its on been a couple months but i still havent updated in a while. I bought some new bras which fit perfectly!! So i guess now Im a 32F but im still very happyy with how they turned out!

Im wishing everyone a speedy recovery and a happy new year!

some more progress because i really started to think it didn't make a big difference.. i was wrong lol

it's been so long!

I've been super busy with school and work that I haven't updated in a while! it's only a couple days away from the one year mark for my br so I'll post pictures then, but I'm still so happy with it especially since the swellings gone. I do still have quite a bit of scaring and one stubborn spot of scar tissue but everything's looking good and feeling good to me! I'll ellaborate more on everything in a few days. I hope everyone's doing well and I wish everyone luck on their surgeries!

one year later! (progress pics!)

It's officially a year to the day since I got my br and I couldn't be happier! I ended up around a 32E which is still a little hard to find in stores but I can fit in a 34D and that is much easier to find. I haven't really done a lot of scar therapy. I use cocoa butter occasionally but that's mostly for dry skin in between my boobs (it's funny i used too get rashes from moisture in between my boobs but now that they're smaller and can actually separate I get dry skin lol). I have a small dog ear/hard scar tissue on my left side breast that massaging just won't get rid of. It doesn't come up over my bra or sports bra so it's not that bad. It does show up in a bikini however, but I'm not super self-conscious about stuff like that. My posture has improved (you can even see that in the pictures!). On the downside, I still haven't regained full feeling; I have some but they still are numb in some places.

Putting up a before and after really showed me how far I've come and it amazes me. I love the shape they've become and I'm really happy that i don't have cone or box boobs anymore lol All I can say is it was one of the best decisions I've ever made and i encourage anyone who's thinking about it to go for it!
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Him and his staff were all very comforting and informative! He answered any question I had and explained the whole procedure to me very thoroughly. His patient coordinator was just the most wonderful person through this whole process. She answered all the questions I had, answered my many, many calls, led me through the whole insurance process, helped me set up appointments, and helped me get a surgery time early enough to where I would be fine to drive back to school! All the staff was so kind and amazing; I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in the future! Just found out my surgeon was voted best in VA Beach! Awesome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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