66 Yr Old Great Grandmother of 5 So Goodby Wrinkled Neck and Jowls!!! - Atlanta

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I woke up one day a couple of years and wondered...

I woke up one day a couple of years and wondered what happen to that youthful women that use to look back at me in the mirror, when did the neck start to wrinkle and when did my jowls develop a pooch on the side of my face or should I say a jowl, time to make this happen! March 17th I am so ready. After meeting with Dr. Harley I knew the Biltmore Lift was for me, He did not try to upsell me to try to talk me into procedures I did not need, he let me make my decision on if I want my eyes done or not, which I am not going to do. His office is quaint and very clean and furnish beautifully, my husband could not believe it. He spent about 20 minutes with me and came right to the point he specializes in just the neck and lower face and eyes which makes him an expert which I really like. Juanita works there and is so personable. It is so refreshing to go to a doctor who talks with you and not at you and believe I interviewed a lot of them here in Atlanta. Will post pictures soon of what I look like now.

My first photo

This is what this wrinkle neck looks like now in 6 weeks this should be a lot firmer. I know Dr. Harley has his work caught out for him. I tried to take a side view in 22nd picture of my jowls

Full face

Still thinking about my eyes

full face before surgery

I am not a selfie expert but I am sure I will learn

More pictures see why U need this

I can't wait to get this neck done I try not to look at it everyday I have to keep busy so what am I doing taking pictures at work not good right

Wondering about my eyes

I am sitting her this evening reading all the great reviews on this site and looking at my horrible pictures and wondering do I get my eyes done???? Need your help ladies what do you think

Ok now I am impressed

I left a message for Dr. Harley today and ask Juanita to ask him to call me after 3pm today, sure enough he called me from his car and we had a great conversation about doing my lower eyes which I am going to do because I have full trust in his expertise. But Ladies what PS nowdays go out of their way to call a patient on their way from their cell phone. I am so glad I found Dr. Harley on this website so if you have not been happy with doctors you have interviewed for your procedure you need to contact Dr. Harley.

24 more days to go

Countdown to march 17

Side view

Getting hair colored today

1 week left can't wait meds will be called in tomorrow after talking to Juanita she is such a wonderful lady she takes the time to talk with you her and Dr h r great people

I am off to Ashville

After 6 long weeks of waiting and then hoping I did not get cancelled my husband and I will be finally leaving Atlanta in a hour or so, I try not to think about tomorrow or else I will be nervous not sure how good I will sleep this evening but I am sure I will get enough sleep in the next couple of days to catch up, I will keep you all posted if I can get my husband to take pictures the first day he is really not into that but he is a great support mechanism for me. My daughter called me yesterday and said I still have time to back out and of course my son still sees me as I always was him mom who he loves. I know my girls that are coming up soon in April will be thrilled with Dr. H just as I am. See you on the other side YEA YEA

Bandage is off

I still have swelling around my lips a face I luv my neck Dr h did a great job
U did take med pains all last night and I slept a lot now I am just on Tylenol I am so glad I found Dr Harley the girls going after me don't be stride I r in the best possible with Dr h an junita an nurse kelly

Bandages just came off an hr ago lot of selling around lips i did not get my eyes done

I trust Dr h and did not get my lower eyes done he did a great job on my neck I took a lot of pain meds last night and they really knocked me out

I am up at 4:30am

I guess my valium wore off because here I am up wide awake I cannot sleep sitting upright in the recliner, my neck is very hard which is to be expected and my swelling is coming down a little around the bottom of my face, I did have some filler put in so I know I can swell from that, at least there is not pain which I am grateful for. Thanks to all of you for the great comments and support team I have on realself so I knew what to expect when I went thru this procedure More pictures to come later no bruising so far.

2nd day

Not very flattery no makeup just swelling
Had filler out in on cheeks still rough looking but am very pleased no pain just tightness in neck and cheek icing every couple of hrs makes it feel great also tynol xtra strengh is great good luck to all my buddies that will be coming up so with Dr h by the way I did not do under my eyes because Dr h was very honest with me since I did not have a lot of day just homeowners so he told me I maybe disappointed that is what I appreciate a honest doctor

Getting better everydsy

Yellow bruising down my neck today which I knew because I bruise early still very tight under neck and lower face lower face is still little deformed because of swelling all and all I am pleased with my results will get Botex around eyes when I go back to get stitches out

Day 4

Yellow bruising on neck swelling is going down I am very happy

Bruising under chin

Here I go best shot I could get of bruising

Dsy 5

A lot of bruising on both sides of my face
Swelling is going down when I talk to Juanita today I told her it was yellow bruising and she said that is a good sign of healing my neck is still stiff regaining more feeling in my lower face but still hard feels funny when I wash it no feeling round my ears well girls that's my update today

Last pic

Dont eat pizza

Wow even though this is my 5th day I had one slice of pizza and blew up oh well back to jello and ensure no salt until this swelling comes down more darn

One week today

Had to run into the office for an hr or so before anyone came in I am still swollen and yellow starting to get some feeling in my lower face neck still stiff but I am happy with the results have not taken any Tylenol for 3 days stool sleeping upright and icing every hr

One more picture

Stitches coming out mon

Just a few more pics I do want my swelling to go down can't wait to see all the rest of March and April girls pictures with Dr h amazing work ur going to be so happy

Day 9 post op

I am glad to report bruising is going away still hardness in my neck and by my ears
Swelling gets better each day so far very happy with results

