Having the Biltmore Lift; Neck and Bottom of Face Area - Ashville, NC

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Retired in 2011 and I wasn't happy about how my...

Retired in 2011 and I wasn't happy about how my neck looked. On January 2, 2014, I went to a new hairdresser. Surgery on our necks were discussed. She told me the owner of the shop next to hers had had the Biltmore Lift by Dr. David Harley in Asheville. I met the lady and she showed me her before and after pictures. It had been 4 years since her surgery. She looks great. Needless to say, I was on a mission!

I researched Dr. Harley and his Biltmore Lift. So many positive results and expertise. With the encouragement from my husband, I made an appointment for February 18. Meeting Dr. Harley and Juanita was pleasant. I made my surgery schedule for April 28, just 13 day away!

Picture of me in December 2013

Ten more days until my surgery!

January 2014 picture

This picture was taken right after I found out about the Biltmore Lift.

Count Down!

I've started watching the calander...little over a week to go. Have all my over the counter meds and my round pillows! Haven't heard from Juanita...she'll call in my prescriptions soon. Hoping I get lots of pain meds. I'm not good with pain.

Hope I don't drive my husband crazy. I keep him informed about others on this post...especially, Cemlaw. She's 2 weeks ahead of me. He asked me abouty pain tolerance...told him that I don't have one! Guess he will have to stock extra Jack Daniels and PINOT NOIR on the shelf!

One week to go!

Will call Juanita today about my meds. I've not purchased Derma-Blend yet. It truly helps reading other stories about their journey with the neck lift and Biltmore Lift. I am taking my Arnica
Montana and vitamin C. I feel confident with Dr. Harley. He has done beautiful
work with his patients. Not really
wanting to post pictures of my
neck...mine looks much more severe
than others. However, viewing the
before and after pictures, genuinely
helps others.

As far as emotions go, I am a bit concerned with the "What ifs". Not that I doubt my PS, I'm doubtful about my skin and structure fit.

By the way, are all the ladies out there who have had a Fl in perfect or near perfect body condition? I still need to lose a little weight...I would consider myself "a little fluffy". Dr. Harley said that I have a nice face and he could help improve it. He didn't say anything about weight.

Before pictures

These pictures were taken this afternoon. I have NO makeup on. As you can see, my turkey neck and jowels are in need of Dr. Harley's help! My daughters are excited for me.

Count Down!

On my way to NC. Didn't sleep well last night. Read post from others about their surgery and first few day post. They were very helpful! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who have shared their journey. Tomorrow I'll go shopping for soups
( low sodium), ice cream, drinks.... Monday at 6:30 is my surgery!!! Only hours away! Any suggestions before, will be greatly appreciated!

My neck!

Just took a few "Selfies". I think neck is in worse condition than any others I've seen. Has to look better after Monday!

Surgery over!

Surgery went well. No pain and I didn't wake up. Had coffee and sausage biscuit on the way home. In a 1-10 pain level is a two. Can't see what I'm typing...no glasses. Husband has been wonderful! Taking my meds for sure! Will send pictures. I look like a chipmunk!

Afternoon after surgery

Thanks Cemlaw. Ears lobes have pain. Don't feel like eating, just drinking fluids. Feel a little nauseous. Want to sleep, can't.

Dt. Harley called

Got sick..hadn't eaten anything. Nausea an issue. Told doctor. He said I knee to eat....it would help. Also take 2 nausea pills. For pain take two also. Got sick afterwards. He told me to call him at anytime if I needed him. Husband made himself onion soup. The smell of it made me sick again! Doctor said he doesn't want me in any pain. Not slept much today. Head wrap off at 9:30 tomorrow.

Wrap off!

Really had no problem with wrap. My left ear bothered me slightly. Slept well last night. Husband woke me every 4 hours for meds. Got sick once during the night. Kelly, doctor's nurse, met me at the door. She took the bandage off and pulled the drain tube out. No problem there. Dr. Harley looked at me and gave me an "A+". He expressed the tube area and got a little more fluid out. I go back on the 5th for stitches to be removed. My face seems really swollen. I am icing with frozen green pea bags. I still feel a little nauseous after taking meds. Going to send pictures. Hope all are doing well. Thank you for all your advice. Dr. Harley, Kelly and Juanita are fantastic! RL, Cemlaw, and the lady I met first...we made the best decision going with Dr. Harley.

