Mommy Makeover 12th Jan - Asia - 8 weeks post-op - new pics!

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I am just like most other ladies on this blog. I...

I am just like most other ladies on this blog. I am 34 years old and had 3 kids in less than 4 years. After the first baby I still had rock-hard abs....but after the second and third not so much! My husband is fully supportive of putting back what nature took away so I met with the PS and have planned to do a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lipo to inner and outer thighs.

I am not 100% certain I will be doing all three as the proposed length of surgery is 6 hours which terrifies me! I have never been under GA and my kids are my world so I want everything to be absolutely safe. Definitely my breasts and my tummy need to be fixed, but the lipo I am still concerned about. The PS suggested it as it has always been a problem area - but not entirely necessary if you know what I mean. He proposed that he can do the tummy first, then breasts, then the lipo. If there is any cause for concern during surgery he will stop immediately. Anyone have any opinions on this?

At the PS request I have done extensive blood tests, mammogram and ultrasounds of my stomach/abdomen area and all have come back normal. So apparently I am low risk. I don't smoke and live a healthy, active life. I need to do another blood test before the surgery.

So I suppose I am at the stage of making a final decision on what I will do.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Ok some...

I hope everyone had a good holiday.

Ok some more info about me:

Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 132 lbs
Bra size: Small B (if I am wearing a push-up bra ha ha)
Age: 34
Children: 3 (all delivered via c-section)

I haven't stated the cost of surgery as I'm not in the US and you would be blown away by how much more expensive it is here! I have also decided on the best PS in the region - if you live in Asia you can PM me and I can provide details. It is a minimum 3 night stay in hospital also which definitely increases the price.

I was diagnosed with umbilical hernia which will be fixed with the TT. The implants the PS uses are polyurethane (polyurethane foam coating a silicone implant) as apparently these move around less as the surface is sticky. They have loads of shape options as well - I have chosen the "enhance" shape which is natural tear-drop, in a full C size. Haven't heard of anyone else on this site getting this type?! I have read that the foam coating on the implant can cause a gross allergic reaction to the skin on your chest but extensive research shows the majority of this disappears quite quickly.

So the dilemma with the lipo is that it will definitely alter my body shape and I have two daughters and am wondering how that will effect them. I should be their body role model - but if I go down that track then I shouldn't be doing any surgery at all!! I feel so very guilty about all of this and I keep going around in circles. Am I setting them a bad example doing this as eventually I will have to tell them (thankfully they are both so little still!) My son I don't think will care..... My husband is really supportive of any decision I make - whatever that is!

I don't like the initial photos I posted at all. ...

I don't like the initial photos I posted at all. So I have added new ones to give you more detail. After reading everyone's blogs and finding similar body shapes I know how important it is to see clear photos. My breasts don't look too bad but please note the bikini top has padding in it (as do all of my bras and bikinis!) When I bend over my breasts just hang down like two tubes - gross!

I am almost down to my pre-baby weight (which is 125) and this was really important to me before I consulted a PS. To be honest I am happy at the weight I am now though as it's been 5 years since I started having babies!! (my 3 kids are aged 4 and under). I'm not going to kill myself for the sake of 5 pounds.

I don't really do much exercise as it is impossible with little kids. They don't have creches at the gyms here. Sometimes when the older two are at their playgroup I take the baby for a walk - but I am just on my feet all day. One thing I have done since the birth of my second baby was pilates and I think that has helped keep my stomach in check. I continued it throughout my third pregnancy and up until now - but my stomach is about the best it's going to be. I was certain I would be a candidate for a mini tummy-tuck but unfortunately not.

I had my final consult with the PS yesterday and...

I had my final consult with the PS yesterday and everything is almost confirmed. We discussed the whole procedure and came to final decision. The surgery is not completely set in stone yet as I still have to meet with the anaesthesiologist on Monday. If I am happy with everything then I will pay my deposit and I can't turn back - eek!

So the work to be done will be full tummy tuck, breast augmentation over the muscle (full "C" cup size), minimal lipo to hips (love handles) and inner and outer thighs. I read loads of expert opinions on this site that say lipo to inner thighs is not really recommended because the skin is really thin and it's very difficult to do lying down?? But when I discussed this with the PS he did not seem concerned. It would make my legs a funny shape if he smoothed them on the outside only...he had lots & lots of pictures of his work done on others which calmed me. As I said the lipo is going to be really minimal as I don't want to drastically alter my body shape.

