Got a Date! June 24th! - Asheville, NC

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Counting down the days now.. I am on here any time...

Counting down the days now.. I am on here any time I have a few minutes looking at all of the beautiful faces that Dr Harley has done and can't wait to be one of those faces myself !! ;) Like I've read from many of you, I just hate looking at myself in the mirror.. It doesn't look at all like the person I think I should be looking at.. I'm ready to have the old me (or a better me ;) back again!! Can't wait!!!

I am 59 years old, be 60 this year..

This year I will turn 60 and think I deserve to do his for myself... It really is hard not to feel a bit of guilt, but I just can't stand it any longer.. I have had a problem with neck and jowls for a very long time.. Had neck Lipo at age 50, the dr said it would do the trick but do not waste your money,, wish I would have done this then.. It was a lot of money for nothing..

Getting excited and nervous..

Just 3 weeks to go! Bought a pillow system, got my arnica Montana and Bromaline and most of all the other things I need.. Now just waaaaaaaaiitt.. Lol Was hoping to have my sister with me, but looks like she's not going to be able to make it.. I have TLC booked and a bit nervous about having to be with a stranger during a vulnerable time like this but many others on here have done it so I'm sure I'll be just fine.. All he reviews I've seen for TLC so far have been great.. :)

Driving after facelift?

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever driven for several hours after having had a facelift 6 or 7 days before?

I'm here! Tomorrow is the day!

I met Ms Juanita at the office today and I Love her,(Sweetest lady ever :) and I met with Dr Harley about my surgery in the morning and he is so nice and kind, he told me what I could expect and the things that I should not expect this surgery to do,,, but he thinks I'll be happy with the results and I'm sure I will if I turn out like the rest of the ladies!! I appreciate the thoughts and prayers!! :)

All finished!

Dr Harley did a beautiful job! I'm so happy with how my neck looks!! Can't wait for to heal and the stitches come out!! Love him and Ms Juanita too!!

A coupl of before pics..

My surgery went wel, I don't remember much of anything except Dr Harley taking pictures after I took the cocktail of drugs before surgery.. The next hing I knew I was up and walking out, don't remember the drive back to the hotel really,, I took a pic of me in the car, but rely don't remember doing it.. Melina from TLC stayed with me ( she's a very nice, sweet person.. )Then she left the next morning when Susie came and drove me to get bandages off.. Haven't really had a lot of pain.. My jaws are pretty swollen,,, but my jawline is awesome!!! It's better than I could imagine it being! Thank you Dr Harley!!!! You are THE Greatest!!!

Day 3

Just a few pics to show my progress..

Day 3

One last pic for the day

Put on some makeup( not on the stitches ) and went out for a bit.. Jaws started to feel heavy so I came back to the room and started icing..

I Love Dr.Harley!!!

I have taken my pics down for a bit.. But I just want to say that I could not be more pleased with my face and neck,,, I feel as if it has made me look 20 years younger and I have never met a more kind and caring Dr than Dr. Harley... I think he is THE BEST! I recommend him highly and I think he is a perfectionist.. He goes above and beyond! He is just a wonderful person,, and I am forever greatful for how much better her has made me feel about me.. :)

Couple of update pics..


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