Shower and shampooed hair!

Took my first shower and shallows my hair. Now that's tricky having to be careful of the stitches! Sending pictures. No makeup and wet hair. Be kind on your reply. Swollen face and neck. Taking Tylenol today for any discomfort. Going to ice now and have soup for lunch...then nap!

Forgot pictures

Here re two more pics. No makeup and wet hair.


Everything seems to be going fine. Only took Tylenol before bed last night. Nothing today. Still have swelling. No bruises. Cleaned stitches and still icing. Will try to send pictures. Gracie, I sent
you a lengthy message about my
surgery. I was not awake at all. Felt no
pain. Took my meds as directed. I did get
nauseous. Remember pictures are plain
and simple. But you'll get the idea
about my progress. Don't forget, I'm 65.
Should have done this 10 years ago.

Ears and chin pictures

It's difficult to take pictures of your ears and chin. These are the best I can do.

sitting in the sun

Sending picture of me sitting in the sun. Notice I have lipstick on!!!

Thursday Day Four

Sorry I did not update yesterday. As far as my post surgery, all went well. Swelling maybe down some. I can open my mouth a bit more. One important element that I must reiterate what other ladies have stressed...the meds cause constipation! Make sure you take some type of remedy for this. Perhaps as soon as your bandage is removed.

On a sad note, I had to put my 13 1/2 year old Scottie named Lily down. My husband had to take her to the vet. She was very ill and it was best for her. Needless to say, crying doesn't help with stitches in your face. We loved our
" Lilygirl". She had a beautiful life living on a ranch and being the Princess of the house. Thanks for listening.

I will update for Saturday in a few hours. Can't wait to shampoo my hair again. We may go out!

Saturday Picture

Had a nice day. No pain. Put some makeup on. We watched the Kentucky Derby then went out for dinner. Worried about my chin stitches showing. My family and friends think I look good. Husband really likes the new me. Sending you a picture.

Monday, May 5

Kelly removed my stitches. All went well. Wasn't hurtful at all. Dr. Harley said my results are great. Some swelling and hardly any bruses. Can shampoo hair with my regular shampoo and
conditioner. He was very pleased with
the results. Reiterated that if I needed to
call with concerns to not hesitate. I have
to sleep propped up and on my back.
Not much fun doing that. I'm to return in 2 months for checkup. My husband is happy with my results...he hates me
being grumpy! He has been my greatest
advocate. He says this is going to cost
him more because I'll be full of myself
and want to get new outfits to match the
new me and the new confidence! And as
usual, he's right!:-D


Greetings, today is my one week and two day mark. Going to send some pictures of my ears and chin stitches removed areas. Some yellow bruises are visible. Still swelling infront of ears and below the ears in the neck area. I noticed the left side of my chin scar is swollen more than usual. I reviewed my previous posts, many grammatical mistakes! Figured it's due to the meds. Then I thought, what the heck...most of us are on the same things...who cares! I've about had it with sleeping on my back with 2-3 pillows. By the way, my chin bandage came off the next day. Called Juanita. Doctor said don't worry about it; the ear ones would fall of in a few days too. All is well. Hope the ear pictures don't gross you out! My husband took the pictures. When I took them, I only got half of everything! Thanks to all for your support and information! This site has been wonderful.


Had a great day. Have been having difficulty updating my progress. Having no problems. Heading down south. This will be the first time for the family to see me. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks. Scars are healing fine. Sending pictures! Sorry they aren't very good. Benjamin is our other dog. He is five. When we brought him home at 5 weeks old, our Scottie, Lily adopted him. She was the best mother to him. She taught him doggie manner!

Back home

On Monday, we drove seven hours then stopped overnight and visited with our children. Today we drove two hours and visited with another daughter and granddaughters. One more hour then we were home. So, ten hours of travel and the heat has me feeling tired and my face swollen and tingling. This is two weeks and one day post-op. Children love my results! Will go to my dermatologist tomorrow. Wonder what he will say? Still sleeping on by back with two- three pillows. I need to drink more water. I am happy with my results and my healing progress. I'm not taking anything for pain or to sleep. If you're thinking about having this procedure, go for it! Especially, if Dr. Harley is your surgeon!