My other concern was the length of surgery going longer than 6 hours as I also read that that is the maximum recommended time for GA. He advised that the surgery would not be much less than this as he likes to do a very thorough and gentle job. His opinion is that is better to take things slowly and do them well rather than quickly attack everything just to finish under 6 hours. I've had my blood work done, ECG, ultrasound, mammogram so I am low risk.

With regards to DVT he uses a machine that pumps the legs during surgery and also throughout the first night in hospital. I can also bring one home with me. But he advised the best thing I can do is move around a lot. We have stairs in my house and I had read other reviews of people renting hospital beds and keeping them downstairs, but he thinks using the stairs will be helpful! I also get 3 nights in hospital so I think that is the difference with my situation. He doesn't like to use blood thinning shots either so we will just monitor after surgery.

He also gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxer to take the night before the surgery so I can get some sleep and won't be a nervous wreck on the day! Will update after appt on Monday.

Just wanted to add some more info... Why am I...

Just wanted to add some more info...

Why am I doing this? Hmmm...I suppose because in regards to our home situation it's the only time I will have the opportunity! As I said I developed a hernia and diastatis with my second child which made my stomach all lumpy no matter what I did. Bits of my stomach protrude out at certain times and it becomes really painful sometimes. That's why I started pilates as I was told this would help pull everything back in - not sure I'm totally convinced of that now! I got pregnant again so the damage got a little worse.

I am at that awful stage where I am faced with wearing loose pants and big flowing tops for the rest of my life as everything bulges out everywhere. Thanks heavens for empire waist shirts & dresses! I try and keep myself fit & healthy so it's just so disappointing that I have to hide that whole area. I can't wear any of my old pants and jeans - they fit but the rolls out the top are not pretty.

The breast augmentation makes my husband laugh. I am the first to admit I can be very judgmental - I was that person by the pool pointing out all the people with obvious implants!! I used to always say how I would never put something foreign in my very self-righteous (or downright pain in the *rse!) I was before I had kids! Once I decided on the TT I started reading up on the Mommy Makeovers and saw how great everyone looked that I knew I would love to have mine done. They look like old dogs ears (ugh). Now I'm excited!

The lipo is just the added extra. Something I've always thought about but would never do it on it's own. But as part of the MM package deal I will definitely go for it.

I haven't told anyone but my husband about the surgery. Surrounded by way to many Debbie Downers and annoying opinions that I am keeping it all on the DL. A couple of people I know have disappeared then showed up with new breasts so that's what I plan to do. I have a family friend coming in daily for next 6 weeks to help look after the kids and my husband will be around.

Hello all - quick 5 minute update. I should be...

Hello all - quick 5 minute update. I should be stressing about the surgery tomorrow but I am still madly rushing around trying the get the house & kids under control before my absence! I ran the kids around like mad for hours this morning so hopefully will get some respite this afternoon to pack my bags, wash my hair etc etc....

I met with the anaesthesiologist on Monday and he was fantastic. It was so good to meet him personally - in my mind I am convinced he will do a better job with me if he knows me as an actual person rather than a patient just lying there (ha ha). He assured me he will be beside me the whole time and that I WON'T wake up (happened to me once doing a colonoscopy which is burnt in my brain!) But again he doesn't think the surgery will be less than 6-7 hours. He doesn't believe that is a problem either and agrees with the PS that everything must be done patiently to ensure a good result. He also checked over all my ECG/blood results and said everything is great - his belief is that I have myself worked up over nothing and will laugh about it afterwards but I'm not so sure!

So I have paid and my surgery is at midday tomorrow. What a horrible time - I will be scratching out my eyeballs waiting around tomorrow morning!!

Wish me luck : )

Day 1 Post-op: Surgery is done and I made it...

Day 1 Post-op:

Surgery is done and I made it through just fine. Now the hard work begins! The PS did full tummy tuck, fixed scar on my belly button, breast augmentation and lipo on hips & inner & outer thighs. He is very excited about the results but I am wrapped from head to toe so can't see anything!

I was so very worried about any complications during surgery but everything went really well and he finished in just over 6 hours as predicted. I remember feeling so groggy and everyone shouting to wake me up but mostly a blur. My throat felt so sore and I desperately wanted a drink of water but I couldn't talk. I threw up a couple of times in the night but it wasn't too bad - just water.

They have taken my catheter out & I got up to pee which was an absolute mission!! I have 4 drains plus an IV and I can't even get out of bed on my own. I have to bend over double as it feels like half my stomach has been removed!

My breasts are sore on the sides but not too bad at all. They are right when they say your tummy takes your mind off your breasts! Actually the worst pain in the night was the area of lipo on outer thighs. Terrible, burning sensation. They are fine now.

