Smartxide CO2 DOT - 1st Treatment in a Series of 6. Good Initial Results for Acne Scars

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I did it for my deep scars all over my face....

I did it for my deep scars all over my face. I'm 40 years old. I've tried non-ablative Fraxels before with minimum results and finally did some research and decided this was the best bet for my scars. I take a package deal for 6 sessions including aftercare lotions.

The pain was actually less than Fraxel I did before. It still hurt, but tolerable. They numbed me for 30 minutes before the DOT. They did one pass and went back to several areas that had deeper scars. Afterwards, they put creams (antibiotic/anti-inflammation) on my face and an ice pack for 30 minutes. Afterwards, my face felt hot and a little stinging. I did not swell as much as some people have said. In fact, wasn't too much swelling. I thought my face was going to look gruesome but it actually looked like I had a bad sunburn.

The doc gave me some after care, lotions and creams, with specific directions to avoid sunlight for 2-3 days and always put sunscreen on. I was told I can go out about 3 days. Maybe if I was 20 years younger....

There wasn't much pain afterwards, maybe feeling a bit stinging here and there. I did have a migraine for 3 days, I kept taking Tynenol which made me feel better. The dots showed up about the 2nd day and turned darker 3rd and 4th day. It is during the 4th day that it begins to peel off but you can definitely still see the dots. My face has been feeling like fine sandpaper since day 2. I can almost go out - but you will get longer than usual looks from strangers as the dots do look a bit unusual.

Results - well, compared to Fraxel (right after results), this is superior. I can see some of my deep scars with at least 60% improvement. I know that this can be swelling but it is better than the swelling Fraxel gave me before - I actually see one of my bad scars blending in to the point it doesn't look so bad anymore. Of course some depressions are still there, I'm not expecting miracles on my 1st zap.

So far I'm very satisfied with the results but I'm know that initial results are not accurate. I am still waiting for the purple dots to flak off. I will give a better result in a week or two.

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