It's been 2 weeks and 2 day post-op. Went to see my dermatologist today. He was WOW! He looked at my stitches and my face. Wanted to know my doctor. He said he did outstanding work. Of course,
I bragged about Dr. Harley. My
dermatologist is Dr. Rudolf in Vero
Beach. He wants me to start a regiment
for sun damage spots in 4 more weeks.
He said I looked very natural. Went to
see my dental hygienist. She knew I was
having the surgery. She was excited for
me....said I look 20 years younger....I'll
take 5! Well, maybe 10:-). Happy day for
me. Went grocery shopping...then took
2 hours nap. I didn't sleep right..turned
on my right side. My earlobe was sore...
guess I need to continue sleeping on my
back and elevated. Pictures aren't the

Sunday Almost 3 Weeks

Tomorrow will be three weeks since my surgery. Sending some "Selfies". Don't think I'll ever get use to taking them. All is well. My face is still swollen. Under my chin is swollen more on one side. It's still
sensitive to touch. My ears are fine. Right
ear healed faster than the left. I think
my left jawline is swollen more than the
right. I'm still sleeping on my back and
on two/ three pillows. Sometimes I wake
and find myself on only one pillow...oh
well! Had some dear friends visit for the
weekend. They thought I looked
wonderful. I still need to rest. When I
start to yawn or get a tingling/ swelling
feeling, I need to rest. Hope the pictures
are good enough for you to see the jaw
and neck area. Have a great Sunday and
week! Thank you to all that post. For all
that are beginning their journey, this is
a great place to be.

Monday. 3 weeks

I'm at 3 weeks post. I over did it yesterday. Guess we'll have those days. We have 5 horses that needed a trim. Getting horses feed, brushed, and tied up before the Ferrier came was a bit
much...good for the horses though! I
wore a big floppy hat that my horses
weren't sure about. They had to sniff it
and check who was under it. All went
well...except for my dog. He decided to
roll in horse/peacock poop! He thought
he smelt great; it was nauseous! So, now
I had to bathe him. Sat on a stool so I
didn't have to lean forward. That worked
out ok. Of course, I was soaking wet.
After my shower, my husband said my
face was really red. It was swollen too. I
went to bed to rest and applied ice to my
face. It felt great. All is well now. A new
day and I'm ready to take it easy. Love
everyone's post! Lilygirl

Fun day

Monday will be four weeks. Had a massage today. I know the girl and she knew about the Fl. She said I looked as if I had lost weight and I looked much younger. She had me propped at a 45°
angle. She worked on my shoulders and
the back of my neck. Arms, legs were
next. Then she took the 45° support
away and gave me a large pillow for my
head and a body pillow to support me on
my side. This way she massaged my
back. It felt wonderful! After sleeping on
my back for almost a month, I knew I
needed a massage.
Now for the funny part. When I see my
lawnman, I usually have on comfortable
stretch pants, rubber boots, hat, no
makeup and hair pulled back. Today I
walked out to say hello and he went silly
on me. He say, "Wow, what have you
done? You got a new haircut? You look
great!" I told him that he never sees me
with makeup on or "cleaned up". Of
course, I just smiled and couldn't wait to
tell my husband!
I still have swelling. The heat is no
friend. My left side is swollen more. I'm
still numb infront of the ear area. My
chin area is sensitive and swollen. That area will take longer. Sides of the neck
are swollen, too. Others may not notice
it. I still need to rest around 2 pm. I need
to drink more water with the heat.
I enjoy the post. I know there's a few ladies beginning their journey soon. Stay positive and focus on yourself. Remember this is for you. You're going to walk through a door and come out younger and more confident. I can't wait to see the beautiful you! During your healing process, make sure you are your first priority. That means rest, relax, enjoy the moment...no stress is allowed. Keep us posted!

One Month!

