Getting my lids done first!

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I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly...

I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly an eyelid surgery performed in North Carolina by Dr. David H. Harley. I have been watching this site for over a year and stewing over whether or not to cut into my face! I am very nervous about the scarring. I have sent my pictures and my profile through an email as I am not close to the clinic, and am now waiting for the telephone interview. I will definitely keep posting as it has been so helpful to me.

This is the best me I can be. I just want a bit better.

I lost a lot of weight at age 22 after having 2 kids at an early age. I smoked for 27 years as well and firmly believe that those two issues have a good deal to do with this area of stretched and saggy skin. When I look closely, I can actually see stretchmarks in my neck-skin. I consulted with a local doctor and he laughed at me and said come back in 5 years. It was very defeating. While I completely accept that it's partly vanity, I also believe that after the life I've lived, I deserve to enter this next stage with grace and pride.

Very excited now

I am really eagar to get my lids done but am so torn over the neck lift. I just don't know yet if its time. I keep reading that others say they wish they hadn't waited so long...

Booked my hotel in Asheville

Finally made concrete plans on where I'll stay. I booked at Country Inns & Suites in Asheville West. I booked 4 nights and I'm hoping that gets me through enough for the trip home. I am probably coming down to NC early for some sightseeing and am hoping to stay with friends in Asheville for a couple nights. Not sure how I'll feel about being seen in public after the surgery! I really am hoping for not so puffy eyes and minimal bruising, but I'll deal with whatever I get. I am very excited now. I keep having a recurring dream where Dr. Harley says, "why don't you stay for the full lift while you're here"!? LOL.

Oh my god it's getting worse by the month

I'm excited for the upcoming bleph. but am horrified by what my neck is doing! Yuck. I have been losing weight and exercising but this is the result?!! I promised myself a Biltmore Lift if I obtain goal weight and am definitely looking at it happening this year. Yikes.
I have my hotel booked and am pretty excited. We have friends in Asheville so we'll visit before! I also stopped doing Botox in December so that the doc sees my real look. I think that's important.
What I really want is the Marionette lines gone too. Sigh... one thing at a time.

Today is the day for my eyes

I'm sitting having a bowl of oatmeal waiting for my surgery in 2 hours. I am a bit nervous but it's ok. I know I'm in good hands. Met Dr Harley yesterday. He's a sweetheart isn't he!? So ill post when I can. Wish me luck.

The worst is over

So I have zero pain from the actual surgery! My eyelids are swollen pretty badly and I have no bruising, but the worst is the back pain for me. I have pre-existing sciatic and sacroilliiac pain so sleeping upright on my back is a killer! I have had a chronic headache for the past 3 days as well but switched to Tylenol rather than any narcotic.
My biggest challenge is relaxing. lol. Will post more.

Stitches are coming out today!!!! I can't wait.

So today is day 8 technically as I had the surgery Last Wednesday at noon. I left NC the following day as being in my own bed was far more appealing. My sister is a nurse and has been briefed on the stitches removal, so I'm not concerned about this. I have to say that I am completely the worst patient ever. I cant sit still, I cant rest, I cant sleep upright, I am restless and totally ready to get outside in public. I live in a small(ish) town and wont risk being seen without my glasses and wearing them indoors is weird!
So my overall opinion is that it is worth it, but I would be remiss if I didn't state some things along the way.
-I lost about 50% of my eyelashes so far and this is a big deal for me as I hardly had any to start with and was using Careprost to help them grow in.
-Im ready for my Botox injection between the eyes now, but am really glad I let it wear off before the surgery. I think it was important for the Doc to see my eyes as they are and not as they are when altered.
-My eyes get very tired throughout the day, almost a muscle thing. I would love to massage them but am waiting til the stitches and then only gently with a warm cloth (Docs suggestions)
-My eyes are very dry. Definitely use the lubricant eye drops as much as possible.
-I will admit that I am a little unsure at times as I spent 49 years with my eyes and this new look is a little foreign to me. I am hopeful that they settle into an in between what they were and a sad puppy look (hubby's words)

I really am thrilled though with the quality of work and the lack of overt scars (so far so good). I will post a picture tomorrow without the dreaded stitches.

