Journey to heal from laser with accutane

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Worst decision of my life. Had fraxel almost two...

Worst decision of my life. Had fraxel almost two years ago. High setting. was 23years old at the time and was living in asia.Had flawless skin. Got the laser done coz of small scars that were hardly noticable. No significant changes other than an explosion of acne. Weird small whiteheads sprouting all over face. Almost at the one year mark noticed extremely abnormal and rapid skin dryness. a couple weeks later noticed skin thinning and volume loss(mainly cheeks). a week after had extreme inflammation after washing my face. Complete deteoration of skin in texture, tone, and hyperpigmentation. a day after had rosacea symptoms, fine lines all over face, and dehydrated skin(no amount of moisturizer seemed to help). Starting exercising intensly and going on a healthy regime of shakes and food for one month with no results. At this point confirmed my belief that this was due to laser. Been almost seven months from thatpoint on and i have to say all the research i did led me to believe this is skin thinning and fat atrophy from heat damage(sun, hot water, body heatfare up, inflammation of any kind even in the slightest) after having the laser turn my healthy skin into HYPERSENSITIVE skin. Basically the fraxel caused my skin to become so sensitive and vulnerable to any form of damage that the amount of damage u get over an year (sun,alcohol, stress, whatever) gets multiplied by tens or hundred of times. Result?= RAPID AGING. Since the skin loses its ability to protect itself from any heat damage (sun, product inflammation, even hot water), the massive inflammation and thermal damage causes fat atrophy as well. Trust me almost all plastic surgeons know this is happening and the real evil ones do it on purpose knowing this. They frame the damage in the name of aging and bad self care and offer to fix it up with procedures that cost thousands (thus their income). Thus the beginning of chasing tail. This is the truth in the industry known as plastic surgery and there isnt a god damn thing we can do about it. The chances of winning in court is almost none. Well what goes around comea around so who knows what might happen later. Back to my story. Been almost eight months i think (dunno exactly) since i had the major detoration of my face. Recently had stem cell fat grafting done on the whole face. Returned the volume i lost. Dont care if all of the fat gets reabsorbed as long as it doesnt leave any lumps like many people describe but from research ive concluded this doesnt happen to people who had laser damage for some reason. Will know fosure after three months-six months(Keeping track). No significant changes noticed other than having all the fat i lost back. One thing to note is that even though i thought was overfilled immediatly after surgery over a week my face absorbed just enough so that i feel it looks just like the facial volume i had before the laser (Dunno, mabye i just done remember my old face lol) No significant changes noted on my skin. Another thing to note is that the flare ups (redness inflammation) was getting is very subtile (not sure if its time or the procedure that did it). Currently 17daysot from having the graft and on accutane 10mg doses everyday. no side effects whatsoever. (consumed 17pills so far. had about 7 before graft and stopped for a week to prepare for graft). Bruising from graft completely gone at this point and no side effects whatsoever from accutane. Will keep people posted. Heart goes out to all the people who had experienced what i did. Feeling like the person u were was murdered. What comes around goes around. One day the people that did this to us will get what they deserve. In this life or the next. Good luck to all and do what u feel is right. There is no perfect or one solution to all our problems.

stem cell graft 20days out

wanted to wait till 30days before i update but honestly i dont think there will be a difference. The graft has 100percent reversed the fat loss. I had very subtile fat loss mainly noticable in my cheeks and i have to now wonder if that was due to stress from university at this point because i feel that the grafted fat was completely absorbed after a week yet i look exactly like myself before the fat loss. One thing to note my skin is no longer dehydrated and inflammed. Its definatly healing. Only texture to worry about at this point. Still on accutane 10mg dose. took 20pills so far (took a five day break before graft) and no side effects at all almost to the point of worry lol. Not even dry skin or lips. Still on a healthy lifestyle change (no alcohol or smoking exercise every other day etc). So far things look promising! Oh one more thing, been worried about lumps or whatever tat people say fat graft causes before going in for the surgery and i have to say i dont have them period after searching for them almost everyday. Im guessing its related to how i feel the grafted fat has all absorbed.