I must admit I wasn't expecting this much pain and lack of mobility. I have had 3 c-sections and the general view is that c-sections are worse as they cut through your abdominal wall (tummy tuck is just superficial). Maybe I am just unlucky but hurts like hell!

Day 2 post-op: Hi all. Feeling a lot better...

Day 2 post-op:

Hi all. Feeling a lot better today but still no walk in the park! They removed my IV last night so one less attachment but still got the 4 drains on. When they removed the catheter it took ages to be able to pee - so frustrating!! I really felt the need to go but couldn't. The poor nurses had to sit outside the door for 20 minutes. But once I started I couldn't stop. I'm swollen from all the IV fluid.

I was allowed to eat for the first time in 2 1/2 days which was really weird. I had to force myself to eat as it had been so long and I was so wary! I think that will help me feel better.

I still have my foot pumps on - they squeeze my feet every 10 seconds to help prevent blood clots so it is very difficult to sleep! I am still wearing the same horrible compression bodysuit they put on me two days ago following my surgery and it is covered with dried blood etc and I soo want it off!!! I only need one nurse to walk me to the bathroom now but OMG the pain getting in & out of bed is dreadful. I have to stand at a 45 degree angle so my back is killing me.

I am a bit depressed as I never thought it would be this bad. I don't know how most of you ladies return home the same day of surgery??!! I have realised I am going to need help getting to the bathroom or doing anything for at least a week and I hate being a burden. I suppose as wives and mothers we are so used to taking care of everyone, I am panicking that the recovery is way more intense than expected.

In hindsight I realise I put too much emphasis on fear of the actual surgery and GA that I thought everything would be cool if I made it through fine. I wasn't prepared enough for this part! But I am concentrating on the end result and will take one day at a time.

3 days Post-op: I am standing writing this so...

3 days Post-op:

I am standing writing this so small victory today! I am hunched over still and holding all my drains in 2 plastic bags but I am mobile and can get to the toilet myself.

I was meant to be put into a tighter compression garment yesterday but it was way too tight and cut off circulation in my legs so I was allowed to go without for 24 hours while they cleaned up the old one. I am back in it now and it really helps hold everything together so I can be mobile.

Actually the PS came to see me this morning and ORDERED me out of bed. My swelling is still bad across my back from the lipo and the tummy drains are not as full as they should be so I have to massage and move. I guess the "pity party" is over for me ha ha.

I still have to stay in one more night as one of my breast drains was faulty. The nurses tried to fix it a couple of times but he to replace this morning. Still hoping to get them all out before heading home tomorrow.

I have cut out the serious pain meds today so just on some paracetamol, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. I had read other reviews that they can mess up your head space and I was definitely feeling miserable for a while.

I walked for 45min around the room this morning then felt nauseous, shaky and a bit dizzy so had to sleep for 2 hours! Can't believe how much it wiped me.

Day 4 post-op: Damn I have to stay another...

Day 4 post-op:

Damn I have to stay another night in hospital! My blood pressure has been really low all morning and one of my tummy drains had to be changed as nearly disappointed. I have been moving around a lot more to get everything flowing but makes me nauseous and dizzy. My back is still black from the lipo so that is causing the most pain. Funny but the lipo was such an after-thought as that has caused the most pain.

My boobs are now pointing down towards the ground?! Is that the issue before they "settle" that I read about? Argh I hope so. Really swollen on top which I guess is pushing everything downward. Still cannot see my tummy as wrapped up in bandages then covered by abdominal pad and zipped into the world's tightest compression garment. But after 5 min of shuffling around I can almost walk upright! They had to cut the garment at the elbows and knees as it was so tight it was cutting off my circulation and I'm still swollen everywhere.

Man I so need to get these drains out and in to a shower! Didn't realise I could not even bathe - ick. With c-sections they just covered incision with waterproof dressing so showering was fine. Fingers crossed am out tomorrow as really missing my kids (and think my husband is beginning to panic!)

5 days post-op: I AM GOING HOME...

5 days post-op:


Just had to do the ultimate walk of shame across the hospital lobby to the medical centre to see the PS dressed in my hospital gown and carrying two plastic bags of drains! Tried my best to look like I had a legitimate illness ha ha.

Best news of all I got my drains removed!! Every single last horrible one of them. Probably the most disgusting feeling in the world MAN they were buried deep inside me! But they they are out and that is the best thing ever.

I got to look at the work in his mirror and he has done an awesome job! I even have a line down the centre of my stomach that I vaguely remember having some time in my 20's!! I have a smooth and definable waist. My belly-button is back (very small which was concerning but apparently will heal with the scar inside so should not stress). The boobs look TOTALLY weird with one pointing out front the other looking at the ground but I am so happy about heading home that I don't care!