Today marks my 4th week post surgery. Doing fine. Still have swelling under my chin area...actually, it's from my Adam's apple to my chin scar. My left side of face is more swollen than the right. There's a
weird type of sensation at the neck
location..tightness with a bit of burning
feeling periodically. Nothing warranting
meds for. I'm not taking anything for
pain or to sleep. Still trying to sleep on
my back. That's not working well. I use
the tube neck pillow to turn on my side and put my ear/cheek area in the center.
It has been hot here which contributes to swelling. I don't have the sculpture look under my chin like Cemlaw and Renaissancelady have...:-( Hoping that changes with time. I still look better than
before! Best wishes to all on Memoral Day!

Five Weeks on Monday

Not much has changed since last week. I'm not drinking enough water and sneaking potatoe chips in my diet. I'm a little concerned about the swelling under my chin area. Called Dr. Harley's office.
Juanita asked me to send pictures so he
could view them. Dr. Harley called me
back after viewing the photos. He didn't
seem concerned about it. He told me
when I had my stitches out, I looked
fine. Also, he mentioned how much fat
was removed and he really tighten the
neck muscle. Furthermore, we all heal
differently. He told me not to hesitant to call him if needed. He is such a compassionate doctor. It didn't help
driving the day before and turning my
neck so much getting out of parking
spaces. The humidity in Florida is
relentless. I need to give at least 2 horses
a bath this morning. They look like they
don't have a mama...so dirty. They love
their baths.
Thanks to all for your posts. I feel like I
have new friends all over the world! Lilygirl14

Six Weeks

It has been 6 weeks today. Not much change. I still have more swelling on my left side. One of my granddaughters graduated from high school. She will be attending the University of Florida in the fall. I saw several friends at the ceremony. They thought I looked great and retirement really agrees with me! It was fun seeing their reaction. I still feel better sleeping with two pillows. I try to rest during the day. Also, I try to limit how much I pick up. Newme asked about leaning forward... I watched doing that for at least 3 weeks. Your face lets you know...you will feel a tightness if it's too much gravity pull. I still should be drinking more water. My right side seems to be doing much better. I can sleep on that side. Left side...not so well. Will post later....I wish I had done this at least 5 years ago.

Seven Weeks!

Seven weeks post and I still have some swelling and tightness. I can sleep on my right side comfortably. Sleeping on my left side continues to be a little bothersome. I will send pictures of my scars without makeup on them. The other pictures are just side and front views with my hair pulled back. I hope the pictures will help others. Please keepin mind I am 65.6 years old. TTherefore, wrinkles are expected. Thanks to all the posts. They're extremely helpful. I still have swelling and under my chin area it's still tight.

Over Doing It!

I've been reading several posts about over doing it. I'm in the same situation. We've had company everyday since June 6 through 15 except for one day. One was my 2 year old granddaughter who
wanted me to hold her most of the time.
I truly did too much and didn't rest enough. My neck was sore and face seemed tighter. I did love seeing everyone and they seemed pleased with my results. I give up trying to make paragraphs when posting. I put on a tank top yesterday. Something I would never do in years. Oh my, I have a long neck again! I may put on a pretty necklace and show them off...the neck and necklace. By the way, I have a vitamin deficiency which caused my eyelashes and eyebrows to fall out. They are growing back. I lacked Frolic Acid and I was borderline on B vitamins. Blood test revealed this. That's why in my before with no makeup pictures I look sooo blah. Another positive note, my husband says I'm not making little noises and snoring anymore. I had mentioned that I felt as if I was sleeping with a small beanbag on my neck before surgery. :-D
To all the ladies that are having issues with family and friends not being supportive, this to shall pass. It's surprising what a few day and weeks makes. You have not changed inside but watch out for the outside. You will have more confidence and you've set an example for others, at home and around the world. This site has united us in a cause to better ourselves. I do not feel guilty about spending money on myself. My daughters are proud of me. They don't have to beg me to take photos with their children...making memories. "Cheers" to all of us. Remember, if you've had the nerve to go through this, you don't owe anyone an explanation. We've worked hard so we play hard! Lilygirl