Day 11 stitches out

On the way back from ashville from seeing Dr Harley. I can't say enough about his artstic skills he did a wonderful job on me I had a list face lift neck lift and filler. Ladies if ur considering this done I have to talk with Dr Harley first. I interviewed a lot of ps in atlanta and am so glad I found him and this site. He has a wonderful bedside manner and he %rests u like a real person. His staff consist of Juanita who everyone loves and keeps the office running smoothly and nurse Kelly who is the best and so down to earth. Thank you to all of u that posted on this site to make my journey the best I will be following all of you

Day 13

I guess I shouldn't have eaten spaghetti swelled up this morning I did get a prescription for Reyna a from Dr h need to start using it especially below my neck which has son sun damage as u can see from side view I had a lot of filler put in on each cheek because I had two very deep wrinkled one on each side so I am still bruised from that my face is relaxing a little on the side from the lower face lif
t don't quite look so stretch I still am so happy I am still sleeping upright

Under chin bandaid came off after 5 days just now

Check it out 16 days post op and I even ate linguini and clams an hr ago didn't swell up of course I had lost weight during this process and don't want to put it back on

I took these outside

Finally smiling just still a little lopsided still a little tight under chin

Day 16

Almost healed

Upside down

I rotated this pic so u can get a better look of chin after bandaid came off a hr ago


Well it's been 3 weeks where does the time go. I must have slept on my face last night because when I woke up I looked like a clown cold compress and it went down. I still have the dark line on both side of my face where the jerverderm was injected and some pull lines on the right side of my face but every day its gets better I am so happy with my results from Dr Harley sorry about my glasses need them to take the picture


Thanks to my granddaughter Hope she did this for me she is so awesome

Side by Side Before and After Pictures

This is my last pictures I don't believe I can get any better then this, Doctor Harley is an artist I am so happy with my results. These side by side will give all you ladies the magic this doctor can work on the wrinkled neck and face I had thank you so much
You are looking at the before picture taken 1 week before surgery, the picture next to it was taken exactly 3 weeks post op. I had just a little bit of lipstick on some eyemakeup and a light bronzing powder.

My smile isn't lopsided which is great

Ok gals quick update week 5 post o.o
Still a little hard under chin below the scar I am starting to have feeling there which is a good sign. My face in front of my ears has no feeling yet but it is losening up and I can feel the nerve endings reconnecting they give a sharp little shock. I have finally stop sleeping upright but I keep my neck pillow on so the side of my face doesn't hit the pillow I don't want anymore wrinkles

5 weks post op

5 weeks tomorrow post op

Almost 7 weeks pos op

Hi my girls well it will be 7 weeks this week since my wonderful doctor Harley shaved years off of my face I will be 67 in 2 weeks and this is the best decision I have ever made just for me U had a lower face and neck lift nothing on my eyes he was so honest and told me I didn't need them done. After the 4th week my discoloration on my lower face seen to take a long time to heal in my case my lines were so deep under my cheeks he had to put a syrnge and a half of juverderm in which I know caused the discoloration lines I am still somewhat right in front of my ears and under my chin I never had any pain with this procedure at all when I go back to see him on June 8 I will have some noted for my crows feet. Ladies do not hesitate to do this for yourself and please see 1st Harley u will not be disappointed

8 weeks today post op

I thought I better post more pictures this is 8 weeks post I am very happy with results still have to watch the salt intake or I will swell up still have some lines and a little bumpy on both side of my face and of Course I am still hard in front of my ears right side is healing faster and under chin is still somewhat hard but everything is healing fine

Photo update

My Journey is Over and I am so Happy 3 months post of

I saw Dr. Harley the other day for my after pictures he took and he was so kind to send them to me so I could see the difference in the old tired me to the refresh and wrinkle free skin, I cannot say enough about this man ladies if you are considering a PS please use Dr. Harley you will not be sorry. His artist skills are amazing his stitches are a work of art. Thank you again Dr. Harley and your wonderful Staff.

Trying to rotate this picture

For those of you that are thinking about using Dr.Harley go to this website

This is a reporter who used Dr. Harley Biltmore Lift you need to read her story it will put your mind at ease about the procedure


6 month update

I am about to pass my 6 months so I thought I better post some updated pictures from my results of my lower face lift and neck lift by Dr Harley U cannot thank him enough for his artistic skills please ladies make sure u do ur research before letting anyone do work on you I am so glad I found Dr Harley
As of now I still have a small amount of tightness under my chin and tiny bit of discoloration which fades day by day I have feeling in the side of my face now I do get tight once in awhile but since I live in the South where temps have been in the high 90's expect that my scar has almost disappeared in front of my ears and under my chin. I did have filler put in as I can see from my before pictures I had deep crevices in the side of my face U do want to get a microdermision on my face but I feel my skin is not quite ready for it at my 7th month I will do it
I wanted to get these pictures up so I could see the results I know that was important for me to see the 6 month and 1 yr results and even after that Good Luck to all of u be sure to use Dr H

1 year picture update

My surgery was March 17 2016 with Dr. Harley, I am so happy with the results, to this day I still have a little tightness under my neck if I take in too much Salt. When I first had it done I had a lot of Juverderm put in on the sides of my face, which has since dissolved but I still have some fullness even after that which is nice. Still a little wrinkle under my chin where the skin was cut. But I am very happy with this

1 year after surgery

1 year update

Better photo

Neck is still tight

Lets try this again

Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr.Harley of Ashville,NC today to schedule my neck and lower face lift. Thanks to all the lovely women who posted on this site, I already knew what he was going to do before he said it. He did not try to upsell me which was very important to me as I have had other meetings with other doctors who tried to do this with me. His wonderful staff was great so I an really looking forward to this on March 17

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