accutane update

still zero side effects. had stomach pain and dry throat when i took it for the first time but its gone. texture still the same. hyperpigmentation extremely subtle to non exsistant. volume returned 100percent after graft but never had good before pics so im not sure if it was stress or the graft that did it (once again feel that the grafted fat was all absorbed duringthe initialweek)

finally dry lips :)

been getting dry lips since yesterday so i can only guess accutane is working. the pain from the fat graft that was lingering when i smiled or frowned is gone :) (guessing it was due to the bruising) only looking forward to the upcoming six months for the textural reversal! again feel that the graft hasnt done anything but reabsorb but my volume loss that was strictly noticable in my cheeks is hundred percent not deflated. Can only conclude it was due to a healthy lifestyle and lack of stress(or the graft actually did it?) i would never know i guess lol.

just disgusted.

just wanted to put this out there. I saw my underclassman from university awhile back and she had obvious signs of fat loss and skin laxity. She looked very depressed and although i could guess why(laser) i couldnt say a single thing to her. I felt disgusted at myself for being unable to ask her if she indeed had the laser due to the possibility of hurting her. I literally want to shoot these so called devils who call themselves doctors if i had a gun. she was a very bright and cheerful person and very pretty. I could see how her soul was torn apart from the look on her face. I promised myself i would ask her if i healed from the accutane. wanted to let my emotion out here. I cant help but let it out. The marketing of lasers are so intense in Korea and information regarding the true horrors are limited and controlled. I cant express how thankful i am for website like realself for keeping the truth exposed.

final thoughts on stem cell fat graft

so in the end i feel it didnt do anything but reabsorb into my skin. ive concluded that the deflated cheeks have more to do with the skin rather than specifically with fat loss. i believe the loss of elastin and collegen which caused the skin to have the weird texture and sag is the reason behind the deflated cheeks. Now adding fat cells might help to "heal" the skin in general inthe upcoming months, i believe to people with laser damage accutane and stem cell graft might have potentially the same effect inthat it over time heals the entire structureof the skin (firmness) which then will return the volume as well. im now thinking that we should address the fat loss and textural damage as a single problem rather than seperate. ill know for sure in the upcoming six months. Believing that both procedures has the potential to "heal" i can only assume accutane is a much cheaper and viable solution. Ill know for sure in the upcoming six months if indeed tat is the required time to see significant changes reported by the people i talked with. who knows i had both the graft and accutane so i might even heal faster (hope) :)

34days into accutane

update. been getting more acne. seems like all the pimples from the severely dehydrated skin is erupting as the dehydration is going away. been getting depressed very frequently. probably a side effect of accutane with the combination of stress from the laser damage ive been getting everyday. taking anxiety pills and lowering my consumptiono one pill a day or every other day depending on my anxiety level. volume returned considerably according to my aunt who i havent seen in awhile. assuming that my skin is healing as well as the volume. still no changes to my theory that graft and accutane has the same effect except accutane has more risks in terms of anxiety depression and dry lips but this can be controlled. one interesting thing to note is that accutane is FAT SOLUABLE

brain aneurysm

So been getting worried that the severe stress laser damaged people suffer from including myself may possibly have symptoms of brain aneurysm(blurry vision, headaches, etc). I always had headaches every since the damage appeared and I can certainly relate that to stress. However one thing that I should note is when I had the graft, I did have a major headache. I can also say accutane also causes and is still causing the same symptoms. I really think that microdosing is critical in that aspect. Planning to get a hospital checkup in the upcoming months.