My legs are still swollen and bruised and my back is totally black from the lipo and this should take a while to heal. Again the lipo has managed to amaze me in the length of pain and healing process in comparison to other procedures.

I can't wears a bra today but tomorrow they will give me guidance on what to wear to help them settle and point in the right direction. This could take up to 18 months apparently?! I have a binder on top to flatten them out as up around my chin at the moment and am wearing a normal binder - no more stinky stained compression suit!!

Thanks for sticking with me ladies. Today has certainly been my turning point.

8 days post-op: Loving being home! Still...

8 days post-op:

Loving being home! Still creeping around hunched over like the grim reaper scaring the kids (ha ha) but healing slowly. Apparently I will be bent like this for another week or so. I have faithfully been wearing my breast and abdomen binder but was told that I have a LOT of fluid gathering in my stomach still so they have to remove it tomorrow with a needle??!! I think I might actually prefer the drains still to that....

One of my breasts is still pointing slightly downwards (the other is fine) so it has been a mission finding the correct bra to lift the base of the breasts (while the binder pushes down from above). A word of advice - DON'T jump the gun like me and go out on a bra shopping spree. Turns out all the ones I got were wrong but I cut the tags so cannot return! I thought I could wear all these brilliant, sexy numbers. Turns out I have to wear very supportive boring ones at least until they settle properly. I am actually a D cup now (I asked for a full C cup but maybe the PS got excited!). I am sure they are swollen still though.

Sleeping is still difficult but I am managing with two pillows piled up behind me and large U-shape pillow around me to stop me falling off the sides. Not that I can move in my sleep without searing pain waking me up!

The most difficult part at home is not being able to do a thing with the kids. For the first few days I could barely stand up and just slept. Now I have a lot of energy back but am very sore and tight. I can't move fast so cannot cook food, do shopping or pick up the kids. Thankfully I have my husband and fantastic friend doing it all for me but I feel terribly guilty and really want to hold my baby! I can drive the car though (short journeys) so at least I have some freedom back.

2 weeks post-op: Things are healing better! My...

2 weeks post-op:

Things are healing better! My breasts and tummy scar are still covered with guaze so I cannot post any pictures yet. I have been visiting the doctor daily and have been having my stomach drained of fluid daily - yuck!!

The first time I passed out. Such a horrible sensation...apparently passing out is a normal reaction. It doesn't hurt much but the thought of it is gross and it feels weird so can make you woozy. I have had it done 5 times now so I am a pro! And I will continue daily for at least next 5 days. It does make a huge difference to the lumpiness of the tummy tuck scar. You can leave the fluid in there but PS advised sometimes it can take YEARS for it to disappear! If you retain fluid like me then it's best to get it out.

My issue was that I felt so sorry for myself the first few days post-op I refused to get out of bed much so I didn't drain so great. The drains were removed after a week but fluid still remained and keeps building up. Not everyone has this issue.

I am walking almost straight (I have to remind myself about my posture) but am still wearing my huge padded abdominal binder and breast binder 24/7. I can drive fine now so am getting around easily and I can cook which is great for all the family! I have to take my friend shopping with me to push the cart and load the food but I can pop out and get small things myself. I got a mani/pedi today which was great! My hair is in disarray but not sure I could lie back on the chair in the salon to wash my hair when they cut it?! I am also debating a complete change in hair style and colour as part of the "new me" (my husband thinks I'm mad) so I'm putting that off until I decide. I am still very limited with my interaction with the kids but can hold the baby on my lap if I cover it with a pillow. So lovely to hold her finally! She gets bored after 5 minutes though.

All my bruises from the lipo have almost disappeared on my legs but still have swelling on my hips so probably best not to post photos until that all disappears. One breast is still slightly pointing downwards but I have been wearing the binder constantly and using my hand palms to press on the implant as advised so it's almost moved into position.

Things are definitely getting better and easier and I can't wait for all the bandages to come off to see the result!

3 1/2 weeks post-op: Everything getting easier...

3 1/2 weeks post-op:

Everything getting easier day-by-day. I have had all the stitches removed and have finally gotten the guaze off my stomach and just wearing the steri-strips on the TT scar and breast incisions. The bruising from the lipo has finally disappeared so now I can wear shorts and expose my legs! My hips are still swollen from the lipo so again I won't post any pictures to give you a distorted picture of the final results.

I had to continue to have my stomach fluid drained daily until 3 weeks post-op. But every day it was easier and less and less until finally I finished! My stomach still feels totally weird and numb and I still have to religiously wear my big abdominal pad and binder and breast binder to push my breasts down.