Stitches out, makeup trial

Well the stitches were pesky as they were so fine and my sister was more nervous to so it because I'm family. Lol. She for them out and I woke this morning with swollen lids all over again. I think this will take a while to settle down. I was a bit sad looking at the raw eyes I was left with so just to cheer myself up, I played with some makeup. It's amazing what you can cover. I am getting pretty excited now for the final (unswollen) result. And for the record, there is still a good deal of numbing on the entire lid area. It's to be expected I guess given that nerves were cut into. So the pic here is immediately after removal last night and 12 hours later with makeup. My eye is running just typing this no lower liner/mascara for a bit.

Every morning I smile at my eyes

Its been 10 days now since having my surgery and every single morning I see improvements and every single morning I smile and I'm really happy with the decision that I made. I'm wearing a little bit of makeup if I go out but otherwise I'm not wearing any more bandages and I just wear my sunglasses. The scars are absolutely incredible in that you cannot see them!! Dr. Harley we'll always have my vote and my support.

16 Days later

Canada Day - July 1st and we are off for a patriotic BBQ and Wine tasting. I am wearing my official Canadian Red and White including red lipstick and eyeshadow! I love my eyes again.
Couldn't be happier.
Still have the occasional swelling in the mornings, dry eye in the right and some crusting in the left upon waking, but it's only been 2 weeks.
NO ONE has noticed but I've been asked if I've lost weight. LOL (I have lost 12 pounds at the same time) and have been told I look happy!

3 weeks after surgery

3 weeks out and I'm feeling fine. I am back to work, wearing makeup and having very little trouble. The only issue I have is swelling of my lids first thing in the morning but a cold cloth on them fixes that. I still have numbing on the lids, but I know the nerves are growing back as I get tingles once in a while. My right eye is finally closing better so there's lots of hope there and the watering has stopped. Love my eyes. Not a lot different to others, but to me, it was everything I wanted.

4 weeks post.

Very satisfied

Eye scars at 34 days post

These are in the sun with the scars circled. As you can see from some pics, they are really close up. I have a small amount of BB cream on them but no heavy makeup.

Raw, terrible lighting and all

Real deal here. Pics right after washing my face before bed. I am just over a month and these pics are me without my beloved BB Cream. But this isn't the me I present to the world. I know scars and redness fade. I am very happy with how I look and how I'm healing. So here you go.

Darn pics didn't download

(No way to fix reviews on this site!!) I posted pics, thought they didn't download so here they are for the post earlier which said:
Real deal here. Pics right after washing my face before bed. I am just over a month and these pics are me without my beloved BB Cream. But this isn't the me I present to the world. I like makeup and I know that a scar is forever, so I minimize it. I know scars and redness fade in time. I am very happy with how I look and how I'm healing. I knew going into this procedure what to expect. So here you go.

7.5 weeks and never looking back

I have to say that at this point, there's not much to update on. All of my previous concerns are gone. No watering, no tightness, no droop or eye closure probs. I know that I am very lucky that my recovery was this easy. I didn't use Arnica or any other creams/lotions/potions. I let nature and time work its magic on my recovery. I am over the moon with my results and very grateful to the doctor and his team. I love that I can walk out of my house with not a stitch of makeup on and I love that I can glam up and look my very best. To anyone reading this, every case is different. I have read many a story which makes my heart sad, but the decision to do this surgery was well thought out and very hard to make, knowing the possible side effects. It is a surgery after all. There will always be a scar. Good luck to everyone and I wish all the best.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far, It's been over the internet with the Clinic, but will post more soon as I meet the staff in June 2017. Very happy with communications to date.

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