49 Year Old Woman Who Has Always Had a Loose Neck and heavy lids, tired of Looking Sad and Worn out - Asheville, NC

I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly...

I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly an eyelid surgery performed in North Carolina by Dr. David H. Harley. I have been watching this site for over a year and stewing over whether or not to cut into my face! I am very nervous about the scarring. I have sent my pictures and my profile through an email as I am not close to the clinic, and am now waiting for the telephone interview. I will definitely keep posting as it has been so helpful to me.

This is the best me I can be. I just want a bit better.

I lost a lot of weight at age 22 after having 2 kids at an early age. I smoked for 27 years as well and firmly believe that those two issues have a good deal to do with this area of stretched and saggy skin. When I look closely, I can actually see stretchmarks in my neck-skin. I consulted with a local doctor and he laughed at me and said come back in 5 years. It was very defeating. While I completely accept that it's partly vanity, I also believe that after the life I've lived, I deserve to enter this next stage with grace and pride.

Very excited now

I am really eagar to get my lids done but am so torn over the neck lift. I just don't know yet if its time. I keep reading that others say they wish they hadn't waited so long...
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far, It's been over the internet with the Clinic, but will post more soon as I meet the staff in June 2017. Very happy with communications to date.

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