Asymetrical Eyelids and Epicanthic Folds After Eyelid Surgery in Seoul, Korea.

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Why I did it: I thought I had ptosis as my left...

Why I did it: I thought I had ptosis as my left eye was smaller than my right eye. I now know from photos that it is most likely to be pseudoptosis. I had a small crease on right eye and no crease on left which makes eyes look unbalanced. Went to surgeon as everyone said Seoul is the best place to do Asian eyelids and he was quite famous on forums like soompi and purse forum on said subject.

Pros: Office is a small, personable one-man outfit near the Shinsa-dong subway station and Youngdong hotel (which offers clients of the practice rooms at discounted rates). Doc seems friendly and nice, responds quickly to emails before and after surgery. Apologised for bad results and offered free ptosis revision. Some people seemed to have nice results from him.

Cons: 1) Played down or neglect to inform serious side effects like scarring, asymmetry, drastic change in impression (epicanthoplasty)and ptosis. 2) Strongly persuaded and did not fully inform of the effects of epicanthoplasty which negatively impacted on looks. 3) Performed ptosis surgery which was not discussed or consented to and resulted in worsened ptosis. 4) Did not do any pre-operative checks on eyelids, eye function, eye muscle function etc. 5) Did not ask for medical or surgical history. (important because if you may be allergic to the post-op antibiotics or anti-inflammatories he gives you after etc.) Also there are discrepancies between what he said he did and observable measurement.

Examples include:

1) Reported performing 6-7mm incision height. Incision height have been measured at 8.5mm to 10mm by myself and other plastic surgeons.

2) Reported performing less than 1mm of epi. Caruncles were exposed more than 1mm compared to pre-op condition and created a very foreign and older look.

3) Reported performing epicanthoplasty using magic epicanthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty scar line on one eye is unlike magic epicanthoplasty scars. Could be dog-ear or milia but if it's actual scarring, then it's not magic epicanthoplasty.

Results after 6 months of healing 1) Persistent swelling, tugging sensation and pain on left eyelid where the unconsented ptosis correction was performed. 2) Eyelids are still to high and rounded at medial corner. 3) Epicanthoplasty scarring is present despite assurance of "you don't have to worry about scarring). 4) Asymmetrical eyelids- left eye is an in-out fold and right is more of an infold. Wanted infold and even drawn a picture to show surgeon preoperatively. 5) Ptosis is not "corrected" and could have even worsened considering I might not even have ptosis in the first place. Some more confusing factors. If surgeon had denied ptosis in patient, then intraoperative ptosis should not be corrected as the anaethesia could have numbed the eyelid muscles and caused a pseudo ptosis. If he had fixed it and said i did not have ptosis before, then I can only assume he either did not know that the anaesthesia could temporary paralyse the eyelid muscle or he damaged the muscle itself. The surgeon said I might have "ptosis" in the medial part of my eye but I have not heard of such thing. Is that even possible? Email me {edited by Tom: please use Private Contact Form} for more details.

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Because I feel he did not do a good job on my eyes.

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