Checkup at Ten Weeks

Greetings all! Had my 10 week checkup this morning. I was having my "green" stitch removed when Dr. Harley came in. Kelly had explained that it was the type that dissolved when the tissue healed. It
was so small. Dr. Harley said he didn't
recognize me until I turned sideways. He
thought I looked 15-20 years younger. ( I
will let you be the judge of that...10 years
maybe). About the swelling, he said that
diet and rest play important roles in the
healing process. Also, it takes time. I
asked about antibiotics after the surgery.
He said he prescribes them to help with
healing. He mentioned that I may want
to consider Botox in the frown wrinkles
between my eyebrows and filler for my
smile lines. Neither needing to be done
in a year or so.
Massaging my chin scar was
recommended by Kelly. My infront and
behind my ears scars look great. I need
to rest, drink more water, and monitor
salt intake. Dr. Harley seemed
exceedingly pleased with his results. I am
too. Posting some photos on the way
home from the office. Cannot thank
everyone enough for posting and
sharing their journey on RS. I hope my
information has helped as well. Lilygirl

Before and After Pictures

Greetings! Just returned from NC. Had my after photos done on July 7. My before pictures are really, really bad. Remember, no makeup, 6:30 am, taken meds for surgery, no eyebrows, and a bit nervous. After pictures have makeup and feeling pretty good. Hope this post helps others with their decision. I still have swelling and some numbness. Lilygirl

Almost Four Months

Greetings all,
Just want to drop in to let you know what's happening. My neck area under my chin seems to still be a bit swollen. That area continues to be tight. Took a couple of pictures. Don't forget when you zoom in that I'm 65.8 yrs. old. I've earned a few wrinkles! I colored my hair back to it's natural color. The highlighting was great but really drying my hair out. Hope all are doing well. Love hearing that it takes almost a year or more to heal. I don't feel so isolated with my healing process. Take care, Lilygirl

Sunday Picture

Hello All,
Sending a picture of my naturally dark hair. Check out my neck. You maybe able to see the swelling I've been talking about. When I was young, I couldn't get enough sun as you can tell by my chest area. I'm sending a picture of my sweetheart husband and me, too. Have a great week. Thanks for all the informative information on this site. Lilygirl

Touch Up!

Just learned to do touch ups on my phone! Wow, what a difference! I should send this touch up to Dr. Harley...he will think he's truly done a miracle!! Sent it to one of my daughters and she was sweet...said I didn't need it; I look good the way I am. She probably saw herself in me! Lilygirl

Starting on Month Five

I'm still hanging in there. Just to update so you know my beginning on 5th month. I still feel swelling... same as before, neck area. Numbness still infront of my ears. Can't figure out why my neck continues to have swollen places. Wish I didn't still have the wrinkles but have to
consider my age too. When I think I should look better, I look at my before
pictures. I took down the before pictures
the doctor took. I would take the ones I
took but I know how others "before"
helped me. So guess you have to look at
my turkey neck. Did my hair back brown. The pictures I'm posting I took..except for one. My husband took it. Thanks for all the wealth of information. Truly helps with our journey. Have a great Labor Day.weekend! Lilygirl

Time Flies and No Regrets

Greetings all,
It has been awhile since I've posted anything. I am truly happy with Dr. Harley in Asheville. Many people have had him do their surgery...from NY, the Caribbean, England...the list goes on. I had no pain during surgery and was out during it. People think I am well rested. I do not have my turkey neck. I do have some wrinkles though when I hold my neck and certain way. I will be 67 soon and I'm not complaining. Last week Dr. Harley added filler for deep creases between my eyebrows. We debated on whether to do Botox or filler or both. Problem was the deep lines. Decided on fillers first then Botox if needed later. I have to draw my eyebrows on cause I have no hair on my eyebrows! The photos I'm sending were just taken. I didn't do anything to them. New phone so perhaps it automatically does photoshop. I am trying brushes to put makeup on. I'm wanting to get a new hairstyle with bangs. Hope everyone is doing well. Lilygirl
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harley is truly an artist when it comes to plastic surgery. He was adamant about keeping in contact before and after my surgery. I felt no pain during the surgery. His nurse, Kelly is extremely compassionate. Juanita, at the front desk, has great PR skills. Before the surgery, I'm sure I called twice a week with questions. She always took time to answer them. If I need anything else done, I would return to Dr. Harley. I am extremely satisfied with my results.

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