I had a wake up call to whats going on after talking to a plastic surgeon that did my graft. Finally i got the truth out of him and I wanted to express whats going on here. Hypersensitivty is whats causing us this damage. Forcefully created collagen using lasers means that the skin will break down that much faster (thinning). Accutane also forcefully creates collagen but from the inside out so people like us who can no longer continue lasering our faces as it will create severe damage when skin is already vulnerable from previous lasers(holes orange texture, scarring, etc) can turn to for healing. I will know upon my healing but im guessing this is the truth. As long as u dont overdose, i dont see why accutane will not be able to reverse the damage to a certain point. (depending on the severity of the damage it will not be a 100percent). One thing we should be wary about is even after healing, continuously expecting further results from accutane will only cause hypersensitivity again, therefore, ur skin will break down again and cause u to chase tail. I dont even think lasers in that sense is particually a bad procedure as long as u dont go to the extremes.

400mg so far

anxiety aloooooot better. what a stressful year. been thinking alot about stupid stuff and its some what helped. comepletely regretting fat graft because ive certainly concluded it hasnt done a single thing. i do feel fortunate though that it didnt make anything worse but who knows what it might have done on a cellular level. only texture and dehydrated skin to worry about. subtle fat loss isnt concerning me much. i think if my skin firmed up kind of like a face lift i would look hundred percent like myself. started part time job at a convience store.hoping i would heal as fast as possible so i can go on dates with the girl i liked for a long time now with confidence although i seriously doubt she would wait for me. i guess if she doesnt well thats just how it is. only time will tell now. im starting to think accutane is worth a try for anyone with laser damage at this point.


ive reviewed my own progress thus far and realized i had alot of contradictory statements because of initial subtle changes that fluctuated over time. I like to clarify things here:first nothings changed. the dehydrated skin i felt was going away during the initial week of fat grafting was an illusion caused by the surge of oil production that came with the graft. visible hyperpigmentation is alot better over time but still there. still getting facial redness flare ups upon very slight irritations such as washing face or taking a shower. also for people who have been asking. yes im pretty sure i have pin prick holes along with fine lines all over my face. texture wise leathery rough crepey. For reference please look for waynes pictures before healing. i can almost hundred percent guarantee u thats just about how my skin looks. i have absolutely zero reasons to lie here nor do i feel the need to.


skin does get drier from accutane. Its very crucifying seeing symptoms like this when my skin is already like the desert. My oil production is definatly slowing down or slowed down already although the change is very subtle. Cheeks never had any oil production before accutane or fat graft and that hasnt changed. hopefully things will improve and it will come back further down the road.


Been getting hung up in work and had to let it out. This is causing me serious mental distress. I almost had a fight at work due to the customer thinking i was showing hostility in my face when really i caught a flu and was feeling horrible. Hopefully that hasnt anything to do with accutane. I seriously dont wish this upon anyone, probably not even my worse enemy. I wish that the 4 and a half months i have left on my accutane comes to an end quickly and ill see signs of healing. Planning to stay off accutane until this flu gets better.

Hospital checkup

went to the hospital to get a flu shot because man was it bad... the doctor did diagnose me with a common flu so im glad accutane had nothing to do with it. I did inform him i was under accutane and he told me to stop it until i healed which certainly helped. I FEEELL SOOO MUCH BETTER. getting back on accutane starting today =)

2months in to accutane

Meh quick update. Nothings changed fat graft hasnt done a single thing and accutane hasnt had any noticible effect. Hoping for some changes to occur in month three. Still fat loss in my cheeks and crepey dehydrated skin texture and no oil production on cheeks. Will be back to update on month three. 600mg injested so far

3month update

so its been awhile, unfortunatly nothings changed, i still havent seen any improvements or disimprovement whatsoever. My skin is still extremely dry and dehydrated, my cheeks are gone, the texture is like an orange peel and i still have those pin prick holes or "laser holes" as many people describe. At least my anxiety is better =/. Be back in month 4 still on accutane, on and off. One thing to note is that im not getting any acne, like i literally get mabye 1 pimple every 3weeks.
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