My movements are still restricted so I can't bend or twist properly and still sleeping propped up on a bunch of pillows. If I accidentally stretch in my sleep - ouch!! My stomach above the incision is really tight still. If I have been sitting for a while it takes some time to walk upright again...I sort of have to stretch myself out.

My belly-button is exposed now and I have a scar spray to put on twice per day. My breasts are still dropping in to position but it will take a long time as my breast tissue needs to flatten around the implants. That means I am still wearing super-supportive bras and the breast binder 24/7. I cannot wait to burn these binders!

I'm back to doing most normal things at home (well at least it's expected of me as I guess my "recovery" sympathy is over!!). I am cooking meals, driving the kids around, doing laundry, tidying up etc. It's probably over-doing it a bit but I haven't mentioned it to my PS and he seems happy with my recovery progress. I still can't push a shopping cart or load my own groceries so I need someone with me to help. I also cannot pick up my baby but I can sort of sit on the ground and play with her now. My PS advised the issue is not picking up the baby but rather getting kicked in the stomach. He would recommend not carrying her for 2 months after the op!! Not sure how I will manage with that as I miss holding her dreadfully.

Of course everyone in the family came down with a dreadful cold so that put us in major upheaval! I took a huge amount of vitamin C to avoid getting a cough as sneezing was pain enough. Our friend who was helping had 3 days off to recover so my poor husband was helping all day with the kids and up in the night with the baby (with me standing helplessly telling him what to do!)

I can't wait to get out of this "holding pattern" that I am in. I'm still swollen and wearing the bulky compression binders so I can still only wear my big granny underwear and loose maternity clothing over the top. I have been hiding away from most people I know (I didn't tell anyone about my op) as I look like a bag lady most of the time!! Again I didn't realise how long the recovery period is but from the result I am seeing already I would 100% do this again.

8 weeks post-op: Hi all. Sorry long silence...

8 weeks post-op:

Hi all. Sorry long silence here just super-busy! Found out that we are doing yet another international move in April so busy putting things in place for that.

The most major development since I last posted is that I can now carry my baby! I tried a little at a time around 6 weeks post-op but found it was still pulling my stomach so I held off. At about 7 weeks post-op I was completely back into the swing of things and carrying her like normal, bathing, putting her in and out of her cot etc. I still don't dare carry the 2 year old!

I am allowed to swim again (be in the water with the kids but not ACTUAL swimming) but I still have loads of liposuction scars on my inner and outer thighs. You have to look closely to see them, sort of look like little bruises everywhere. He actually cut my skin to insert the lipo tube and then stitched them up so they look like they are going to take a long time to disappear. I wasn't prepared for that. My new belly-button is also still healing so I have to cover my upper body with one of those swim getting "the girls" out yet!

I had a terrible allergic reaction to the steri-strips over my scars so the PS switched me to silicone bandages but they are still causing irritation. Most of the time I have to keep my breast and tummy scars open. I can wear the silicone for 12 hours then have to leave off for 24 hours. Not sure if this is going to make my scars really obvious if they heal uncovered? I wore my silicone bandages religiously for my c-section scar as never had irritation like this.

Most of my swelling has gone except around my hip liposuction area. That is still really bulging and sore. The PS gets me to roll cold Coke cans over the area each day but I'm not convinced it works! I still have to wear my abdominal binder 24/7, but at least I wear the big tummy pad only at night. Still wearing really supportive bras to flatten my breast tissue around the implants. My right breast is still slightly pointing downwards.

I still have to sleep propped up on two pillows but I have been waking up sleeping a lot on my side lately (I'm a side sleeper) so thankfully I can roll easily now. My body seems to handle it ok. I am allowed to wear normal clothes (nothing pressing on my abdomen) when I go out so I'm almost back to normal! No one knows what I've done so I think I've gotten away with my secret ha ha. At least I can walk straight now too!

So I took some recent pics. I am in the same bikini as last time just for your reference of "before" and "after", but I have thrown it out already to make way for all my new ones! Also note that in the pics I had lost the last 5 lbs of baby weight (doing the Master Cleanse if you wanted to know!) so not ALL of the change is due to surgery. I had a lot of swelling in my legs after the lipo as I retain a LOT of fluid. I read some horrible forum subject on here about people who said they has bigger legs, arms and faces after lipo and freaked out!! I asked my PS about it and he agreed that now I have no fat on my abdomen and he has removed some from my thighs (where I put weight first) that if I gain any weight it will now go to my arms - eek! That gave me the incentive to get the last few pounds off. Hard to keep it here though!
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