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I had my surgery two days ago in Asia. Got...

I had my surgery two days ago in Asia. Got 375cc-size implants under the muscle, plus a donut (Benelli) lift. It was hard finding a surgeon as an English speaker in a non-English-speaking country, but I found one who was trained through a US program and is board certified. My goal was to fit a 36D after swelling, but I'm expecting a C after seeing my results so far. I had to convince the doc to even go to 375; he thought 325 was enough, but this country does not typically see large, American-style superboobs on women! I definitely didn't want anything unnaturally large, so I thought 375 seemed good. He went with textured round Mentor implants, as textured is not uncommon overseas.

Fast-forward to surgery day, I woke up in a haze and very foggy vision. Nausea was fleeting, thank goodness. However, the pain has been absolutely outrageous. I can't move my arms or even get myself out of bed or off the couch. I can't even pee on my own. I can't extend my arms to reach the sink faucet to wash my hands on my own. I have been on Percocet, NSAIDS, and antibiotics. Nothing is touching the pain.

He put drainage tubes under my breasts for a day, then removed them the following day. My left breast sears with pain where the tube was and on my nipple, and is slightly more swollen, but he doesn't detect anything abnormal. It's just horrible, though. I'm totally useless. I have posted pre-op and Day 1 (one day post surgery) pics.

Day 4 Post-Op

I can finally pee on my own and get in/out of bed and on/off the couch. I have to concentrate on performing a slow, sustained crunch, but I no longer need my husband to move around. I can feed myself if the food is right in front of me. Still can't bathe myself or brush my hair. Too much pain. :( Taking Percocet once at night and then anti-inflammatories three times a day. Hoping to get off Percocet soon, but as of now I can't sleep through the pain without it.

I'm noticing that I have almost zero cleavage with this moderate-plus profile. Really frustrated with that! They just seem flat. I keep seeing one-day pics of women with mod +, and I seem to be the only one without any sort of roundness on top. Just flat as a pancake. :(

Snoopy boob?

I keep looking at the picture of my right breast. REALLY hoping it drops normally because it looks like snoopy boob right now. :( Feeling upset over that.

Day 10 Post-Op: Still in pain

I am trying very hard to wean myself off pain meds. I took only half a Percocet last night. Let me tell you, I was up around 0230 in tears. The weight of my breasts pushing against my bra (and flattening toward my sides) was unbearable. I had to sit up for around an hour. Needless to say, I was exhausted upon my return to work. Also, I was in a lot of pain all day. I took two ibuprofens before work and two Tylenols while there. By the end of the day I was in a ton of pain. I couldn't wait to relax against my couch. Driving the few miles back and forth to work was rough. Turning my steering wheel was very difficult/painful, too.

How long did it take you to get off meds completely? I still feel like I may have a long time to go. So discouraging sometimes.

2 weeks post-op

Took off the tape for the first time. The nipples are kind of off, but I can accept that. Oh well. Wondering if I should have gone with the lollipop lift instead of the donut. On a good note, I think they look natural, like my own breasts but larger. I told him specifically I wanted to look as natural as possible.

Pain update: Still in tons of pain. Original bruising is all bright yellow; however, I'm concerned about a couple spots underneath my breasts where I still have deep red. They're small spots but firm. Also, I'm extremely tender along the underside and my creases, even though I didn't get cut there. Going to call him to see if I need to go in. Even my sports bras are very painful underneath.

4 Weeks Post-Op - Updates (and info on drop and fluff with textured implants!)

So, again, I have had one baby (breast fed) and got a donut mastopexy and 375cc submuscular silicone implants.

I started off a small C, intending to be a D. I'm still a DD in sports bras! Crazy. However, you can see the difference in size/shape from the first photos: The swelling has gone down drastically!

Changes/updates so far:

- No longer taking pain meds as of hitting the beginning of the fourth week

- Still feel the "bowling ball" or "milk letdown" effect, but only while wearing a bra. Could this mean my bra is too small?

- Bruising is about 90% gone.

- Sleep is still hard to come by. They are SO heavy! Sports bras are still painful to wear and leave deep marks on my breasts where the seams are. I live overseas and cannot find anything larger than DD -- but to be honest, I am not sure that bigger is what I need. I really can't figure out what the problem is, exactly. The bras don't quite cover my "side boob," if that makes sense. I can't even find a seamless bra online that fits, though. I tried the front-close, plain cotton ones from Walmart.com, but they are WAY small. All of them. And no way can I wear underwire yet.

- Noticed that my breasts do not have that "perfect" look that most people on here get with implants. The more I look at them, the more I know that this is due to several factors:
-- I had a lot of natural breast tissue to begin with, which means more drooping and more skin to work with
-- The areolar incision also messes with nipples
-- I'd probably need a lollipop lift to attain "perfect" shape
-- I'd probably need high-profile implants (but I got moderate plus)

Interesting changes, though: My breasts are totally soft, FEEL exactly like real breasts and even MOVE around like real breasts! That is exciting! They were obviously hard as rocks right after surgery. I am actually kind of glad they move around. I *really, really* did not want anyone besides my husband to know I had implants. Yes, it's going to be an inconvenience once I feel comfortable running again, but I love that they still move fluidly like they did pre-surgery! That's pretty amazing.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my results so far. If only I were 23 again (I'm 35) with perfect, pre-baby breasts, but I'm not, so I'll take what time has given me. Hoping to be approved to start using my silicone scar disks after my appointment next weekend. Right now I still use surgical tape 24-7, but I have read online that some doctors think the tape is just as effective as silicone in long-term scar reduction. Who knows?

OH! DROP AND FLUFF! I don't think textured implants drop. At all. Mine were where they are now when I came out of surgery. So if anyone is wondering about that, that's my update so far at four weeks. However, the swelling subsiding has vastly improved their appearance and shape. They are so nice and round now. Love them! So I guess this is the textured-implant version of D&F. (?)

First pic in clothing

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